How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 3

He Tai

How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 3BTW, for anyone who is wondering… yes this is my true story. i met this guy, who would become my first bf, one week after i turned 17. i’m 20 now. We ended up being together until 2 months ago. If anyone has any thoughts, please send them along to me. i really miss him and i think talking about it helps, but i would appreciate your comments so i know whether Escort or not to continue. Thanks…When i got home i was soo hot i went right to my room and jerked off. i couldn’t get to sleep that night. i kept thinking over and over about what happened that day and worrying if it meant i was gay. i couldn’t> be gay. i thought about girls all the time. When i’d jerk off, i thought about Escort Bayan girls. When i watched porn, i thought about girls. But, my favorite porn was blowjob videos… So what did that mean? Anything?i was so horny i put on some porn. i watched for a while and i realized i was more turned on by scenes with a girl sucking a really big penis. There definitely was a difference in my response Bayan Escort to them… They seemed way hotter. i noticed the way their mouths were so stretched out around a bigger guy, the way their hands looked smaller when wrapped around it, the longer strokes from top to bottom… all that seemed to make me way hotter than the scenes with smaller guys did. It was amazing to see how some girls could take the entire length in their mouths. i hadn’t consciously thought about any of this before today. Were my thoughts natural? How could i know for sure?i fell asleep thinking how embarassing it would be the next time i saw him…

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