Somewhere on the coast of Mexico. Found myself here, sweating my ass off, 3 days ago. I won a trip, airfare, hotel, all expenses paid…can you believe it?!! I didn’t til I got off the plane and stepped into the heat. Been bumming along the past few days, an occasional tourist trip, visit to this waterfall, that spring…yadda yadda. So, I’m laying out on the patio of my bungalow, when I feel someone watching me. He’s leaning beside my gate. Khaki shorts, flowered shirt open, showing off an incredible chest.

I’ve been seeing him around the resort since yesterday morning. Some bigwig country music star. Comes here for dirty weekends I guess by the way he’s looking at me. Blond hair getting the sun, blinding. Deep tan. Yum. He watches me for a while. I see him lick his lips when I shifted to give him a good flash. I watched him shake himself from his trance and wander back to where ever. Watching him watching me got me all abuzz, and since I could, I masturbated right there on my lounge chair, wishing for him. Dozed off…

Woke as the sun was going down…hungry, sweaty…showered, put on this really cute sundress and went to the lounge for dinner. Grilled Mahi Mahi, fresh greens, strawberry sorbet. Mmmm, yummy fuel. In the mirror behind the bar, I saw him. Sipping from a longneck. As I watched him slide his fingers through the condensation on the bottle, I shivered, he saw me. Smiled. Wow…a hottie like this? All for me? Thank god I had a napkin handy. He rose from his table, walked to me.

“Mind if I join you?” His voice was flannel sheets on a cold night, silken bonds.

“Sure…you’re ah…”

“Yeah, I am…are you here alone?”

“Like at the resort? Yeah. Why?” Sipping from my fruity rum something. He orders dinner and we talk. About this destination, the resort, the spa and their masseuses. The hot spring up in the mountains. This little cove he found his last trip here.

I don’t know when the music started but he pulled me to my feet, glided me onto the dance floor to some slow rhythm, where he could hold me close. His cologne was intoxicating. The fruity rum somethings gave me the added courage to look up, into his küçükçekmece escort eyes, chocolate brown filled with yearning, passion, heat and hunger. Gently his mouth met mine, meshed. My fingers in his hair, silken ropes. His hands grasping from shoulder to ass, pulling me closer against him. I came up for air. Flushed, unsteady, hot and quite wet. In all my travels alone…this was one thing that had never happened.

“I really need a little air.” I said against his throat. Tasting his skin with my tongue. We walked along the beach path, toward where the suites and ritzy cabins were. We sat on the sand. The moon was almost full, making silver waves dance.

“I’ve never cheated on my wife. I know that’s not what you expected to hear. But I haven’t. Haven’t even gotten close…til tonight.”

I was surprised, speechless…so I let him continue. “…I saw you, and every time I’ve seen you since…I want you. I can’t explain it but I want to be inside you. I want you to be with me in the morning.”

“Take me then.” his eyes flashed in moonlight, lighting on my face. Watching.

“I watched you today.”

“I know…I was watching you.”

“I watched you masturbate.”


“I wanted to be inside you when you came. I went back to my room, and jerked off, thinking of you, remembering how you moved…”

“Like this…” I took his hand and slid it up my thigh. Slid it to my center, pulsing with heat and wetness. He slid a finger inside. I shifted to pull him deeper.

“As much as I want to be in you right now, I’m not going to do this on the beach. I want you. Let’s go.” He slipped his finger to his mouth and purred. We went to his private cabana house. Definitely top of the line.

I got just inside the door when he stopped me. Pulled me against him, possessing my mouth. Tangling our tongues while he ground himself against me. I know his shorts fell at the doorway. The sundress flew to the back of the sofa. His hands were kneading my breasts, molding them, gripping them tightly. Pinching my nipples. I moaned in his ear as he bit at my throat, küçükyalı escort my shoulders. He hitched my leg around his waist, bracing me against the wall as he slid into me. Still. Very still. It was the perfect fit. Depth, girth, warmth. Bone to bone. His to mine.

“God, I don’t dare move…we need a bed.” He carried me over to the king sized mattress, laid me back, lifted my legs to his shoulders, and started the rhythm. Occasionally his fingertips would brush against my clit, my lips. Moaning, purring…he bent to suck at my nipples, bit them til they rose, proud and rosy…and sucked them harder. Stroking, always stroking.

His chest was hard and smooth under my clutching hands. His back, a strong wall of muscle. He slowed…looking down at me, watching me…as he slid his fingers through my wetness, along my lips, rubbing my clit, slowly pumping his cock in and out of me.

“I want to watch you come on me. I want to watch when I make you come.” Rubbing, circling, stroking, feeling it build, with every stroke, every touch, every breath. I squirmed against him, ground against him, tried to assert myself, until he gently pushed me back to the bed. “…no, I’m going to hear you, feel you when you come…I’m going to devour you…starting here…” At just below my ear, he travelled slowly, when I wanted him to pound himself inside me.

Laving on one rosy peak, kneading the other, trailing across my belly. Feeling his breath against my thigh, feeling his fingers stroke and caress, build and build. His tongue slathered my clit, woke it up and hardened it, sucking slowly, feeling my lips and ass like a blind man with a braille newspaper…til they slipped inside. He held me still as his mouth worked me. My legs wrapped around his chest with his head and face buried in me. Slide out…mouth down to the crack, tongue sliding in, up over the nubbin, finger slides back in.

I know I was groaning with every little movement, every touch. I tried to grind against his mouth, his tongue, his fingers…he pulled back…watching the flush on my face, watching my breasts heave maltepe escort with my panting.

“Turn over …on the bed.” I did. He buried his face in me again…for only a moment. Then he climbed up behind me. I felt his cock against my ass, felt it slide in my juices, felt it get a fresh load of my lube as it rocked against, between my lips. He slid over me like a silken stallion. Pinning me to the mattress with my ass way up. Slid inside me, throbbing inside me, finally stroking inside me. Stroking, pounding inside me, and rubbing my clit, driving me up.

Burying my face in a pillow, I screamed out my orgasm, with every stroke of his cock…I heard him groan, felt my pussy clamp down on him, felt him erupt, pull me close, hold on, holding tight…drifting…sated, sleeping…

Darkness…he’s rising above me…I’m holding tight as he viciously thrashes my pussy…pounding harder, harder…faster, deeper…screaming into his mouth, as he swallows my orgasm, as he fills me with his. Curling me in against him…dreaming, sated.

Morning light turning my eyelids orangey…feeling his mouth against my nipple, licking, sucking gently, laving on it until it hardens, shifting to the other, giving it the same attention as its twin…feeling his hand touching, stroking my belly, my thigh. Only his mouth tortures me. I open my eyes, see him watching me wake, seeing him watching me as his fingers slide inside and cloud my eyes with pleasure, watching as he brings me again to orgasm, with his fingers and his mouth.

“I love watching you…when you wake, when you come…” I roll on top of him, straddling him, feeling his hardness against my warmth, my wetness. I let him pull me down to kiss me, but I shift, trailing my mouth along his throat.

My hands explore his hard planes, his sweet lips, him. His chest tastes like warm honey, as I travel, dampening him. His cock bumps my chin, as if asking for a turn…and of course, it is its turn.

He’s turned me inside out, upside down, all around and it’s my turn. Licking his head, tickling the sweet ridge mouthing his head through my lips, swallowing his shaft, clasping his swollen balls in my palm, massaging them as I suck him, drowning myself in his taste. Moaning as I drive him up this time. I hear his grunts, his half strangled no, not yet…taste his seed, swallow it. Licking every droplet from him, from my lips…his eyes are closed, his face is peaceful. He pulls me down to him, holds me…whispers softly “…what an incredible anniversary…I love you…”

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