The Odd Apocalypse of Luxertown Ch. 01

Bear Love

Hey everybody, I’m a new member of Literotica, so feel free to comment and give advice etc. This is my first story I’ve posted online so by all means if you want to see more of this kind of stuff again like it or tell me you wanna see more. I apologize for kind of the lack of interesting fetish moments here, I am a bit fan of watersports and farting, guilty as charged, but if you guys want more I can definitely do that. I kind of rushed with the first chapter so I apologize if its short or non-descriptive, but again yeah here it is, I hope you enjoy – Vault_69


Victor scrambled up the rubble from the collapsed building desperately, not bothering to look back at the ever growing grumbles behind him. Nearly making it to the top, his right foot slid as the cement beneath it crumbled and he lost his footing. Falling to the hill of rubble his torso slammed onto a metal bar sticking out of the debris which managed to impale the tender skin just under his ribs.


He screamed in anguish at the pain but then caught his breath, knowing the zombies were never as far behind as they seemed. With new urgency he tried to push himself up, but his nerves quickly blasted a new world of pain into him and he collapsed, desperately trying to contain this voice from blurting out any more.

Suddenly he heard them. Footsteps, and in a hurry too. Trying one last time to push himself up, he grunted, his muscles were shaking, probably from the loss of blood. His brown eyes widened and he coughed violently, falling back to the ruins. Squinting he looked up and as he feared, his vision was getting blurry. The sun coming through the upper building walls were suddenly shining way brighter than they should. He closed his eyes and spit out what tasted like blood, his hearing was becoming muffled too, he couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore. Not that it mattered, he was a dead man now, soon to become one of those…things. Opening his eyes once more he looked up, this time something was blocking his sight. It was some kind of figure standing over him, though the light was now too bright to tell who or what.


“Huh, yeah that’s more like it now!”

The less than feminine voice broke through his mystery,


“Damn straight little bitch! Now sit still for a sec.”

Closing his eyes again, Victor grimaced as he felt a needle bite into his left arm. Slowly the sound returned more clearly to his ears and he looked up again. The figure standing above him was a woman in black combat boots, grimy black jeans, and a black wife beater, with the pink logo of her favorite metal band “Arch Enema.” Her long jet black hair covered most of her pretty 22-year-old face, which was covered in sweat and her “emo” make-up.

“Wow it’s really you?”
Getting up from crouching Veronica stood up and turned to face another figure, who was slowly being made out as another woman. Squinting Victor saw it was Kiley. The meek little 18-year-old jolted forward awkwardly to grab at the needle Veronica threw at her, her short blond hair covered in cowlicks from the lack of sleep.

“In the flesh fuck nut, now follow the light.”

Sticking a flashlight in his face, Veronica made side to side motions observing closely.

“But, wait, no. No! I told you two to run to the boats!”

“Yeah like I’d let you be the hero. Besides Miss Lovestruck over there HAD to make sure you didn’t fuck up.”

They both looked over to Kiley. She had on some sort of brown rag that covered her whole upper body, it was covered in blood and guts, no doubt donations from their undead friends. She had bloody black jeans on as well as muddy boots that seemed a couple sizes too big for her.

“I-I just wanted to make sure you were alright, when you ran away with those things like that I thought for sure you were dead!”

Veronica looked at Victor and rolled her eyes,

“Hey Kiley, don’t you think you should get up to the top and make sure the coast is clear?”

Looking suddenly concerned Kiley quickly scrambled up the wall,

“S-sorry, I’ll make sure it’s safe!”

Veronica grinned at the girl’s either willingness to help, or just plain stupidity. Turning off her flashlight she gave Victor a little stare before getting up.

“So are you gonna help me or not?! As great as it is to see you two I’m bleeding out and there’s a mob of those things down that street, if I’m not u-“

Out of nowhere Veronica suddenly turned around and stuck her round, firm, jean covered ass into his face. Before he could react a huge rumble came from her stomach. Pppppfffffffffffh! Her fart lasted for several urfa escort seconds before she stopped and let out an over exaggerated sigh of relief. Before Victor could speak she whipped around and tore his body off of the bar.

“Ahhhhh!! God!!”

Looking casually at the wound as if nothing happened Veronica smiled,

“Pshh this isn’t even that deep, cry baby.”

As she started to dress the injury Victor looked at her in utter confusion,

“What the fuck?!”


“You just shoved your ass in my face and fucking farted!”

“Yeah, it was pretty hot wasn’t it?”

“I- the- that’s not the point! The point-“

“Oooh, so you did think it was hot, fucking pervert.”

The crunch of rocks overhead caused them both to look up. Kiley was running down the mountain of rubble, looking frantic.

“I- I heard someone scream is everything alright?!”

Victor exasperated continued to yell,

“Yeah, peachy Veronica just flat out farted in my face, like a fucking- ugh!!”

“And you enjoyed it?”

Everything seemed to stop as Victor looked up at Kiley, who had on the most neutral expression for what she just said.

“Wha? No, no I did not ENJOY it!”
Turning back around at Victor, Veronica’s confused face suddenly erupted into laughter.

“Check again Vicki!”

Looking down at his crotch he blushed as a full on boner was trying to escape his pants. He looked up in embarrassment to Kiley who continued to stare in minor shock or perhaps disgust, he couldn’t tell.

“We-well I-I’m the pervert?!” He pointed at Veronica, “You’re the psycho who-“

“Farted on you? Yeah, the surprise mixed with the alertness and release of the hormones coming from you’re obviously sick and perverted nature made sure to confuse your body enough that it wouldn’t pass out when I got you out of it.”

Finishing her handiwork, she crossed her arms in smug pride at the new bandage wrapped around the 20-year-old pervert’s waist. Victor looked desperately at Kiley, wondering how he was still the aggressor here. She was now blushing and pursued the course of an awkward silence as she remained standing there. Veronica smiled and let out a devious chuckle,

“Plus I really had to fart man, I mean that thing was building up.”

Before Victor could respond a loud scream came from past the demolished building. Veronica looked at Kiley, who nodded in response and they proceeded to run towards the sound. Looking back at the crippled pervert she tossed him the flashlight,

“We’ll be right back, seriously though you’re going to want to give that time to heal! Don’t. Go. Anywhere!”

Before he could object the two had made it past the furthest wall of the building and he lost sight of them. He blinked as the sunset made its way to his face and he covered his eyes. It was going to be night time soon, and he definitely was not in a safe, let alone hidden place. He brushed his brown hair back and looked down at his hands. All he had on him was the flashlight, and… He reached down, past his navy blue dress shirt and into his cargo pants. He reached into the lowest pocket and pulled out a .44 caliber pistol. There were only three shots left in the chamber, and he really hoped he wouldn’t have to use them.

Gathering himself up a little he moved up to where Kiley was keeping lookout. With the last bit of sunlight he scanned the area. Victor and Veronica were longtime residents to Luxertown, the closest thing to a city on the East Coast since the third World War started. Now, well now he didn’t even know if there was another city left standing anywhere. Three months into the War and suddenly there are reports of a virus sweeping both sides with no discernable source. A virus where those who died wouldn’t stay dead. In two weeks’ time after these reports the capital lay in ruins, people were eating each other in the streets, it was total chaos. And then one fateful day, it spread itself to the isolated city of Luxertown. Victor sighed and turned around to see the other side of the street. A face peered back at him from mere inches away. Before he could react he felt a sharp pain on the side of his head, and his vision turned to darkness.

Warmth. There was a warm sensation coming over him. Going over his waist, his torso, his neck, his face. His face? Victor jolted up his arms instinctively going to his face as a warm liquid streamed onto it. He tried to open his eyes, and what he saw shocked him. A pair of beautiful pale legs were spread over his waist, and liquid…the liquid was, wait! He shot up but was brought down forcefully balıkesir escort onto the concrete. Suddenly he could hear them, voices, many of them, all female. That one by his waist was peeing on him, but why? He didn’t have much time to think as the stream returned onto his face, more forcefully this time. He shut his mouth and squeezed shut his eyes.

Suddenly a violent punch came to his gut, right next to where his wound was. He yelled out loud only to be drowned by the warm salty liquid filling his mouth. A pair of hands grasped his face and shut his mouth. Terrified by what was happening, Victor got the picture and swallowed. It didn’t taste as bad as he was expecting, but he was still confused more than anything. One of the girl’s voices grew closer and Victor felt a hand placed on his eyes. She tapped her fingers on his eyelids and started speaking in bizarre shrieks and cries. Getting the picture he opened his eyes.

As his vision adjusted to the night time, he looked up at a pale woman’s face. Her eyes were bloodshot and her bags made her look like she hadn’t slept in a while. She had black hair that almost covered her eyes with spiky bangs that went out in all directions. She actually wasn’t that bad to look at in truth. Suddenly she bent over and kissed him on the lips. Victor was suddenly, and painfully aware of his growing member budging out of his… His eyes widened as he realized the breeze down south was a little too cool. He was naked. In front of who knows how many of these strange women. What kind of weird prank was this?

The voices suddenly grew in volume and changed in either excitement or confusion. Victor guessed they found his joystick. He looked up at the woman as she moved away from the kiss, she seemed to look up past him to a particular voice and then glanced back at his other end. She smiled and stared affectionately at him. Looking down Victor blushed even deeper, she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Her beautiful pale skin was magnified by the darkness around them. She had a small tomboy-like pair of breasts with little, and possibly rather hard nipples. She had a flat stomach and an incredibly nice ass. Hell, it was almost sexier than Veronica’s. Speaking of…

Victor shook his head and with new purpose tried to look around at his surroundings. Looking to his left his eyes widened as around 4 or 5 other women were staring at him. They were all naked with strange body tattoos and markings on their faces. When one of them realized he was trying to get up, he felt a strong set of hands push him back down and another equally strong, but delicate hand grab him by his cheeks. He looked up at a concerned face from the pale girl and she smacked him softly. Moving down to his rock hard member she carefully lifted her left knee over his torso. Wiggling her booty playfully she carefully set her pussy down onto Victor’s face. Before he had time to react, he jolted and lay still as he felt her soft lips teasing his tip.


She let out a playful moan as she sensed his will weakening and wiggled her wet pussy onto his mouth encouragingly. Just about lost in the ridiculous scene unfolding in front of his eyes he gulped realizing that the only way to get out of this alive apparently involved entertaining crazy nympho girl and her friends. Closing his eyes he moved his tongue upwards tenderly touching the base of the girl’s pussy. Almost as soon as he had done so the girl squealed and let out a loud and rather embarrassing tongue roll…and Veronica said he was perverted. His eyes opened in alarm as she slammed her pussy onto his tongue, his eyes and nose getting smothered by her ass cheeks. Staring into the shadow of the crazy girl’s buns, all sweaty his eyes widened as she started bouncing up and down his wet tongue, moaning as she did so.

Victor couldn’t remember a time where he was this hard, and from the look of it she didn’t mind. He felt her face rubbing up and down his shaft purring as if she were some kind of cat with a scratching post. Finally he felt it, after inhaling the bizarrely addictive scent of this crazy, sweaty, not to mention pee covered pussy, he felt the her cold lips on his tip followed by the warmth of her breath as she went down on it. Going as far down as she could she stopped and started sliding down more but choked and began drooling all over his cock. Victor blushed, he wasn’t particularly big, maybe 6 inches, but this girl was probably on the smaller side with a smaller, tighter throat…not that he was thinking about small and tight things. He blushed feeling the rushing waves of pleasure float throughout trabzon escort his body. Letting his mind slip away he began returning the favor to her by licking while she bounced.


The high pitched moan pierced through the night as all the voices had died down, now focusing slowly on the scene before their eyes. Victor didn’t even care that he was being watched anymore, he relaxed his body and slowly moved his hands up to the girl’s booty to show he meant no harm. The girl holding him down seemed to understand and gently moved her hands from his shoulders allowing him to stick his tongue deeper inside this girl. Suddenly the pale girl while at the bottom of his shaft sucked her cheeks in and wrapped her tongue around its base tightly creating a vacuum of pleasure.

Victor grunted softly, not sure how much longer he could hold out for. Tossing her hair as she looked back at her little victim she stuck her tongue out at him. His heart skipped a beat by the gesture, and suddenly she moved away from his mouth. Before he was given a chance to move at least 10 hands forced him down, and another pair raised his head to watch. Standing up the sexy psycho girl walked over to his feet, her booty shaking seductively, making Victor wish he had a chance to taste it. Turning around the girl stared into his eyes. Noticing them for the first time Victor stared back, those weren’t normal colored eyes, they were jade, he had no idea how he didn’t notice them before.

In a flash the girl squatted over his dick and with a devilish smile she began riding him. Victor gasped out loud feeling a tight hole practically swallowing him up. She grinned with her teeth, showing a row of spikey pearly whites before slamming her butt down with force.


Victor grunted in surprise, but the crazy girl didn’t slow down, jolt after jolt after jolt, he was being pushed in and out of her tunnel. He forced himself to look at her, sure he’d never see a sight like this again. The girl was grabbing her little boobies in ecstasy, her black bangs tossed up over her head looking up at the night sky while violently pounding Victor into the ground. The thrusts were getting faster and she began to let out a continuous note that faded in and out as if she were on a rollercoaster. He couldn’t handle this, the sound of her sweaty legs smacking into his, the feeling of her ass cheeks bouncing on and off of his balls, he was about to cum.

“I-I’m about-”

As soon as he started to talk he felt on of the hands grab his mouth as if he were interrupting a sacred ceremony or something. Meanwhile the girl couldn’t have cared less, her speed was hypnotizing and she seemed to be in just as much pleasure as he was experiencing. Suddenly his eyes rolled back to his eyelids and his whole body jerked like crazy.


The girl let out a final cry as she felt his member throb inside her. Her head tilted back in pure ecstasy as she slowed herself down to a halt. Victor was shaking, he never came so hard in his life. The girl sighed happily and looked down at him with the same creepy affection as earlier while slowly moving up and down again giving his dick some more encouragement. Apparently that was all it needed to blast another whole load inside her, each shot sweeping Victor’s body with pleasure. Interrupting the bizarre public orgasm a scream suddenly echoed from the distance. Victor tried desperately to come to his senses, but he was feeling extremely light headed all of the sudden. Keeping his eyes open he tried to look around. The girl who was holding his head seemed to exclaim something that alerted the others. In a flash all of the hands that were holding his body vanished and he could hear a bunch of commotion to his left.

Out of nowhere what sounded like an explosion rang out in the distance and he could see some of the women scrambling around him. Suddenly screams and hollering came from all directions, as if all hell had just broken loose. Leaning up, now free from the restraining crazy ladies, he looked at the pale girl who was still on his probably still cumming cock in concern. She didn’t seem alarmed at all by what was taking place around her. She had her head down, her hair covering her face and she sat almost pitifully on his lap. He moved up carefully making sure not to rely too much on the muscles near his wound.

“H-hey are you okay?”

Victor had barely reached out before the girl erupted on him shoving him down while simultaneously getting off of his dick and placing her knees on both his arms. Seemingly out of nowhere she pulled out a strange jagged knife and looked directly at him with her bright jade, bloodshot eyes. In an ironically soft voice she spoke in an accent he had never heard before. It sounded like a mix between Romanian and Russian.

“Go to sleep now…Vicktor.”

With that she raised her knife, and once again the pervert was plunged into darkness.

To Be Continued…

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