In the French Alps; Kitty’s Lesson

Big Tits

Over a light breakfast on the balcony, Carole asked what had happened after she’d left the pub with Sally. “Did you manage to talk to Kitty?”“Indeed I did,” I said, putting down my coffee mug. “And?”“Well, I told her a few home truths and basically said she shouldn’t disrespect you.”Carole scoffed. “I don’t suppose that made one iota of difference to her. Oh, I’m sorry, Richard, I know you meant well but I know how stubborn she is and… well, you heard what she thinks of me. Controlling and such like.”“But we know that’s all nonsense,” said Sally. “She doesn’t know the facts.”“She knows a lot more now,” I said.Carole sat upright in her chair. “I think you’d better tell me exactly what happened, exactly what you’ve told Kitty.”I nodded. “Course I will but there’s no need to be alarmed. It’s all good, Carole.”But I had to be selective. I couldn’t tell Carole all the details about the two amazing hours I spent with her daughter in the room above the tavern…~~~~~After locking the door, I picked up the chair next to the window and placed it alongside the bed. Grim faced, I stared at Kitty and she knew I wasn’t at all pleased with her. She folded her arms in a defiant stance and glared back at me, clearly unhappy that I’d made her leave her friends in the bar. So, how to handle this young brat?“Right then, Katherine,” bahis şirketleri I said, sitting in the chair. “Do you know what happens to girls when they’ve been naughty?”She switched her weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t know what you mean.”“They get punished. So, come over here and lie across my lap.”“What? I’m not doing —”“Oh yes you will,” I said firmly. “I’m going to spank you and then tell you some home truths, some things you need to know about your life.”“Such as what?”I shook my head. “No, Katherine, punishment first. You need spanking for the way you behave towards your mother. You shouldn’t talk to her like that, especially when you don’t know the full story, the whole truth. So, for once, do as your told… right now.” Frowning, Katherine slowly crossed the room, and lay across my thighs, her head and arms resting on the bed. “I’m going to slap your ass ten times. Understand?”She turned her head to look at me and, biting her bottom lip, she nodded. She flinched when my hand brushed against the firmness of her cheeks as I lifted her skirt up to her hips. Katherine wore a pink thong and her peachy buttocks were firm and smooth. I landed the first blow on her left cheek. The connection of my hand on her flesh produced a yelp but I planted a second stinging slap to her right cheek. I bahis firmaları repeated this twice more on each buttock and she whimpered every time.I paused, looking at the red hand marks on her ass, and asked, “Are you going to respect your mum in the future?”“Maybe,” she muttered.“That’s not good enough, Katherine,” I said and smacked her ass hard.This time there was a slight moan not a yelp of pain. Goodness, she’s enjoying this, I thought as she wriggled in my lap, slowly parting her thighs. I blinked when I saw a wet spot on her thong.Four more whacks and each time the young slut moaned. She was gripping the bedcovers and breathing heavily with obvious arousal — and it was contagious. Now I had a growing erection and couldn’t hide the fact.“My God, Mr. Johnson are you getting hard?” She wriggled again. “I’m already wet. Go on, have a feel.”I eased my hand between her milky thighs and used my middle finger to trace along her slit. Oh yes, Kitty was definitely wet and she moaned and squirmed at my touch. I tugged her thong to one side and felt her wet, puffy lips before boldly inserting a finger. Now Katherine sighed and rolled her hips as I stroked in and out of her pussy.After a while, and in some discomfort from my trapped, raging erection, I withdrew my finger and she groaned loudly, “No, oh no, you kaçak bahis siteleri —““Stand up,” I interrupted, “and take off your clothes.”Katherine stood and lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it onto the ground. I stared at her pink bra as she reached around to unclasp it and revealed her pert breasts in all their glory. I was wide-eyed when she put her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pushed it down her legs before kicking it away. Next, the thong was cast aside, revealing the shaved pussy I’d felt beneath my palm.“Are you happy now that I’m naked?” she said, a teasing smile playing in the corners of her mouth.I grinned at her. “Get on your knees between my legs.”Quickly kneeling, she rubbed a hand over the bulge in my trousers and bit her lip again while she unzipped and delved inside for my cock.Bringing it out, she gasped. “It’s big, even bigger than I thought.” She smiled. “You know, I’ve wanted to suck this cock ever since I saw you masturbating.”I smiled; she’d confirmed it was her who’d spied on me. Soft lips kissed the head of my cock and then she caressed the shaft while licking along the underside. She went back and forth several times before slipping the bulging head into her mouth. She expertly worked my cock with her tongue as she bobbed up and down and I couldn’t believe how good she was at oral sex. Katherine took my cock all the way into her throat and, with her nose pressed against my pubis and drool dripping off her chin, she massaged my balls with her tongue. I had to stop her before I came too quickly.

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