Forceful Women Ch. 01


“Ok people lets get moving” Richard shouted “Everyone in the jeep”

“I will take my car if that’s ok” Jenny said “I can take someone with me too to stop you all being so crushed, her eyes moved to me, come on David you can ride with me”

I was a little surprised she had picked me and I was not sure I was ready to make conversation to Jenny. Her fantastic body and great eyes had caught me the second we arrived and today with a stunning white dress but she was Richard’s husband and she seemed nice enough. I was only eighteen and she was thirty I reasoned.

Richard jumped into his car and opened the window. Jenny had nipped back into the villa for something. He waited for a moment then said “She always forgets to do something we will see you in a bit” The jeep took off down the road and out of site. I waited next to Jenny’s car. After five minutes of waiting I thought I had better try and help so I walked back into the villa.

I found Jenny in the living room having a drink. She smiled as I walked in; it was the kind of smile that could knock you off your feet if you were not ready for it. I smiled weekly.

“Have a drink” She told me filling a glass with Vodka “You will feel better”

“Should we not be going?” I asked.

“This is France we take are time here” She said smiling.

“Ok” I said taking the glass from here and trying not to touch her hand as I did. I failed, she smiled again as I took a sip.

“Give it a few moments” She said vbet lying back into her chair. It was working I had been suffering a headache all morning and as it made its way into my system I felt a lot better I began to relax.

“You know” She said standing up and putting down her glass “You have always seemed nervous around me, why?”

My eyes were searching for something to look at but she was close now and the only place left to look was her eyes. I looked then froze. She laughed lightly then pulled me into a kiss from heaven. He tongue was soft but fast and in a matter of seconds I went from nervous to a complete heap.

“Come” She said taking me by the hand and leading me out of the room.

I was in a trace being lead like a child into a huge bedroom which was dominated by the largest bed I had ever seen but we kept going right out of a pair of French windows and onto the sandy beach. The air caught her dress as she turned, still holding my hand, and with her other hand she reached behind her neck, wiggled and her dress fell to the floor revealing her naked body apart from a small thong.

I gasped she smiled as I reached out towards her and she guided my hand to her breast. I felt her nipple spring hard under my fingers.

“Come here David” She said. It was a command I could not refuse. She took me in her arms and pushed my head against her breast. “Suck it” She demanded, I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked. She moaned with vbet giriş pleasure and pushed my head down. I let myself be guided; there was nothing else I could have done. I reached her thong and she pulled me in again. Her pussy smelt fantastic as I peeled away her thong and gently started to lick her. Her hand s slid from my head to my shirt and she ripped it open with one moaning tug. I felt exposed and aroused. She pushed me back so I was lying on the sand and looked me up and down.

“So young” She muttered.

I felt my shorts being removed and her moan as she caught site of my member and took it in her hand. “Not too young thou” She said starting to suck.

It was like all my dreams had come true. Jenny was there sucking hard I could not help but moan as she twisted her hands around my cock and licked me from top to bottom. I was rock solid at this point and I could tell she wanted it.

“Your mine” She said moving her body up me I felt her moist lips rub against my cock. She moved her hips so my dick slowly rubbed all over her pussy then she moved down further and further her mouth opening with delight as she put me deeper and deeper inside her. I could not believe what was happening to me. My cock was being consumed by this minx so sexy I could already feel myself being pushed to the limit. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she touched them moaning more and more I could tell her climax was coming and her eyes were closed as she vbettr moved her hips round and round on my cock she lent back and screamed as I felt her pussy juice coat my cock. All her strength was gone and I took my chance to role her over.

“No more!” She begged. Once her orgasm had subsided leaving her weak.

“Yes more!” I shouted at her pulling her onto my cock. She screamed again.

“No we must go”

“You’re not going” I said beginning to pump her pussy full of my cock.

“Were so late” She moaned a bit later half out of desperation half out of pleasure.

“I don’t care” I smiled “Your mine now”

“Fuck me” She moaned. I did. I pushed her legs up the air opening her wide then gave a deep thrust then licked her dripping pussy out before going back to work with my member. I felt her tense up her eyes were wide open. I pulled out and a stream of juice shot out of her pussy and all over my chest. It took a second but suddenly she was screaming and shaking as her orgasm took hold of her. She thrashed around and moaned. It was what I needed I shot a load of cum all over her tits and face. Then put my cock in her gasping mouth and filled it with cum.

Later we lay together on the beach. “You know” She said “We could just do something to the car”

“Hmmmmmm” I said “Give me a moment” I put my shorts back on and walked out to the car with one of the knives from the villa and made a tiny slit in the wheel. I felt the air start to leave. I turned and could see Jenny walking towards me in a bikini.

“You have a spare?” I asked.

“No” She giggled “But your gonna pay for that”

“With pleasure” I said following her back to the villa.

The End

Written By ArtemisFowl

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