Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 06

Female Ejaculation

Saturday afternoon – what were they all doing?

Dear readers: You may be totally confused by this story. If you are please do read the sequences leading up to Saturday afternoon following Nude Monday.

Thank you!


When my Partner left her workshop there was complete, stony, silence in the room.

She went out, hand in hand, with the beautiful naked mother of the Titian haired girl, who had been bare breasted at the Restaurant only the evening before.

The girl remained standing, looking shy. She had the body of an innocent, young, teenager.

Parlour Girl remained dressed in her outdoor finery from the trip to the Mall.

This consisted of an exquisite eighteen carat gold collar, the most beautiful gold breast cages, held in place by her pierced nipples. There were gold drops on her outer nipple piercings. She continued to wear the linked butt plug, cunt plug, and jewelled clitoris cap, and of course her labia stretcher chains swung between her legs.

She had become completely used to them all. They were so comfortable, that she felt nude.

The idea of this dress epitomised the development of Starburst Jewellery, and it’s affect on National Nude Day.

My Partner, and the Goldsmith creator, was developing jewellery to enhance both female, and male, nudity. She was designing beautiful adornments that could be worn to emphasise the qualities of the human body. It was jewellery that would allow people to walk nude in public, to eat, and to shop.

Partner Girl was not overdressed for a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, but then neither had the others been, when they all went out three hours before. They were creating a stir, as at the Restaurant , or the red haired girl would not have brought her mother to the house.

Parlour Girl broke the ice by asking the daughter if she would like to see what they had bought on their shopping trip. The girl wanted to do this. They went, hand in hand, to the lounge room.

A dozen, or so, bags were scooped up from near the front door. They were deposited in the middle of the room. The two naked girls say cross-legged on the floor facing each other.

With Parlour Girl this meant that her stretcher chains touched the ground first, then her plugs were pushed together deeper into her most private holes. Always provocative, always sexy, she sat so that the two chains stretched out in front of her. Further she trapped them as she crossed her legs. This stretched her labia more.

She simply loved it, and as her mistress was in the shower, she wriggled about on the floor driving the plug further into her cunt, and the other deeper still into her arse.

The daughter watched in amazement as the collared creature continued to move.

In all innocence, she asked why she was not still. Parlour Girl giggled, then recounted her sexual activity since she returned from dinner on Friday.

The twenty year old girl was completely amazed that she had been a virgin. She stared in disbelief when she heard that she asked if she could try to give us a child. That she had willingly given herself to me.

She described how she had been bathed, and prepared by two beautiful women. She told of her hymen being broken, and how all four of us had slept together after wonderful sex.

The pretty redhead sat open mouthed. She was obviously becoming very aroused. She was hardly breathing.

Finally, when she breathed again, she gasped, and put a hand to her mouth. Parlour Girl was describing early morning sex. She told how my Partner aided her. She talked of how she had given her anal cherry.

She described how it felt as a penis pushed into her anus. She told the girl how full she felt, and how she wished she had given up her anus years before.

She told of how her hand was guided, so she could feel my penis moving behind her stomach wall. How she pressed her hand hard into her flatness as I moved out. How it was pushed away as I charged in.

Not many clothes purchases were seen. Instead the girl crawled to Parlour Girl, and pressed both her hands into that perfect stomach. She whispered, in wide eyed amazement, “And you think that there is a baby in there?” Parlour Girl’s head nodded imperceptibly.

Then she said, “Mummy does not know, but I am still a virgin.”

The girl took her hands away and rolled, in a languid movement, onto her back, gazing up at Parlour Girl. She placed her hands on her tummy possibly deliberately pointing towards her sex.

It appeared to be an invitation.

It was the body of a teenager on a twenty something woman. A person, who had become totally aroused by what she was witnessing, and hearing, yet did not know how to handle it.

The young slave, Parlour Girl, was filled with lust.

Now I believe that everybody has bisexual traits. Some are more bi than others. There are some, in whom it is virtually always suppressed. Then there are some who also suppress their heterosexual traits. It simply does not gaziantep escort bayan matter.

Sex is the most beautiful voyage in the world. Voyages of sexual discovery, and harmony, are the most perfect.

Life is one long journey through which we only pass once. It is to be enjoyed to the full. Sex is to be enjoyed to the full, and that is what these two young ladies did.

Parlour Girl gazed at her startlingly white body. She saw hips that were only just developing; she hardly had a waist. She looked at tiny cones where her breasts rose a little from her chest. She lusted for those wonderful pink puffy nipples. She wanted to suck the minute teats that tipped them.

A child like body lay in front of her, hands together above her naked, bald, sex crack, with her legs straight out, and feet together.

It was very inviting.

There was a definite aroma of arousal, but her cunt lips were still sealed tight shut. There may have been a small change where her clit had swollen to push the cheeks a little part. It was impossible to tell.

She was a delectable sight.

Parlour Girl moved in almost involuntary fascination. Her right hand lifted slowly, it reached to the start of that naked crack. It slowly moved down with only the slightest pressure. It moved to where the crack vanished between her legs, but no further. It moved back again

Titian Red hair surrounded her face. Eyes were tight shut, and she slowly licked her lips. Parlour Girl was entranced. There was not a sound, but as the finger moved down again, the tip of a tongue moved in unison over moist lips. It kept perfect time.

Parlour girl continued to stroke, while she slowly lent forwards. Her lips touched the tiny teat on the farthest breast, her mouth opened and she sucked the whole puffy peak into her mouth.

Her nipple jewellery just brushed the girls other breast, it ran gently over her naked chest.

The girl gasped. Her hands went behind the sucking head. She crushed it to her body. Her legs flew apart, so Parlour Girls last trace slipped involuntarily around the corner. It reached the bottom of her closed valley. She was dripping wet.

The single finger became two, and both plunged into the girl’s cunt in a continuous motion. Two legs flew up, almost crushing Parlour Girls exploring hand and arm.

A sexually repressed body became completely alive. She felt the constriction of her hymen, so knew that the girl spoke the truth. She took care.

Parlour Girl was thinking, “Well if I had a mother as sexy, and beautiful, as yours, then possibly I would always hold myself back”.

She tried to move her mouth to the nearer tit, but it was diverted to Titian’s mouth. There was a very long exploring kiss. Tongue moved around tongue, lips sealed them in, and they danced together.

Two fingers traced back from deep in her cunt, up an opening valley to her clit. At first they were gentle, but lust took over. They rolled, pulled, stretched, and massaged it out of slumber.

It was a beautiful climax. It may even have been her first.

That a pretty young female slave brought it on was irrelevant. The slave knew that her mistress would approve, and the girl deserved to be taken to ecstasy.

Two naked girls stretched out, and lay together. Touching, stroking, caressing, and kissing. No clothing was examined.


My Partner had taken Titian’s gorgeous naked mother to the shower in one of the guest rooms. Neither were lesbians in the true sense of the word. It was that both enjoyed sex in every way.

Winding the gold onto those beautiful breasts, while Parlour Girl stood behind her to lift them slightly, had proved too erotic, too sensual, for them both.

Two women needed to let of steam. They had to orgasm.

As they walked my Partner unclipped the gold chains from her Starbursts, and the one that still held the purse. They were dropped at the entrance to the shower room.

They just about reached the actual walk in shower before they were kissing again. Titian’s mother held my Partners face to touch both her eyes with her lips. She held onto her face, then her hands slid to her neck. Her mouth reached to a breast still covered in a Starburst jewel.

The extra long exposed teat was bitten and sucked.

The outer drops were removed, then her inner bars, exposing a completely bare nipple. It had become totally engorged, stretching to its full length beyond the encircling gold. Soon both nipples were the same.

There was a gasp of surprise at how long, full, and hard, my Partner’s teats had become. They were milked in complete unison by very skilled hands.

They still had not started to shower.

Each Starburst was slowly pulled the length of her nipple. Both her breasts and teats stretched even longer, there was a “pop”, and they were free. The jewellery was set aside.

Her hands passed over the now exposed breasts, along her nipples, on their voyage to her cunt. She moved with exacting care setting the skin beneath her hands on fire. It was the touch of experience, and a love of sensual sex.

One had stopped at the exposed clit, where it poked through the Starburst. The other continued its journey. It turned the corner.

There another was a gasp of amazement, she had not realised that the Star hooked into my Partners cunt hole.

She knelt, her face close to the belly, where the diamond and emerald points stopped. She kissed the distended clit, she sucked it out form her body. Then she removed her bar. The third piece of jewellery was pulled away. It was set to one side.

Now both women were bare

She sucked on the totally distended clit; she pulled the whole hood, and clitoris, deep into her mouth. Fingers on her other had found that wonderful rough area as a cunt hole forms.

A first finger and her thumb moved up and down pincering the sensitive flesh. She sensed the rush of a huge orgasm, and my Partner shuddered to her knees.

And it was my Partners turn.

She turned on the shower, and knelt down again. They both realised that they would become totally wet. Titian’s mother crawled beneath the cascading water, her backside turned invitingly.

Two hands were placed on her rounded arse. It was stretched. Her cunt was slowly licked. It was kissed before an exploring tongue moved to her anal rose. She wriggled, and cried, with delight as an experienced woman rimmed her.

Two fingers of her right hand, the smallest and the next, were eased into her hole. The two remaining fingers went into her cunt.

The web between the middle two fingers touched that short patch of bare skin, between the cunt and the anus. She could not go any deeper.

She braced herself as best she could against the anti slip parts of the fully tiled shower. Her arms were apart, and she was ready.

She knew what would happen next.

All four fingers were rammed in, and out, of both holes. Her cries became louder. They were not of pain, but of delight, and pleasure.

My Partner set up a rhythm. She stopped after two strokes, with her fingers as deep as possible. Her thumb stretched to massage a completely engorged clit.

Titian’s mother pushed back to meet each inward plunge, she screamed for them to be deeper, for them to be moved.

She pushed, and pushed, then waited, gently rubbing.

She did it again and again, realising that a highly tuned animal was close to a shattering orgasm.

Two hands stretched behind. They pressed hard on a beautiful arse, to pull both cheeks as far apart as possible. She stretched her own anal hole more. Fingers may have gone deeper.

The middle finger in each of the stretching hands entered her anal passage. She tugged herself further open.

Cascading water entered with the plunging pulling fingers. It was totally erotic.

A body was saying, “Take me.”

My Partner reached forward with her left hand, she found a swinging breast, then an engorged teat. She grabbed it between her thumb, and two fingers. She pulled it hard down, and backwards. A nipple joined in the dance, while the free breast swung in consort.

She pushed her hips against that gorgeous mature behind. Everything moved in unison.

Fingers kept up their rhythm; hands stretched skin to the same beat.

Somebody, who had been a total stranger, hurtled over the top to a gigantic orgasm. She shook, and shook, with pleasure.

She said, “That was wonderful, I do not think I have ever cum so hard, no, not ever.”

The both lay under the cascading water, slowly gathering their breaths. They kissed and stroked, waiting for heartbeats to return to near normal.

They kissed again, long, intimate, loving kisses.

They slowly moved to kneel facing each other, soap was found and two mature beauties began to wash. Each soaped the other with intimacy, and care. They washed, bath towels were found, and they dried each other.

My Partner was asked if this was normal behaviour with clients. She screwed up her pretty face, and thought.

The answer was that nakedness changed everything, and National Nude Day had a great deal to answer for.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON – Chestnut – Anal sex with a difference

Chestnut had come to my Study immediately all the other girls retired to the jewellery workshop.

I have always prided my self about my Partners Desk. It is a beautiful antique. It may be unique. It has four kneeholes, rather than the normal two. I bought it in an Internet sale. It was no bargain, but working at it gives me continued pleasure.

This meant that the dear, bejewelled girl could either sit opposite me, or she could sit to my right or to my left. She chose to sit close to me, on my right, to be my right hand.

So there I was, late on a Saturday afternoon, sitting in my Study stark naked, except for my nipple shields, and my cock ring. I was expected to undertake serious work on the Business Plan with a girl, who was also stark naked, except for gold jewellery, and chains. She was a girl, whom I had brought to a climax earlier in the day.

It was a little surreal, so I decided to confront my demons. I talked to Chestnut about it.

She was wonderfully frank, and open, about herself. It appeared that no man had touched her since her partner walked out, when she lost the unborn child. That meant that she had not had sex, with another human being, for several years.

My mouth fell open, and my heart went out to her. To all intent and purpose I had been allowed the privilege of helping two virgins to climax in the last twenty four hours.

I was awestruck.

My manhood was stirring again.

I asked what she had done to satisfy what was obviously a deep understanding of relationships.

For example, she had realised the games that Titian’s mother had been playing with me in the kitchen, and, as we had earlier found, she was a very experienced cocksucker.

She explained that the small hand case, the one that she had collected from her home, was full of dildos. I blinked in disbelief. She collected the case from the front entrance, and we began to explore.

We were not doing any planning!

She had everything, including two strap on dildos. One was virtually horse sized. Jokingly she said that Partner Girl should not see it. We both laughed, then realised that it was probably true. She must not see it.

She had simple butt plugs, two doubles, and several vibrators. She had jellies and creams. It was the armoury of a sexually active person, who had been hurt too much.

I asked about the strap on dildos. She said that they had never been used. She added, without prompting, that she did use single, and the combination, butt plugs. She completely understood why Parlour Girl was so attached to her plug.

She continued to explain that wearing the smaller, discrete, single, or double plugs all day set her on fire. She wore them to work. Then she would have to race home from a boring meeting, rush into her bedroom, and masturbate herself to an enormous lonely orgasm.

Suddenly she said, “Let us draw up an outline Business Plan. I will go onto the web. There is a particular site that has good free draft downloads. It will not take too long.”

Then she added, almost as an afterthought, “When we have finished the plan, please would you strap on the smaller dildo, and use it on me for anal sex.”

I was totally amazed. I gasped. What would we think of next! I did not know what to say. I sat dumfounded, in complete silence.

She started to work. Within seconds she was on our satellite link. She found the site, and two alternative Business Plan structures were down loaded almost before I had time to blink. She worked incredibly fast. I was very impressed.

Sensible questions were asked, about gross margins, current turnover of the jewellery design business, cost of stocks of gold, plus other rare metals, and stones. Then she began to ask questions on security at the Mall, design copyright, patents, and masses of other data.

She obviously had a critical business mind.

I ‘phoned our Restaurant Owner partner. He had some of the answers. Plus he had already discussed lease costs, local taxes, etc., with the current owners. These were e-mailed over. The document was coming together in a trice.

I stood. I went to lean over her shoulder from behind. She needed to find the Starburst design as a logo. My Partner had already transferred into a stunning symbol. She continued to work, apparently oblivious of the fact that I was still there.

I was completely mesmerised. I had just been asked to strap on a large dildo, and have anal sex with the girl only inches from me. What was happening to my life?

I gazed over her shoulders, past the three straps that hooked into her jewellery, that came together, and then fanned out to support her amazing breasts. I watched her both nipples move from side to side as she worked.

This was how my Partner had planned that the chains should work. They were designed to allow side to side movement, without sag. Her design was right.

I saw that her nipples were sticking proudly out from shield identical to the ones around my nipples. I saw the bars through each nipple. I had sucked there so hard only this morning.

I thought that I must be in a trance.

Suddenly she looked up, with that knowing smile that I had seen in the kitchen. She realised the affect that she had on men. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

She said that she needed shareholders, and other information. I told her that my Partner, and I, had discussed this while they all slept this morning. We wanted true complete co-ownership, and that this would require the lawyer’s touch.

She pushed her chair back against my raging cock, and started the printer running. She said, “Now I am ready.”

She stood up, and turned to face me.

She said, “You are a darling man, you haven’t a clue why I have asked you to take me anally with a dildo. Let me explain.”

“Firstly, and most importantly, you must be very sore, and we need you for Parlour Girl.”

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