High Rise


The office building rises eleven stories, towering over its nearest neighbors in the lushly landscaped business park on the outskirts of Atlanta, the Emerald City. In the bright midday sun its burnished copper-clad trim and copper-tinted windows make it shine like a golden tower. In many ways it is golden, reflecting as it does the wealth and power of those who occupy it.

In the most prestigious office on the eighth floor, a handsome and powerfully built black man sits, turned away from his desk toward his windows, holding a phone conversation. The windows provide a clear view of the verdant greenery, the river nearby, and a parking lot filled with sleek, expensive, late-model automobiles. He enjoys what he sees to the utmost!

His manner of dress bespeaks his success. His blue dress shirt, with fashionable white collar, stretches across a deep, hard chest and over broad strong shoulders. His Armani tie coordinates perfectly with his light brown designer suit, belt, and shoes. He also wears the preferred accessory of power for a man in his position …a pretty white woman on the end of his cock!

His shorts and slacks straddle his ankles. While his right hand cradles a phone, his left is busy elsewhere. His long dark fingers grip Ataşehir Olgun Escort her left buttock, while his thumb, inserted deeply in her ass, moves her at his whim. As he coolly discusses details of a business transaction, she cries softly at her humiliation and moans quietly in the ecstasy that it, and the long thick cock within her, brings.

As he listens to the person on the phone he smiles at the sight before him. She wears a black dress and heels, only now her dress is pushed up to mid-back, her dainty black panties around one ankle. Her pale, firm ass is in startling contrast to her clothing and her dark brown hair, as is her fresh pink cunt in contrast to his penis, as it glides slowly up and down his thick dark shaft. The sight of her white pussy gripping his slick, wet, black cock excites him further! His conversation ends and he places the phone back in its cradle. His right hand, palm forward, strikes her ass. She cries out! Hmmm, it felt like she gripped him a little harder. He strikes her ass again, and then again. Her cries are to his fevered lust as gasoline is to a campfire.

His office door opens, then closes discreetly as an attractive young black woman enters. The dark-haired white woman Ataşehir Sarışın Escort turns her head to look at her as she approaches. A touch of embarrassment shows momentarily in her lust-glazed eyes. Another sharp slap to her reddening ass. “Keep moving!” She quickly fucks back onto the cock that fills her hot wet hole so completely. The young black woman is forgotten.

“Mr. Williamson, the Optizon people are here.”

“Take them to the Gwinnett conference room and get them drinks. I’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Very good, Mr. Williamson.” She turns and leaves as quietly as she entered. As she closes the door behind her, the sound of a big hand on soft yielding flesh once more reaches her.

“On your knees!” he barks. She sinks to the floor in front of him and feels him kneel behind her. His long cock never leaves her pussy. Both of his hands now grasp her hips. He plunges in deeply, and hard. As he fucks her she gradually slides forward until her face is pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window. He pounds into her, growling and snarling. His noises drown her own groans and cries, but not the slap of their flesh. She feels him throbbing. She already has had one orgasm, while he was on the phone.

As Ataşehir Şişman Escort he throbs another barrels through her body. She is soo near! She feels his first spurt, and as the thick warmth surges into her, her own climax slams into her. She begs him to fuck her on and on.

After a few moments he retreats back to his chair, still breathing hard. Slowly she turns. “Ohhh,” is all she can say.

Her head rests for a moment against his muscular thigh. They look at each other for a second. He nods toward his semi-erect cock. She takes him in her mouth and bathes him.

Later that same afternoon he places a call.


“Trevor, she was great.”

“Freddy? Yeah, man she is.”

“How do you get her to do these things for you, my man?”

“Hey, she’s my bitch, man! Usually I don’t give her up to others, but she got sassy with me this morning. I had to remind her of her…commitment. So I called you, and the rest is history, as they say.”

“Did she tell you what we did?”

“I insisted on every detail. As a matter of fact we recreated the scene. She’s just now licking me off.”

“You are the Man!”

“She isn’t your ordinary slut, Freddy. She’ll only do this for me. You got lucky today!”

“Hey, how about tomorrow? I’ll take the afternoon off. I can give her a real reminder!”

“Can’t do it, man. She told me she’s learned her lesson. She’ll be real good now.”

“Well, she’s fucking hot as hell! Keep your cock in that one, Trevor.”

“I plan on it. Later, man.”

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