Landlord’s Ladies


I awoke with a start by the sound of the front door slamming. I forced my eyelids to open and peered at the clock. 03:25. Must be either Paul and Sorrel or Ian and Penny back from a night out, I thought. The house had been empty when I’d come in at midnight. Back a day early from the long weekend. Whoever it was probably thought I’d be away until tomorrow so they were counting on having the house to themselves.

Great. I’d get kept awake for the next hour by the sounds of them shagging, whoever it was. If they weren’t too pissed to manage it. I enjoy a little ecotourism as much as the next guy but it just gets annoying when you’re not getting any yourself.

The day had been hot and humid and the night was turning out to be not much cooler. I kicked the duvet off the bed and lay there naked, listening …

“Can’t find the bloody hole.”

“I bet Paul says that all the time.”

“The keyhole.”

“Don’t tell me you’re …”

“Here it is … there. Door locked.”

The sounds of high heels clumping up the stairs grew louder and clearer. And the giggling sound of pleasantly slurred voices. Female voices …

No men. Perplexed, I rolled over and listened carefully, straining to hear exactly who the voices belonged to. I became aware of a thin line of yellow light down one side of the door frame – I hadn’t closed my door properly.

“That woman … what was her name?”

“Laura something.”

“Laura. I thought she was there with her husband, then she started snogging that blonde girl in the green dress …” That sounded like Penny. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful but a little naive. She had bright blue eyes, long straight black hair, a permanent golden tan and from what I’d seen, a perfect body. Ian’s girlfriend. Lucky bastard. It sounded like they had both spent the evening at some function or other. For the moment they were alone. Whether or not Paul And Ian would come home later remained to be seen. For the moment it was just me – alone with two inebriated but beautiful women.

“The blonde girl WAS nice though,” Sorrel, Paul’s girlfriend. A pale redhead with freckles … everywhere. I’d had a nose around in their room one weekend when they were out – looking for Paul’s porn – and instead found some photos that I’d assumed were taken on a beach on one of their foreign holidays. First a bikini, then just the skimpy yellow briefs. Then totally nude. Paul was a lucky bastard too.

I watched as their shadows momentarily eclipsed the light around the door. The door to Paul and Sorrel’s room across the landing opened and the light clicked on. The landing light clicked off. The girls continued talking …

“What do you mean … nice?” asked Penny.

“You know … nice.”

“What? As in you’d want to sleep with her?”

Both girls laughed.

“I can appreciate a good-looking girl without wanting to take her to bed Pen.”

There was silence for a second or two followed by the dull thud of uncomfortable high heels being removed and dropped on the floor. There was a creak as someone sat down heavily on the edge of the bed.

“So you’ve never tried it?” asked Penny.

“Tried what?” countered Sorrel, “could you get this zip for me?”

There came the sound of Sorrel’s zip being pulled down.

“Sleeping with a woman.”

This was getting interesting. I stealthily rolled out of bed and crept naked across the room on my hands and knees. It occurred to me that Sorrel was taking her time answering Penny’s question. I put my eye up against the edge of the door.

“I’ve … maybe kissed a girl,” said Sorrel.

This was almost too good to be true. They hadn’t even closed the bedroom door completely, it was wide open. Penny sat on the edge of the big double bed massaging her stockinged feet. She wore a figure hugging electric blue cocktail dress of some floaty, silken material. She was wearing her hair up for a change.

Sorrel was standing with her back to her, wriggling out of a similar dark green dress. She wore matching dark green Victoria’s Secret bra and panties I noticed, and as she slid the dress down past her creamy smooth thighs, black hold up stockings.

“Kissed a girl?” asked Penny, “what, on the lips?”

“No, on the bum, where do you think?” Sorrel started carefully folding the dress, started again, then gave up and roughly threw it onto the bed. She stretched and turned towards Penny.

“In a nightclub on holiday with Paul. We were both pissed and he bet me I wouldn’t do it. So I went and danced with this girl and we ended up snogging each other’s faces off. Tongues, the lot.”

Penny moistened her lip with the very tip of her tongue, “Was it nice?”

Sorrel thought for a few seconds, “Mmm, yes. She was a very good kisser.”

Penny nodded and leaned forward, “and?”

“I could see Paul watching and I thought I’d give the bloody pervert a show. Teach him a lesson. So I started fondling this girl all over … squeezing her ass, grinding against her leg …”

“What did she do?”

“She bloody freaked out, that’s Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort what she did! Started screaming that she wasn’t an effing lesbian and stormed off. I’ve never been so embarrassed,” Sorrel reached behind her back, unfastened her bra and was about to slip it off her freckled shoulders when she paused, looking down at Penny, “Sorry. I was going to get ready for bed. Do you mind if …?”

Penny was staring, “Wh … oh, don’t mind me. I’ve seen it all before. there’s nothing you’ve got that I haven’t.”

Sorrel smiled, then as if she were performing a striptease for an audience, wriggled her hips and with a flourish whipped her bra off and threw it across the room, “Ta-da!”

She bounced on the balls of her feet making her firm, freckled breasts jiggle, then stood with her hands on her hips and pouted at Penny. They then both broke into fits of giggles. But I couldn’t help feeling that in both cases the laughter sounded a little false. Sorrel’s nipples stood out like corks.

Penny stood and turned around, lifting her hair away from the nape of her neck, “Can you unzip me please?”

Sorrel took a step forward and reached for Penny’s zip, her other hand resting on her shoulder. Penny’s eyes were closed, her lips parted. A hush seemed to descend. For a long, long second the house was silent, expectant. Whatever happened over the course of the night would be decided in the next moment.

Sorrel began sliding the zip down Penny’s back, moving closer until her rosy pink nipples brushed against the material of Penny’s blue dress. They were hard with arousal. With one hand Sorrel pulled the zip completely down and then with the other slid the dress off Penny’s tanned shoulder. She leant forward and kissed her shoulder blade. Penny remained still, silent. Like a statue. Sorrel pushed the dress off the other shoulder and planted another kiss there, “Do you want me to stop?”

Penny shook her head and pushed the dress down past her hips. It puddled on the floor around her tiny stockinged feet. Sorrel slid her pale hands around Penny’s slim waist and onto her flat naked stomach. Penny too had matching lingerie. Dark blue, but a push-up bra that squeezed her breasts together and a thong. A matching suspender belt completed the look.

Sorrel leant close to Penny’s ear, “We’ve got the house to ourselves tonight. No Paul. No Ian. If you’d rather not and just go to bed in your own room you only have to say Pen.”

“I’ve never …”

“What, slept with a woman? Neither have I. Shall we find out together what it’s like?”

“Yes. Please,” answered Penny so quietly it was barely even a whisper.

“Have you wanted to .. I mean have you ever thought about it?”


Sorrel was quiet for a while, “With me?”

“Yes, ” Penny turned slowly around and wrapped her arms around Sorrel’s waist, “With you.”

Sorrel moved closer, gazing into Penny’s eyes.

“I’ve wondered how it feels for a man.”

Closer …

“Taking a woman to bed.”

Closer still …

“Being inside her.”

They kissed. Tentatively. Then deeply. Almost aggressively. Tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths and nibbling lips. Hands caressing spines, buttocks and ribcages, pulling each other hungrily closer. Sorrel’s naked breasts were crushed against Penny’s expensive bra and I was struck once again by the contrast between Sorrel’s pale complexion and Penny’s overall natural tan.

“You have beautiful tits,” whispered Sorrel.


“Boobs. Breasts. Whatever you want to call them.”

Penny laughed, “What do you call yours?”

“Pinky and Perky,” giggled Sorrel, cupping herself.


“No. Not really.”

“Only they ARE looking very pinky. And they’re certainly looking perky.”

I carefully opened the door half an inch wider. Paul and Ian wouldn’t be home tonight so the girls had all night to spend with each other.

Penny broke the kiss first and lay back on the bed. She took Sorrel’s hand and pulled her down beside her. The girls resumed where they’d left off. Kissing as if their lives depended on it. Then all at once Sorrel suddenly slid a hand between Penny’s thighs. Penny gasped.

“Sorry but my God, you’re so wet!” grinned Sorrel, “I can feel it through the material.”


“Why are you sorry?”

“I’m … I think I’m … horny,” Penny covered her face, embarrassed.

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Sorrel.

“But you’re a girl. We’re both girls. Women. Does this make us lesbians?”

“If you’re horny, I better do something about it,” said Sorrel, hooking her thumbs into Penny’s expensive thong, “What do you want me to do? This is the first time I’ve touched another woman down there.”

Penny murmured something that I didn’t catch.

Sorrel started sliding the sopping wet scrap of material down over Penny’s thighs, “What? I didn’t catch that.”

Penny murmured again, her hands still covering her face.

“Still didn’t hear you.”

“I want Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort you to … to go down on me.”

Smiling, Sorrel pulled Penny’s thong down and off, then pushed her raised knees apart and lowered her face between Penny’s spread thighs.

Then she started to lick, curling her tongue, lapping up Penny’s juices. Penny went rigid with both shock and lust. She gave a muffled groan, and closed her eyes helplessly as pleasure washed over her.

“You taste lovely,” murmured Sorrel.

“I’ve never tasted myself.”

Sorrel looked up, “You’ve never licked your fingers after …”


Sorrel pushed a finger into her friend’s dripping vagina. Then slowly circled Penny’s lips with her wet fingertips.

“Taste yourself.”

Penny did as she was told and licked her lips. Sorrel coated Penny’s tongue with vaginal juices, probing, pushing her fingertips into Penny’s mouth.

“I taste nice.”

“I know you do.”

“I need to come.”

The next ten minutes were filled with soft moans and gasps from Penny, punctuated with the odd squeal of delight as Sorrel touched her in a new place, and quiet wet, slurping noises as Sorrel licked and fingered her friend.

Sorrel lowered her head and sucked on Penny’s clitoris, quickly, temptingly, just once, so that she cried out. Then she shook back her hair and looked up. She said devilishly, “Penny. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Bum,” murmured Penny blissfully. She sounded as if the effects of the alcohol and Sorrel’s ministrations were sending her to sleep.

“What?” asked Sorrel around a mouthful of clitoris.


“Bumhole?” asked Sorrel, raising her head. Her lipstick was smudged obscenely across her cheeks with Penny’s tangy juices.

“Lick me there. Lick my bumhole please.”

Without a word, Sorrel turned Penny onto her right hand side and lifted her left leg higher. I couldn’t have had a better view. Penny’s puckered brown anus glistened in the lamplight as Sorrel carefully prised the other woman’s bum cheeks apart not ten feet away from me. My own erection was by now painful, dribbling on the carpet. I started to stroke my cock. Up and down. Up and down. If they happened to push my door open they’d find me, naked, wanking, and spying on them. I only wished I could’ve set up my camera and filmed all this.

“You don’t think it’s disgusting do you?”

“Mmm … What?”

“Wanting my asshole licked?”

“Not at all. You’re a sexy girl Pen. I want to kiss every last part of you.”

Sorrel’s tongue lapped away at the full, pink length of Penny’s vulva, then onward. Moistening her perineum before delicately circling her asshole. Penny gasped and pushed back against Sorrel’s probing tongue. Sorrel teased, slipping the tip of her tongue into the wrinkled ridges and creases before darting back out again. Then again, and again, each time probing a little deeper, a little closer.

“Uhh … uhh … don’t tease,” begged Penny.

“You like that?”

“Yeah …”

“You want me in your dirty little hole?”

“OhmyGod stop teasing me …”

Sorrel pushed her tongue into the other woman’s back passage as far as she could get it and swirled it around inside. Penny was by now sobbing with ecstasy. Sorrel stroked Penny’s secret entrance with one long, green varnished fingernail as she licked. Around and around, up and down.

“Finger me,” muttered Penny.

“For a girl who’s never shagged another girl, you certainly know what you want,” said Sorrel.

“Ian does it,” answered Penny, “he likes doing things to my bumhole.”

“I bet he does,” Sorrel probed Penny’s vagina with her fingers to gather some lubrication, then slowly, carefully squeezed a finger up into her friend’s ass. Penny sighed. Sorrel started to slide the finger in and out, in and out, until she felt that Penny was ready for more. She slid two fingers in.

“Ahh, fuck me …”

Penny’s anus squelched around Sorrel’s thrusting fingers, sucking them in. A squeaking fart forced its way out.

“Scuse you,” said Sorrel.

“Sorry,” apologised Penny and giggled self consciously.

“So does Ian do this?”


“With his fingers?”

“Mmm, yeah …”

“His cock … up your ass?”

“Sometimes,” Penny gasped and buried her face in the pillows as she neared her orgasm. Sorrel slowed the motion of her hand.

“I better stop.”

“Please don’t … ahh … I’m going to come.”

“So tell me what Ian does.”

Penny pushed back against Sorrel’s hand, “He likes to watch me finger myself in the shower … ahh.”

Sorrel paused, frowning then continued where she had left off.

“I masturbate in the shower … ahh … while he watches. Then he fucks me up there … ahh …”

“And then?”

“I go down on him.”

I noticed Sorrel clutching at her own breasts and nipples as she finally brought Penny to a shuddering orgasm. Penny jerked, her whole body going rigid. Once. Twice. Then she collapsed Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort like a balloon that had suddenly had all the air let out of it. With a few last, slow thrusts of her fingers, Sorrel withdrew her hand and lay down beside Penny. Penny smiled sleepily, “That was lovely.”

“Hey don’t you go to sleep on me,” said Sorrel, nudging her shoulder, “It’s my turn now. I’m still horny.”

Penny kissed Sorrel on the lips, “Mmm.”


“You taste of me. You’ve had your tongue up my ass and I’m kissing you.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.”

Penny slowly, languidly kissed her way down Sorrel’s body, her tanned flesh contrasting with Sorrel’s pale, almost white skin.

“I have to warn you I have very sensitive nipples,” whispered Sorrel as Penny went lower.

“They’re beautiful,” murmured Penny, taking an engorged nipple in her mouth and sucking noisily. Sorrel gasped. Penny kissed her way down to Sorrel’s navel, dipping her tongue in while stroking the other woman’s hips. She tugged Sorrel’s panties down and off and pushed her legs apart.

“What do I do?” she asked.

“Just do what you’d want done to yourself,” whispered Sorrel.

“But I want to be fucked,” moaned Penny, “I wish Ian were here then he could join in. Fuck me while I go down on you.”

“Or Paul.”

“Or Paul. But I think I’d feel awkward if Paul fucked me though. Or if Ian fucked you. If they could see us now,” she crouched over Sorrel’s mound and slid her fingertips into the wet slit there. Sorrel arched her back.

“There’s always John.”

My heart skipped a beat and my blood froze. Did they somehow know I was watching them?

“It’s a pity he’s away for the weekend too, otherwise I’d call him in here and tell him to fuck me,” Sorrel’s closed and she turned her face into the pillow as Penny lowered her face into her vulva, kissing, licking, nibbling. Then her fingers, sliding in, out, in, out … caressing and stroking, teasing an orgasm from Sorrel.

“I need a cock in me. Look in the … bedside drawer,” gasped Sorrel.

“What? Now? It’ll spoil my rhythm.”

“Do it Pen, please.”

Penny tutted and rolled off the bed, still wearing bra and stockings and opened the drawer of the bedside table. She pulled out what looked like a 10 inch realistic rubber dildo, complete with veins and foreskin, with some sort of harness of buckles and straps attached to it. A strap on.

“I am not going to ask you why you have this,” said Penny.

“Never mind. Put it on. Fuck me with it.”

As Penny studied the harness and tried to work out how to wear the strapon, I pushed the door open a little wider. Part of me didn’t care if they spotted me, I couldn’t miss this. Penny finally stepped into the harness as if she were pulling on a pair of briefs, and slid the straps up her legs. She tightened the waist strap and made sure that the actual cock was facing front and centred directly over her mound. She spat on her hand and stroked the shaft with her wet fingers, “Looking at this I think I could do with a cock too.”

Sorrel rolled over onto her back and opened her legs to Penny. She turned her face into her pillows and simply said, “Fuck me.”

Penny sidled forward and placed the rubber tip of the strapon at the entrance of Sorrel’s sopping vagina, “Don’t think there’s any need for lube anyway.”

She pushed forward, penetrating her friend, and began to thrust her hips forward and back, clutching Sorrel’s waist. I thought my balls were going to explode.

“Would you really fuck John?” asked Penny conversationally.

“Uhh .. bit slower, that’s it,” Sorrel reached a hand down between her thighs and started to play with her clitoris, “Sure, why not? he’s got a cock hasn’t he?” Her voice was muffled by the pillow.

“Do you think he listens to you and Paul having sex?”

“Maybe. His room’s just across the landing. I sort of turns me on if he does.”

“And me and Ian at it?”

“He probably can’t help it the … uuh, slowly … noise you make.”

“Do I?”

“Penny when you come the whole street probably hears it, Oh Ian, Ian, you’re so big. You’re so good. Uhh, uhh …” she mimicked, “Concentrate on what you’re doing. Pinch my nipples.”

As Penny obliged, leaning forward, sucking and nibbling her breasts through her bra, Sorrel moved her head on the pillow. Turned her head … to face me.

Our eyes met …

… and for a second her eyes went wide. Then she relaxed again and smiled knowingly, watching me watching her get fucked by her best friend. Knowing she had an audience had a strange effect on her. It turned her on even more. She started to writhe, to arch her back and to be a lot more vocal, “Uhh, that’s it Pen. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big, big cock of yours. Deeper. Fill me with your spunk. Make me come … uhh, uhh, uhh …”

Penny was obviously turned on by this and sped up, pumping her hips, her thighs slapping against Sorrel’s buttocks as she thrust into her, “I’m not like this with Ian am I?”

“Worse. Uuh … Don’t YOU want to be fucked Pen?”

Penny nodded. She leaned forward over Sorrel and place little nibbling kisses on the other woman’s shoulders, her hands kneading Sorrel’s breasts, her fingers pinching her nipples through her bra.

“Don’t you want to feel a man’s cock deep inside you right now … fucking you the way you’re fucking me?”

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