Getting It Out Of Our Systems Ch. 02


Author’s Note – This scenario is another real-life situation that may (or may not) have developed in the way the story recounts. As before, any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!


‘Well if this is how I get welcomed back, I should go away more often!’ Jill purred as she nuzzled into my neck contentedly and pulled the quilt up to cover our entwined, naked bodies.

As she slowly drifted into sleep I stared at the ceiling, my mind whirring. Whilst she’d been gone, I had spent a memorable afternoon with Sally and I had thought of little else since.

I had never cheated on Jill before, but the “dirty flirting” that Sally and I had shared via text and email had escalated to such a level of frustrated desire, that we had used Jill’s absence to get the strong urges “out of our systems” by sharing intense, hot sex.

Jill’s return with the boys made the previously uncharacteristically peaceful house seem full of noise and chatter once more, aggravating the almost continuous feelings of guilt that I had been tormented with since my session with Sally.

I had met Jill and the boys on the rainy platform of the local railway station with hugs. Small, intense moments of panic jolted me constantly, as if the secret of my betrayal was written clearly on my forehead. Amazingly, Jill seemed unaware of my discomfort, handing me gifts of a smart shirt, an expensive-looking bottle of Rioja and the latest CD of my favourite band as a ‘missed you’ present, stoking the embers of my guilt into a shameful blaze.

The boys were so tired after their journey that they hardly protested at all when they were packed off to bed early. On an impulse, we opened the wine and I could feel the fuzzy warming effect relaxing my whole body.

All was quiet upstairs when we went to bed, we went through our familiar night-time routines and slid under the duvet.

Goodnight kisses had turned into lovemaking, but somehow, this time it was more fervent, more passionate. The memories of the encounter with Sally played out through my mind throughout, until I could almost picture her slim, lithe body under me instead of Jill’s curves.

As I lay wide-awake listening to Jill’s steady, even breathing, I resolved that whatever Sally and I had together, it would have to stop. We had done what we had done in order to satisfy our mutual curiosity and desire, but no more.

Since Sally and I shared that hot encounter, the only communication between us had been via text later that day. Sally had written:

‘Wow! xxx :-)’ To which I had replied

‘Ditto xxx :-)’

There had been nothing more since and, as I lay staring at the ceiling, I determined that I would not get into any sort of regular communication with Sally again. We had wanted to get it out of our systems and that’s what we had done.

Weeks passed and springtime blossomed into a hot, early summer.

“What is it about the sun that makes people discard their inhibitions as well as most of their clothing?” I mused to myself as a group of sun-kissed girls, all dressed in skimpy tops and very short shorts strolled passed me chattering loudly. I was heading back to my office, sandwich in hand, top shirt buttons undone and sunglasses on. The baking heat was so intense that it seemed bounce off the dusty pavement to strike me in face.

Crossing the road back to County Hall, it was a relief to step out of the heat and into the air-conditioned cool of the reception area. Behind the desk, Pamela looked up and nodded her acknowledgement of my return as she took another incoming call.

County Hall was a huge, sprawling, gothic building that cast a grim shadow from its stone facade. It was notoriously difficult to heat in the winter, but its mosaic-tiled corridors were gloriously cool underfoot on days like this one.

My office had previously been a storage area for the caretaker. When I had taken on this job nearly five years ago, I had been promised a new, modern office in the planned annex building upon it’s completion, but the planning had been going on for years now and there was still no sign of any building actually taking place. My office was on the ground floor, tucked down the side of County Hall. Light came in, reluctantly, through row of narrow, frosted-glass windows set near the top of the walls and the fluorescent tubes cast a harsh, bright glare from the high ceiling.

I unlocked the door and peeled off the post-it note that read “Back in 5 minutes” from where I’d stuck it near the handle and dropped it onto my desk along with my keys and sandwich.

Despite the large electric fan at the far end of the office that was slowly tracking left to right and back again trying it’s best to cool things down, the air was stale and stuffy. The small windows were opened as far as they could go, which amounted to only a couple of inches.

I ate my sandwich slowly, whilst browsing the internet. People passed up and down the corridor outside my office door, but escort bayan gaziantep apart from that, the building seemed to slumber in a sunlit lunchtime siesta.

The sound of footsteps approaching made me look up from my laptop. The door opened and Sally stood in the doorway.

Sally wore a simple cotton dress that was such a pale-blue that it was almost white. It was gathered at the waist and ruched under the arms with a loop of elastic. Her exposed shoulders and neck had been caressed pink by the sunshine and she blinked as she removed her sunglasses, her eyes adjusting to the low light in the office.

She glanced around the room, noting that we were alone and turned to me, smiling an awkward, almost apologetic smile.

‘Hello you.’ She said.

‘Hi.’ The tone of surprise in my voice was unmistakable. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Well that’s a nice welcome I must say!’ Sally retorted, her familiar, mischievous grin appearing once more, ‘a girl might think that you weren’t pleased to see me!’

‘I didn’t mean it like that.’ I stammered hurriedly, feeling my face flush and my heart starting to pound within my chest.

Sally chuckled and stepped across the threshold and into the office. ‘So this is where the magic happens?’

I barked a short, mirthless laugh. ‘Hardly!’ I responded, ‘but it does pay me a regular wage and it keeps me out of mischief.’

‘That’s a shame.’ Sally laughed, ‘I like it when you’re up to mischief!’ A wicked grin flashed across her face.

I laughed dryly, attempting to be cool whilst feeling my face colour and my hands start to tremble as a strange tension filled the room.

An awkward silence descended and I saw Sally’s smile fade. I wondered if she was thinking that this had not been a good idea after all. Part of me wanted her to leave; after all, we’d got all our pent up passion out of our systems hadn’t we? At the same time however, another part of my mind was exploring the possibilities of the situation.

I experienced a sudden, strong urge to pull Sally to me and kiss her. At the same time, I wished I could find a way to get her to leave that wouldn’t hurt or offend her.

Desperate to break the silence, I blurted, ‘I like your dress…’ and despite my resolution never to flirt with her again, I heard myself add, ‘You’re almost always in jeans, but like this, I get to see your legs.’

Sally’s smile reappeared. She took a couple of strides into the office, letting the door close behind her and span on the spot causing the soft cotton folds of her dress to fly outwards giving me glimpse of the bare flesh above her knees.

The sight caused some vivid memories of the last time I’d seen Sally and suddenly her presence and the fact that we were alone together, caused my cock to twitch in the beginnings of arousal.

The realisation made my cautious side reassert itself and I tried to steer the conversation onto safer territory.

‘Is Tilly not with you?’ I asked. Sally’s daughter was nearly two years old now.

‘No,’ Sally replied, ‘we were having a picnic in the park with my sister’s family when they suggested that they would take care of her whilst I had some time off to do some shopping.’ She waved the shopping bag from the local boutique that she was carrying. ‘Then I found myself outside County Hall and thought I’d pay a visit to my favourite…’ She turned and opened the door to read the nameplate on the outside. ‘…Resources Development Manager.’ She closed the door once more, smiling that impish smile.

‘How many Resources Development Managers do you know?’ I enquired.

Sally put her head on one side, placed a finger on her lips and looked upward in a thoughtful pose ‘Hmmm… Let me think… Well, I believe that that you’re the only one, so you automatically qualify!’ she laughed.

After her laughter faded, that same tension seemed to fill the room once more. There was an almost tangible sense of anticipation and a taut silence fell.

I thought that Sally must be able to hear my heart thudding as if it wanted to break clear of my ribcage. I struggled to think of anything to say to break the atmosphere but could think of nothing. The silence lengthened and deepened, heightening my senses.

After what seemed like ages, Sally spoke. ‘So you like my legs huh?’ and she pulled the hem of her dress up above her knees to show them off.

I chuckled weakly, super-conscious of her bare flesh almost within touching distance and the throbbing need that was now making my cock strain against the fabric of my trousers.

‘Yeah, they’re OK I guess.’ I replied, casually noncommittal, before indicating her dress and raising an enquiring eyebrow. ‘A little higher maybe?…’

Sally wore an expression of amused, drop-jawed outrage before she grinned and slid the hem a few more inches up her cream-coloured thighs.

I nodded approvingly. ‘Very nice… a little higher?…’

Sally’s grin widened and the hem slid higher still until it halted at the very top of her thighs, any higher and I’d be able to see her underwear.

An intense urge to touch her, kiss her, taste her and fuck her obliterated almost all thought of anything that was going on outside my office.

I grinned up at Sally.

‘A little higher?…’

With a movement so quick that I almost missed it, Sally lifted her dress all the way up, before letting the soft material fall back to it’s usual place.

I sat transfixed, still staring at the creased folds of cotton in front of me visualising the dark triangle of Sally’s pubic hair that had momentarily been revealed, she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

Another silence fell as I tried to process the sight I had just witnessed.

I looked up at Sally, she was wearing an expression that seemed to be a mixture of apprehension and defiance.

Now was the time to say the right thing. Now was the time to be sensible and back away from the situation.

‘Well…’ I began, searching for the right phrase. ‘Well… I guess when it’s this hot, it’s only sensible to wear as few clothes as possible.’

Sally’s expression softened and her cheeky grin returned.

Still seated and trying to look cool despite my racing pulse, I pushed my chair closer to her.

I met her gaze, inwardly cursing my weakness as I reached under her dress with deliberate slowness and brushed the inside of her thigh with my fingertips. Willing myself to take things slowly, I gently stroked the soft flesh, my fingertips following a winding pattern slowly upwards.

As I stroked ever higher, Sally’s head tilted backwards slightly in anticipation, her breathing was shallow and rapid and she shifted her stance, parting her legs for me to explore. As slowly as my desire would allow, my fingertips brushed across the smooth skin of her inner thigh until they reached their goal.

I lightly moved a finger under her pussy before probing gently upward. Sally was so turned on that my finger slipped effortlessly between her wet pussy lips that were puffy with desire.

Sally let out a soft exclamation, her eyes flying wide open as I probed upwards before pulling out and up to find the nub of her clitoris. With a slow, deliberate rhythm, I gently began to rub up and down, my fingers slick with Sally’s juices.

Without pausing I stood up, looking directly into Sally’s wide eyes. I leaned in and kissed her fleetingly.

‘So if it’s too hot for knickers, can I assume…?’ and I hooked a finger over the elastic that held up the top of her dress. Unhurriedly, I pulled downward, sure enough, Sally was braless and the elastic snagged on her taut, erect nipples. I gently increased the tension until, almost simultaneously, the elastic pinged downwards, revealing Sally’s small, perky tits.

Sally threw her head back with the sensation. ‘Oh fuck!’ she hissed in a near-whisper.

I was dimly aware that the office door was unlocked and if anyone came in now, it would be very hard to explain away what was going on!

‘Hang on,’ I said reluctantly pulling away from Sally only to have her entwine her arms around me and try to draw me closer, trying to kiss me.

‘No, wait.’ I protested as I tried to extricate myself from her embrace, ‘what if someone comes?.’ indicating the unlocked door.

Sally looked me with a coquettish glance. ‘Well with any luck it’ll be me!’ and she giggled as her arms tried to entangle me once more.

I grinned and chuckled as I firmly pulled myself clear of her, very aware of her naked breasts and bare legs that seemed almost to shine in the dim light of the office.

I picked up the ‘Back in 5 minutes’ post-it note and, after checking that the corridor was clear, stuck it back on the outside of the door, closing and locking it behind me.

I switched off the lights so that the darkness behind the frosted glass panel in the door would make the office look empty to anyone passing by. Now that the door was locked, I felt more relaxed and able to concentrate on Sally’s lithe, semi-naked body. A ball of excitement seemed to be building up in my core, looking for release. I turned to see that Sally’s face was wearing a sulky pout.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked, unsure if she was kidding around, or if I’d somehow managed to do something to upset her.

In an overtly petulant voice she said, ‘Is five minutes all I get?’

I barked a laugh before replying in a half-whisper. ‘Hey, I’m at work! Consider yourself lucky I don’t invoice you for my time and services!’

She took my hand in hers gave me a lascivious look. ‘If I was paying you, you’d have to do anything I wanted you to.’ She lifted my hand and placed it on her breast, I felt the firm nipple brushing against my palm and my cock twitched impatiently.

I moved to her and we kissed, slowly, delicately at first, but with increasing intensity.

My lips and tongue explored her silky mouth before travelling to her earlobe, down her neck, along her collarbone before descending to her breast.

I took her whole breast into my mouth, letting my tongue slowly trace a small circle around her nipple and feeling it harden before flicking it with the tip. I felt Sally’s body tense and her back arch, her whistling exhalation told me that I was hitting the spot.

We kissed again and Sally began to unbutton my shirt. Three buttons down she ran out of patience and pulled it open with a swift movement. Thankfully the buttons remained attached. She kissed my neck and chest as her fingers fumbled with my belt, the still quiet of the office heightened the sensation, my hard cock aching for her touch.

Having undone my belt, my Sally slid her hands under the waistband of my boxer shorts and grasped my buttocks. The movement seemed to release my jeans and they flopped to the floor softly. Sally sank to her knees whilst pulling my boxers down. They hooked themselves over the head of my throbbing-hard cock before it sprang free.

Without hesitation, Sally’s took my cock into her mouth. She gave it four or five shallow strokes before slowly sinking onto it, her lips sliding slowly down its shaft until she had almost consumed it all down to my balls. Powerful, blissful sensations fizzed through my body. I felt, a dizzying sense of detachment, the surrealness of the moment making me wonder if I was dreaming.

With a gasp, Sally lifted her head off my cock that glistened with her saliva. I gave in to the desperate need that I felt in every part of my body and lifted her to her feet. As we kissed, I extricated one foot from its shoe and stepped out of my jeans so that I wouldn’t have to waddle like a penguin. I was pretty sure that I looked ridiculous, but right now I didn’t care, I had only one thought in my mind.

With one quick movement I swept all the files, my half-eaten sandwich and computer mouse and keyboard to one side. I manoeuvred Sally until she was sitting on the edge of my desk. I was aware of her legs lifting and parting and the heat from her pussy pressing against the underside of my cock, the urge to get inside her was almost overwhelming.

I eased back and felt Sally’s hand guide the swollen, glossy head of my cock into her. With a one slow, smooth movement, I plunged the length on my manhood inside.

Sally’s eyes flew open, her mouth agape. ‘Fuck!’ She hissed as her legs wound behind my buttocks, pinning me inside her.

My heart was thumping as the sensations flowed through me. My cock was so hard, it ached and the urge to start moving in and out of Sally was almost irresistible. I fought against the impulse, choosing to rise up onto my toes and feel Sally’s clitoris grind against the base of my cock. Sally’s eyes had slid out of focus, her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and she was blowing short, harsh, breathy gasps.

The sight and sound of Sally in a state of sexual arousal in my office where nothing exciting ever happens took me very nearly to the point of orgasm and I withdrew until just the head of my cock remained inside her.

I took a few seconds to let things calm down and began to ease just the head of my cock in and out of her pussy lips, keeping my strokes really shallow. Sally’s face contorted with the sensation and I could feel my face was drawn back into a rictus grimace as the sensations flowed through me.

I increased the tempo of my shallow strokes and heard Sally’s gasps intensify accordingly. Faster and faster I thrusted before sliding balls-deep into her once more.

Sally let out and involuntary squeal and convulsed as her clitoris rubbed against the base of my rock-hard cock once again.

She clung to me; her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me, her breasts pressed against my chest. Her hand curled around the back of my neck, I could smell the fragrance of her hair and feel her hot breath against me as she panted with desire.

We remained entwined like that for what seemed like an age; our breathing the only noise in the silent office. Outside, someone wearing heels clicked their way down the corridor. For an awful second I thought that they were going to try to open my office door, but the sharp clicking carried on past and receded until the corridor was silent again.

Sally lifted her head off my chest and looked up at me. We simultaneously burst into breathless giggling laughter. The whole situation was so crazy. Slowly I withdrew, enjoying the changing expressions on her face as I did so before slipping slowly back inside. I gave in to my urge to fuck her and began to thrust in and out to a steady rhythm, wanting to make the moment last, whilst aware that every second added to the danger of discovery.

As I fucked her, I could sense the tension of an impending orgasm building within Sally. She was sitting upright on the edge of the desk, her legs still wrapped around my buttocks, her body pressed against mine, her nipples hard against my chest. Her hot breath was on my neck and her whispered moans were right in my ear causing me to twist involuntarily when the intensity of the sound touched a nerve.

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