Back to School Ch. 03


Ciara and I were having breakfast a few days later — Linda had to meet with the insurance adjuster, and left early for her meeting.

Between bites of toast Ciara looked at me. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure” I said — wondering what was next.

“It isn’t weird having Linda stay with us, is it?”

“Weird, what do you mean?”

“Last night, when you were on Zoom calls until 9 — she and I had dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. She asked me if I was happy with you.”

“What are you trying to tell me? Is there something I should be worried about?”

“No, no, that’s not it at all. Yes, I’m very happy. It was like…I don’t know, almost like she was sad or jealous, but not in a mean kind of way. I told her I was very happy, and she said ‘I figured as much, as I used to hear you guys through the walls sometimes before my house was destroyed. My bedroom is on the other side of yours — these row houses have such thin walls.’ “

“Maybe ‘jealous’ isn’t the right word — I don’t know, ‘envious’ maybe? She told me that her husband hadn’t touched her in the two years before he died — his heart attack had spooked him. As she put it to me, “he was never very adventurous in bed, but something was better than nothing and I miss it.”

“That’s kind of sad more than anything.”

“I know. Then she added that she heard us on Monday when we were having sex – she said it reminded her of what she was missing, and, well, as she put it to me, ‘It was like I had my own personal porn soundtrack and it did the trick for me.’ “

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well, ‘we’ do get loud sometimes, but I think that’s hot.”

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Really, because you look happy, not embarrassed.” I nodded my head and looked at her breasts — her nipples were poking through her t-shirt.

She reached over to slap me playfully. “God, you have one thing on your mind all the time.”

“In this case two things, but who’s counting?”

“So you don’t think it is weird?”

“What? That hearing other people having sex makes her horny? Not at all. I think it’s a compliment — she’s alone, hasn’t had sex in how many, four years? The sound of sex turns people on — that’s pretty normal. She shared this with you – she trusts you deeply.”

“Well, there’s more.”


“She told me that she’d given up on being with a man ever again. She said nobody would ever find her attractive — that she’s ‘saggy and heavy’ — her exact words — and said ‘you’re in great shape Ciara, you’ve got great boobs, haven’t put on much weight, no wonder he’s hot for you.’ She was looking at me when she said this, I don’t know, like she was checking me out.”

“I thought women did that to each other all the time? Compared themselves, talked about their ‘best features’ or whatever. I think she’s flattering you. I mean, it is true — but your great curves are just one reason I can’t keep my hands off of you. And she is heavy, I mean, sounds like she’s just being honest.”

“But don’t you think this is a little weird?”

“Weird? No. We’re probably just driving her crazy. Hey, if I’m not mistaken, I think your sweet, little, hard nipples are about to tear holes in your t-shirt — I think you like talking about this…” I reached over to gently brush each of her breasts with my hand, and she shivered.

“God, how do you do that, make me want you.”

“Like this.” I looked at her as I pulled her t-shirt up, then pulled down her bra, and leaned in to teasingly kiss her nipples.

“Stop” she said as she placed her hands on my head and pulled me tighter against her breasts as they flattened under my face. “What if Linda comes back?”

“Well, maybe she wants to watch us, too, not just hear us through the walls. That way she gets the video and the soundtrack. She could see firsthand what a slut you are and masturbate as she watches you suck my cock until I cum in your mouth and drip down your chin, and she can hear how you beg for it in your pussy…” I rubbed her pussy as I spoke to her, and she pressed down in her chair against my hand, rubbing back. I felt her wetness coming through the fabric.

“Oh fuck” was all she said as she pulled my mouth more tightly against her nipple — and then we both heard it at the same time. The key in the front door lock, then the blinds on the door scraping. Linda was back, early.

I pulled away, sat up, pushed my chair back, and smoothed my hair. Ciara pulled up her bra, pulled down her t-shirt, and mouthed the words at me: “You bastard” — and I smiled as I slowly ran my fingers across my lips, as if brushing off breakfast crumbs.

Linda walked into the kitchen, oblivious. “Hi, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. The adjuster said he’d never seen such a mess and they’d cover everything. I’m so relieved. Is the coffee still hot?”

I got up to get her a cup of coffee and some toast, and from behind her — as she spoke to Ciara — şırnak escort I could see that Ciara’s face was flushed and her nipples were poking through her t-shirt, still hard from my mouth. Linda had to notice — but of course, wasn’t go to say anything. I put Linda’s coffee on the table in front of her, and took my leave.

“I’ve got to head upstairs for my next Zoom call — glad things worked out with the adjuster Linda. See you guys later.”

As I walked out of the kitchen I saw Linda glancing down at Ciara’s chest, Ciara’s nipples still poking out like two buttons, and remembered how they felt against my lips and tongue.

That night Ciara and I were in bed, reading our books. I put my hand on her thigh and gently stroked her leg. “We never did finish what we started this morning, before Linda walked in.”

“You are such a jerk” she said playfully — “you got me going, and then left me high and dry.”

“You didn’t seem too dry. And that wasn’t my choice, believe me.” She seemed to shiver for a moment. “I think you wanted to fuck on the kitchen table. It’s a good thing we didn’t — Linda would have caught us.” I teased her thigh.

“Maybe next time she goes out. You can pull down those yoga pants of yours, sit on the table, and I can eat you for breakfast. I know how much you love my tongue deep inside your pussy — almost as much as my cock. Or would you rather be bent over the table?”

She put her book down. “After I finished having coffee with Linda I went into the bathroom and masturbated with our electric toothbrush. I couldn’t stop thinking about your cock.”

“And what were you thinking, when you thought about my cock?”

“About how you stretch my pussy, making me feel so full, how I love to feel you inside of me.”

I could feel my cock growing as she told me these things, like it always did when she talked like this. I let my fingers drop down the inside of her thigh, and then up towards her slit.

“Maybe I should fill your pussy with my cock tonight. And then fill you with my cum until I run out of you and drip down the crack of your ass, and down your thighs, hot and sticky.” I started to rub her pussy lips. “And while I fuck you, you can think about being bent over the kitchen table downstairs, hanging on as I pound against your ass. Because as soon as Linda moves out that’s what I’m going to do.”

She put down her book and reached over to feel my cock. “Does this mean I have to wait until she moves out to have your cock?”

“That depends. Do you want it now? Between your legs?”

“Yessss…” she said, the word falling off in a short hiss.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“For you to fuck me.”


“Because I want you in my pussy, as if you were fucking me on the kitchen table.”

“Then put your head at the bottom of the bed and get on your hands and knees so I can pound your ass like you’re bent over the table.”

She threw off the covers, rolled over, got on her hands and knees, and wiggled her ass at me, looking back over her shoulder as she bit her lip in anticipation.

I got behind her, pushed her nightie up around her waist, held my hard cock in my hand, and began to tease her — both of us, really — rubbing my fat mushroom head up and down her slippery cunt. She tried to push back but I moved with her, staying just beyond her quivering lips. She groaned. “Ahh, give me your cock, I want it. Fuck me.”

“Not yet. I’m not sure you really mean it.” I pulled back, holding my cock, the head shiny with her pussy juices.

And that’s when I saw Linda.

Linda was in the hallway listening to us, again. Once again I could see her in the mirror, the bathroom light providing just enough glow. I hadn’t noticed when she had appeared — but just like last time she stood there quietly, her bathrobe falling open, one hand busy between her legs under her dark bush, the other under her bathrobe as she played with her breasts. I could see her arms moving, masturbating as she listened, playing with herself.

I leaned forward and rubbed my cock up and down Ciara’s labia — knowing she would moan loudly enough for Linda to hear clearly. Like a paintbrush I rubbed her again, slipping the tip just inside her.

“Please, just fuck me. Put your cock in. Please.” Even in the reflected gloom I could see Linda’s eyes grow bigger as she listened.

“I should have fucked you on the kitchen table this morning. I don’t care if Linda would have caught us. In fact, I think that’s hot. She could have watched us fuck and played with her pussy as I pounded you. What do you think about that?”

“Yes, yes, that’s what I want, fuck me on the table…”

I slid my cock into her. She was wet and warm, like a tight stick of butter. I slid all the way in, balls deep, my hands on her hips. She let out one long moan and pushed her ass back against me. I thrusted in and out a few şırnak escort bayan times — the sounds would have been unmistakable to Linda, the slapping flesh, the squishing of Ciara’s sopping pussy as I pushed my cock in, the squeaking of the bedsprings, Ciara’s rhythmic moaning.

And then I stopped — I held her hips and pulled her against me, my cock buried between her pussy lips. “Can you feel me stretching your pussy?”

“God yes!”

“Is that what you wanted?”


I could see Linda’s arm moving quickly, up and down — we were driving her crazy, and she was biting her lip as if she was ready to cum.

And so I called out to her. “Linda, come in here and watch. We want you to.”

Ciara sounded confused. “Wha…” and I pulled my cock out and drove it back in, hard, and Ciara didn’t finish her sentence. Linda stopped masturbating when she heard my voice, frozen, caught in what she thought was a private act of voyeurism.

“Linda, I can see you in the hall. I know you are listening. And touching yourself. It’s OK. Come in, we want you to.” And then I started pounding into Ciara’s pussy — I didn’t want Ciara to think too much about this. Linda still seemed frozen — and then she turned to see the mirror on the wall, as if eyeing an escape, and saw my reflection — behind Ciara, fucking her doggy style, looking right at Linda.

I said it again. “Linda, come in.” Ciara was groaning, each thrust triggering a moan and a whimper, and then a soft, “Oh fuck, fuck me…”

I said it again. “Come in Linda. Don’t stand out there,” and then she did. She took a couple of steps forward — pushed open the bedroom door, which had been ajar, and walked to the foot of the bed. She was looking down at Ciara, who was lost in pleasure — her eyes closed tightly, her mouth open, her breasts hanging down and swinging each time I pounded into her — and as she watched Ciara, Linda rubbed her own pussy. I could see her fingers wet and glistening as she fucked herself, and I wondered if she was imagining herself getting fucked — or if she wanted to fuck Ciara.

“Come over here, Linda, see my cock in her pussy.” For a moment I thought she wouldn’t budge — but then she did, walking up the side of the bed. I turned slightly to let her see, and pulled back until just the tip of my cock was in Ciara. “Look at that sweet juicy pussy. She feels like heaven — and loves to fuck,” and with that I drove my cock back into Ciara. Linda seemed to fuck herself faster as she watched.

I looked at Linda. “Want to see that again? Watch.” I pulled back, slowly, further, and further, until my cock came out of Ciara’s pussy and she whimpered, wiggling her ass in the air. “Put it back in, please.”

I wanted to see how far Linda would go. “Linda, put my cock back in Ciara’s pussy. She wants it, and needs it back inside her.” Linda leaned forward without hesitation, wrapped her hand around me, and tugged my cock towards Ciara’s gaping, glistening hole until I started to slip back in.

I looked at Linda as she watched, and spoke to Ciara as I sawed in and out of her slit. “Ciara, baby, what do you want?”

“God I want to cum, I want you to cum in me…”

“Linda, help her…give her what she needs…reach under and rub her, just like you were touching yourself…you know how to do it…”

And she did. She reached under Ciara with her left hand. I could hear the wet sounds as she rubbed her, and then she reached around behind me, between my legs, to rub my balls.

It was too much, I couldn’t hold back — not that I really wanted to any longer. I started cumming and cumming, pulling Ciara back on my cock so hard I thought I might hurt her, pouring my jizz into her sopping cunt, my spasms triggering her own orgasm.

I could feel her pussy grabbing me as she contracted, each random spasm matched with a muffled cry, and with a final groan she fell forward, unable to hold herself up any more. My cock sprang free and bobbed in front of Linda, bright red and dripping.

I reached down to nudge Ciara. “Roll over My Dear — I love to look at you after we make love.” With great effort she got up on one elbow, turned on her back, and collapsed back on the bed. Her hair was wild, pointing in all directions; her heavy breasts fell back on her chest, her nipples were still hard and pointing off to the sides, and her pussy was swollen, gaping open, bright pink, her thatch of curly red and gray hair matted with my cum and her juices.

I climbed off the bed on the side where Linda was standing, and brushed by her as I came to the foot of the bed, where Ciara’s head was, looked down at her, and leaned forward. “Baby, clean me like you do…” Linda looked at Ciara, almost staring, as if she were unable to look away. Ciara reached up to hold my cock steady and then tugged me towards her mouth, her tongue straining to taste our mingled juices.

“Come closer Linda, you’ll escort şırnak see better. And take your robe off.” I held out my hand and beckoned her closer. She hesitated for a moment — and then shrugged out of her bathrobe and walked to the bottom of the bed to stand next to me. She looked down at Ciara’s greedy mouth as she slurped on my cock, which was already responding. “If you hold my cock steady, she’ll be better able to clean me…”

Linda reached down without hesitation, wrapped her hand around my cock, and pointed it at Ciara’s mouth. I reached behind Linda and put my hand on her ass, and began to rub her bottom softly, gradually moving my hand down the crack of her ass. She parted her legs to give me better access and pressed back against my hand, her eagerness making me even harder as she rubbed back against me while watching Ciara suck and lick me my sticky cock. Linda seemed transfixed with desire and hunger.

“Linda, lay down on the bed next to Ciara.” She climbed on the bed next to her — but was unsure for a moment. “Right next to her, alongside her. Help her out…” She lay next to her, alongside her, the two of them touching along their length, their shoulders touching, their legs, their full breasts touching, and I pulled my cock from Ciara’s mouth and pointed it at Linda’s. “Go ahead, taste me…Ciara, help her.”

As Ciara held my cock steady Linda strained up — tentative for a moment — and then stuck out her tongue, first a lick, then another. She opened her mouth and I pushed over her lips, watching her eyes grow wider as she stretched her mouth. As I watched she reached across and touched Ciara’s breast, gently squeezing her soft flesh. I rocked back and forth slightly, sliding in and out of Linda’s mouth, urging her on. “That’s so good…that’s right, like that…I saw you watching us, and touching yourself…were you wondering what Ciara was feeling…what I felt like inside her?” Linda nodded as best she could, mumbling “Uh-huh” with her mouth full.

With that I pulled out of her mouth, walked around the bed, my cock bobbing in front of me, and climbed onto the mattress. I put my hands inside her legs and gently nudged them apart. Her pussy was shining with excitement. Ciara took her hand and began tenderly brushing her hair back, caressing her face. “What do you want Linda?”

“Yes…” was all she said. I scooted forward between her legs until I was all but on top of her, and put the tip of my cock inside her swollen lips. She strained forward as best she could, and said it again, a breathy word that was something between a command and a hope, “Yes…” and I pushed in, her vagina eager and willing to take me in, and with each inch she seems to pull me further inside.

“Is this what you wanted when you were watching us Linda?”

“Yes, please, yes…”

“And what else?”


I kept moving in and out of her, strong, slow, steady thrusts holding her pinned to the bed each time I was balls deep, before pulling back. “What about Ciara? Have you ever…”

“No, never…”

“Ciara, kiss her. Kiss Linda…”

Linda looked into Ciara’s eyes, and nodded her head up and down quickly. Ciara slowly leaned over and kissed her gently…and then again…and then harder, and longer, and I saw Ciara’s jaw move as she snaked her tongue into Linda’s mouth.

I reached down to find Linda’s clit, my cock still inside her. Her folds were so swollen and wet that I felt like my fingers were in a maze, so I just pressed down and rubbed her.

Linda broke the kiss and gasped. Ciara bent over to find her nipples, and Linda’s orgasm, the one she had been desperate for since she first listened to us from the hallway, began to boil up. She started to buck up against me, against my hand and my cock, and reached to pull Ciara more tightly on her breast. She cried out “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” and I thought I saw a tear in her eye as the pent-up emotion came pouring out with her orgasm, the pleasure coursing through her body.

I started to pump hard — to fuck her, fast and deep, her erotic cries sending shivers deep into my balls, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. “Linda, I’m going to fill you with my cum, just like Ciara…” but she seemed to be unable to say anything — she just kept bucking up under me, as if she wanted my cock even deeper, and then I erupted with a growling grunt, spurting deep inside her until my balls were empty and I was totally spent. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, my cum oozing from her slit, and laid down next to her, my heart pounding, to catch my breath.

We all eventually fell asleep like that, squeezed into the queen-sized bed, sticky and tangled. When we awoke the next morning Linda looked sheepish – “I suppose I should apologize for eavesdropping on you guys from the hallway — I’m sorry.”

Both Ciara and I said “we’re not” at the same time — as if it has been planned — and all three of us started laughing. “Actually,” I said, “I was hoping we could do all that again if you’d both like. Except for the eavesdropping part in the hall — although if you really like that Linda, that’s OK too.”

And with a smile that was mischievous, sultry, and happy, she said “yeah, I liked that too. It made me so wet…”

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