Subject: It’s Just A Number 3 I have to say that we christened his bedroom quite nicely. For a good half hour. Because I knew he was clean I took the opportunity to rim his tight little asshole. It was everything I dreamed that it might be. Yes, an asshole is an asshole but it’s who owns it that makes it special and since Orion was special so was rimming him. We made out while standing upright, removing each other’s clothing and playing along the way. It took 10 minutes or so just to get to that point. Once naked we took turns dropping to our knees and sucking each other’s cock which for me was a spiritual experience. I’ll say it a thousand times. Orion was an amazing boy with an amazing body and an amazing cock, and ass. Seeing them both up close with him standing up only heightened everything. I managed to the boy turned around and face down at the edge of the bed then got to my knees and peeled him open. I took a moment to admire his most secret area, the puckered muscle, his perineum as it slid downward and onto his sac `o nuts. Big healthy nuts. “Wait Rory,” said before I started. He then raised up and pushed his raging rock hard rod back between his legs then lay flat so that his cock was pressed downward along the edge of the mattress and thus the entire area from his puckered hole to his foreskin were right there for the licking. I peeled him open again and went to work. I so loved the feel of my tongue against an asshole. I loved the feel of the tip probing the wrinkled muscle and the actual hole itself and then the smooth skin around it. I loved licking along a perineum having always been fascinated by that seam of flesh. I worked the hole to best of my ability then licked down along his perineum to the underside of his substantial balls then down along the underside of his thick cock. Precum was leaking out of piss slit and dripping onto the carpet so I my tongue down and began cleaning it up. I sucked his cock head a little bit then moved back north for a return visit to his hole which I thoroughly washed. “God I’m so hot to get fucked Rory. Can you fuck me right here like this?” “I sure can but I have to get some lube.” “Inside the middle pocked of my backpack is a bottle,” Orion said. I stepped over opened it up and sure enough there was. I smeared my cock and then his hole then worked a finger up inside of him and finger fucked him, hitting his prostate on each trip. “I’m ready Rory, seriously, get your hot cock in my ass. I peeled a cheek open and Orion helped by pulling his other cheek open. I got in close and prodded his pussy a little bit before stopping and pushing. It took a second but the muscle gave way and in I went. Orion gasped at the intrusion but told me to go ahead. “No, don’t stop Rory, just get it in me.” It’s fun going into a boy from that position. With his cheeks peeled wide open I could see his asshole spread wide as I slipped inside of his warm bowels. Once there I started the process. I wasn’t in any hurry but took my time in a nice steady rhythm. “God I love this so much Rory, being fucked I mean but mostly it’s because you’re the one fucking me. After a moment he asked me to stop. “I want to move farther onto the bed but I want you to stay inside of me.” I gave the okay and he started to move, with me right on his tail, or in it as the case certainly was. He managed to get first, one knee, and then the other onto the bed but he was right at the edge and his knees were far enough apart that his balls barely rested against the mattress while the end of his cock was still pressed against the edge of it. I held onto his hips and went back to fucking him again. The position raised the target so that I was pumping my cock straight into him. Because his weight was off the bed it also allowed him to rock to and fro both from the force of my body but also due to his desire to move against me. At one point he pushed his ass back into me so I held him tight and ground my own ass around in circle then went back to fucking him but changing out the angle of entry a little bit by going in from one side or the other or rising up a little higher on my toes. I reached underneath and cupped his nuts and tugged on them while I fucked him. “Oh shit Rory,” he groaned, “pull on my balls, tug my nutters.” I did as he asked but had to stop. I was getting close and wanted to create a good ass pounding cum for both of us. I began to hammer the boy, slamming my cock deep into his ass with each powerful thrust. My balls were swinging and actually smacking into Orion’s balls but it wasn’t enough to hurt, just add to the stimulation. “Oh fuck oh fuck Rory,” he cried out and for the 3rd time in as many hours his asshole gripped my cock as his dick began pulsing out sperm. And naturally that caused me to cum as well. I held him tight, moved my ass, then fucked him some more, loading his innards with my own sperm. How many squirts I have no idea but then, at my age, it wasn’t like I was still producing large volumes of the stuff. I continued to fuck him but of course began to slow down. I eventually stopped and leaned forward to hug on Orion’s back. His head had dropped to the bed but he reached back with one hand to have contact with me, gently rubbing my side. I felt my cock begin to soften immediately and told him I was going to pull out of him. I did so then quickly grabbed my underwear from the floor and put it against his asshole which was still somewhat open. He fell face down on the bed, his cock now sticking out away from the mattress. I saw too a long strand of sperm hanging off his cock and splatter at the bottom edge of the mattress and blanket along with a nice sized puddle on the rug. The boy seemed to make a fair amount of liquid, especially considering it was his 3rd sperming of the day. I was looking forward to watching him shoot at some point in time and also to have him unload in my mouth. Orion finally rolled over and put his arms out to me so I climbed on next to him and we kissed and embraced. He lay in my arms, almost purring, his face nuzzling in the crook of my neck. I felt him yawn and rubbed up and down his back. “It’s been a long day sweet boy,” said softly. “Maybe we should hit the sack.” He yawned again, “Yeah, I think so.” We separated and stood and Orion started picking up his clothes. I suggested he leave them for the morning. “I can’t do that Rory. Messy and me don’t get along well.” I figured what the hell and picked my stuff up as well. In my room we hit the shower for a quick rinse then snuggled into bed. We kissed a bit, I told him I was glad he was here to which he replied, “me too.” “I’m still nervous about tomorrow Rory. I’m pretty positive it will go well but you know, in the absence of information and all that.” “Indeed I do Ry-baby. I got a little tingle going m’self for the same reason but I also have complete faith.” “I love you Rory. You are the best thing that’s happened to me in a very long time. I’m not denigrating or downplaying my mother it’s just that my future seems so much brighter today than it did yesterday.” I kissed him softly. “I get it baby boy. Now, let’s get some sleep.” The next day was a flurry. We had to get Orion to work but on the way he called Carissa, the woman that had worked for his mother and told her about his mother’s passing and asked if she wanted to go back to work. The woman said that it would depend since she had a part time job. “Probably 10-15 hours a week,” he responded, “I don’t know how things are going to shake out yet.” She said she could do it but that Orion needed to figure out his plan within a week because she might be getting an opportunity for a full time job. They agreed that Carissa would work that afternoon’s shift and the following day but after that she was at her other job for 2 days. The conversation ended with her agreeing to be there at 1pm sharp. After he hung up we had a brief discussion about the whole thing. “Realistically Orion, I will become financially responsible you. On the other hand I understand your need to contribute in some way, to have walking around money. Then too, at some point school is going to go back to full time in classroom and you won’t be able to run the shop.” “Some options might be to hire Carissa almost full time and you pick up the slack or hire her full time and you don’t work the shop but handle the books, the buying and all that. Another option would be to lease the business and you take a small percentage yet another would be to consider selling the business and putting the money into a college fund.” “You’re right, I do feel the need to contribute, to make some money on my own and doing lawns and bagging at Kroeger’s aren’t my cup of tea. I don’t know what the business is worth but if I sold it maybe I could bank the money and take out kocaeli escort bayan a small amount every week for allowance.” “Or invest it and come up with a different plan to acquire walking around money.” I didn’t mention that I would be happy to provide a weekly allowance. We did agree that there was much to talk about in that regard. We got to the shop and got it opened up and right off the bat were deliveries and within minutes, customers. I did what I could to help, which wasn’t much but I sure did get clued in to how busy his mother had been and he would be if he chose to keep the business. Josh stopped by for coffee and pastries, said he meet us at the court house on schedule. Axel showed up around 1pm right in front of Carissa, whom I was introduced to as Orion’s guardian. She seemed like a nice enough woman, friendly and nicely dressed but not overly so. Prior to that Orion demanded that he suck my cock in the store room when there were no customers. “I don’t want to make you cum or anything my sweet man, I just want a smell of your crotch and a taste of your wiener.” At other times we managed some quality hugging and kissing out of sight of passersby. “I wonder what it would be like to get fucked in here, bent over the counter.” I allowed as it would interesting indeed and that we might have to do a test run, just to be sure. “”Well, you’re not exactly walking bowlegged,” Axel said as the doors to the elevator closed. “Perhaps I can take it better than you Axe,” Orion responded. “Or his dick is smaller than yours.” “I would guess that most dicks are smaller that Orion’s,” I said with a grin. Axel nodded his head in agreement and mumbled. “That’s for sure. How many times,” Orion told him. “Okay then, at least you got the shit fucked out of you.” “I’d like to think so,” I said and Orion said he could guarantee it. We got to the courthouse at 1:30 and order was called at 2pm sharp and Harry entered the courtroom in a flurry of robes. “First on the docket is the guardianship of Orion Perseus Howe, a minor child.” The judge looked down as we approached. “Any relation to one of the youngest medal of honor winner in the history of this country,” he asked Orion. “Yes your honor, I am named after him.” Orion’s namesake was a northern army bugle boy during the civil war and was wounded at age 14, thus winning the medal. “Well, congratulations son. Rory McLean, you are agreeing to accept guardianship of this young man? I affirmed that I was. “And you are agreeing to being fully responsible for his health education and welfare as well as taking care of him financially?” Again, I responded affirmatively. “And you Orion? Are you in agreement with this plan and are you willing to allow Mr. McLean to act as your De Facto parent until such times as you turn 18 years old or win emancipation?” Orion was much more enthusiastic in his response than I had been. “Given those statements I hereby declare Rory K. McLean acceptable to take on the legal moral and financial responsibilities of Orion Perseus Howe as his legal guardian. This order absolves the state of any further responsibility in this matter. So Ordered,” and down came the proverbial gavel. Harry stood and came down from the bench to shake our hands and offer congratulations. In a quieter voice he said to me, “Barbecue at the lake cabin next Saturday, you’re both invited.” And the matter was done. In the hall outside the courtroom Axel hugged Orion fiercely and me almost the same. “This is so awesome you guys, I’m really happy for both of you.” I had to go see the clerk and pick up the paperwork and left the boys in the hallway chatting. I assumed that Axel wanted a blow by blow, you should pardon the expression, of the evenings activities. I joined them 10 minutes later. “Now what,” Orion said. I reminded him of our ersatz dinner plans and invited Axel to come along. The boy agreed immediately. On the way to the car I called a couple of the places I had in mind and got a reservation for us at 6 pm at Rio, a Brazilian Steak House atop a 40 story building in downtown. “We have a couple hours before we have to leave,” I said, “any suggestions?” Axel’s eyebrows rose but Orion intervened and said he’d like to get his computer and the rest of his clothes moved. If Axel was disappointed he didn’t show it. It took a little less than an hour to get his stuff packed and into the car. The manager caught us and offered condolences to Orion and asked what his plans were so the boy explained. “Any idea what you want to do with the rest of your things,” he asked. Orion said he wasn’t sure and I asked about the lease and was told that Orion still had 15 days on it. “If you’d like, I can make an offer on the furniture, dishes and the like. We’ve been getting plenty of requests for a furnished unit. “Let me think about Ronny,” he said to the man who responded that the sooner he got an answer the better. I intervened and said 3 days and got a head nod. I have the man my cell number and off we went. Back at the house we got Orion’s stuff into his bedroom. Axel wanted to know if we’d christened it and Orion said definitely. I gave them both a tour of the house since Orion hadn’t been through it. A post WWII 2 storied home with a covered front porch and a freestanding garage that I rarely used. It was 4 bedrooms with 3� bathrooms, living room and family room along with a proper dining room breakfast nook in the kitchen and an office/library/den. I’d picked the house up on a foreclosure during the real estate crash in the 1980’s. I certainly hadn’t needed a home that large but the price was extraordinary, I was moving up in the world and had grown tired of small apartments and homes. I wanted room to ramble around. Within a year of purchase I sunk a modest amount of money doing up-grades. In 2019 I replaced all the kitchen appliances. The house sat on more than � of an acre on a corner, had plenty of big old Oaks and other trees and a large weeping willow in the back yard. I’d had a small swimming pool with a hot tub/jacuzzi and patio put in right after the 2008 housing crash and like so many other things during that time, I got a very good price on it. There had been some antiques in the house that became mine as well as a large collection of hardbound books all in great condition. I’d also discovered boxes of dishes in the attic that turned out to be 1930’s fiesta ware, a complete service for 12 including all of the serving pieces, a total of over 120 pieces. It was all in cobalt blue and a color called radioactive red and it didn’t appear that any of it had ever been used. “This is a really sweet house Rory,” Axel said with sincerity. It would be a 40 minute drive to the restaurant so I herded the boys into the car and off we went. The boys were impressed with the elevator which was on the edge of the building encased in glass for a spectacular view. The same was said for our table which was next to the windows and offered and even better view. We were seated barely a minute when a boy showed up at the table with glasses of water. “Hey Orion,” he said to my boy. He looked to be Orion’s age, was cute as hell and sported a mop of curly black hair. He was also noticeable effeminate. “Hey Timothy,” Orion responded, “I didn’t know you worked here.” The boy explained that his mother was a kitchen assistant so got him the job. He asked how Orion’s mom was and was given the news of her passing. “Oh my gosh I am so sorry,” Timothy replied, “I really liked your mom.” Orion commented that his mother had adored Timothy as well. a few more words were said then the boy had to work but commented that maybe they could get together some time. After he left, Orion explained their friendship adding that Timothy was one of the first boys that Orion had sex with. Interestingly enough Axel hadn’t known Timothy. He also said that he had never seen Timothy fuck another boy however getting fucked was a whole different story. The kid was a die hard bottom through and through. Our waitress came and asked if we were going to do the buffet or menu and I said the buffet. She explained to the us that all of our side dishes were chosen from a buffet line but that servers would come by with different types of meat and slice off small portions of whatever we wanted. They had 2 dozen different kinds. The waitress also set down a 4 inch long thumb sized dowel for each of us, half in red and half in green and explained that green up meant more meat and red up meant no more. I’d eaten at Brazilian steak houses before so knew the drill. The boys didn’t and were excited about the prospect. We went through the buffet line and were barely seated when the first server came by and offered us meat. From that point on it was almost a steady stream of offerings which delighted the boys izmit sınırsız escort to no end. We gorged for a solid 30 minutes before the boys were ready to flip their markers from green to red. Timothy came back by to pick up our plates and handed Orion a piece of paper. “My cell phone, give me a call some time and we can get together. Where are you living if your mom is gone?” “This is my legal guardian Rory,” Orion said by way of introduction and I’m living with him. This is my friend Axel.” The two boys shook hands. “It’s gonna take a few weeks to get settled in but I’ll call you.” He asked the boy for a pen and paper, got it, then wrote his cell number down and gave it to Timothy. “Where’s the restroom,” Axel asked Timothy who pointed then said to follow him and off they went. “Should I ask Axel to spend the night Rory?” “Sure, if you’d like to.” “And…” I knew what he was asking. “Yes I suppose it’s inevitable isn’t it? I mean, Axel is likely to press the issue so why put it off.” “Well, if I asked him not to then he wouldn’t but yeah, he likes you and we are best friends. I don’t mind sharing you.” We talked a little more about that and at that point I saw the boy in question heading our way. “Shit, I went 30 years without a boy in my life and now I’m flooded with them. Not that I’m complaining mind you.” “Not complaining about what,” Axel said as he plopped his pretty little ass in his chair. “Not complaining about you spending the night and helping me to drain his balls,” Orion said. “Is that an invitation,” the boy said with a grin. “I’d call it more of a threat,” I said “but yes, we are inviting you to spend the night. Do you need to call your parents?” He shook his head. “I told them if I wasn’t there for breakfast I spent the night at Orion’s.” “Ahh,” I said, “the boy scout creed, preparedness.” “I try to be,” he quipped. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled something out then showed me his palm. It was a little travel bottle of lube. I laughed The waitress stopped by with the bill so I gave her my card. She plugged it into her little card reader, handed the gadget to me to choose the tip, threw my signature in the little window then I handed it back. She gave me a receipt and off we sauntered. On the way home I whipped off the freeway and went to Costco where I picked up a Tiramisu for dessert and 15 minutes after that we pulled into my driveway. “I never thought I’d say this but I’m too full for sex,” Axel said. “Well, I got a pool and hot tub or we can lounge around and watch a flick,” I said. “I don’t have a swim suit,” Axel said then caught the expression on my face that essentially said, “are you kidding me right now. “Right,” the boy amended, “look who I’m talking to.” I put the tiramisu in the fridge and we headed out to the patio where we unceremoniously stripped naked. As stated, Axel ran 5-6 inches soft, slightly smaller than me. His balls were at full hang due to the warmth and it appeared that he shaved then and trimmed his pubic hair since I last saw him. We didn’t spend any real time checking each other out but simply dove into the pool then just sort of floated around chatting. “Are you doing a service for your mom,” Axel asked Orion. “Yeah, I pretty much have to since so many people from the office building had contributed to the GoFundMe. It won’t be an open casket because she doesn’t look so good and she wanted to be cremated. The plan is for this coming Saturday,” he said, which was 3 days away. Orion had decided to leave most of the furniture, choosing to take a few small items for the memories. He had reasoned that there wasn’t anything of any real or sentimental value, he wouldn’t need his own furniture for some years and it wasn’t worth storing until such time as he did need any. We climbed out of the pool and got into the hot tub and Orion continued the discussion. “Now it’s a matter of what to do with the business. I’ve been thinking Rory, that maybe I could have Carissa work until 3 and I could take over after school. If she wanted to work on Saturday’s then fine, that would be on her. What do you think?” “I think it’s a reasonable plan. We could also put some feelers out about leasing or selling the business and maybe Carissa would want to do one of those things, who knows. We’ve got to find its value first though.” Orion agreed. The boy seemed lost in thought for a moment then said, “You know, I think I want to look into selling it. I’ll graduate in 2 years then it’s off to college and I don’t need that millstone around my neck. Plus it would be nice to have some free time after school for a change. Yes, I think it’s best to unload it.” I told him that, for what it’s worth, I agreed with him. Orion moved up to me and all but climbed on my lap, draped his arms across my shoulders and kissed me gently on the mouth. “Thanks for being my sounding board Rory. It helps a lot.” I acknowledged his thanks with more kisses. Orion turned his head toward Axel. “Are you feeling left out Axie?” “Not really,” the black haired boy responded. I saw Orion give him a skeptical look. “Come over here and we’ll each sit on a thigh.” Axel did what was asked of him and so I had a boy on each thigh with arms draped over my shoulders. “Well now,” I said, “that solves the dilemma of having a mediocre boy.” Axel chuckled. “I suppose I’m going to hear about that on a regular basis.” “Well if I had to guess,” I responded, “if the roles were reversed, I’d hear about it on a regular basis.” “True,” Axel said then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. When he backed off Orion went in for his kisses but on Axel, not me. The two kissed with a passion borne of time and history together. “So,” Orion said, “how are we going to play this out?” Axel had an answer. “I think you two should fuck me. You haven’t fucked me in a while Ry-boy and I haven’t been double teamed even longer than that.” “What do you think Rory? Should we fuck his eyeballs out and make him walk bowlegged?” “I’m game,” I replied. Axel clapped his hands and bounced on my knee like a little kid. “Oh goodie.” That said we piled out of the hot tub and dried off, grabbed our discarded clothing and headed into the house. In my bedroom we tumbled onto the bed and engaged in kissing, sucking, licking, everybody doing something to everyone else and switching out partners like fleas in an outhouse. It was pretty much a free for all. I got plenty of make out time with Axel while Orion sucked his cock then we traded places. After that it was Axel and me on Orion then the two boy working on me. Orion and I finally agreed that I’d fuck Axel first and get him softened up for Orion’s python. I rimmed the boy while he suckled Orion until he demanded that I get a boner in his hungry asshole, his words not mine. We kept him on his back and I moved between his spread open legs and began the process, prodding his hole with my cock and teasing him. I finally pushed and slipped inside of him, causing the black haired teen to gasp softly. I gave him a moment to adjust before I gently slipped all 7 inches of me into his bowels then began to fuck him. Orion changed out position on him, first straddling Axel’s face so his friend could lick his asshole. That allowed Orion and I to kiss while he got eaten and it allowed me to also take hold of his raging boner and stroke him. While he ate him, Axel also fondled Orion’s heavy balls which caused our two hands to gently crash into each other. At one point Axel extended his hand to grasp mine then by some unspoken agreement we shook hands then went back to our business. Orion finally moved away the knelt next to his friend’s head and offered Axel his cock which the boy took to like a baby to a nipple. As I’ve said before, it had been years since I’d had sex and even longer since I’d engaged in a 3 way. We finally broke up and changed out, Orion slipped his engorged cock into Axel’s ass. Since I prepped the boy pretty well, Orion went in without any resistance and no complaint from Axel. Besides, what could the boy say with my cock half way down his throat. After a few minutes Axel asked for a change. Orion pulled out of him and Axel rolled into a position of half laying flat and half on his side. Orion went back inside of him and began fucking him while I fucked the boys’ face. I then turned to a sideways 69 so I could get at Axel’s cock and he mine. That was where we remained until Orion began crying out and pumping a ton of sperm into his friend’s asshole. Having his prostate prodded and Orion’s sperm in him caused Axel to cum and while I was swallowing his copious amount of sperm I shot my own, flooding the teen’s mouth with my own buckets of jizz. “Fuckin-A,” Axel exclaimed after we’d stopped and caught our breath. “That izmit anal yapan escort was pretty amazing, one of the best fucks I’ve had in a long time. Thank you guys.” That said we engaged in a bunch of kissing then hit the shower where we all took turns washing each other. I took the time to teach the boys frottage, an act that they had some how never engaged in. They were both amazed at the feelings of our slippery hard bodies sliding against each other. We didn’t cum in the shower but returned to my bed where Axel fucked my asshole and Orion did my face. I was a little surprised that Orion didn’t fuck me but as we lay cuddling and Axel had fallen asleep I asked him why he hadn’t. “Oh, I want to and I plan on it Rory but I want it to be just you and me and not part of a bigger picture. I want it to be special and doing it in a crowd isn’t special.” I kissed him hard on the mouth and thanked him for the sentiment. It was just one piece of evidence that Orion and I were meant to be with each other, a fact that I became more grateful for as the days went by. We got Axel home the next morning after a good cock sucking and jacking off session. It was fun just jacking off with two boys. Mutual masturbation had always been a fun exercise for me and this was no different. After that we went to Orion’s apartment and packed up the last of his stuff and a few mementos, not the least of which was his childhood sippy cup and his first child’s plate and of course the family photo album. There were a few other things but not much. Ronny, the apartment manager showed up and Orion told him his decision. Ronny made an offer but I jumped in and reminded the man that Orion was leaving everything which included extra paper products, cleaning supplies, every piece of bedding imaginable, bath towels, laundry detergent and many more things. The only thing lacking was fresh food. Ronny grudgingly upped his price and Orion came away with 12 hundred dollars. The following day was the memorial service for his mother which we held at my home. We placed the urn with her ashes and a really good photo of her on an antique table surrounded by vases of flowers. A minister said a few words, the guests added their own comments and thoughts, and 90 minutes later people were leaving. Among other things that day was the fact that we discovered that his mother’s public assistance insurance had covered all medical expenses which mean there was little left for Orion to pay for. That said, he got the entire GoFundMe account which amounted to 147K and some change. We also discovered what the business was worth and offered it to Carissa who hemmed and hawed but got back to us 2 days later with a counter offer. It was about 5k less than what it had appraised for but Orion took it. “Carissa is a great person, has been a good friend and employee I don’t really need the money and plus, it’s over and done without hassles.” I told him I thought that was a grand gesture and applauded him for making the decision. Still, he came away with another 17k and change. He also got the business account and his mother’s personal checking account and discovered a savings account that Orion had no idea even existed. All of that brought him another 6k. I convinced Orion to invest most of his money and with the same people that handled mine. We chose to keep the savings and checking account and put it in his name so he had spending money. We kept his mother’s 12 year old Honda with the idea that we’d trade it in when he turned 16 and get him something newer and more reliable. The weeks went by. Orion first fucked me 3 weeks after he moved in. To say that it was religious experience doesn’t do it justice. Bear in mind, that I’d never been much of a bottom to begin with, preferring to top my boys. But with Orion I felt it was important and even necessary. Orion was fine with being a permanent bottom with me. He had plenty of friends that would bottom for him, Axel being the most prominent, so it wasn’t like he didn’t get to bury his huge cock in a tight warm place and that almost as often as he wanted. But he also understood my wanting to share that duty with him. I wanted us to be equal partners as much as possible. I won’t go into a great deal of foreplay detail because it’s pretty much a rehash of the usual behaviors. Lots of cock sucking, rimming, kissing and the whole shebang. The actual preparations were pretty normal as well using the good old tried and true finger banging method since I didn’t have any toys. That would end up being remedied in short order. He managed to get two fingers into me, grazing my prostate numerous times in the process. I told him when the time came that it would be best if he was in position and stuff his swollen cock head in as soon as he jerked his fingers out. “I know you’re nervous my sweet man,” he said with a huge grin, “and I can’t say as I blame you but remember, I’ve done this before. I’ll be as gentle as I can.” I had to remind myself not to be a teacher all of the fucking time. I knew that I wasn’t the only former teacher who fell into that trap. And so the time came and it did so without any warning, which is actually the best way. Kind of like the scene in Long Kiss Goodnight when Geena Davis flashes her naked tits at Samuel L Jackson before ripping a bandage off a wound. “I love you so much Rory,” Orion said, “I can’t imagine life without you.” “I love you too Ry-baby,” I started to say but only got to “you” before he jerked his fingers out of me and stuffed his head cock in.” Instead of “too Ry-baby” what he got was, “Fucking goddamn.” Orion began giving me directions to breathe, to push down, to relax, all stuff I already knew but hearing it helped. It took longer than I expected before I have my adolescent lover permission to move forward, literally. Holding my legs back he slowly inserted himself into my body, stretching my asshole like a woman’s birthing vagina. It wasn’t comfortable, it wasn’t fun and when the boy finally came to a halt it felt like his cock head was poking my heart. Still, I was proud that I managed it and I was silently proud of Axel for being able to take that thing in his ass repeatedly. Orion began the process nice and slow and eventually the pain subsided, mostly, and began to feel better. Not great mind you, just better. For me, great just might be unattainable. After a dozen strokes Orion asked how I was doing and I told him I was okay, that’s I’d live and most likely still be able to walk in the morning. He laughed at that and of course I felt it in my asshole. Orion leaned forward and put his palms on the bed next to my hips. “This feels so good for me Rory, being inside of you. I know it’s not going to happen often but I sure like it.” Orion fucked me like that for another couple minutes before he said he was gonna take us home and did he ever. He began slamming that fat sausage into my ass then he’d slow down and pull out slowly then slam back into me. It was like how a horse fucks, not a dog, but that didn’t last lone and he was soon fucking me like a dog fucks, rapid powerful thrusts. I felt my body begin to change, it started feeling better then felt good. I was getting close to cumming and before I could mention it Orion said he was close. He hammered me, slammed me, power fucked me, his balls slapping my ass like Marcin Patrzelak slaps his guitar then all of a sudden he cried out. I felt his cock thicken against my sphincter muscle, watched his head drop and was sure that I could feel his sperm blasting into me. I came, almost as loudly as Orion did. I gripped his forearms hard enough that there were white marks when I finally let go. The boy continued to fuck me hard for a half minute before beginning to slow down. He kept it up for a bit before finally stopping. He stayed in place, head dropping, and panting like a marathon runner before he finally stopped. Neither of us said a word for a solid minute then he raised his head. A tear was running down his cheek but I kept my council. Finally he said, “that was amazing Rory. I came so hard that I saw stars. God I love you. I can’t believe how much I love you. Thank you for allowing me to love in this way.” I chose not to say anything because it wasn’t necessary. He finally softened and pulled out of me and quickly but the hand towel against my asshole. I held it in place and headed for my bathroom and plopped down on the toilet. There wasn’t anything solid but the sound raised some laughter. Orion and I piled in the shower for a quick clean up then headed to bed to snuggle. “How’s your butthole Rory?” “Sore but sated,” I said and got a chuckle. “I doubt I’ll walk bowlegged tomorrow but I probably won’t run either.” We yawned, kissed then lay quietly and soon Orion’s breathing slowed and he was very gently snoring. As I drifted off I thought to myself how fortunate I was. Love late in life is better than no love at all and I vowed to savor every moment I had with Orion and to love him to the fullest. Please You + $$$ Helps to ensure Nifty’s future. Please donate fty/donate.html

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