Bar Pick Up


After discovering that my body enjoyed things that I had never suspected I would enjoy, I decided to do some exploring, including a visit to a local gay bar.

I was expecting either a “fern bar” or a “leather bar”, but the place I picked out was more of a thriving dive bar with a small dance floor in back. The music was pretty good – danceable pop, rather than techno or anything harsh, and the place looked pretty comfortable. It was a busy night, and I was getting eyed before I even got to the bar to order a drink.

I got chatted up by a couple of guys and we talked a bit about what we were looking for. Yes, I am new. Yes, it is my first visit. Yes, I am HIV negative – you? No I’m not looking for drugs. No, I am not looking to top. No, I am not looking for bareback anal. No, I don’t do poppers – whatever they are. Finally, a middle aged, slightly heavyset guy sat down and introduced himself.

“My friend tells me you are experimenting, and want a nice cock to suck,” he said, cutting right to the chase. “You can suck mine – in the john here, in my car, or at my place.” I opted for his place, but did give him a light, through-the-pants handjob on the drive to his place, and unzipped him and licked the head once or twice – I was really excited, and wanted him to be excited as well.

Once in his house, I was ready to start in on his cock as soon as we were inside, but he told me that he had a roommate, so we should go to his bedroom, where we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Once there, I tore into his pants and started working his hard cock into my mouth. For someone who was still new to sucking cock, I was very bold and into it. I kissed and licked it, held it up to look at its beauty, then did my best to jam it right down my throat. He laughed at my eagerness, and kicked back on his bed, working his trousers down as bursa escort I snuffled and sucked away at his groin like I was possessed. He would occasionally reach over to guide my head into a better angle, and would sometimes thrust his hips a few times into me – I moaned with pleasure each time, and even told him, during a quick break to catch my breath, that I liked that, but mostly he just lay back and let me work his cock over.

After a while of me sucking him, with him pulling back whenever he was about to cum (denying me what I wanted so badly, but prolonging the magic of the night), he pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked if I was ready to be fucked like a man. I told him that he’s have to wear a condom for that, because I worried about disease. He smiled and helped me get a condom on his cock, and lube it up, then spread some lube on my ass and started to enter me. While it felt good in some ways, it was also uncomfortable to the point of being painful – like having someone squeeze your arm tightly. After a bit, the pleasure sensations grew stronger than the discomfort, and he was able to get all the way in, then started to stroke in an out of me, looking down at me with my cock hard and throbbing as he fucked me in the missionary style. I was moaning and enjoying it for a few minutes, when suddenly, something changed – like pulling a muscle when running, I was suddenly in screaming pain. He was nice enough to pull out at that point, and allow me to make it up to him by feeding me his cock again. I enjoyed a couple of mouthfuls of his cum that way, and after a short bathroom break, was on my knees on his bed, sucking him as he lay on his back when something changed.

“I see you got lucky tonight.” a voice behind me said.

“Yes – he’s an excellent cocksucker, but a bit hesitant escort bursa about taking cock in his tight little ass, you should try him out when he finished draining this load from me.” The two men were talking about me as if I weren’t even there.

“I think I will try him,” the voice said, and I heard his zipper. The guy I was blowing lightly touched my head, keeping me on task with my mouth swallowing his hot cock. A moment later, I jumped a bit as I felt fingers rubbing lube on my ass, which felt cool and soothing, so I may have wiggled my ass a bit. I felt the bed shift as the newcomer climbed aboard. Then some fumbling. Then, as I started to turn my head to see what was going on, his hand pushed down on the back of my head, and he told me to focus on sucking his friend off – so I did, enjoying the feel of that hand on my head, pushing me to keep doing what I loved doing anyway.

Then I felt something against my ass again – his finger? No, too hot and hard, but in that flexible way that fingers just aren’t. His cock was rubbing against, pushing at, no – sliding into – my ass. I jerked, trying to lift my head and move my body away.

“Don’t worry, boy. He’s got a condom on.” gasped the guy whose cock was now being rammed into my throat, as he started to thrust into my face with more and more force.

“Yeah, I’m safe.” said the voice behind me as he plowed gently into my nether regions, entering smoothly and slowly, and not stopping until his crinkly pubes were tickling my ass cheeks. “Saw this fresh, pretty boy in the bar, and was going to make my move if you struck out,” he said, “but since you hooked him so easily, and I could see in his eyes how horny this little bitch was, I figured I’d drop in, and we’d tag team the little slut.” He started rocking back and forth over bursa escort bayan my raised ass, thrusting in and out with gathering speed and intensity. Oddly, with my mind occupied with the cock in my throat, I wasn’t really feeling any of that pain or discomfort, only a warm glowing feeling as I realized that I was pleasuring two hot hard cocks at once. I moaned in pleasure around the cock thrusting into my mouth and throat, suddenly too busy to even gag – my noises of pleasure gurgling and sputtering out of my mouth with the saliva that was escaping as the cock pumped into my mouth – and the other wondrous cock pumped in and out of my welcoming ass. My cock bucked and thrashed about, spewing cum out onto the bedspread without being touched by anyone.

“Damn, this slut is really liking this, he just came all over my leg,” exclaimed the guy I was endeavoring to make fall in love with my mouth “he’s really getting off on being used like this.” He thrust harder and faster, deeper into my throat, as his friend pushed and twisted down on my head, and rammed his own cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I remained blissfully sandwiched between these two men for what seemed like an eternity, but also seemed to end in just a second, suddenly, they were both moaning and screaming, and I came again as I felt their hot seed shooting into my throat, and swelling the condom in my ass. We lay in a sweaty, panting pile, my cum puddle smearing over my belly as the two friends talked about what a fine piece of ass I was, then something was placed at my lips, and I was told to drink – and a flood of hot semen poured from the used condom into my mouth. I licked my lips, smiled and told them that they had made me very happy.

“That’s only the start,” they told me, “we’re switching now.” the stranger pulled my body around and placed his sticky cock into my mouth, while the man who had picked me up at the bar placed a condom over his cock, and I happily repeated the process, feeling like I was being a true slut for these men, who I had only met that night, and one of whose faces I had never seen, but whose cock had filled me with pleasure.

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