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Subject: Meat for my Grill (14) This is a fictional story about this hot guy I met one of those online video chat sites some time back. Nate is a very hot and beefy guy that used to video chat for fun. I was a great follower if his page. Because he was hot as all Hell, and was hung like a bull. We chatted for some time, and I even hoped we would eventually hook up. But then his page disappeared. And I haven’t seen him online since. It is a shame. Because I would have loved to get with this hunky guy. This is for you Nate. Enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meat for my Grill (14) Gonzo Takes the Meat… … I sat there as I watched the undeniably hot show with my favorite cam guy Nate and his new roommate. The big guy named Gonzo was about to give him a nice good fucking. Nate was cooing on the bed as Gonzo move in behind him. He was still playing with Nates big meaty ass. Pushing several fingers into him. Nate under the bigger man and just moaning for Gonzo to fuck him. “Yeah daddy. Yeah!” He moaned “Take me. Take my ass stud” And that was when Gonzo slammed into him. Pushed his dick into Nate hard and rough. I heard Nate cry out, loud as the guy thrust himself in. His body pushed down more into the bed as Gonzo just started to plow him harder. Giving him a pounding like I have not seen on someone in ages. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He cried “Take it easy dude. Fuckk!” “Shut kocaeli escort up boy!” He growled as he continued to pound on Nate. All I could hear was Nates cries. While most of the viewers were cheering on the big dude as he raped the hung Nate, I was not. I didn’t want anyone to hurt Nate. I kept hoping I could get the hot guy here, with me. But even though I hated what was going on, it was off my hot in some way. The big hot Gonzo was slamming on Nates body lile a beast. Driving himself down to the balls over and over. And fast too. And Nate kept crying out from the savage fucking. Its a scene that in some random porn would have me mad nuts for. The brutal assault of some smaller dude by a big rough hunk. But here I hated the assailant. “Fucking asshole” I said “Shut up boy” Gonzo continued to say to Nate” “You are here cuz I say so” “Now take my fucking cock fag boy” And the man just gunned at Nates was. Banging away hard on his back. His big fantastic butt rising and falling as his cock slammed repeatedly into my sweet Nate. “Awe fuck, fuck. Yeah fuckk!” He crowed as he plowed up on Nate’s ass “Great tight hole” “Take it. Take me!” I couldn’t help my own hard on though. Watching this rough dude bang up Nate was still.ine if the hottest things I had ever seen. My head was secretly wanting to see more. My head also wanted Gonzo to fuck me like he was Nate. It was actually something I would prefer. I would like the dude kocaeli escort bayan better if I was in the receiving end if his assault. And him so continued to fuck Nate. To take the younger guys are as he pleased. Pounding away at the hole in his dick until he was sated. “Fuck. Awee fuck Nate” He then cried “Gonna fucking bust a nut!” “Awe shiit man!” “Here I go fucker. Take daddy’s fucking cum” “Awe fuck, awe shit, awe fuckk!” I watched as Gonzo pressed his big body on top of Nate. His thick meaty legs spread so everyone watching could see as he ground his exploding dick into Nate. His balls smushed up against Nates ass. Nat read under him just groaning in pleasure, thanking the man for filling up his ass hole. “Yes Gonzo. Awee Yess daddy” he moaned “Fill yer body up” Then Gonzo crawled up and off him. Then be got up for a moment. He walked over to the camera facing the bed. Shoeing off his cum sloppy dick. It wad covered in Nates ass goo too. Still slick from it all. “Look at this guys” he said “Just fucked up his sweet hole” “My dick is still hard from it too” He stroked at the cock. It was a nice dick for sure. Meaty 7 plus inches of hard dick. And something I would normally want to be all on. The guy was hot after all. Great body and cool tattoos and a nice ass and dick. Gonzo then moved back and licked his fingers as he stood back next to the bed. He then crawled back on the bed next to Nate. He reached for izmit escort the hot guys butt. He reached down and spread Nates ass cheeks to show his slightly swollen ass. Then he told Nate to push out some cum. “Do it boy.” He ordered “Push out my cum for everyone” Nate groaned but did as he was told. He pushed out some of the guys com from his swollen butt hole. Then just lay there as Gonzo smacked his. Butt cheeks a few times. “That is what boys get from daddy” he chirped “A nice com dump” “Anyone else want some of this” The bigger man waved his big softened cock at the screen. Shaking it at everyone. And the comments poured from guys wanting to be next. All wanted to feel his big dick and to get raped like he did to Nate. I sat there looking at his cock. It was a nice dick to have. But I kept looking beyond him and to Nate. To his beautiful fill ass. That’s where I wanted to be. Licking at Nates gorgeous ass. Then nate turned and started to stroke on his big cock. His hand sliding up and down the length of his schlong. Gonzo turned to see this and smiled. Then he crawled up on the bed and grabbed at the guys huge dick. “See what fucking does to thus big fucker” Gonzo said “Big and ready to just another nut” Then he opened up and went down on Nate again. Slurping up and down that huge dick like a kid on a lollipop. Gonzo slobbered and sucked on nate until he blew up. Licking and drinking up what he could that hadn’t spilled from.his mouth. Then the show ended and I was cut off from seeing my buddy Nate. Hoping that he would be okay in his new digs….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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