Fear Ch. 03


Cheeks flaming, the cum drying and pulling my skin tight. I take a deep breath, looking down and follow you. The murmurings of the crowd following us down the hall, the sound of the dining room louder as we draw near. You stop…gripping my chin gently and lifting, my eyes meet yours. You come close, my lips part expecting yours to touch mine… but you whisper in my ear … “Head up, smile, look like you’re enjoying this, because I know you are. I am counting, for every time you frown or look at the floor I will mark your breasts.” Then your lips meet mine and as you pull away, your words echoing in my ears, “Starting right now!”

Forcing a smile, I look into your eyes, square my shoulders and take a deep cleansing breath. “OK, lets go!” Smiling…eyes focusing on the room ahead, reminding myself to put one foot in front of the other. Raising my eyebrow as you slip something into the Maitre’d’s hand, curiously watching as he winks at you and takes in the full length of me, letting his eyes wander, lingering at my stiffened nipples. I bring one arm up to cross it over my breasts, attempting to cover my boobs, pressing into my clamped nipples, uttering a soft sigh as my body shudders. I feel your hand squeezing mine, hard…and I look at you…reading your lips….”One!”

Dropping my arm instantly, realizing that I was not told all the rules. Shaking my head…my eyebrows furrowed, swallowing hard. The Maitre ‘d leads us to our table…in the back, so that I am paraded past all of the diners, heads turning to watch us pass…my thighs quivering with each step…the butt plug keeping me warm and on heat. The tail tickling my inner thighs…I know that it is visible beneath the hem of my short dress.

My recently spanked bottom jiggling as the filmy material swishes over it. The Maitre’d hands me into the booth, his fingers playing over my nipples as he reaches across me to grab the napkin. His hand boldly slithering beneath my dress to pull at the tail…as I gasp…his long fingers slip into my sopping cunt…pushing hard…he wiggles them inside me. Smiling he guides me into the booth and smoothes the napkin on my lap…using it as an opportunity to breath his hot breath on my cheek…thumb my clit. He whispers, “It is truly a pleasure to have you as our guest tonight, I will be back to see how your dinner is progressing shortly, I want to be sure that you get the full treatment from all of our staff.”

Looking across the table at you, my heart pounding once again in my chest, my eyes glassy as my clit spasms in reaction to the thumb that pressed on it. You reach for my hands and hold them both in yours…making me stretch across the table, off balance, my ass dragging on the bench, the plug moves inside of me sending fingers of electricity shooting through me. My lips part as I groan, tongue snaking out to moisten them.

Squeezing my hands you command me to focus. Explaining to me that I will not be allowed to cum until I am granted permission, it doesn’t matter who gives me permission, but I must ask first. Shaking my head in disbelief, weighing the consequences of disobeying, my lips curl into a frown…I stare at the unopened menu in front of me. Strong fingers digging into my wrists, I look up at you as I whimper….and I watch your lips form the words two and three.

Forcing a smile, I dare to glance outside the booth to find that there are no diners in our immediate area…just an empty table…and the sounds of forks to plates, the soft murmur of people talking…and the pounding of my own heart. Relieved that we will be unobserved, startled as I feel your toes, bare toes? as they wiggle along my swollen slit. My arms pulled closer to you, I have to lean on the table, my clamped nipples protesting the pressure as they scrape the surface. Pulling my thighs together..to stop your foots advance…I watch you as you whisper…four. Swallowing hard, I let my legs part…my knees splayed wide, my wanton cunt opening its full lips for you.

Trying to concentrate, so many things to remember, and all I want to do is grind onto your xslot foot…let my clit buck and heave…until I scream into another orgasm. Your voice bringing me back…as you explain what we will be eating for our supper…a bottle of wine, roast pork with cranberry dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies. I nod…remembering to keep the smile on my face…head held up, holding your gaze. My breathing in short shallow gasps. I turn as I hear voices, and to my dismay I watch the table next to us fill with a dozen men…oh no…part of the convention…scanning the faces, praying not to recognize any of them. As I look at the last man…I let out my held breath…no one looks familiar. Your foot presses to my clit…and a loud moan spills over…several heads turn our way…and I avoid all eye contact by dropping my gaze…staring at the menu once again. Your foot pushes harder and I look at you as I watch your lips form, four, five and six.

The waiter arrives at our table…and proceeds to fill our water goblets, his eyes never leaving my heaving breasts as he takes our order. He turns to talk to my cyber lover, and pushes the goblet over, spilling the entire contents into my lap. I leap up as the cold water soaks through my already damp dress. Quickly grabbing a towel that was draped over his arm he apologizes to me, pushing me back down into my seat, he starts to rub at my wet dress. His fingers slipping in between my puffy lips, to rub at that aching tender bud. My back arches, as my aroused body responds once again to a strangers intimate exploration.

He continues to dab at my dress, his fingers slipping into the heated passage of my cunt. I look past him, silently seeking permission to cum. Grinning wickedly you remind me that I have to ask. Shaking my head no…groaning aloud…my hips pushed to the edge of the seat…my sphincter rebelling at the plug…wanting to expel it…not caring that we are being observed…my animal instincts rising to the surface. Growling as I feel the tension building inside me..closing my eyes and letting the feelings bubble to the surface….a scream forced as your hand connects with my heaving breast, my nipple on fire as the force of the slap rockets its message to my brain. I bite my lip to focus my mind elsewhere…pain ripping along my nerve endings, my cunt convulsing and dripping on the probing digits. The waiter laughs as he pulls away, wiping his hand on the towel…he turns and confirms our order, quite casually. “I’ll be back soon!” he laughs as he refills my goblet, winking before turning away.

Barely able to breathe…I reach to pull my dress down before you can recapture my wrists. Holding my wrists tightly once again…pulling on me so that my nipples once more crush against the table top. An appreciative low whistle comes from the next table. A note is pressed into your free hand as a fair haired man stands next to our booth…he grins at me…then turns his focus back to you once again. Nodding at him…you tell him to wait until the food appears…

Nervously licking my lips and avoiding eye contact with anyone from the next table…I shift in my seat as you continue to grip my wrists and tell me about your day before you turned up in my hotel room. Trying to concentrate on the conversation and not quite measuring up to the task. I hear your voice as in a distant dream…my mind focused on my wet dress that is clinging to my shivering body, the note that is still in your hand, the imminent arrival of our food and what else you have in store for me.

Hearing you counting again…I jerk my head up and look horrified into your eyes as the number hits 20…shaking my head in disbelief…you tell me to pay attention…to focus. Nodding, I see you smile…as you let go of my hands…you tell me to remove the nipple clamps. I shake my head no…my numbed nipples will throb if I remove them here…I will not be able to contain the scream. I beg you to wait until we return to my room. Now it is your turn to shake your head…”Disobedience and defiance…brings your count to 25…want xslot Giriş to go higher?” your voice deep and low….brings a fresh shiver to my quivering body.

My eyes wide in horror, stammering and stuttering, finally uttering a single word…”No.”

You climb out of the booth and walk to the next table…I push back in my seat…trying to become a part of it, to hide…tears welling in my eyes. I look at my hands…my heart pounding in fear…and a little excitement too. Hating to admit even to myself that this whole evening has been so amazing…my cunt is pouring slick oils onto the seat as I recall being raped by my unknown lover…and imagining what else might be in store for my aching body.

The touch of your hand on my arm pulls me from my reverie, as you tug me from my seat, standing on wobbly legs, I look into your eyes…my belly growling with hunger…afraid that we will leave before dinner arrives.

One of the men from the other table slips into my seat…and you guide me back into it as well…another man slips in beside me…and I am sandwiched between the two. Crossing my arms across my breasts to keep from accidentally touching either of them, I look across at you, raising my eyebrows in silent question. Smiling your voice floats across the table. “You will let these nice gentlemen have their way with you and your eyes must never leave mine…do not break contact or I will start the count again!”

The man to my left leans across me and seizes my head with his hands…his lips meet mine as I continue to stare at you. He pushes hard against me, bruising my lips, his tongue pushing so far into my mouth that I almost gag on it. Gasping to find air…I feel the second man pulling the neck of my dress down to expose my breasts. My eyes wide as they lock with yours, I feel his hand at my nipple and I whimper, wriggling my ass, anticipation growing and gnawing at me. A scream welling up and bursting forth, getting lost in the mouth that is sealed to mine…the fire in my left nipple unbearable…my hand reaches up and is stopped midair by your own. You hold my wrists once again…as I shudder and shake. Unable to even breathe, the lips punishing mine…the hand gripping my breast as my nipple throbs. Hearing the waiter arrive with the food…”I see that you folks are a little busy here…I’ll just wait until the lovely lady has the use of her hands and her lungs again. I am enjoying watching…take your time.”

Growling deep in my throat it resonates up and is trapped, reverberating in my mouth. I feel fingers on my right breast…my eyes roll back in my head as the fire continues to burn, my right nipple pulsing painfully as the clamp is released and the fingers massage it, bringing blood and feeling back to raw nerve endings…through the fog that shrouds me, I hear a voice 26, 27, 28, 29….realization dawns on me and my eyes focus, I can see you swimming, my vision blurry, across from me. “OK. you can let her go now…but don’t run away just yet…a little more assistance is required please.”

The punishing mouth rips into my bottom lip and stretches it out, releasing it painfully. My eyes tracking yours, trying to focus as my brain silently screams. My breasts red and heaving, my heart pounding, I can hear the blood pumping and rushing through my veins. Leaning back, as far as your hands holding mine will allow…I draw a great ragged breath, body shaking uncontrollably as I ponder what assistance is required now.

Lost in my own thoughts, I miss the exchange of words…and find myself holding two cocks…one in each hand…hard erect throbbing shafts my eyes still locked on you…afraid to look elsewhere. “You will stroke these two fine gentlemen, while I feed you your supper. Always look at me…never break contact. Waiter, please…you may serve the food now.”

My hands rhythmically stroking the cocks, I obediently open my mouth, chew and swallow each bite. My breathing slows as the food fills my belly…my hands stroking faster…gripping harder as I hear soft moans on either side of me. I xslot Güncel Giriş can see movement on the edge of my vision and hear the waiter announce the arrival of the food for you and the next table. “Good timing you purr…this is her last bite…”

The man on the outside stands and moves away, I can hear him rearranging his clothing and I slide out as you pull my hands in that direction, releasing the other man. You stand and pull me into a tight embrace…kissing me softly. “Time for me and the other men to eat now…come with me.”

Apprehension slowing my steps, making you tug at me…I see that the table next to us is empty, and I look around to see where they went…12 men are standing near the table, the chairs are removed and I see that the restaurant has emptied out. You instruct me to climb up and lay on the cleared table…shaking my head I pull backwards, my eyes feverish, feeling a sheen of sweat breaking out from my hairline and starting to trickle along my forehead. A chuckle from behind me as I recognize the voice of the Maitre’d. It might be easier if we stripped her first.” His strong hands ripping my dress down the back…it hangs in tatters from my arms. My ass undulating, the tail tickling my inner thighs. You pull the flimsy rag of a dress off of my arms and nod to the waiting men.

Many hands grab me…I can feel myself lifted and deposited in the middle of the table. The Maitre’d tosses ropes onto my belly and I see hands grabbing for them…anchoring me to the table legs, spread wide…nipples pointing straight up. The waiters voice rings clear in the room….”Let me clean the serving dish.” He steps forward with a bucket and a hose…he hoses my cunt with a stream of water…catching the back splash in a towel…dips the rag into the warm soapy water and starts to wipe me down…the warm water quickly cooling on my skin. Shivering, I struggle to no avail until my limbs are sore and too tired to move anymore.

I lay back as a bucket of water rinses me…the liquid sloshing everywhere…groaning as my skin is dried with a rough towel…it sensitizes the surface, tingling all over. I feel the table being lifted…and moved …it drops down with a bump, bouncing my head off the hard surface. I feel a hand smoothing my damp hair on my forehead and look backwards to see you grinning at me…”Babe, we are so hungry….and you will be our platter for the evening.” The waiter bustles along, placing bits of food all over me….filling my cunt, my belly button, between my toes, in my upturned hands, on my breasts, around my nipples, different temperatures, from cold to hot, different textures, and finally 13 glasses of wine are arranged along the edges of my body. You are positioned at my head…and the last item is a fat peeled grape, placed near my lips…you instruct me to, “Bite gently on it…do not bite into it, or swallow it or spit it out…and always look into my eyes, I want to enjoy the look on your face as the men fill their appetites…all of their appetites with you…and above all else you must not cum!”

The waiter stands patiently near my feet ready to fill me as they eat from me. Hands start to touch, tongues to lick, fingers to probe. My cunt pouring fresh cream from its center to flavor the fruit, the cheeses and anything else that gives them pleasure to dip into me. My eyes looking desperately into yours…both of us knowing that I will fail…that I will cum. That I will not be able to stop it from happening…and that I don’t want to stop it.

24 hands on me, 12 sets of teeth nipping and chewing, 12 tongues probing…fingers in the hundreds trailing paths of fiery touches, crisscrossing my body…

Panicky as the first wave threatens to hit…my lips trembling, tongue pushing at the grape…trying to hold it steady. My throat growls in animal frustration as I cum…my body quivering, as the men realize it….they feast…not on the food but on my flesh…teeth tearing at my nipples, my clit, even my toes are not spared, my fingers sucked into eager hot mouths…prolonging my orgasm until I think that I might die from such exquisite torture. Until I hear your voice…44, 45, 46,…I scream, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” and will my body to stop, to be still, to stop its quivering…to focus on nothing but your eyes.

To Be Continued…

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