INSIDE MAPLE GROVE – CHAPTER 3A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s EliteA Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van.(Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment).Chapter 3 – Penetration time.Michelle Jackson had been joined in the hot tub by her daughter Abbey and Stella Harris and they were casually chatting and drinking champagne. Stella Harris was still feeling sexually aroused after her very brief dalliance with Abbey and even though absorbed in conversation in her head she replayed the event and the comment by Abbey that “she would be satisfied this evening” and her mind was awash with visions of what that might entail. Her arousal level was maintained due to the fact Abbey’s hand kept caressing her thigh beneath the foaming water of the tub.Moments later Michelle’s son Aaron appeared on the terrace. He greeted the three of them and addressed Stella as Mrs Harris as per usual. Michelle asked him how his day had gone and he told her it had been a little stressful and she suggested he join them in the tub to unwind. He said he would be happy to but wouldn’t have a drink as he may want to drive later, then left to get out of his work clothes.Ten minutes later Arron returned. He was wearing a towelling robe and carrying a fresh bottle of champagne telling the three ladies he’d noticed they were getting a little low so had brought them another bottle which he proceeded to open and top up all their glasses, making sure Stella’s was as full as possible so she had to drink some before she could set it down again. “So how are you Mrs Harris. Still ok for tennis Friday?” Arron asked Stella which made her look toward him just as he peeled off his towelling robe to reveal his muscular body dressed only in a very tight pair of swimming trunks. Stella had of course noticed Arron’s physique when they played tennis but never in this state of undress and not having been informed by Abbey that she thought he had a “thing” for her. “Yes of course” she replied to him and her eyes fixed on him as he stepped into the hot tub then made his way to sit next to her, ensuring that his groin was as close to her face as possible in the process. Stella couldn’t kaçak iddaa help but notice the huge bulge in Aaron’s trunks as he passed her, which caused her heart to skip a beat and when he sat down next to her and she felt his muscular thigh pressed against her own she felt a tingle deep inside her. It seemed all she could do to disguise her blushed was to reach for her glass and take a huge gulp.The conversation and drinking continued as did the caressing of Stella’s thighs by both Aaron and Abbey who were either side of her. She daren’t put her own hands beneath the water and the only way to occupy them was with her glass, which she drank from liberally and was regularly topped up by Michelle. Eventually she couldn’t take anymore and she announced she was feeling a little tipsy and though she should be getting home. As she moved to climb out of the tub she swayed a little and Aaron caught hold of her arm to steady her. Michelle, ever the perfect hostess climbed out of the tub and wrapped a robe around Stella then insisted that Aaron should escort Stella back home and to save her having to dress and he would drive her the short distance to her driveway and see she got into her house ok. Aaron went to collect car keys and threw on shorts and a t shirt whilst Michelle walked Stella to the drive before Arron then drove her the short distance to Stella’s house. Aaron walked her into the house and straight to the bedroom where he told Stella he would help her out of her wet swimwear. Stella smiled and told him that would be good and he knew at that moment the next stage of the Jackson’s plan would be successfully executed that evening. Aaron untied Stella’s robe then turned her around and before pulling it off her shoulders he also untied her bikini top before removing it and finally pulled down her bikini bottoms. He placed all the items on a chair near the end of the bed and Stella turned back to face him. “What are you gong to do now you have me naked?” She asked.Aaron lifted his hands and cupped her breasts, telling her how nice they were before he kissed her. He then took one of her hands and pressed it against his groin. She gasped as her hand felt his cock through kaçak bahis his shorts, “Oh wow, that feels big.” she said. Arron told her to sit on the bed and as she did he dropped his shorts.As his semi erect cock sprang out Stella sat there, open mouthed, looking at it. “Goodness me” said Stella “Its enormous, I’d heard a lot about black guys having big cocks but I never realised how true it was.”“Suck it for me” said Aaron as he lifted his t shirt over his head and threw it on the floor behind him.Stella looked up at him as she wrapped both her hands around his huge cock and stroked it a couple of times then tentatively wrapped her lips around the helmet. She sucked on it gently as it continued to grow to it’s full 10 inches, almost twice as big as John, her husband. Aaron slid hs hand behind her head and forced more and more of it into her mouth. Stella began to stroke and suck on Aaron’s cock a little faster and let out a little moan of pleasure.After a few minutes Arron shuffled Stella into the middle of the bed, laying her on her back and knelt between her legs. He placed his hand on her pubic mound and gently rubbed her pussy with his thumb. As her pussy became wet he rubbed harder and she gasped so he shuffled further forward and began to rub the tip of his big black cock between her pussy lips. “Do you want my big cock inside you Mrs Harris?” he asked her.Stella gently bit her bottom lip and nodded yes as Aaron began to push his cock into her soaking pussy. Despite her wetness it felt tight and she groaned. Aaron continued to push his cock deeper inside her and as he got all his length inside her she almost shrieked. “My god I feel like I am going to split in two! Please be gentle with me won’t you? she said as she breathed deeply trying to get used to the fullness inside her. Aaron smiled as he began to fuck Stella with very long, slow and deep thrusts. At first Stella gasped with pain as he thrust into her, then as her pussy stretched around his girth her gasps turned into groans of joy as she began to beg him to go harder and deeper. “Oh my god, yes! Fuck me hard, I love it”. she cried out. Never one to disappoint a lady Aaron began to fuck Stella harder illegal bahis and faster making her groan louder. Aaron began to thumb her swollen clitoris making her squeal and he squeezed her breast, pinching on her nipple hard. “Oh god, I love that she squealed.” Stella was on the point of orgasm and Aaron buried his cock deep in her and ground against her clit with his pubic bone as he pulled on both her nipples until her back arched, her face went bright red and she shrieked with joy as her orgasm exploded and rocked her entire body.After several minutes her breathing settled and she smiled. “My god, I almost passed out. I have never had an orgasm that hard. she said.“Oh Mrs Harris! Arron said. We are just getting started, that was just the first course. Over the next couple of hours Aaron fucked Stella in numerous positions and gave her several orgasms until he finally had her on her back and told her to look at him in the eyes. When her stare was fixed on him he thrust in hard and deep several times before he let out an a****listic roar as he pumped his potent black baby cream deep inside her. Aaron pulled out his dripping cock, all covered in their juices and Stella rolled onto her side, her pussy burning, her whole body shaking and lay there breathing heavily.Stella finally opened her eyes, the sun was shining into her room so she realised it was morning. She was alone in her bed and at first began to wonder if the night of fucking had been nothing but a dream. She sat up and saw the bikini and robe on the chair then she ran her hand between her legs feeling her sticky swollen pussy lips and realised it had happened. She felt ashamed at cheating on her husband and appalled that she had let a black man fuck her roughly, yet she still felt so aroused. The sex had been like nothing she had ever experienced. Meanwhile Michelle Jackson was sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee wondering how Aaron had gotten on with his part in their big plan. Her phone buzzed several times and she picked it up to open the messages, all from her son Aaron. Amongst the text messages was a clear picture of Stella Harris, asleep on her bed, naked, her bare breasts reddened around the nipples. The message ended with the words “Mission Accomplished!” Michelle Jackson smiled and looked at the time. 9 AM. I think I’ll give her until 11 she thought to herself.Cont’d.https://xhamster.com/users/tedstales

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