Lady with car trouble


Lady with car troubleIt’s a cold snowy winter night, you are on your way home from work when you pass a cosy looking country pub you decide to pull in for a pint although you’re unsure if it’s open as no cars around, and it looks a little deserted. You open the door and see a huge log fire burning, you get a pint and sit yourself down on a settee facing the fire.Just as you finish your pint and get up to leave, the door opens and a lady wearing Escort a cream bobble beanie, cream bench coat and fluffy boots looking very stressed and cold …I explain to the barman that I am on my way home down this country lane when my car breaks down, my phones battery has died and so decided to walk as no one is around, struggling in the snow and cold I come across the pub and it’s dead apart from a man who looks like Escort Bayan he is about to leave …You go to the toilet and when you come back I am stood at the bar, you get a drink and ask if I would like to sit in front of the fire and warm up. You buy me a drink and we get chatting, after several drinks we start getting flirtatious, I unzip my coat and take it off, even though it’s cold out you see I am wearing a short Bayan Escort skirt and a tight T-shirt.After a couple of drinks I make my excuses and pop to the toilet. After a while you start to wonder where I am but you know I haven’t left as my coat and bag are still on sofa. Worried, you knock on the toilet door but there is no answer so you make your way in. As you walk in you see the barman with his trousers round his ankles and me on my knees in front of him, you turn around making your excuses when you hear my slightly drunken voice saying “come back here, he promised to give me a lift if I sucked his cock and god I love sucking cock!”, “I want you to watch”…………

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