extra hour with my wife this morning


extra hour with my wife this morningWe ordered some thick bed pillows and this morning she had an extra hr. We both woke at her normal time and looked at each other. I sure enjoy her first thing in the morning. She’s one of those who gets soaked with juice sleeping. She is always horny and that’s a true benefit. kocaeli escort I put that new pillow under her ass and body, took position. Had kissed and played around with her some. Did not need it, she wanted it the second her eyes opened. It forced me to take one knee and konya escort one foot. Using my hands I could make her bounce up and down. With her rolled up her pussy took on a different feeling. I have a especially wide cock and she has been broken in for me, over 20 years. Yet kütahya escort this position gave a good feeling for me and her. She just emailed me and her panties are soaked thinking about it. She is ready for another hour of this tonight. The head turned side ways applied extra pressure on her g spot. The thicker rim of the head on the side stroked her harder. The feeling was like a tight cork in a bottle. Close as I can explain it. I just know I have a soaked pussy coming home and the k**s are gone for the weekend. I have a feeling she will be sore in the morning. Damn, I am one lucky man.

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