LayoverThis story takes place in Boston, on a cold,rainy, October night.We just got to our layover hotel in Boston after a fairly long, bumpy flight from L.A. The Captain, First Officer and myself went down to the hotel bar for a bite ti eat and a night cap. The other 4 flight attendants decided to go to bed. It was about 9:00p. After a light dinner and a few drinks the pilots decided to call it a night.Across the dimmly lit bar, I noticed what appeard to be a customer who looked liked the handsome older gentleman who was on my flight. He glanced over my way and we made eye contact. I motioned for him to come over to my table, and he did. We both recognized each other from the flight. I invited him to sit down, and I ordered some drinks for us. We began some small talk, and after a few more drinks, he asked me if I was gay. I told him I was. He told me that after 30 years of marriage, he was getting divorced. I told him I was sorry, and he told me not to be. He had knew all the time he also was gay, and had never had sex with another man. He was quite buzzed at this time, and summoned the courage to ask what it was like to have sex with another man. I told him it depends on what you are into. He was very curious at this time and wanted to know more. I suggested that we take this conversation to my room and we can continue to talk. He agreed, and I paid the bar tab and we went up to my room.He was feeling no pain at this time. I should mention, I was about 28 and he was 51. The room was a semi-suite and had a couch. I kept the lights very dim. I asked him if he had antalya escort any fetishes, and what they were. He was to nervous to tell me. He asked if I had any, and I told him I had a socked foot fetish. This seemed to pik his interest. He asked me what I did with socked feet. With one swoop, I took his legs and placed them across my lap, and laid him down. He was wearing size 11.5 black loafers, which I slowly removed, exposing navy gold toe otc’s. Using my left hand,my fingers slowly ran up and down his his left sole. Using my other hand, I massaged his right foot, gently. He said that it felt wonderful. His cock was getting bigger in his navy pants. I lifted him up and removed his blazer and just as I had done this, he grabbed my neck and kissed me. I kissed back, my tongue deep in his throat. I laid him back down, and rubbed his cock through his pants. My mouth went down on his cock through his pants, and he moaned. I asked him if he wanted to lay on the bed. By this time, the cocktails had kicked in on me. Put your arms around my neck I told him. He did and I found some strength, (he was a little bigger than me), and picked him up in my arms and carried him over to the bed. I laid him back gently and unbottoned his shirt and removed it, the same with his belt. Lowering his trousers to his ankles, I pulled down his boxers and took his cock in my mouth. He took one foot and rubbed my cock to an erection like I have never had before. Raising myself off his cock, I took his trousers and boxers off all the way. I raised his legs artvin escort up, and took one foot and began sniffing, licking and sucking on his socked toes and soles. I brought his other foot up to my mouth and had both his socked feet in my mouth. He was quite hard and starting oozing precum, as I was. I placed his legs down slowly and undressed my self. He grabbed my cock and sucked it like a pro. I pushed him back and kissed him, and told him I was getting close, and we have a long way to go. Lifting his legs up, I placed my mouth over his hot hole and rimmed the hell out of him. He let out a moan as I have never heard before, and began shaking when my tongue darted in and out of him. He adjusted his legs so his socked feet were on my shoulders. He asked me to stop, and puzzled, I did. He told me one of his fantasies was to be fucked by a younger man. I asked him if was sure, and he said he was nervous but wanted it. I took his hand and placed it on my cock. It grew bigger and his did too. I had a condom, and unwrapped it and put it on. My hands lifted his legs up and placed them on my shoulders. Gently, the head of my cock rubbed up and down his crack, as he quivered. Taking some KY, (placed on the nightstand earlier with my condom) I slowly inserted my finger into his tight hole. Another loud moan. I inserted my cock slow and gentle into him. He gasped loudly and grabbed his cock. I moved his hand and held his hard cock. He then took his socked feet and rubbed my face. I was riding him slow and easy, in further with each thrust. aydın escort Grabbing his left leg, I guided his navy gold toe socked to my mouth and placed his gold toes in my mouth. The aroma of his leather clad socked feet intoxicate me even further and my thrusts became faster. He gasped then moaned very loudly. Licking the sole his left foot, I took his other leg and did the same with his right foot. Looking down at this handsome 51 year old man, wearing nothing but his white dress shirt, unbuttoned, and his socks, I was overwhelmed. His piercing blue eyes looking right into my dark brown eyes. Stroking his cock in rhythm with my thrusts, he yelled he was cumming. I stopped stroking him and kept his hands away from his cock, with his socked feet in my face and mouth. Without warning, I began to cum. Grabbing his cock, I stroked him in a frenzy. We both came at the same time, and it seemed to last for several minutes. Heaven. Exhausted, I slowly pulled out of him. I laid next to him and kissed him on his cheek. He grabbed my head and kissed me hard. It was now about midnight. He told me he did not have to be anywhere until 3:00p the next afternoon, and I did not have to fly out until 6:00p. I suggested he stay with me for the night. He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, then it was my turn. He said he wanted to stay the night. I took off his shirt and was about to take off his socks and he said no, leave them on. I agreed and took him my arms and he told me, he has a new fetish, having his socked feet worked on. I saw him again a few more times. He lives in L.A. and I live in Chicago. We connected after a few years on FB. He now has a partner his age, who also is into socks and invited me to have a 3 way with them. His partner wants to see him get fucked by another man wearing only socks. L.A., here I cum. This is a long but true story.

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