Twisted Tail Pt. 02


Cara sprawled the map out on her desk, glancing down at it as she shuffled through her notes. She took out one particular piece of intel, laying it down on the map, studying both, then she frowned.

“I don’t like this terrain,” she said.

As she spoke, a shapely crimson leg came over her desk, then another. A petite, crimson skinned demon spawn girl sat down on her map, naked from head to toe, pushing out her chest and her perfect breasts right in Cara’s face.

“How about this terrain? Here’s two big mountains for you to explore,” Harci said, raising her hands to cup her breasts, bouncing them right in Cara’s face.

“I’ve already topped those crests,” Cara said, “Now, will you get off my map? We have a battle tomorrow and I’m trying to do work,”

“Work is boring, do me instead,” Harci whined, playfully rubbing her foot against Cara’s thigh.

Cara sighed. It had only been a few days since that first night they spent together. The party had decided to get rooms at an Inn in the town of Havenhold, to rest and recover. Cara had was going to use this time to plan the coming battle, but Harci had attached herself to Cara’s hip the moment they reached town.

Cara thought it would drive her crazy, but she had to admit, though Harci was always demanding attention, or always demanding sex, it had been nice to have someone again. Someone to hold, to kiss, cuddle, or laugh with. And Harci had a way of getting Cara to unwind when Cara started working too hard.

There was also that body… the demon girl was so soft and warm, so small and flexible. Always willing and eager to please. And that crimson skin, it always stirred something in Cara, ever since that first night, the memory of the first time she had held the demon girl’s naked body against her own, feeling the girl tremble and whimper in delight…

“Okay, let’s do it,” Cara smiled.

Harci bounced up and down in excitement, then leaned in for a kiss. Cara moved to kiss her, and Harci pulled back just at the last second.

“No,” Harci said, smugly.

“No?” Cara said. “Your saying no to sex? You?”

“Now you know how it feels, maybe you’ll think twice before turning me down next time” Harci taunted, sliding off the desk and turning to walk away.

Cara grabbed the demon girl by her crimson shoulders and bent her over the desk. Harci gasped and giggled as Cara pinned Harci’s arms behind her back and held her down against the map. She leaned over Harci, pressing her strong body down onto the demon girl’s warm skin.

“I don’t think you understand,” Cara growled in Harci’s ear. “You remember what you said that first night?”

“I said I was yours,” Harci said.

“That’s right, and I’m not giving you back. You understand?” Cara said.

Harci bit her lip and nodded. Cara smiled. She let go of Harci’s arms and then used that hand to slap Harci’s ass. She palmed Harci’s red butt, giving it a squeeze, then started sliding her hand down and around Harci’s thigh, moving up towards her pussy. Cara slid her finger along Harci’s slit, feeling how wet and eager the demon girl was.

“Oohh, Cara, your hand feels so wonderful,” Harci moaned

“Oh, look at you,” Cara taunted. “To think you were just going to walk away… maybe I should just let you leave after all?” Cara said, and she stopped moving her finger.

“Noooo, no Cara, please, please don’t stop, please, I need you,” Harci whined, and wiggled her ass helplessly under Cara’s strong grasp.

“Are you going to stop being mean to me?” Cara asked

“Yes, I promise, yes,” Harci begged

“You little liar,” Cara smiled, and she slid her finger into Harci’s dripping pussy. At the same time, she used her other hand to grab the base of Harci’s tail.

Harci let out a shriek of pleasure as Cara fingered her, but Cara knew it wasn’t just her finger. It was the tail. Something about the demon girl’s tail, it was so sensitive to touch, and to Cara’s touch especially.

Cara kept thrusting her finger inside of Harci, feeling how wet and tight she was. The girl was so tight, Cara could never get more than two fingers inside her, and that usually took some work. Meanwhile, Cara’s hand traced along the length of Harci’s tail, feeling the demon girl twitch beneath her as she did. Finally, her hand made it to the heart shaped spike at the end of the tail.

The spike wasn’t really a spike, it was just a firm, fleshy bit with a certain unique property. Cara squeezed the spike, and Harci violently shook underneath here, letting out mindless moans of pleasure with each squeeze. The spike was extraordinarily sensitive, and Cara always took advantage of it.

“C-Cara, oh Cara, it feels so good,” Harci whimpered, xslot giriş and the demon girl started to push her ass back onto Cara’s fingers. Cara wasn’t having it, though. Cara pinned Harci down with her forearm, preventing her from moving, and she used the leverage to quickly thrust her fingers in and our of Harci’s pussy. At the same time, she licked Hacri’s heart spike, and started to twist, turn, and squeeze it in her hand, ruthlessly toying with Harci’s most sensitive spot.

“Cara, oh CARA!” Harci screamed out. Harci grabbed the far edge of the desk with both her hand and gripped them tightly, she squeezed her legs together, both of them trembling as she came all over Cara’s fingers.

Cara kept fingering and squeezing, but started to slow as she heard Harci’s breath become weak and ragged. After a few moments, Cara released the heart spike and pulled her fingers out of Hacri, who let out a weak little whimper. Cara then pulled herself off Harci, but Harci’s legs failed her, and she started to fall. Cara quickly grabbed the demon girl, turning her over, and cradling the girl in her arms.

“Oh Cara, it’s always so wonderful with you,” Harci said, her eyes half closed. She leaned in and grabbed Cara’s head with both hands, pulling her in for a passionate kiss. As they kissed, the demon girl’s tail wrapped around Cara’s waist and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“Your turn,” Harci giggled.

“No,” Cara said firmly.

“No? About to trick me again?” Harci asked.

“No, but we have a fight tomorrow. I don’t like to have sex before a battle. I like to be on edge, not relaxed,” Cara explained. She could see the demon girl’s disappointment. “Oh, don’t worry. After the battle, we’ll put that tongue of yours to good work. We’ll have our own victory party right here.”

“All night long?” Harci asked, excitedly.

“All night,” Cara promised,secretly hoping the demon girl would wear herself out early so they could sleep.

Cara gently let Hacri back down on her feet, and the demon girl seemed to have regained all her energy already. She threw her arms around Cara and nuzzled her face before giving her another kiss.

“Cara, you’re too good to me. I love you so much,” Harci said.

Cara’s eyes went wide, and she froze.

“You…you love me?” Cara asked.

Harci turned to her and smiled, and waited for Cara’s response, but then her smile faded. When it was clear that Cara wasn’t going to say it back, Harci’s eyes dropped.

“I-I’m sorry,” Cara stuttered.

“No, no, it’s just…we get along so well, and it’s been so much fun, I just thought, I don’t know,” Harci said. Her tail unwrapped from Cara’s waist and just fell to the floor. “I didn’t mean to ruin everything,”

“Harci, you didn’t,” Cara said, putting her hand under Harci’s chin. “Look, Harci, what we’ve been doing, it’s been amazing. I’m just not sure what we are yet.”

“C-can I ask one thing?” Harci asked, meekly.


“Is it because I’m a demon?” Harci asked, her voice cracking. She looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“What? Harci, no!” Cara pulled the demon girl in for a hug. “Harci, when we met, I thought all demon spawn were evil people. I was wrong. Do you hear me? I was so wrong, because you are just so warm, and kind, funny and sexy, and you are everything that I want. I just…”

Cara thought back, thinking of the only other time she’d loved someone. She remembered how wonderful it had felt to hear those words, and she remembered how much it had hurt to find out it had been a lie. Cara never wanted to feel that hurt again, and that fear wouldn’t let her say the words.

“I need a little more time. It’s only been a few days, I’m not ready to move so fast. Please, Harci, I’m so sorry, I don’t want to hurt you and you are so special to me, just give me more time. Okay?” Cara asked.

Harci nodded her head. “I think I’m going to sleep in my own room tonight,” Harci said.

“You don’t have to, you could stay, if you wanted,” Cara offered.

“No, I want to give you space, let you think. But can I have a good night kiss?” Harci asked.

Cara smiled, leaning in, and pressed her lips against the demon girls. “Good night Harci. And I mean it, I’m not giving you back.” Cara whispered.

Harci squeezed Cara’s hand and gave her a small, sad smile. She threw on her robe, and walked towards the door. She pulled the door open, but stopped to give Cara one last look, before she closed the door behind her.


“Mokor, clear those skeletons!” Cara shouted.

Mokor, the orc barbarian, nodded, and charged at the skeletons with his axe in hand. With one might xslot slash, he shattered one’s rib cage, and the slice cleaved through into the next skeleton, breaking that skeleton’s forearm like glass.

“Melessi, can you hold?” Cara asked.

“I’ve got them, but not for much longer!” Melessi said, her voice high and panicked as she strummed her lute. Her magical tune held sway over three human adepts, each wearing black robes and clutching silver daggers. The Bard’s spell made them all think they were playing in a school yard as children again, incapacitating them for the time being.

“Harci, where are you?” Cara shouted.

“Right here!” Harci said, right behind Cara, in her proper position for once.

She was actually listening to the plan last night instead of goofing off, Cara realized.

“It’s up to us now, let’s go!” Cara said

“After you!”

Cara charged up the stairs of the ruined temple, her shield and sword at the ready. The crumbling stone doors of the temple were closed, but Cara smashed them open with a single well placed kick.

The Dark Wizard stood near the altar, his unnaturally pale skin drew attention to his crazy blood red eyes. The altar itself surged with violent mystical energies. The ritual was almost complete, but if they could kill the Dark Wizard before it finishes, then they would win the day.

Cara and Harci split up, going along different sides of the temple. This was all a part of Cara’s plan. The Dark Wizard had only ever used fire magic against them, and Harci had enchanted Cara to resist fire magic before the battle began. Harci herself was immune to fire magic, being half demon. Now, if he had any traps, one of them should be able to close the gap and shut him down.

The Dark Wizard smiled gleefully, laughing like a mad man. As they were both halfway to him, he raised his hands, pointing at Harci, and a bolt of magical energy burst from his hands.


The blast hit Harci square in the chest, the force of it slammed her back against the stone walls of the temple. Harci let out a scream of pain, and the sound of it tore at Cara’s heart.

Cara snarled in rage. She started charging at the Dark Wizard again, but stopped when she saw he was casting another spell at Harci. Cara wouldn’t get to him in time, and Harci couldn’t take another hit like that. But Cara could.

Cara dashed across the room and stood over Harci, her shield raised before her. The Dark Wizard set loose another blast of lightning, blasting Cara. Her shield bore the brunt of it, but the lighting pierce through the metal and lashed across Cara’s forearm, the pain so intense it dropped Cara to her knees.

Cara grimaced. She wasn’t sure what to do. If she left Harci’s side, the Dark Wizard would kill her, but if she didn’t do something, Harci would die anyway, and Cara with her.

The Dark Wizard was preparing another spell. Cara was almost out of time. She had only one option. She reared back and threw her sword like a spear, straight at the Dark Wizard.

The sword, by some stroke of skill or luck, hit the Dark Wizard, burying itself in his heart, right to the hilt. His spell fizzled in his hands, and the dark energy in the altar let out a wailing sound before dissolving into nothingness.

Behind her, Harci stirred. She opened her eyes and saw Cara, kneeling over her, blood dripping from her shield arm.. “You’re okay,” Cara said, in a weak but relieved voice.

“Y-you saved me,” Harci muttered. She reached her hand out, taking Cara’s hand in her own, and squeezed.


In Havenhold, people cheered and danced in the street, and beer flowed freely. Mokor and Melessi helped get Cara and Harci back to safety, which was easy with the Dark Wizard dead. Cara’s arm was treated, it would take a few days to heal, but otherwise, she was fine. Harci was a little bruised from the blast, but she would be just fine too.

Cara expected to mingle with the people, and she did, but it wasn’t long until Harci found her. Harci gave her a devious smile and took Cara’s good hand, dragging her back to her room at the Inn for a private victory celebration.

The second the door was closed behind them, Harci was all over Cara, though she took good care to not hurt Cara’s wounded arm. Harci gently pushed Cara back against the wall, kissing her wildly, running her hands through Cara’s hair. Harci’s tail was fluttering about, riding up Cara’s waist, sliding under her shirt, where the heart spike rubbed gently against Cara’s nipples.

Cara broke their kiss and laughed. She wrapped her good arm around Harci’s back and pulled her close. “You know, this isn’t a race, we can take a minute and enjoy the moment,” Cara said.

Harci pressed herself against Cara, “I can’t help it,” Harci whispered. “After what you did. You saved Havenhold, you’re the hero of Athenford, and more than that, you’re my hero. You saved me, Cara, and I just want to show my gratitude,”

“That’s fine, Harci, we can…ohhh,” Cara stopped mid sentence as Harci slid a hand down Cara’s pants, her finger gently rubbing against Cara’s clit. Cara bit her lip, then pulled Hacri close again and kissed her.

Harci continued to gently tease Cara with her fingers, as Cara used her one good hand to unbuckle the belt on Harci’s pants. Harci’s pants fell to the ground, Harci’s shirt was next, and now, Cara’s little demon girl was naked before her, from her perfect breasts to her shaven pussy. Cara drank her body in like a fine wine.

Cara used her good hand to cup one of Harci’s breasts, and Harci let out a little whimper. Not to be outdone, Harci ran a hand up Cara’s shirt, playfully squeezing one of her nipples while Harci’s other hand traced circles on Cara’s clit.

Harci broke their kiss. “Are you ready for your hero’s reward?” She asked Cara.

“Gods, yes,” Cara moaned.

Harci licked the side of Cara’s face, then kissed her again, as she broke the kiss, she playfully caught Cara’s lower lips in her teeth before letting it slide out. Then, Harci started to fall to her knees, tracing her hands over Cara’s body as she fell. When she was on her knees, Harci grabbed sides of Cara’s pants and gently tugged, letting them fall around Cara’s feet. Then Harci lifted up Cara’s leg and slid it over her shoulder.

“Look at me, Cara,” Harci said.

Cara looked down at Harci, her perfect little demon girl. Harci stared right back into Cara’s eyes. Harci brought her hands up to her own chest, cupping her breasts and pushing them together, as she stuck out her tongue and leaned in to gently brush it against Cara’s clit.

“Ooh, Harci, that feels so good,” Cara moaned.

Harci kept her eyes on Cara as she moved her mouth to Cara’s pussy, gently sucking on her clit, then tracing slow patterns across it with her tongue.

Cara used her leg to pull Harci in closer as she started to grind her pussy down on Harci’s mouth. Cara closed her eyes, lost in the moment. She felt Harci reach out, grabbing Cara’s ass with both hands, cupping each cheek, then squeezing then hard. Then she felt it, something pressing its way inside her.

Harci thrust her tail into Cara’s wet pussy, the heart spike wiggling around inside her. It pulled out of her, then thrust back in, harder, sliding deeper inside. Cara used her good hand to grab onto Harci’s horn, pressing the demon girl’s mouth hard against her clit while Hacri’s tail fucked Cara relentlessly.

Cara’s face started to feel warm, she could feel something building. Suddenly, Hacri’s tail stopped moving fast, instead, started searching for something. Harci used one hand to reach up, grabbing Cara’s good hand, entwining their fingers. As soon as their hands clasped, Hacri’s tail found what it was looking for, and viciously rubbed against Cara’s Gspot.

“Oh gods, Harci, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” Cara screamed. Cara looked down and made eye contact with Harci, and the look Harci gave her, it was as if Harci commanded Cara to cum. Cara let out a wail of pleasure as her body shuddered, her legs shook, she almost fell but Harci’s hands were there to steady her. The sensation exploded through her body, willing her with warmth and bliss.

She pushed the demon girl off her now sensitive clit. “Oh gods, Harci, do I have to kill a Dark Wizard every time I want that?”

“It wouldn’t hurt,” Harci smiled as she wiped off her lips with her hand. She climbed back to her feet and gave Cara a kiss on the lips. Cara returned her kiss, and now, after she came, the toll of the day’s events started to bear down on her.

“Harci, that was wonderful, but…I don’t think I can go all night,” Cara said

Harci took a deep breath like she was about to launch into some long speech, then slumped her shoulders. “Neither can I,” She admitted. “I’m tired and hurt. Not the fun kind of hurt, either. I just want to lie down and go to sleep.”

Cara laughed and they made their way to bed. Even wounded, Cara wouldn’t let Harci be the big spoon, so the little demon girl happily nested into her arms. The sounds of the town wide celebration could still be heard, cheering, dancing and music, but Cara was so tired, it didn’t bother her.

With her demon girl in her arms, warm and soft, Cara started to nod off. As she was stuck in the world between sleep and consciousness, she heard Harci’s voice, whispering softly.

“I know you can’t say it. But the way you jumped in front of me…I know you love me, and I’ll wait as long as I need to hear the words. I love you, Cara.”

Cara smiled, and finally fell asleep.

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