Freedom and the Widow Ch. 05

Big Tits

The first thing that hit Victoria as the trio entered the boutique was the rich smell of leather; the other two smiled as they watched her touch and ponder over some of the tighter skirts and tops on display in the shop that was viewed by the general public; they knew she had not seen anything yet. They introduced her to Madam Pompidou, who smiled broadly as the only other customer present, left after browsing. Wanda giggled and took a puzzle Victoria by the hand as Madam Pompidou strutted toward a rear corner of the shop whilst they followed. She opened the door and ushered the three in before closing it again.

Victoria was mesmerised by the outfits and accessories on display; there were many people in this department which was twice the size of the front shop, male and female. A stern looking woman pointed her meek male companion to the sales counter with a complete authority over him.

The woman had evidently waited for a larger female audience to maximise his humiliation; Madam Pompidou was no stranger to this sort of disciplinary show, and was more than happy to take part. The male held a small but severe looking bull-whip, and looked down at the floor as he approached the counter. In contrast, the woman who was without doubt his dominant mistress held her head high and smiled with wicked satisfaction. Madam P strutted to the counter and looked down her nose at the male before making her announcement in a loud clear voice, so that all in the shop would hear.

“Your mistress has chosen well; this is a very pliable and versatile whip, it will bring both of you much satisfaction. Is mistress to treat you to it tonight?” The male blushed in humiliation, but his cock bulged uncontrollably as he sensed his mistress behind him, waiting for an appropriate answer, and three other very assertive looking women, smiling and thoroughly enjoying seeing him put in his place. His balls tingled with a mixture of submissive pleasure and acute humiliation as he answered a member of the superior gender.

“Yes Madam, mistress is to punish me tonight.” Madam P. looked at him with a practised air of complete contempt, as she took as long as possible in first checking that the whip was of the usual flawless quality, by giving it a swift crack. The male gulped and his cock poked rigidly at the supreme woman’s display.

“And will you enjoy your punishment?” He cleared his throat and the audience of women giggled with sheer delight at his wimpy and defeatist response.

“Yes Madam, I shall.” With a face now scarlet, he struggled with his wallet as he paid for the whip. His mistress had walked to the door and snapped her fingers at him to make haste. She was very anxious to try her new accessory; her slave was very close to coming as he left with his owner; the male’s danger of spurting prematurely enhanced all the more by the trio applauding her absolute authority fulya escort as they left. Victoria was overwhelmed by the male’s complete obedience; the attitude of the male-servants that she had witnessed at Cherie’s house, was one thing; they were ‘servants’ after all, and the mistress had some authority anyway, but this male had her thong wet with excitement. Wanda noticed her wild interest.

“Oh yes, most males are like that; we shall soon have them begging to please you when we’ve found you a few outfits here! You have to understand that being put in his place is just what excited him most. You will soon learn how to do that without thinking.”

Victoria’s pussy tingled as she slipped into an elegant cat-suit; the smooth leather sliding up her smooth legs, and gripping her shapely body tightly as she applied the zips. Her excited mound bulged through the taut supple leather, showing her pleasure as she emerged from the cubicle. Wanda and Cherie gasped at the transformation and licked their lips; Victoria was a stunning sight; no male would be able to resist her. They quickly helped her on with a pair of spiky stilettos, and a black satin mask which covered her eyes, but allowed her pretty cheeks, nose and lips full exposure. They complimented the outfit with a small whip, before allowing Victoria to view herself in a full length mirror.

She beamed with a mixture of total joy and disbelief as she viewed herself; her former life was now removed forever in her eyes, she sneered at herself and gave the whip a healthy crack; she was now ready to have a male worship her and pay for all those wasted years. She gave a brief thought to her late husband and her former, grey and staid life, as she paid for the many outfits she purchased from Madam Pompidou with a tiny fraction of the funds he had left her with. She was very grateful to him, but would now take complete control of her own life and any further male she encountered, and she promised herself she would treat herself to many suitors.

Eric’s cock rose again as he watched the three elegant women emerge from the shop; there was something about Victoria in particular which already held him with a passion; he hoped upon hope that ‘Club Zero’ would be their destination also. He was like an excited child as he left the café; the waiter grinned knowingly as he left; that patron would be more than welcome as the waiter was more than pleased with his 20 Euro tip.

The women packed their purchases into the car then drove over the headland and down to the Plage de Pampelonne. They found a secluded spot amongst the dunes and brush and changed into their bikinis; Victoria could not hide her excitement at this new, and for her, daring experience. The other two laughed as she bared her pert and ample breasts to the sunshine, before applying the skimpiest of tops; her nipples poking bebek escort unashamedly through the fabric, and below, a beautiful camel-toe on show through a tiny thong bottom. Wanda and Cherie, similarly attired, the three oiled each other’s bodies, donned their sunglasses and strolled to the beach-front.

Victoria used the shade of her sunglasses to good effect; yes glancing sideways to note many admiring males lusting on viewing her mature and shapely body; her excited pussy bulging in the soft breeze, she was truly enjoying life to the full now. As the three stopped for refreshments, Cherie was careful to hang her ass over the back of the stool she had chosen, and deliberately arch her back. The tight thong now expressing the dimple of her anus between her globular cheeks for the benefit of the males sat in lower chairs behind her.

“I get a real buzz in exciting men this way, especially the younger ones; I do so love to catch them at a tender age and teach them obedience.” She turned her head with a curt and contemptuous smile at a male who could not help but glance at that beautiful ass whenever he could. He blushed when he saw Cherie had caught him looking; the bulge in his trunks so evident. She wondered how the young man’s tongue would feel, probing deep into her anus. Her attention was suddenly distracted.

“Wanda! Cherie!” Victoria looked toward the calling voice, Wanda took her arm and they ventured over, Cherie made sure to slide her ample ass slowly from the stool as she looked sternly at the blushing male who swallowed hard, in awe of the magnificent woman. He would masturbate long and hard later on, with just that simple and succinct memory lodged in his brain. Cherie had that effect on all men. The voice came from an old friend, Dominique Martin; she was an elegant woman of about 50, her sexy auburn hair in bun, high cheek bone and stunning green eyes, she could have been a sister to Cheri. She sat legs crossed in her black bikini; her white freckly flesh in perfect contrast. She sat with a timid male who was also middle aged. She looked at him down her nose.

“Stand up and make a space for the ladies Bernard, then ask if they would like a drink.” The obedient male did just as he was told. As he moved to the counter to buy the ordered refreshments, Dominque held out her hand to Victoria.

“You must be Wanda’s new friend, I love it when someone new joins our little circle. I trust you’ll be at Club Zero tonight? My latest acquisition, Bernard, is so looking forward to going for the first time; like yourself, he has only just realised what he truly wants from life –the firm hand of a strong woman. I have been more than happy to oblige. “

Victoria’s nether regions tingled with delight at the assertive woman’s ‘matter of fact’ attitude toward the male who was meekly observing his duties. She florya escort looked enviously at the obedient male, more and more she wanted one all for herself, her pussy tingled and she found herself putting on an air of dominant nonchalance as he turned from the counter. The other women all smiled and looked him up and down as he returned nervously with their drinks. Having his hands full, he could not hide his obvious erection. Dominique patted his crotch before he put the tray down.

“I’m so glad you are enjoying the company Bernard, you’ll be even more excited when you see these ladies later on, when they’ll be dressed even more to your taste.” They giggled at his embarrassment which made his cock harden all the more; he, like Victoria, was truly enjoying life now. Dominique softly nursed his cock and smiled.

“I’m having a ‘party noir’ in Bernard’s honour, at my house in Gassin next Saturday and you are all invited. I know Bernard will be thrilled to have as many women as possible present to see how well he has come on in life since finding his true path. You are so looking forward to it, aren’t you Bernard.” She smiled wickedly as Bernard’s cock stiffened and pulsed in her fingers; obedience, servitude and the humiliation of being owned totally by a woman excited him beyond belief; the thought of being made to demonstrate this in many ways before an audience of assertive and dominant women, almost had him spoiling his underwear there and then. He timidly squeaked his reply.

“Yes mistress, I am looking forward to the party next week and also to Club Zero tonight.” Dominique gave his cock a squeeze and then spoke to him like a child, to ensure he remembered his position in life.

“Good boy! We’ll make sure you wear your favourite things to the party, and I shall surprise you with your outfit for tonight; you’ll love it.” Bernard was treated to a trio of beautifully mature asses as the women bade their farewell till later. His mistress teased his cock under the table as he watched the wiggling orbs of flesh leave. His mistress smiled a she knew he was dreaming of having all three sat on his face at the party.

The three enjoyed a nice relaxing and voyeuristic afternoon in the sun and sea before returning to Cherie’s to ready themselves for the trip to Club Zero. As they opened the door they were greeted by the smiling maid, cane in hand and LeClerc naked and cowering on all fours. His ass was red raw with stripes; the maid had enjoyed a full day of discipline at his expense. She gave a stern grimace and yanked his leash. He kissed the women’s feet in turn and then spoke.

“I have been commanded to beg your forgiveness for my indiscretion yesterday. I have been punished for my misdemeanour and truly hope you will allow me to remain your servant.” Cherie laughed and clapped at the maid’s intuition and the abject servility of the punished male.

“You are forgiven LeClerc. You may go and have that ass creamed now; I can see your young mistress has shown you the error of your ways with some vigour!” The women laughed as they passed on their way to the poolside for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat before preparing for the club.

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