Honeymoon Jet Ski


Honeymoon Jet SkiHubby and I were on our honeymoon on the island of St Martin. I was 27 and hubby was 28. We decided to go to Orient beach to the nude side. While we were there we noticed that there was a boat that was giving parasailing rides. We called our beach waiter over and asked about the rides. He said he would send someone over to talk to us about it. I got my suit on, which was a very tiny thong bikini and then a very nice looking tan guy showed up and told us it was fifty bucks each…My hubby told him that he would like to try it out and while he was talking to him, I noticed the guy kept staring at my bikini bottoms while I layed in the chair. I decided to tease him a little and pretended that I needed something in my bag, spreading my legs open to get it. My bottoms were on very loose and I know he got a good look at my pussy while he was standing there talking to my hubby. I put my bag back down but left my legs open for him. He kept staring and then told me that if I wanted to go with my hubby, he would let me ride double for free…I said that I would love to try it, so he told us to meet him up the beach a ways in 10 minutes so he could go get the jet ski to take us out to kırıkkale escort the boat. Hubby, being the pervert that he is said it was a good move what I did and told me to give them their moneys worth for the free ride…He didnt have to tell me twice! lolWe went to meet him and he showed up on a three person jet ski. I asked him if they rent them here and he said you could get one at the info center…He asked if I would like to drive over to the boat. I told him that I had never driven one before. He said it was easy and he could sit behind me to show me how to work it. Hubby said OK and we all got on the jetski with hubby on the rear. Once we got going, I immediately figured out why he wanted me to sit in front of him…I could feel the biggest cock rubbing against my ass and back. He told me to give it some gas and we started going pretty good. All I could think about was this monster cock on my back. As we were riding out, I decided to stand up while I drove. My ass was almost right in his face. As we went over waves, I bounced with the jet ski and felt my ass rubbing on his cock. He loved it as he dropped his hands to my hips and seemed to guild batman escort my ass over his cock as we rocked. We finally made it to the boat and he helped me up onto the boat where his buddy was waiting to with harnesses. As I got up into the boat, I noticed my bottoms were very loose and wet. I decided to ask for help putting the harness on and hubby looked at me and smiled. The guy that was in the boat came over and got on his knees in front of my and told me to step into the harness as he pulled it up. He got a good look at my pussy each time I lifted my leg up then was rubbing on me as he put the straps between my legs. Hubby gave them our camera and they took pictures of us while we went up. After we came back down, we landed on the boat and I sat with my legs open again waiting for them to come unhook me. The Jetski guy took his time unhooking me as he was staring at my pussy hanging out for both of them to see. I peeked down and noticed their cocks were very large in their shorts. they helped us back onto the jetski and the guy asked if I wanted to drive around the beach a while. I looked at hubby and he said go for it. As I started driving, I noticed şırnak escort something different about the way his cock felt. He had pulled the leg hole up and his cock was sticking out and rubbing on my leg. Here I was on my honeymoon in a thong next to a man I just met and his bare cock was rubbing on my leg…He told me to give it some gas again and we started going. I decided to stand up again, which is what he must have been waiting for because I felt his grip on my hips get tighter as he was now pulling my ass down on his cock every bump we went over. I could not tell if my hubby knew what was happening, but I just kept driving. As his cock got harder, it stuck straight up and it was now between my legs and rubbing on me every time I bounced. I made a quick move with my hand like I was adjusting my suit and moved the material to the side. He knew what I had done and quickly guided my hips down on his cock. My pussy was so wet his cock slid right into me. I kept driving while I bounced on his cock. It took only about 20 seconds of this before I came all over his big cock…I felt his grip get tighter and then I knew he came too. I drove around for a few more minutes and headed back to the beach. I didnt tell hubby what happened until later that night back on our cruise ship.It was my first time with another man, even though hubby had been trying to get me to do it for a while. He fucked me harder that he had ever fucked me before. HE LOVED IT!!! And so began our new sexplorations!

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