Subject: Kevin Twelve – Part 2 Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. All names, places and descriptions are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person, living or dead. Please leave now if you are underage, or dislike vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and boys. Please send any comments to ook. And please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Gay – Adult-Youth: M+/b+ cp oral anal – – – – – Kevin Twelve – Part 2 Jax One and Colin Sixteen were Rockers, or looked like Rockers. Jax One was a man in his late forties. He was tall and thin, and wore a black leather biker’s outfit. Colin Sixteen was a sixteen-year-old blond. He was also tall and thin, but dressed in a mixture of blue denim and black leather. They both looked dirty and scruffy from a distance, but up close, they were well groomed and smelt of Pears soap. “So this is Keven Twelve,” said Jax One to Mr. Butler. “Your slaves are getting younger and younger each year. What happened to that paperboy, Danny Fourteen?” “He became Danny Fifteen,” replied Mr. Butler, “and didn’t want to play anymore. He was only bending over for the money, so he didn’t really have his arse in it. Now, this young man seems to be very keen on the paddle.” “He looks mighty sexy, lying there like that,” said Colin. “He’s pink and red in all the right places.” “True, true,” said Mr. Butler. “Now get your kit off, lads. We have work to do.” A few minutes later, I felt bony fingers running over my shoulders and back. “He’s got soft, silky skin, Sir,” said Colin to Mr. Butler. “And his bum looks so ripe and biteable.” Colin’s fingers ran down my flanks, tickling me as they went. I giggled as more fingers joined in. Clearly Jax was helping his boy soften me up. Mr. Butler was playing with my ball-sac and cock, whilst I tugged at my restraints. I was beside myself with laughter as Colin increased the torment. The two men egged the youngster on as they played with my naughty bits. “Tickle the soles of his feet, George,” said Jax. “Let’s hear him scream for mercy.” And scream I did; just before a ball-gag was forced into my mouth. “Right, now he’s gagged,” said George, “let’s introduce him to the rubber bummer. It’s over there, boy, in that cupboard.” The Vaseline covered butt plug entered my arsehole in three slow stages – each of my tormentors took a turn at plugging up my hole. I lay there sweating as the men left me to stew. They then turned their attention to Colin Sixteen. * * * I could now see the skinny blond in all his naked glory. He stood beside the izmit escort bayan bed, directly in my eyeline, flaunting his seven-inch erection. It was thin and uncut, and devoid of pubic hair. George One and Jax One turned him around, so that I could see his “ripe and biteable” bum. The naked blond was then bent over, so that I could see his arse-cheeks being parted and his anus examined. “Nice and tight,” said George, as he toyed with Colin’s anus. “Just the way it should be.” “He’s a clencher, George,” said Jax. “Straddling the Triumph keeps him nice and tight down there.” The two men laughed as they slapped Colin’s arse. The youngster was then stood upright and turned around to face me. George One pulled him to the right and twisted his left nipple sharply. Jax One then pulled him to the left and twisted his right nipple sharply. The boy winced as the two men repeated the torment several more times. Black leather straps were secured around his wrists, prior to him being positioned against an upright metal pole. His legs were spread apart and his feet clamped into a set of wooden ankle-stocks, which held his feet some two feet apart. He was now in an extremely vulnerable position – his stiff cock was twitching away like crazy as the leather wrist-straps were secured to the pole behind him. “Right,” said George, “let’s try out the old school ruler.” The flat, wooden ruler struck each of Colin’s nipples, before coming down hard on his seven-inch erection. “Lummy!” I thought. “That must have hurt.” I began to hump the rubber pillow as Colin let out a torrent of caustic abuse – carefully avoiding any mention of George One, the actual perpetrator. He then cursed the makers of the ruler, and that’s when the ruler went to work on his ball-sac. “Tap, tap, tap,” said George, as the three upward strokes made gentle contact. “Is anybody there? Surely the twins are home? Should I knock harder?” “No!” begged Colin. “Please, Sir. Wait for my dick to get hard again. My nipples, belly and thighs all need measuring. Why not use the ruler on them?” “Good idea,” said Jax. “His balls might not survive the attention, George.” “Softies!” snapped George. “I’m surrounded by softies! Still, the boy’s invitation to measure elsewhere is sound. So let’s measure him up for a bespoke fitting.” Of course, the bespoke fitting was definitely going to hurt, so Colin had a ball-gag forced into his mouth. * * * “Who the fuck’s that!” snapped Jax. “They’ll knock the bloody door down in a minute.” “Ignore it,” said George. “It could be the rozzers,” said Jax, izmit eve gelen escort “and we’re down here in a fuckin’ dungeon, with these two!” “The coalman has a loud knock,” said George. “Because I’m always down here on a Thursday, when he calls.” “But it ain’t Thursday, George. So we could be in real trouble.” George went upstairs in the nude, and came down in a dressing gown some ten minutes later. He looked and sounded quite angry. The knocking had stopped; the muffled effing and blinding had stopped; the door banging had stopped. So clearly the storm had waned a little. “It’s the fuckin’ coalman,” growled George. “He’s nasty drunk and wants a show. He’s seen the push-bike out front, and the motorcycle, so he knows there’s arse about. I told him it’s not Thursday, but he ignored me, the bastard.” “So me and Colin will slope off now, and leave you and Kevin to it,” said Jax. “He’s seen us perform, so…” “Stop right there, tiger,” interrupted George. “Kevin’s new, and hasn’t been fucked yet. So you and Colin will have to go upstairs and give him a show. He’s in the chair, so you have the floor.” Colin shook his head and cursed into his gag. Clearly he didn’t want to give the coalman another show. Apparently, the man was a policeman, a Detective Inspector, who knew all about George and his friends. He was a kinky, vindictive man, and an ardent voyeur. He kept George out of prison because George kept him entertained with adult-youth shows and BDSM shows. The ‘coalman’ nickname was linked to a rumour, which involved a criminal being thrown, like a sack of coal, into an old, top-fed furnace. Therefore, no one refused the man a thing. Colin didn’t like being around the coalman. A cigarette butt had been stubbed out on his bare arse during the last show. And that bare arse had been well and truly paddled beforehand by Jax One. “Alright,” said Jax. “We’ll go up and give him a schoolboy-teacher show. Just lots of cock-sucking and arse-fucking, and no caning. He likes all that undressing the schoolboy stuff. And so do I, as it happens.” “Okay,” said George. “You know where the schoolboy-teacher outfits are, so go break a leg!” “Don’t say that!” snapped Jax. “It ain’t funny.” Colin grumbled and groaned as the two men released him and dragged him upstairs. He carped about the cigarette burn, but no one was listening. When George returned, he quickly released me and told me to keep my voice down. “Sorry about all this, boy,” he said, as he carefully removed the butt plug. “Now you get dressed and come back izmit otele gelen escort when you’re able.” “But not on a Thursday,” I whispered, smiling. “Not for a month or so,” he said. “However, you might want to give the man a show sometime. There’s good money to be made from play-acting. Colin’s moaning like a drain now, but he’ll walk away with �5 in his pocket today.” “Lummy!” I said. “That’s a lot.” “Keep your voice down, Kevin. I’ve got to get you out of here on the quiet. If he see you, you’ll be called upon to show. And you ain’t ready for a debut performance yet.” * * * On my way home, I decided to visit the public toilets in Ransom Avenue. I stashed my bag and bike round the back and headed inside to take a look. I unzipped at the urinals, took out my half-hard cock and slowly stroked it. An old man in his late fifties came in and stood at the far end of the urinals. He took out his cock and began to wank straight away. I didn’t make a move or say anything, I just stood with my cock in my hand. We pretended to ignore each other as we wanked. Then, a teenager came in and stood between the two of us – he looked to be around fourteen years old. He could see that we were both playing with our cocks, but that didn’t stop him from looking as he peed. He then shook his cock, put it away and left. “Bugger,” I thought. I decided to stay and continue stroking my cock. I wanked for about five more minutes, and was about to go when the teenager came back in. He stood between the two of us again and got his cock out, and this time it was rock-hard and sticking up in the air. I reached over to take hold of his stiffy; and as I did so, he instantly moved his hand away to let me. His cock was over six inches long. It was nice and thick, and uncut. The old man then turned toward us and leaned against the end wall, flashing his hard-standing cock. I slid my hand down the teenager’s cock and slowly fished out his tightly stretched ball-sac. He then unfastened the top button of his jeans, so that I could have a proper grope. His cock was red-hot and rock-hard. The old man had now moved closer to us, and was wanking himself off like crazy. The teenager reaching out and began fingering the man’s shiny cock-head. He only had to touch it for a few seconds to send the man over the top – spunk shot out everywhere, and some of it landed on my hand and the teenager’s cock. My cock remained rock-hard, and I gave it the odd rub to keep it that way. The teenager wanted to wank me off, so I let him. It was amazing having his fingers around my aching cock. We both stood there, with the old man looking on, tossing each other off, hard and fast. It wasn’t long before we both climaxed, with the teenager shedding his load onto the concrete floor. We all stood with our cocks hanging out for a while; then we stashed them away and left.

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