Gorgon Eyes Ch. 03


This story is based on a couple of guys I work with, so I changed the the POV from “her” to “I” because I was getting into it and kept writing “I”. so I changed it. The first thing I look for in a man: facial hair and beautifull eyes that make me blush. Thanx again for reading.

3: New Changes

I stood at my table, contemplating my situation between these two men as I pretend to do my paper work. I turn my head to the left to see “master” working on one of my machines. Every time I put that light on to signal my need for assistance, He is the first one to arrive in seconds. “I assume he is being overprotective of his ‘property’ from another man,” I thought to myself. I stared at him for a moment. With all the blackmail and guilt that encircled my mind, it seemed I had forgotten for sometime, about those eyes. I rested my head on my upright fist and looked at him longer. I could feel warmth surround my cheeks as I gaze longer at him. He turned his head towards me and gave me a menacing smile. I gulped hard and rejected my look away. A few moments later, I turn my head to the right. In another area, was Vic. His thick arms were carrying a large part I did not recognize. His blue eyes shined under the lights above. He turned his head to me and smiled as well, a much softer smile than master’s. I blushed and looked away. I sighed and thought, “I’m still not quite sure why I’m in this mess.”

A minuet or two later, master walked up to my table and said, “That machine is going to take a little more time than I thought.”

It almost sounded like he was having a real work-related conversation with me. I couldn’t look in his eyes without blushing. He slid closer to me.

“I need to talk to you later,” he said and walked away.

“That’s the first time he spoke to me like that,” I said out loud.

An hour later, master comes back and tells me he wants to see me outside to talk. I walk with him to the back of the factory and as we make it outside, he pins me to the wall of the building.

“Stay and don’t speak,” he commanded which I took offence to it but I let it alone to find out what was so important.

“I have to go back to my own shift tomorrow,” he began. I felt a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders as I sighed in relief.

“Oh, you’re not off the hook,” he began to say as he strides closer to me. My back was up against the wall as I hung my head low.

“You still belong to me and only me,” he said grabbing my chin as he cupped my face in his large hand. “You will be a good girl while I’m gone. I will be back and I will give you a hell of a punishment,” he threatened as he tightened his grasp on my cheeks. “Do not disappoint me.” Forced to look up at him, I trembled at his words. “Now than, how about a kiss good bye,’ He asked rhetorically. He leaned into my lips and kissed me. First a gentle start, than he grew more intense. He slid his hand down the front of my pants and grasped my clit with his fingers. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to keep punishing you, my dear,” he began as he pinched my clit hard. “But if I have to, I will,” he finished and rubbed my sore bud softly. He continues kissing my neck and rubbed my clit harder, turning me on. “But before I go..,” he starts to say. “I want you to cum for me one more time.” He continued his favorite routine, which he knew always worked on me. He flicked my clit and began teasing it softy. I could feel his lips on my collarbone and back up to my neck. I grabbed his arm for balance as I tried to fight my urges. My hips rocked against his fingers, enjoying his lips. “C’mon my slave, I’m giving you this chance,” he whispered. He slid his fingers inside me making me groan. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but my body had other plans. He felt so good, but my stubbornness was keeping me from going over the edge. He lifted his head from my neck and looked in my eyes. When I saw his handsome face, I lost all control. I tilted my head back and came on his fingers and a high growl.

“That-a girl,” he praised. After buttoning and zipping up my pants again, he pat my head and placed his hand on the small of my back again, as if was a personal way a signaling me to go wherever he pushed. We walked back in side and walked passed Victor. He gave master a greeting with his head movement and a smile to me. I lowered my head and walked away while master stayed behind to talk with him.

After work, I rushed out the door to see the sun has already set and my eyes could only relied on the poor lights of the building in the parking lot. I heard the annoying wailing sound of my phone and jumped a little. As I walked to my car, I shuffled through my mess of a purse, looking for the wretched device. All of a sudden, I could see two spotlights racing towards me. It seemed that the driver did not notice me in their way. I froze in panic as I dropped my purse and was about to scream, but felt two large arms grab me and pull me away from the speeding görükle escort car’s path. I fell to the ground as I landed on top of the person. Shocked, I stood up and grabbed their hand to help them up. The lights of the building finally reveled my savior to be Victor. He stood and brushed the gravel from his clothing.

“Thank you very much, you saved me. I owe you one,” I said as I picked up my purse and started to walk away. Hoping I could leave this awkward situation as quick as possible.

“My thoughts exactly,” he responded and walked to his car to go home.

The next morning, I shuffled my feet on the ground as I walked through the door. Work was the last place I wanted to be right now, with the lack of sleep I had the night before. I gave a dirty, warning look to all that approached me as I walked to my locker. I threw my hoodie inside and grabbed my tools, then slammed the door. I jumped at the sight of Victor standing next to me.

“Damn dude, you fucking scared me,” I yelled at him.

He smiled and asked, “Can we talk?”

I waved my hand away and said; “Not now I had a rough night. Talk to me when I’m awake,” then I walked away.

I walked to my table, rubbed my sore shoulders and began to work. As the day drew on, I became aware of how rude I was with Victor. “I mean the guy did save my life. I do kinda owe him at least a talk,” I told myself. I saw Victor working on a machine in anther area and decide to walk up to him.

He turned his head towards me, noticing my presence, smirked and asked, “You awake yet,”

I blushed at the thought of my rudeness and nodded. “Um, I’m sorry. I could be a real bitch in the mornings.”

He snickered in response as I continued, “Uh, about that talk…How ’bout at lunch?” I asked as I watched his head bob in agreement. I gave a weak smile and walked away.

Lunch came around unexpectedly, as I could feel the knots tighten in my stomach. I opened the door to the outside break area to meet up with Victor, at our usual spot at a bench. He had already lit a cigarette and was staring off at the sky, pondering something. I gulped hard knowing this was a mistake, but one I could not afford to shoo away. He had a slight power over me that I could not shake. I took a deep breath and walked to the bench and sat across from him, but off to the side.

“So, what is it that you wanted to talk about,” I asked.

He took a deep inhale of the cigarette and held it for a second. He just looked at me, probably trying to find the right words so I wouldn’t freak out about something. I watched as the white smoke spew out his nose like a stereotypical angry bull.

“I want you to be my slave,” he said before taking another puff.

I was slightly flabbergasted. How was I supposed to response to that? He held his cigarette by the side of his lips and placed his hand on my cheek. Those blue eyes never shined so bright. He almost looked caring and compassionate, but I knew better than to fall for his games. I shook my head to the side and said,

“You know my situation with Dante. It’s bad enough with him; I don’t need two of you.”

My eyes could not reconnect to his, because of the shame I felt inside. He smashed the butt of the cigarette and entangled his fingers together.

“I know the situation with him, but now he’s gone. He tried to keep me away from you the other day with that ‘barging’. He said, if I had one night with you, I would never pursue you again. But he’s not here to lock you away anymore and remember; you owe me,” he explained.

“He’s definitely not training you well. I have years over him, so I have the experience and discipline that your, how should I put this, ‘animal’ craves. You have the potential but don’t have the discipline. Until now. I am your master now,” he said burning his stare in my soul.

“Don’t I have a say in this! I mean I do still have a boyfriend,” I questioned in anger.

“Not anymore. I want you to break up with him,” he demanded.

“And if I refuse,” I questioned, testing his, so-called power.

He grinned and crossed his arms as he sat back, with his head held high. He took a deep breath again and looked me in the eye, “Is that a challenge, my pet. I have no problem telling this boyfriend of yours how good you felt inside. I’m sure he might find it quite interesting when I tell him how naughty you’ve been,” he threatened. His words froze me to the bone with fear.

“I’m giving you this chance to break it off with him your way. So take it before I change my mind. And I want it done today, understand?” he asked.

I didn’t want to break up with him, especially so soon. However, I suppose I had no choice in the matter. “Alright,” I agreed with my head hung low. I don’t know what has come over him, but he wasn’t the same person as the man I yelled at in the building. He leaned forward again and crossed his fingers with a devious smile

“Good. Now, you will live with your görükle escort bayan master and obey him everywhere; at work, at home, in the car or in public, understand?” he continued.

“Yes,” I agreed in a low, defeated voice.

“Yes, what?” he asked taking his two fingers and lifting my head up by my chin.

“Yes…master,” I corrected. He smiled and rubbed his fingers on my face, praising about how I’m such a good girl.

“Now come sit next to your master,” he says patting the bench beside him. I stood up with my face towards the ground as I walked around the long picnic bench and sat beside him. I could see my fingers picking at each other in a nervous habit. He watched me for a moment and smiled. I shivered in anticipation of his next move, hoping he wouldn’t torture me with his ‘silent treatment’ any longer. He grabbed my chin again and pulled me closer to him. I swallowed hard and squeezed my eyes closed.

“I see why he wanted to keep you all to himself,” he snickered.

“You’re cute when you’re scared,” he continued.

“But that won’t save you from me,” he threatened with his eyes narrowed. He pulled me close again and kissed me hard. Much different from the other times he has. His hand maneuvered on my neck to hold me in place as I tried to break free. Unfortunately, his one hand was enough to keep me still. I could feel his tongue slither past my lips as his teeth grabbed hold of my bottom lip, biting it hard. I cried out, but was only muffled by his lips. I could taste my blood as I continued to try to break free, which only made him bit me again. I whimpered as I tried to relax and let him finish. His kiss became more gentler, the more I accepted his control. I noticed his other hand caressing my thigh, slightly exciting me. But then he gripped it hard and I whimpered to him again. He broke the kiss and looked up at me, still whimpering from his tight grasp. I lowered my head in submission, hoping it would please him. I could see his grin as I looked up at him from my lowered head.

“You’re a fast learner. I wonder what else I could teach you,” he said as he slowly pushed me down on the bench to lay back.

“M-maybe we shouldn’t do this here, at work. Someone…,” I started to say but was quieted by his grip on my thigh again. It was painful and strong.

“You don’t get to speak,” he demanded as he pushed me on the thin bench. I grew nervous, not just by him, but by the thought of someone walking outside to see us. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it past my chest, exposing my bra. He then unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down. He could see my ruby red panties stand out past my blue jeans. He traced my belly button as he reached in his pocket for something. He then pulled out his phone and held it up to take a picture of me. I could hear the generic sound effect of the camera, which made me flinch a little. He looked at it and smiled as he pulled my shirt back down.

“This can get me through the rest of the day,” he said as he lifted me up by my arm. He pocketed his phone and stood up off the bench.

“You better do what I told you to do today. If not, I will not show you mercy,” He threatened as he kissed my forehead and walked back inside the building. All I could do was sighing in relief.

For the entire rest of the day, I dreaded my final encounter of my boyfriend. I loved him but I didn’t want to hurt him any more than he knew. The less he knew about me the better. At the end of the day, I sat in his car and in the parking lot with my head low so I wouldn’t look at his face.

“We need to talk. I’m going through something hard right now and I don’t want to drag you down with me. I love you very much but I am not a good enough person for you. Maybe when I better myself, I could ask you for forgiveness and beg for you back but as of right now. I can’t juggle this problem and my love for you at the same time,” I explained to him, trying to be strong. I looked up at my boyfriend in tears and kissed his cheek as I as opened the door to leave the car.

“Wait, why? What’s going on,” He questioned with a choke in his voice.

“It’s better if you didn’t know,” I explained with one foot out the door.

He grabbed me and embraced me “Please don’t go,” He begged and I pushed him away.

“Your not making this easy for me,” I cried and stormed out the door and back inside. I wiped my eyes dry and looked for Vic. He stood near the door, leaning on the wall.

“Let’s get this over with,” I complained and we walked outside and in his truck. I stared out the window the whole ride there until we came to a stop. He also lived in an apartment. His was nice and more roomier. He opened the door and allowed me in first. He stuffed his keys in his jacket before removing it. I sat in the nearest chair I could find.

“No,” he said pointing to the floor. I walked up to him, with a lowered head

He walked closer to me and lifted my head with bursa escort his two fingers.

“Master will teach you how he wants to see you everyday,” He said, lifting my arms up, he pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it to the side. My arms instinctively covered myself. He raised his head in disappointment. I lowered my arms slowly and rested them to my sides. He circled around me twice then reached to my back and quickly unhooked my bra and continued walking around me. My bra popped out and fell to the floor. My face grew warm around my cheeks. He lightly flicked my slightly hard nipple with his finger. He walked up closed to me. I could feel his breath and his shirt grazing my bare chest. His hands slid down on the button of my jeans as his eyes were glued on mine. That smirk made me shiver. I looked down at his hands to see what he was doing.

“Head up!” He commanded.

My head shot up fast and stopped at his eyes again. He grips hard on my zipper and yanks my jeans down. He looks down at me but I kept my head up in obedience. He seemed to notice my black silk panties giving off a slight shine in the light.

He looked back up and smiled “I like these, keep them on,” he commanded.

“Now, kneel,” he demanded. I sighed and lowered to my knees to sit on my legs.

I watched his movement as he circled around me again like a shark.

“Hands crossed behind you,” He commanded as I did as I was told.

“You will always look at me, unless Master tell you otherwise, understand?” He asked.

“Yes Master.” I agreed.

“Good. Now then..,” he began to say as he pulled his shirt off over his head and sat in a chair near him. He raised his hand and signaled me to come over to him with his finger. I crawled to him and through his open legs.

“Master wants to know how ‘skilled’ you are,” his eyes narrowed in excitement. I felt very nervous but I already felt like crap from the earlier situation. He looked like he was growing impatient, making me panic.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked in an irritated voice. He unzipped his pants and crossed his arms. I crawled in his lap trying not to piss him off too much. My hand trembled before I reached in his pants. He tensed in my hand as I gripped him to pull him free from his jeans. He grabbed my chin and pulled me hard towards his member. My lips touched his tip, making me lick him. He smiled and said “Continue.” I licked him down the base back up the tip and engulfed him. I rested my tongue on him and lifted my head up and down him. I tighten my lips around him as I moved up and down him in a fast motion. As I tried to end his ‘fun’ as quick as possible.

“I know what your doing, so slow down. This isn’t a race. I want to know how good you are and what needs to be improved,” he explained. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down his member. I began sucking hard and stroked him with my tongue. I licked around the sides of his shaft as I began to get more and more excited. I started worshipping his member with my lips as I kissed around him all the way to his tip. My hands gripped him tight as I held it steady to lick all around his cock, licking him like a kitten, looking up at him. I could see him enjoing me. He groaned and gripped my hair and pushed me down on him hard and groaned again. I looked up at him again and gave a long lick back up his tip and grazed my tongue across it and teased the base of his head. I could see him grip the chair’s arm. He grabbed my head again and pushed me down and up harder I could hear his groan as bucked his hips in me. I was no longer moving, he was using me for his enjoyment. He sighed and slowed to a stop to catch his breath.

“You lick like a good little kitten. Your master is very proud of you..,” he started catching his breath. He paused and stared at me. The look in his eyes was intense. “But now I want to know all your talents,” he said and unbutton his pants. He pushed me to the floor and pinned me to the floor. His legs on each side of me, gazed at my body. He pulled my panties off. He smiled and said “Master wants you across that table.”

I crawled to the table and climbed on it. My ass propped up for his own pleasure. He moaned and started to rub me.

He walked in front of me and said “Arms across the table.”

He pulled his belt from the loops of his pants and tied my arms to the table leg. I grew worried as watched him walk behind me.

“Please be gentle with me,” I begged.

He just laughed and slapped my ass hard.

“I don’t think so,” he said and penetrated me hard. I gripped the belt and cried out. He gripped my waist and pulled the table and me to him. The table screech with each thrust inside me. Harder and deeper inside me as he reached down to my clit and massaged it lightly.

“Oh master please let me cum,” I begged. He paused and pushed me to my knees high on the table as he climbed on the table behind me and slammed inside me again, much deeper than before.

“Oh my kitten, you feel so good. I might let you cum twice,” He praised.

He clutched me tighter and said “But not tonight, my kitten.” I looked back at him and his smile. “Your still training,” he finished. I was shocked but was interrupted by hard thrusted harder.

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