Subject: Holland Far From Bone – Chapter 08 This is a fictional story in which sexual activity between consenting adult males is depicted; it is no way based on true events or the sexuality of any of the persons mentioned. If you are underage or it is otherwise illegal to read this story where you live, please stop reading now. The Nifty Archive is a great website and is made possible by donations from its readers. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so at http://donate./donate.html This story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments can be emailed to: ail Follow me on Instagram @redcheshire ——————————————————————– Holland Far From Bone – “Bunny on a Boat” Chapter 08 – Sailing Takes Me Away ——————————————————————– Author’s Note: This story takes place in June 2018, after the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. Shoutouts to Dan D, Mdawg225, and drillpscyhe for advocating that the boat story come next. breakingthrough for asking for a Tom + Sebastian story. ~ DAY ONE ~ “Oh wow! WOW!” “Impressive, huh?” Chris Evans curled and flexed his arm, sporting a silly grin that morphed into laughter as Tom Holland rolled his eyes. “The boat. This boat is amazing!” Stretching out his hand, Chris helped Tom step up onto the boat. “Hope so – it’s home for the next week!” Turning his head, Chris winked at Sebastian Stan as the other man took hold of Tom’s bags and began heading below deck. “Dude, we earned it. That premiere was fun but took a lot out of everyone. I’m definitely looking forward to getting away from everything for a while. Hell, wouldn’t mind taking this out for a month…” Chris patted one of the boat’s walls, “…but was only able to rent it for a week.” “That’s actually okay – I’ve got to start gearing up for the new Spider movie so a week is all I can…wow! Who’s room is this?” Tom’s mouth dropped open as he followed Seb into one of the rooms. Nicely-sized, there was a king-size bed against the far wall and the bathroom visible through another doorway. “Um, kid, this is *the* room.” “Ahh…this is yours?” Tom turned to Chris, a little confused as he watched Seb set his bag down. “Nope. Boats are limited on space. There’s only one bedroom.” The look on Tom’s face was priceless, nearly sending Evans into a laughing fit which he covered up with a small cough. Their young companion turned to take another look at the room – it didn’t take a mind-reader to see that he was trying to figure out the sleeping arrangement. “So where…um…?” “Well, originally it was just going to be me and Chris so one bed wasn’t really too much of an issue. We’ve had to share spaces when we’ve traveled and it works out, even though he snores a little.” “I do not.” Seb rolled his eyes, turning back to Tom. “Yes, he does. Worse, when he’s had a few drinks.” Seb ducked as a rolled up towel flew by his head. Glancing at the bed, he turned back to Tom. “It’ll be a little snug but the bed’s pretty big. Especially since Captain America over there slimmed down a little. If you want, we can go pick up an inflatable mattress or cot before shipping out.” “I, uh…” Tom swallowed, his mind torn. Well, his mind and his crotch. The idea of sleeping next to Sebastian and Chris for a whole week set his balls on fire, his heart beating a little harder at the mental image. He also liked having some space and sharing a room meant there wouldn’t be much downtime to chill – the boat was only so big. Not wanting to look ungrateful or difficult about the guys’ invitation to join their boat trip, his hormones helped tipped the balance, resulting in a small grin and a shrug. “…it’s fine. Was just…surprised.” “Well, wouldn’t want you to be bored.” Seb patted Tom on the shoulder with a friendly wink and smirk. “Evans already claimed the top two drawers over there and I’ve got the middle two. You’re on the uh, bottom – don’t think you want to leave stuff in your sack there for the whole week. Pop back up when you’re settled in.” Seb’s hand patted Tom again, this time making contact with his lower back, sending a small jolt down to Tom’s groin. The image of being curled up in bed next to Seb flashed through his mind, causing a small heat to crawl up into his cheeks. Clearing his throat, Tom reached down to pick up his bag and made his way towards the dresser. “Thanks – see you in a bit.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Chris’ and Seb’s forms head out of the room – the sound of feet on stairs reverberated into the room, fading away as they reached the top deck. `Sharing a bed. With those two. For a week.’ Tom closed his eyes, willing his breath and pulse to slow. `Oy…’ Setting his clothes away in the drawers, Tom tucked his bag under the bed and headed back up onto the main deck. Handed a beer by Seb, the three men toasted to the week ahead as Chris started the engine and took them out to sea. The guys relaxed, Seb and Tom stretched out on bench seats nearby while Chris steered the boat. As they shared stories from the premiere and its press junket, Tom and Seb watched as the other ships disappeared from sight. The shore grew smaller and smaller, until it winked out of sight, nothing visible except dark grey-blue waves, light blue skies, and large fluffy white clouds. The two grinned at each other as Chris recounted some interview, the stress already melting away. An hour or so later, Evans throttled down the engine, pressing the button to drop the anchor. “Aaaaalright. Time for some fun and relaxation1 You guys up for a swim?” Before either of his friends could even begin to respond, he’d peeled off his t-shirt, draping it over the back of the captain’s seat. Tom pretended to continue staring out at the water, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses as he took in the sight of Chris’ bare upper body. No longer concerned about being in “Captain America form”, he’d continued to work out but had slimmed down, shedding some muscle mass. What was left was a finely-sculpted body – beefy pecs covered in a nice amount of fun, a clear trail heading south over his chiseled abs where it spread out before disappearing into his shorts. One of Tom’s eyebrows twitched up a bit on its own, surprised at the number of tattoos decorating Chris’ upper body. Across the way, Sebastian covered up a grin with his beer can, trying not to laugh. He could see that Tom’s face was aimed forward but that his eyes were pulled far left to rake up and down Evans’ body…the poor kid not realizing that his sunglasses weren’t the mirrored kind, leaving his eyes visible through the lenses, even though they were pretty darkly tinted. Seb held back a chuckle as he watched the orbs go up and down, soaking in every inch of his friend’s muscled torso. Setting down his beer, he decided to put on a little show as well, fingers reaching for the buttons of his shirt as he undid them, opening up the material and shrugging it off of his shoulders. Sure enough, Tom’s face veered to the right as if looking at the ocean while his eyes were glued to Seb’s body. Unable to resist, the corner of Seb’s mouth curled up into a grin. “A swim sounds amazing right now. Tom?” “Hmm? Uh, yeah! A swim sounds great.” The bursa escort question brought him back to the present, his mind clouded in a fog of lust watching these two studs peeling off their clothes in front of him. `Damn, this is going to be a long week,’ he thought. Evans’ shorts dropped to the ground, revealing a pair of dark blue speedos…and soon after, Seb was also without shorts, heading off to get another round of beers, the muscles of his ass flexing under a pair of very short and form-fitting square-cut trunks. Tom had removed his shirt and was looking hesitantly around. “You okay?” He looked over to see Evans watching him, one eyebrow raised up over the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses. “Um…yeah. Just…I kinda only packed a couple pairs of trunks. You Yanks are usually a lot more…reserved…about swimming clothes.” “Not untrue. But, we’re far away from the paparazzi and these are a lot easier to wear under a pair of shorts.” Evans waved down his body with his free hand, the other taking the beer that Seb offered. “Yeah – and Chris likes to show off.” Grinning, Seb leaned against one of the support beams and headed the other can to Tom. His smile grew a little wider as he watched Tom’s eyes dance up and down Chris’ body and then Seb’s, lingering on their crotches…the younger guy still unaware that his sunglasses weren’t hiding anything. “Hey man, I work hard on this. Enjoy it while ya got it!” Chris flexed his bicep, laughing as Seb groaned and rolled his eyes. “If you want, you can borrow a pair. One of the drawers in the bedroom has a ton of each of these…” he pointed back and forth between his and Seb’s swimsuits, “…help yourself. There’s a bunch of different sizes, so should find one that fits.” “Uh…thanks. Which drawer?” Tom’s voice squeaked a little, a tad bit nervous and excited at the idea of the trio strutting around in nearly nothing the entire week. “Second drawer down.” Evans flashed a friendly smile at Tom, causing him to feel a little more at ease. Nodding, Tom headed down the stairs. Waiting until he was out of range, Chris looked over at Seb, one eyebrow cocked up. “Does he know…” “…that you’re a horny bastard? Not yet.” Shaking his head, it was Chris’ turn to roll his eyes, not that Seb could see them through the sunglasses. “No, that we can see his eyes practically eating us up?” Sebastian bit his lip, trying not to laugh. “No, he doesn’t. It’s pretty cute though. Should we tell him?” Chris’ eyes looked up, mentally weighing the question. His lips curled into a jovial smile. “Naw – you’re right, it’s cute.” He looked back down, meeting Seb’s gaze. “Could be a fun week…” Grinding his lower lip against his tooth for a moment, Seb’s tongue slid out and licked his lips, a jolt of hunger racing down to his groin. “Could be.” Grinning, he raised his beer and clinked it against his friend’s. Down below, Tom pulled open the first drawer on accident – nothing but t-shirts and shorts. With a small grunt, he closed the drawer and opened the other one…and stood there blinking, his jaw hanging slightly open. A few pairs of socks were tucked to the left, nestled next to a pile of underwear…and next to that, several jockstraps. Picking up a grey jock, Tom pictured Chris wearing it…and nothing else. Swallowing, he felt the blood flowing to his crotch. Running the mesh fabric between his fingers, he began to bone up at the thought that these had been hugging Chris’ cock. With a deep breath to settle down, Tom let go of the jock and looked to the larger mound of swim wear that filled most of the drawer. A colorful array of speedos and small square cuts shifted back and forth as Tom looked for something to wear. Pulling out a medium green square-cut, Tom glanced at the doorway to make sure no one was coming before dropping his shorts, sliding the stretchy material up his legs. Tucking his junk down, he kept his tank top on and ventured back up the steps. Seeing movement, Chris glanced towards the opening that went below deck…and it was his turn to swallow. `Fuuuuck,’ he thought at the sight of Tom’s legs, slim but well-muscled, and pictured them wrapped around his waist…or over his shoulders. He elbowed Seb to get his attention and both men watched as Tom cleared the final step…and blushed as his two friends began whistling and cat-calling. Picking up a towel, he tossed it at Evans’ head, all three men laughing. “Not bad, not bad.” He handed Tom the beer that he’d left behind. “Alright – time for fun, sun, and swimming!” Strutting over to a bag, Chris rummaged around before pulling out a tube of sunscreen. Squirting a large amount into his hand, he tossed it to Tom and began running his hands over his chest and stomach, working down until he’d covered his body with the lotion. Tom did the same, handing the sunscreen to Sebastian and trying not to stare as the two men’s hands slid along their muscular bodies. “Hey squirt…” Chris grinned when Tom’s nose wrinkled up a bit at the nickname. “Do you mind getting my back? Kinda hard to reach.” He made a show of trying to get his fingers to the space between his shoulder blades. “Yeah, no problem.” Picking up the tube again, Tom squeezed some more of the white paste onto his palm before laying it flat on Chris’ back, working it in circles over the broad backside. “Thanks. I’ll do you – don’t want your back to burn to a crisp on the first day out.” Before Tom could respond, he found himself turned around. A second later and Evans’ big strong hands were working down his backside after getting a good amount of sunscreen. Seb took a sip of beer to hide his amusement as he watched Tom work to keep a straight face when Chris’ hands reached the small of his back. The younger man’s body stiffened a little in surprise when the thick fingers slipped under the waistband of his swimsuit, swiping outwards along the top curve of his rear end. “If this guy moves on ya, you’d wind up with a burn right here…” Evans’ fingertips drummed on the waistband, “…which wouldn’t be fun. Same here.” His thumbs slid up under the bottom of the suit, gliding along the very top of Tom’s thighs, just under where they met his butt. Seb turned, afraid he’d burst out chuckling when Tom bit into his lower lip. “Ready?” He looked back over his shoulder as Tom shook his head to chase the butterflies out of his stomach and crotch. Squeezing the tube, he placed his hands on the taller man’s shoulders and moved down, admiring the amount of work that his friend had put in at the gym to prepare for the Winter Soldier role. With a little smirk, Tom pushed the very tips of his thumbs under the waistband and slid them out towards Seb’s hips, the same way Chris had, getting a little feel for the beefy muscled rear. Turning around, Sebastian noticed that their guest’s bulge looked a little bigger than before. Handing Tom his beer, the pair toasted and chugged down what was left. They smiled when they heard Chris give out a big `whoop’ as he jumped off the side of the boat, followed by a big splash of water. Taking Tom’s empty can, Seb tossed it in the trash and patted him on the small of the back – they trotted down the side of the boat to an opening in the rail, leaping out into the waves at the same time. The guys splashed around in the water, racing escort bayan each other swimming laps around the boat and taking turns diving off its side. It was good to get away from everything after the press juggernaut of the movie – with nothing on the horizon but the cloud-filled sky and blue water, it was easy to imagine that nothing else existed for the moment. After awhile, the guys found themselves just floating on their backs and relaxing. Climbing back onto the boat, Chris made lunch for everyone. Sitting around in tiny swimsuits while eating sandwiches was not how Tom had imagined this trip going…but he certainly wasn’t complaining. The blue and red-covered bulges on display had him hungry for something that wasn’t between two slices of bread. Finishing their meal, Seb suggested stretching out on the lounge chairs, relaxing and soaking up the sun a bit. Standing between the other two guys as they slathered on more sunscreen, Tom was mentally drooling as Chris’ and Seb’s hands glided up and down their own bodies. “Hey kid…” Chris smirked at Tom’s slightly annoyed expression at the term Chris occasionally liked to use on set. “…do you think you could lend a hand? I can’t quite reach.” Laying face down on a long lounge chair, Evans held the tube of sunscreen lotion in his hand and used it to point at his back. A small part of Tom’s mind wanted to make a joke about not being Chris’ personal servant…an inner voice which was quickly shut down by his hormones, enjoying the chance to run his hands down the large muscular body again. “Sure.” “Thanks, buddy.” Evans sighed as Tom’s hands went to work, rubbing the lotion into his back muscles. Not in any hurry, applying the lotion took a little longer than necessary. Tom’s lip curled up in a little grin as he swiped his thumbs down under the blue speedo’s waistband, following Chris’ example and making sure that his friend wouldn’t suffer a sunburn. “Hey Tom, do you mind?” Looking over, he saw Seb watching him with a big smile – the dark-haired man’s head tilted backward, indicating his own backside. “Not at all.” “Thanks – I’ll do your back after.” Squirting more white lotion into his hands, Tom pressed his palms against Seb’s shoulder blades and began moving his hands out in circles. Seb gave out a little groan as Tom’s hands slid down near his spine, which prompted Tom to press a bit harder. It turned into a quasi-backrub as Tom applied the lotion, fingers kneading appreciatively into the muscles of Seb’s back. As his hands slid over Seb’s lower back, in his mind Tom peeled the red fabric away and squeezed the big haunches of his friend’s rear. In reality, his fingers finished up the sunscreen job, his thumbs tucking down below the waistband and slowly sliding out along the sides towards Seb’s hips before reluctantly withdrawing, his hand patting Seb’s side. “All done.” “Mmm. That felt nice. Okay, your turn.” Sitting up, Seb’s left hand patted the seat of the lounge chair while his right hand flicked open the tube. Once Tom had sat down, the other man moved so that he was right behind Tom, his legs stretched out on either side of Tom’s own thighs. Tom wished he was just a couple of inches closer – knowing that his friend’s crotch was so close to his rear was frustrating. “Bend forward.” Complying, Tom felt Seb’s hands on his back, starting at his shoulders and slowly working their way down. Tom let out a small sigh when their thighs brushed against each other. Mistaking it as a response to the backrub, Seb slid his hands back up and began moving down again, returning the earlier favor. Reaching the base of Tom’s back, he noticed that bending forward had caused the green material to pull down a little, exposing the upper cheeks of Tom’s rear. Grinning, he decided to push things a little – his thumbs slid below the waistband…but where Chris and Tom had used part of their digits to apply sunscreen, Seb’s entire thumb went under until the waistband was up against the edge of his hand. Pressing down, he felt the very top of Tom’s crack – slowly he moved his hands out to the sides, enjoying the hard muscles of Tom’s bubble butt. Reluctantly withdrawing, he leaned back a bit. “All done.” Watching Tom rise up, Seb reached out and placed his hand on Tom’s hip, holding him in place. “Oh, wait.” Getting another dab of sunscreen, he pushed his thumbs up under the bottom of the swimsuit – it had ridden up from Tom’s sitting and standing movement, allowing his thumbs to travel further up than Chris’ had. Pushing against the globes of Tom’s rear, Seb swiped along Tom’s skin, making sure it was covered with the white lotion before pulling back out. “Alright…” he swatted Tom on the rear as he turned to lay down on the lounger, feeling the sun against his back. “…now you’re good.” “Thanks, man.” Tom croaked out the sentence and cut it off, as if he were about to say something else. He moved quickly over to his own lounge chair and stretched out on it, face down…he moved fast, but Seb and Chris were definitely able to make out the bit of tenting action going on in the front since the small green swimsuit didn’t leave much room to hide. Once he was laying down and his crotch was safely out of view, Tom’s cock filled out the rest of the way, pressing into the fabric of the lounge chair, dwelling on the thought of Seb’s thumbs all over his ass. Closing his eyes, the heat of the sun’s rays warmed his back, slowly calming his hormones. After some time, he heard the sound of one of the guys turning over in their chair, followed by the other actor copying the movement; his crotch finally behaving, Tom did the same and flipped over onto his back. The rest of the afternoon was incredibly relaxing – soaking up the sun, the boat mildly rocking with the movement of the ocean, and the sound of music coming from Chris’ phone. The guys took turns getting up for water refills. Time passed quickly and soon the sun was low in the sky, casting shadows along the waves. Sitting up and stretching, Chris worked his head side to side, getting the blood flowing. “Dinner sound good?” On his left, Tom saw Sebastian’s hand rise in the air, his thumb sticking up. “Want any help?” Tom’s offer got a warm smile from Chris as he pulled himself up off the lounger. “Sure kid, we’ll knock out dinner while lazy bones there sets the table.” The thumb turned into a middle finger, causing the other two to start laughing. “Lazy my ass. That tiny kitchen isn’t going to hold more than two people. You’ll be lucky to get around in there. But yeah, I’ll get the table ready. Have fun!” Crossing his arms behind his head, Seb flexed his feet, the picture of relaxation. “Yeah yeah. C’mon Tom.” Chris patted Tom’s back, right on the waistband of his swimsuit. The smaller man watched the hot speedo-clad body saunter away a few steps, enjoying the view, before following him down the steps. Seb wasn’t lying – the kitchen was a small space. The pair began working on dinner, making do with the confined space the best they could, occasionally having to squeeze by one another…not that either of them was complaining. Seb ducked in for a moment, grabbing utensils before heading back up. Finishing, they carried the trays of food upstairs. Tom spied Seb sitting on the bench seat, arms spread out along the rail, relaxing. His bursa escort legs were spread out, giving a nice view of his crotch – with the way the material clung to his body, Tom could make out the ridge of his friend’s cockhead. Blinking, he focused on carrying the food – the last thing he needed was to get hard right now. Rising up, Seb grabbed a few beers and met them at the table. Toasting the day, the friends enjoyed a meal as the sun hit the horizon, the water reflecting the colorful orange and pink sky above. Seb took the dishes downstairs as the other two remained above deck, returning after the dishes had been washed and put away. Eventually, their conversation was punctuated with yawning. Evans made his way below deck as Seb and Tom made sure everything was tied down and secured up top before following. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Tom heard the sound of the shower running so he sat down in the chair, picking up a book to read while he waited for his turn in the bathroom. He was a little surprised when Seb stepped into the bathroom, reappearing in the doorway brushing his teeth as he and Chris chatted. Tom knew that the guys were good friends but hadn’t realized that their frequent travels together had created such a sense of familiarity. The movement of Sebastian’s arm moving to brush his teeth vibrated down his body, causing his bulge in his swimsuit to jiggle back and forth a little, catching Tom’s attention. Finishing up, Seb spat into the sink and rinsed. “All yours.” Tom looked up, one eyebrow raised. `When in Rome…’ he thought to himself. Tom paused as he passed Seb and made his way into the bathroom, missing the smirk that appeared on Seb’s face. He wasn’t expecting a clear plastic shower curtain – even with the water running down the plastic and blurring the view, he could make out a good deal of Chris’ nude form. Gulping, he continued into the room, getting his toothbrush and squeezing some paste onto it as Chris began chatting him up, asking how he’d enjoyed the day. Tom responded as best he could around a mouthful of toothpaste. He tried not to glance up in the mirror but kept doing so out of habit, looking up when Chris was speaking. The water shut off and a hand appeared from the side of the shower curtain, grabbing a towel hanging nearby before withdrawing. The plastic curtain pulled to the side, revealing a damp Chris Evans, the towel hanging low on his waist, squeezing by Tom to exit the bathroom. “All yours,” he called out as he passed by and into the bedroom. Seb appeared, towel in hand which he hung on the hook. Tom’s eyes widened, staring at the mirror as he watched Seb’s reflection peel off the red swimsuit, giving a great view of his friend’s bare ass for just a moment before stepping into the shower and pulling the curtain closed, the sound of water filling the room once more. Tom blinked, slowly continuing to brush his teeth as he enjoyed the new view. Shaking his head, he spat and rinsed, cleaning the brush and setting it back into the cabinet. Returning to the bedroom, he settled back into the small chair, trying to read his book but distracted – he kept glancing up to watch Chris move around the room and put some things away, obviously freeballing as his cock bounced around under a thin pair of cotton pajama shorts. Tom kept his breathing steady, willing his own manhood to behave. Finished, Chris disappeared into the bathroom to brush his teeth as well. Tom sighed with relief…until he heard the sound of the water running. Seb appeared in the bedroom, drops of water sliding down his pecs and abs, a small patch of hair juuuuust visible above where the towel draped down at his crotch. “All yours.” Seb gave a friendly smile, waving towards the bathroom. Tom got a towel and headed into the bathroom, squeezing by Evans who was still brushing his teeth. Taking a breath as he hung the towel, Tom mirrored what the other two had done before and stripped down outside the shower, pulling the clear plastic curtain closed behind him. Chris smiled around his toothbrush, enjoying the brief display of that cute bubble butt, his eyes taking in the view of Tom’s body behind the water and curtain. Tom turned the water on cold, forcing his body to calm down. Seb popped in for a moment, hanging up the two towels to dry (and really to catch a peek) and soon Chris finished up and headed out of the bathroom. Soaping and rinsing, Tom turned the water off and grabbed the towel, drying off in privacy before stepping out into the bedroom. Seeing that the other two men were already in bed, he tossed his swimsuit into the hamper and got a pair of briefs, returning into the bathroom to put them on and hanging up his towel. Returning to the bedroom, Tom realized that Evans and Seb were on either side of the bed, leaving the middle open, Seb reading a book while Chris flipped through his phone. Peering up from the book, Sebastian lifted the sheets so that Tom could get into bed. “You could move over, you know.” Seb glanced over at Chris’ suggestion, raising an eyebrow. “You snore. No way.” He laughed as the other man rolled his eyes. “I do not.” “You do. You just don’t realize it because you’re asleep.” Chris glanced down as Tom straddled Seb for just a moment as he made his way into the bed. “You don’t feel all…confined…sleeping in those?” Tom looked down at his briefs as he pulled his other leg in, clearing Seb’s hips and settling into the bed. “Not everyone sleeps naked like you usually do.” Tom glanced back and forth at the pair’s friendly banter. “It’s more comfortable that way.” “Well, thank you for wearing shorts while we’re all sharing a bed.” “Whatever – you’re welcome.” The two guys chuckled as they tucked the phone and book into the bookshelf-style headboard behind them. Yawning, Chris turned off the light and folded his hands onto his chest, closing his eyes. “G’night.” “Night.” “Night guys. And thanks again for letting me come along.” He felt Seb ruffle his hair before the meaty hand plopped back down onto its owner’s pillow. “No problem, squirt.” The guys settled into the quiet, the day’s fun catching up with them as they all yawned. Tom listened to the sound of the two men breathing, his eyelids getting heavy. “I might snore…but he talks in his sleep.” Chris’ words broke the silence, unable to help himself from making a joke. A thick arm reached out past Tom’s head, bringing a pillow down on Chris’ face, pulling a large laugh from its victim. “I do not.” Seb pulled the pillow back, setting it back down and nestling his head into it. “Mmmhmm. You do. Tom can back me up on that soon” Seb made a small noise in protest, eyes closed with a grin on his face. After a long day in the sun, the trio were soon fast asleep. ~ TO BE CONTINUED ~ Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the story, have feedback, or want to share ideas, it would be great to hear from you. ail Find me on Instagram @redcheshire If you’re interested in other stories I’ve written: “Suckered by a Jonas Brother” (sexual adventures of Nick & Joe Jonas) https://www.//gay/celebrity/suckered-by-a-jonas-brother/ “More Than Once Upon A Time” series (series based on the “Once Upon A Time” television series) fty//gay/celebrity/more-than-once-upon-a-time/ “On The Set of Neighbors” (Zac Efron & Dave Franco have fun – based on the 2014 films “Neighbors” and “Neighbors 2”) fty//gay/celebrity/on-the-set-of-neighbors “Exploring Kirk’s Frontiers” (based on the 2009 “Star Trek” universe) https://www.//gay/celebrity/exploring-kirks-frontiers “The College Bet” fty//gay/college/the-college-bet

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