I Need Another Lover Ch. 01

Addison Rose

Jodi was well aware that her lover wasn’t back at his pad — she’d called him nearly an hour ago wanting to know where he was. She said she had a surprise for him, though she’d rather show it to him in person than reveal what it’s about on the phone. He’d persisted, asking her to tell him, but she’d avoided doing such, simply telling him to stop by her place and perhaps then she could show it to him. He’d said no problem that he would be getting off from work in the next twenty or so minutes. He would take a shower and change into something and then be dropping by her home at around five.

Her intention after hanging up had been to lie in bed — probably play with myself in the interim — and wait for his black ass to show. Except while she was busy screwing myself with her dildo, it got her so horny and feisty she couldn’t wait for the hour to move for her lover to drop by. She got up and went down the corridor to her daughter’s bedroom, wanting to see if the teenage slut was at home so she could take off. She called out her name before opening her bedroom door, but there was no one in there.

“Now I wonder where that bitch could be right now,” she muttered to herself, flinging a lock of dirty-blonde hair from her face before turning around and heading back to her room. “No matter, I’ll just have to go see Marley right now.”

Into the bathroom she went and didn’t stay longer than ten minutes before jumping back out with a towel around her upper chest. Tomorrow was her lover Marley’s birthday, and although what she’d got planned to reveal to him was for then, she decided not to keep it a secret from him any longer. Earlier in the day she had gone out to a Victoria’s Secret shop and bought herself a sexy lingerie outfit. Something she knew would capture his eyes once he sees her in it. She wore on the lingerie along with a pair of thong panties under her clothes. It took her a couple of minutes to herself ready before picking up her car keys and stepping out of the house.

It didn’t take her more than fifteen minutes to navigate her way through the city traffic before parking her vehicle across from the building where his apartment was. Jodi had a spare key to his flat and in less time she took the elevator to his floor and then let herself into his place.

She hadn’t stopped by his pad since day before yesterday, but from the look of it, everything was just as she expected it would be like. She made her way towards his bedroom, unsurprised to find the bed unmade. She was about contemplating whether to make it up or not when she heard a key turn in the lock of the front door.

Marley was home!

Jodi went into the closet and hid herself there; she was going to hide herself there in the first place, wanting to surprise him when he arrived. Her brow knotted in confusion when she heard a woman’s voice mingled with that of her man’s and as she peeked through the wooden panes of the closet’s door, her eyes came observed shadow of the two persons step into the room. Jodi was in for another shock when she immediately recognised the young woman that was in his arms.

My God — that Abby, my daughter!


Abby was a twenty-one year old pretty lass with smooth-flowing blonde hair unlike her mother’s, and she was at the moment being kissed and caressed by the hot-looking black gentleman whom she’d met at a bar not too far from her school. How they’d met was unimportant. The important Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort thing was that while they’d sat beside each other at the bar counter, she’d leaned closer to him, smelt his cologne, and had been right away smithened by his manliness that she could think of nothing more than a strong desire of be with him right away. She had gleamed the same yearning in his eyes and he had just then said the right words she’d expected him to say.

“What you say we blow this joint and go someplace more private?”

“Some place private like where?” Abby asked coquettishly.

“My place. It’s not that far from here, and I’ve got my ride outside.”

Abby didn’t need any further argument. She grabbed her purse from the counter, jumped down from her stool and hooked her arm around his as he led her out of the bar and into the sunshine towards his parked ride. Even as he drove, she couldn’t keep her hands to herself and neither did he. Marley had one hand on the steering wheel while his other grasped her smooth thigh. Abby waited till he got to a red light before lowering her head to his thigh and extricating his yearning manhood from within his jeans and then popping it into her mouth. Marley nearly lost control of his vehicle when he felt her mouth sink deeper to take in his balls — Damn, it felt so fucking good!

They got to his apartment building and rushed all the way up into his flat. By the time they were inside they were both struggling against each other’s body. In the bedroom, Marley pushed her down on his bed but like a cat, Abby sat up and helped him out of his jeans while he struggled to be free from his jacket and shirt. Abby licked her tongue over the head of his cock, gave his shaft a couple of strokes before enclosing her mouth of it, sighing in her throat as she felt its turgid feeling slid over her tongue. Marley held her head in his hands and began jerking his hips back and forth, loving the sight of his cock fucking her mouth all the way. Abby slurped and sucked him as much as she could; she felt a hand under her skirt inside her panties and got a feel of her own wetness.

Neither of them was aware of the pair of eyes watching them from the closet.

Before Marley had discarded his jeans, he’d taken out his wallet and delved inside it to unearth two sealed condoms which he kept there just for insurance. He ripped one of them open with his teeth and then roughly pushed Abby off his dick to fall back on the bed. He was so consumed with sexual hunger as he knelt between her legs and ripped her panties off from under her raised skirt. Abby cried with relief when he brought his head between her legs and began licking his way through her pussy. The room was filled now with the succulent sound of his tongue slurping and licking its way through her pussy lips while Abby fell her head backward and felt her body uncontrollably arched upwards, crying with genuine ecstasy as he went on punishing her cunt with his tongue. It wasn’t long before her body underwent that familiar jerk and twist that signalled she’d climaxed so suddenly.

Still Marley wouldn’t let go of her. He sucked out her juices and then started finger-fucking her while still clamping his lips on her clitoris. Abby smacked her head left and right while her body writhed uncontrollably before him. “Ohh God! Ohh Marley … please, gimme your cock,” she pleaded. “Ohh please, I need your cock!”

Marley Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort eventually released his head from between her legs and pulled her skirt off from her waist while she took off her blouse. The pair of eyes watching them from within the closet widened with a gasp as Marley wrapped the condom he had unwrapped unto his cock and then inched forward between the young girl’s open legs. There was another gasp, punctuated by the young girl giving a sharp moan as Marley’s cock penetrated her vigina walls. Abby rested on her elbows, gazing down at the sight of her new-found lover’s cock pushing its girth in and out of her. It was like being enveloped by a thick pipe and she felt herself surrendering to the pulsing emotion it was wracking upon her. Marley pushed his cock further and further into her, digging his legs hard on the bed’s edge while lifting hers up. “You like the feel of my cock, bitch?” he asked her. “Ohh yes,” Abby cried out. “Oh yeah! It feels so good! Give it to me more! I WANT MORE!”

Jodi gasped with a pang of heated jealousy seeing her slut of a daughter getting royally fucked by her lover, and also hearing her enjoying it. That should be her right now getting fucked that way. It just wasn’t fair! She was tempted to jump out of the closet and surprise them … but she took pains to hold herself back. Might as well watch and try to enjoy the show till later.

Marley was slamming his dick harder and harder into Abby, and just as she was caught in the threshold of an exploding orgasm, he lifted her from the bed and pressed her against his body. He rose to his feet, though his cock, now slathered with her juice, slipped out of her cunt. Abby reached between her legs for his cock and reintroduced it back into her pussy. Marley’s hands grasped either moon of her ass as his hips went to work, ploughing her on and on with his cock. Abby cried aloud till she thought her voice would just as much break through the walls of his bedroom. The impact of his cock pounding her was unlike any instance of fucking she’d had since she lost her virginity three years back. Her pussy once was tight before the fucking began, but it wasn’t feeling like such anymore. Marley held unto her for more than two minutes; all that echoed in the room were the sound of his hips slamming his cock back and forth inside her, of Abby’s delirious cries mingled with Marley’s heavy grunts while she screamed and held unto him for dear life. From within the closet, Jodi watched with ravenous hunger. She reached a hand under her dress and began playing with herself, imagining that it was her pussy that was getting pounded.

Marley drew his pounding to a slow halt, exhaling deeply unto her face, his sweat melting against the rising heat from her skin. Their lips kissed passionately before he then lowered her back on the bed. Abby was totally breathless. She had lost count of how many times she had orgasmed while he’d been pounding her, and as she felt her hand upon the wet, sloppy opening that was her cunt, she got the result she expected: her cum juice pouring out between her legs like a roaring stream. Marley stood over her, his heaving chest glistening with sweat, stroking his cock like he was getting ready for another invasion.

“My God!” Abby gasped and then gave a shrill laugh. “I’ve never been so well fucked as I am right now. And you still haven’t cum yet!”

“That’s Bostancı Vip Escort ’cause I ain’t even done with you yet,’ was Marley’s reply as then he approached the bed.

Abby raised her legs, thinking he wanted to enter her again, but instead Marley reached his hands under her buttocks and raised her up to bring his lips to her wetness. His lips clamped down on her pulsating pussy, probing his tongue back and forth, while she once again surrendered to the encroaching heat that was upon her, grinding her hips to either side of his face while she moaned to her pleasure.

That was it!

Jodi couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed the closet’s doors open and burst into the room as if she were the police.

Everyone in the room seemed to pause for a second: Marley raised his eyes from between Abby’s legs, looking with shocked surprise at the familiar woman who’d just jumped out of his closet like a magician. Then he pulled himself up, his face now was crossed between anger and surprise.

“Jodi, what the fuck–“

Abby too turned her head, muttered: “Mom!”

Jodi’s eyes flashed at both of them before finally settling on her daughter.

“Abby, you stupid slut! Can’t think of any man in the city to fuck, it’s got to be mine?”

She jumped up on the bed about to attack her daughter but Marley was fast enough to grasp her hand and pull her towards him while Abby got off the other side of the bed and started gathering her clothes.

“Where’re you going, bitch!” Jodi screeched at her, desperately trying to be free from Marley’s hands. “Wait till I get my hands on you–”

“Cool it, Jodi,” said Marley.

Abby, with her clothes in her hands, disappeared from the room. Jodi then turned her gaze unto her cheating lover.

“And you — how could you, Marley?”

“The fuck you talking ’bout, woman?” he let go of her arm. “How the hell was I supposed to know she was your little girl?”

“She’s a no-good slut, that’s what she is. Where did you meet her?”

“The fuck did you think that I picked her up in some strip club? I was having a drink at the bar across from where I worked a little after you called me when she happened by. Babe, I swear, I never realised she was your blood. She’s got your type of hair but not much else.”

“That’s ’cause she took after her father.”

There came the sound of a door closing. Jodi pushed past him and rushed towards the living room, too late to find that her daughter had already flown the coop. Jodi’s intention was set on going after her, but just as she got to the door, a strong hand drew her to a stop.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” said Marley who now had his other arm wrapped around her waistline.

“Let go of me, Marley. I’m going to teach that young bitch never to tamper with what’s mine.”

“You can get that done whenever you feel like,” he drew himself close to her. “But right now, I need to get myself taken care of.”

“Just what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” I snapped at him, though even then it was obvious what he meant.

Marley, still holding her in a firm grip was now rubbing his body against hers. Jodi could feel the presence of his cock rubbing against her legs. That thick black snake of his which she knew still glistened with her daughter’s cum. To think that she’d stood there inside his closet watching them fuck … and yet how she’d wished it had been her that was being fucked. After all, hadn’t that been her reason for dropping by his place?

“What do you want, Marley?”

Her mistake was to gaze into his eyes when she asked that question, because suddenly she felt herself drowning in the ocean of his brown-coloured eyes.


To Be Continued…

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