The b**st of Yorkshire


The b**st of YorkshireIt all started on a cold and foggy night , has i was walking home from a friends place , I saw this figure in the distance i knew there and then that it was my man , The plan was for him to k**nap me on my way home , as i walked closer to the figure my heart started to race and my pussy began to drip , he put is arm around my neck as if to stangle me , And dragged me in to a unused tunnel , where he started to kiss me well i struggled , he then forced is hand down my pants and Escort started to flick my clitoros from side to side , he then began to tear at my pants with is other hand that’s when i noticed i was wearing nothing he’d ripped them off , He forced 1 finger inside me as i moaned for more , I pleaded with him to give me more , The then was ramming 4 fingers in my wet pussy as i begged for more , I shouted ram that fist of yours deep in my pussy so i can ride it real good , That’s when the fist Escort Bayan slid in and i let out the biggest moan i’d ever heard , but i loved it ,he lied on the floor as i lowered my self up and down on his huge fist , as i lowered my self on his fist i took out is cock that was longing to be sucked , i deep throated my self as he lies there in pure delight , begging for me to give him long strokes , my pussy was feeling the full force as he began to give me it really hard , my pussy Bayan Escort was loving this and my whole body was in fantasty, i began to feel my head start to tingle i knew i was very close ,my eyes started to roll and then it was here , i shouted give it to me really good , fuck that pussy hard , give it to me , i then raised my self of his sticky fist and sucked his cock the moans from my fella was a woman’s dream , the breathing started to change pattern and i knew the time was here for him also , i placed my mouth deep over this cock as he pumped the cream out ,Trickeling down my throat the taste of him was the best , so just be careful as you walk round yorkshire , the b**st with the mighty fist might be about , your all hopeing

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