Friends Coming Over


Warning: This story deals with a BDSM relationship. If this lifestyle is not to your liking, you should not be reading this.

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“Pet, wake up. You need to eat something. You have a big day ahead of you.”

I hear Sir waking me up, and I feel really rested. I look at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It is noon. This surprises me because Sir only lets me sleep in after an exhausting night, but last night was very calm. I do my morning routine in the bathroom and proceed to the kitchen to grab something to eat. In the kitchen, there is another surprise — my breakfast is already prepared. This makes me nervous a bit, because making breakfast is one of my duties when I’m spending time at Sir’s. I can feel that sadness approaching, the sadness of not fulfilling my duties towards Sir. In my head I go through everything I did yesterday and analyze everything trying to find out what I did wrong. I find nothing, but I still feel robbed of the opportunity to please Sir, so I ask him, “Sir, did I do something wrong?”

He stops me before I can say anything else, “No, pet. You were perfect yesterday. I let you sleep in because I have an assignment for you today and I need you rested for that. Tomorrow we’ll go back to our daily routine and you’ll do all the things you usually do, don’t worry. “

The relief washes over me, my entire body relaxes and I offer a smile to Sir and thank him quietly. I eat my French toast with crème fraiche and drink my tea.

When I’m done eating I start to get up to clean my dishes but Sir stops me and places my leash and collar in front of me. I remember the last time he used these and I know what I need to do before he will put them on me. I slowly remove the chemise I put on after waking up. I fold it and place it on the counter. I then kneel at his feet in my standard waiting position — my hands on my thighs, knees shoulder-width apart, my head bowed.

Sir clasps the collar around my neck and attaches the leash to the back ring on the collar. He uses the leash to lead me to the bedroom where he stops me before the footboard.

“Today I have a few friends coming over for a short get-together, and I don’t want them to see or hear you. You’ll stay in here tied to the bedpost like a good pet you are. I hope you took care of your bathroom needs because you will not be moving from here for a while.”

As he explained this he fastened the leash to the hidden hook on the bedpost. This left me with enough room to either kneel on the floor next to the bed, or sleep curled up at the foot of the bed.

“My guests are arriving in half an hour and I want to be relaxed when they get here. On your knees, pet, suck me!”

I obey immediately, happy to finally be of service that day. When I levent escort free his cock from his pants it is already hard. I start slowly, the way he likes it. I suck gently on the tip of his dick, but Sir decides that today he wants it differently. He grabs my hair and pushes his dick in my mouth quickly. He fucks my mouth relentlessly and it takes him almost no time at all to cum. I swallow most of his cum, but a few drops do dribble down my chin. I quickly scoop them up and lick off my fingers, enjoying the satisfied look on Sir’s face.

“Pet, your mouth was made for my dick. Now, be a good girl like I know you can be and be quiet.”

He pulls on the leash and I get up. He pushes his hand between my legs and I can feel his two fingers dipping in my drenched pussy. As always when I suck him off, I am completely wet. He takes his fingers out and sucks one finger clean, moaning at the taste. He offers the second finger to me to finish cleaning him. I suck on his finger hungrily and this makes me even wetter. He then leaves, with a quick “Behave, pet and no touching,” and I am left alone with my thoughts.

At first I don’t know what to do with myself. I am so turned on by his fucking my mouth and his tying me with a leash. I focus on his orders. I know I need to behave. It’s not just the two of us in the house today and I really don’t want to disappoint Sir.

Soon I hear the door bell and Sir greeting his friends at the door. I can hear their laughter and their glasses clinking. I could feel myself slowly going to sleep while lying on the bed so I move to the floor. I kneel in my waiting position to help my focus. After a couple of minutes I can hear someone approach the bedroom door and open them quietly. My back is to the door so I can’t see who it is, but as soon as the person speaks I can recognize Sir.

“Don’t turn around, Pet.” He approaches me and lifts my chin to look at my face. “You are doing well, I see. Good, pet. Stay like this for the rest of the day, kneeling in the position, back to the door, and don’t turn around. I might let one of my friends see what a good pet you are.” He then kisses me lightly on the lips and leaves the room.

The idea of him letting his friends see me like this both excites me and terrifies me. I can feel my pussy clench already and I can feel the juices from my pussy coating the lips and threatening to drip on the floor. At the same time I am covered with a cold sweat. Sir knows all this, he knows me, he knows what my reaction to his words would be.

A few minutes pass and again I can hear footsteps approaching the bedroom door. This time the walk is quicker than Sir’s. When the person opens the door I can hear their breathing hitch, I can hear their whispered moan. The person stays like that for a long time it seems to me and then beyoğlu escort they leave just as quietly as they came.

My entire body is shaking, I am hyperventilating. I know I am close to fainting so I force myself to focus on calming myself, on calming my breathing. I repeat my mantra “I am yours, Sir, yours,” over and over. This helps me get my body under control.

When I am calm enough I realize I can no longer hear the guests and soon I can hear someone approach the bedroom again. This time Sir greets me as soon as he opens the door. “You did well, pet. You have pleased me so much. Perfect pet.”

At his words I can feel the heat spread from my stomach outwards to all my limbs. My pussy gets wetter at his words of praise.

“Lift your head up, pet, let me look at you.”

I lift my head and see a lustful smile on Sir’s face. I get goose bumps all over my body because I know what will come. Whenever Sir has that smile on his face I know I am in for a hard fuck.

“Take my dick out.”

My fingers shake in anticipation but I manage to unbutton his fly. As I take out his dick he unfastens the leash from the bedpost and pulls on it. He turns me around and gets on his knees behind me. I hear a wrapper tear and feel something cold against my ass. As he rubs the lube in my anus I can feel his dick fill my pussy in one quick thrust. He fucks me hard as he prepares my other hole first with one and then two fingers. His tempo is unforgiving and I can hardly breathe. After a few more thrusts he pulls out of my pussy and settles at my anus. I relax immediately, my back arch even more and I bow my head and breathe deep. We know the routine by now, I relax and he slowly breaches me with the tip of his dick. Once the ridge is through the tight muscle he stops and lets me get used to the intrusion. I can hear him groan and then he squeezes my hip painfully to warn me of what’s to come. I focus on my breathing and he pushes all the way in and immediately starts fucking me.

My skin prickles all over once again. I can feel tingles in my feet and hands and my eyes roll back in pleasure. He pulls on the leash as he fucks me hard and deep. That pull makes it even more difficult to breathe and I moan loudly.

“You like that, don’t you, my little slut. You like me fucking your ass like an animal?”

When I don’t answer he pulls harder on the leash, “Answer me, pet!”

“Yes, Sir. I love it. I love when you fuck my ass hard and choke me with the leash.”

“You are my pet, aren’t you? You pretend you’re a polite little girl, when we both know you’re a slut. My cock-hungry slut.”

As he pounds in me I can barely reply, “Yes, Sir. Yes, I am your slut.

“You loved it when my friend looked at you. You loved him seeing you naked, tied up like the obedient kitten kağıthane escort you are. I should have let him use you. I should have let him see how obedient you really can be. Would you have been a good pet and suck him off, ha, pet?”

“Please, Sir. Please, anything Sir. Please.”

“You did love it. I knew it. I bet the floor was wet from your pussy juices, you dirty dirty girl.”

“Sir, please.” I beg, almost whining.

“What, slut, what do you want?”

“Please Sir, please may I cum. Please, Sir.”

“Are you begging me to cum already? You really are a slut. Cumming so quickly. Ok, you can cum, but only by fucking yourself on my dick. I’ll relax here and look at you chase your orgasm. Come on, pet, do it, cum for your Sir.”

For a moment I stop and think. Although it might seem like a reward, Sir knows it takes me much longer to cum like that, but I still obey, I still start fucking myself on his cock as hard and as fast as I can. As I fuck myself, I can feel him pulling on the leash and slapping my ass, first one than the other cheek. He knows I need just a little bit more, he can feel my ass clenching around his dick, and he starts scratching my back leaving angry marks behind. I start shaking and his “Cum for me, slut,” pushes me over the edge. As I cum he warns me not to stop fucking, and I have to fight to stay upright. I manage somehow and he takes over and starts fucking me again, chasing his own orgasm. When he is close he pulls out and uses the leash to turn me around so my face is in front of his dick. After a few wanks he cums all over my face.

He pets me while I gather his cum and lick it off my fingers. He offers me his dick to clean as well and I do it willingly with a shy smile on my face.

“Shy, pet? Why are you shy now? Come here?”

I crawl to him and lay my head in his lap.

“How did you feel when my friend entered the room? Give me an honest answer, pet, don’t be afraid.”

“I felt strange, Sir. I loved it but I was also scared. I am yours, Sir. I don’t need anyone else.”

“But if I told you to suck him off, what would you do?”

“I don’t know Sir. I would love to say I would obey, and I hope I would obey, but I don’t know, Sir. I honestly don’t know.” I nuzzle my head even more in his lap, hiding from him.

He gently touches my chin and moves my head so he can look into my eyes. “You are my pet. Only mine and I will do with you as I please. But, I also know you, baby. I know you are not sure yet, you still have to grow. It is ok to be unsure. And, I’ll tell you a secret — it was not my friend who saw you, it was me. I don’t want to share you just yet. That does not mean I won’t want to show you off some day soon. Just know that it will be when you are ready.”

“Yes, Sir. I know that. I am yours.”

“Yes, you are my pet. Do you want to sleep a bit?”

“Can I sleep in your lap like this, Sir, just for a few minutes?”

“Let’s move to the bed and I’ll grab my book.”

I thank him, kiss his thigh and crawl to the bed and climb in. When he’s in bed, I lay my head in his lap and fall asleep with his fingers running through my hair.

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