MELAINE IS POUNDED PART 3Melanie was smiling. Well, that was part of the dance, you have to look like you’re enjoying it. And she was! She was getting the biggest turn-on seeing the avid gleam in Lee’s eyes as he watched her move. Gingersnap was starting to take over. Her natural instinct to tease and flaunt her charms when performing was asserting itself and without even thinking about it or making the choice, Melanie began tugging at her clothing, first by taking the long strands from the knot of her kimono belt in hand and miming as though she were going to loosen it. She then reached down to where the skirts of her kimono covered her hot pants, and started sliding them upwards, pulling them up to reveal her snug pants. And then, with an emphasis on her patented hip grind, she began to run her hands seductively over her hips and belly. Slowly she turned round again, dancing slowly, sexily, and gently running her hands over her round ass, cupping her cheeks and lifting each in turn for her son’s benefit.Lee couldn’t help but admire the soft flesh she was presenting for him, even through her hot pants. As she came round to face him again, she had brought her hands round to her front again, sliding them down to suggestively cup her crotch. Running a fingertip up the zipper of her pants the little coquette began to toy with the snap. With a small pout she danced forward, closer to Lee whose eyes couldn’t leave the sight of her teasing play at the snap holding her pants together. He watched with a hope that was rewarded as she slowly worked the snap free and began to ease the zipper open. She was taking her pants off for him.This was more then Lee could have hoped for, and he rewarded her with a surge in his cock. It was beginning to stir and Melanie felt a thrill of success at the sight. This is what she did for a living. She made men’s cocks hard and they paid her for it. What kind of a reward could she hope for here? Perhaps, yes, perhaps the sight of her own son’s cock rising to salute her.She teased the zipper down, her hips weaving. Did he want more? She wagged a finger “no” at him, and then raised it to her lips thoughtfully. Well, perhaps… Still dancing, she ran her finger down into her pants to her sweet pussy., and then began to slowly work the hot pants off. This was all part of the tease, after all she still had her panties on underneath, but she could get him to thinking about the possibilities, and that was all a key part of the game. Anticipation.She wiggled the pants down her legs, bending forward in the process so her boobs could swing forward as well, straining the fabric of her kimono for her man’s delight. She was a bare three feet from Lee when she stepped out of her hot pants and tossed them on the bed as a trubute to his now clearly swelling cock. She was wearing only her panties and kimono now, and twirled back in a pirouette to consider what should come next. Her natural inclination was to undo the kimono, show off the boobies. That’s what her show was about. And yet, that seemed too explicit. With the bottom of her kimono covering her hips, ass and the sweet spot, she could enhance the tease by taking her panties off and showing the prize… without really showing it. It seemed like a Gypsy Rose Lee kind of thing to do and before she knew it she found herself doing hip thrusts at Lee and sliding her panties slowly down in imitation of the hot pants. As her panties slipped to the floor and she stepped out she felt a thrill of excitement at what she had done. She was dancing pantieless in front of her son! She had only the bottom of her kimono barely covering her modesty. Lee was aware of this too and clearly felt the same thrill as his cock stiffened enough to point not quite upwards in a full erection, but half hard and directly at her. In a moment of inspiration, Melanie bent forward to pick her panties from off the floor, displaying ever more cleavage as her kimono was gradually loosening itself from the pressure her big jugs were putting it under. She swayed in close to Lee and in a moment of inspiration dragged her panties lightly across his cock and then left them d****d there. She smiled up at him, her eyes glowing, “Don’t let it fall.” She whispered.Lee was a sight. He had remained on his knees on the bed, his boxers shorts around his thighs, his mother’s panties d****d across his rampant cock. Melanie wove around her son’s bed, hips swaying, breasts moving in ever growing agitation. Her dance was Escort g becoming more frenetic as the music reached a climax. She raised her arms in the air, snapping her fingers again, which pulled the kimono up slightly revealing just a glimpse of her sex. Lee kept his eyes glued on her and could not miss this glimpsed of paradise she offered him.As the song came to an end, Melanie kept on dancing, very close to Lee now and running her fingers lightly over his chest, and slowly, provocatively, down his belly to where his rapidly engorging cock was rising to meet her. Another song came on, this one was at a faster tempo and Melanie began to move faster in response, pulling at the front of her kimono, tugging at it and slowly pulling it apart, revealing, ever more of her quivering bosom. Smiling in front of her son she gradually opened the garment, slithering it off her shoulders and down to rest just covering her huge jugs. She clutched it there with her right hand and left it there for a moment and moved closer to Lee, dancing only a few inches before him. His now rock hard cock was almost brushing her skin. She reached down to take his hand and pulled it up to replace her own holding her kimono close.. The invitation was clear. It was up to him to decide to finish undressing her.Lee reached a full hard erection holding his mother’s kimono closed, his fist buried between her twin mountains of soft flesh. Her boobs swayed back and forth pressing in on his fist from the left and then from the right. She reached for his other hand to pull it up between her tits holding her kimono closed. His two big fists were now pressed firmly into her boobs. The backs of his hands spread her cleavage apart. It felt so good that Melanie moaned. She took his wrists into her small hands and pulled his fists apart to drive them more deeply into her tit-flesh. As she did so the folds of her kimono came apart, more fully exposing her boobs. She pulled his fists over her nipples, using his knuckles to deepen the massage over their most sensitive parts. She was so deep there. The tit-flesh could go on forever.Lee dropped the cloth of the kimono and all pretense was over. Her took his mother’s boobs into his big hands and began to fondle them greedily. Melanie wiggled her arms out of the kimono sleeves so that it could fall around her hips, held only in place by the ever loosening silk tie. It was now the only bit of clothing she had to protect the modesty of her pussy. Her boobs were now proudly out and she put her arms around his neck and continued the slow dance that ground her big tits into his hands more fully. His hands explored them thoroughly, digging in, lifting, squeezing, feeling there heft and softness. They came so close that she felt his big cock throbbing and bumping against her belly. It excited her and turned her on even more when she heard Lee gasp at the first contact. He was so horny, and his mother’s skin felt so soft against his over-heated meat. The silk panties remained d****d over him, and as Melanie pulled him closer, they became trapped between his cock and his taut torso even as he felt the full sensitive length of the underside of his cock sliding deliciously up against his mother’s warm belly. She lifted her head to him, her moist lips parted, her eyes closed and she took his mouth in a deep kiss.Her lips were so full and soft, her tongue darted into his mouth teasingly and her breasts continued to fill his hands. She ran her hands down over his muscular arms, down all the way to his as which she grasped firmly and pulled closer. She broke of their long kiss to whisper to him.”You like mommie’s dance?” There was no answer but heavy breathing and a deeper squeeze on her tits. That was response enough.”You like mommie’s big tits?” A groan and another hard squeeze. “Mommie got them just for you.” Lee went at them with a vengeance now, vigorously squeezing and mauling Melanie’s melons. She was panting now, too, and whispered again.”You like rubbing your big dick against mommie’s tummy?” She cupped and lifted his ass, forcing a long close stroke. Lee moaned. “Rub it on me, baby. Mommie likes it.” That got a deep growl from her son who began to blatantly hump his mother. She put her arms around her son’s neck again and whispered. “Cum for me, baby. Mommie needs you to cum.” And with that she put her lips to his again, and kissed him ferociously, luring his tongue into her mouth.It didn’t take long. Lee pounded Melanie, invading Escort Bayan her mouth, manhandling her boobs and pumping himself shamelessly against her belly. In less then a minute she felt the hot stream of his cum spurting up between their bodies, coating her belly and up into her cleavage. He continued pumping against her as she stooped enough to get his cock between her boobs. His hardness hadn’t diminished much, and slick with his cum, he easily stroked between her boobs, titty-fucking his own mother for a dozen strokes, until she continued to slid down until she came to the head of his cock and sweetly kissed it.Then she kissed it again, giving it a lick, and placing her mouth directly over the top, she enveloped the big plum head of his wonderful man-root. Lee stared down in amazement at the tosseled red-headed woman worshiping his cock. His mother sucked his dick for a moment more and with a smacking sound looked up into his eyes and smiled.Chapter 10:When Lee woke the next morning with his boxers still wrapped around his thighs, he looked and saw that once again he had slept with his own mother. Lying on her stomach, she was all but nude, her kimono having twisted and bunched itself up around her waist (somehow it had remained tied throughout the night), thus exposing her excellent ass to his appreciative gaze. He gave her left cheek a little slap. “Asshole,” came a muffled voice from Melanie’s pillow. “You mean right here?” He grinned and slid his hand deftly into the cleavage and down between her legs. Melanie started and turned instantly for a swipe at his hand.”Hey!” she snapped. “Knock it off. Don’t go digging around down there.” Now Lee had a good look at all of his mother’s goodies. Her big boobs lolled towards the bed sheets, her belly flexed under a layer of fat, and her pussy was uncovered for the first time Lee could remember. His cock noticed it as well. He dropped down beside her and put an arm around her body, pulling her to him. She didn’t resist. “You are a great dancer,” he said and smiled at her. “You don’t do all of that at the club, though. Do you?””Oh god, no. That was a special command performance.””Time for another.”She felt his cock beginning to take up space between them. “Oh god, I don’t know Lee. We can’t just…” “Sure we can, Ma.””No, I…””Listen, Ma. I’ve decided. I want to go to art school. I want to, and only you can get me there. Eric and Haley, they’re just a distraction. It’s not going to work the way they have in mind. I’ve got to go to school and get better, or I’m just going to be a porno artist. That’s not what I want.”Melanie’s heart swelled at what he was telling her, that her dream was his dream. “You can do it, Lee.””Not without you, Ma.” He pulled her closer, mashing her breasts against him, his cock now a hot poker against her belly. She found herself reaching her arms up around his neck to embrace him.”I’ll drift without you, Ma. I need you in everything. I need your drive, Ma. Just us, you and me.” “Anything,” she whispered as she moved against him. He ran his hand down her side, over her hip to cup a buttock. She lifted a thigh up over his leg and shifted her body upwards, bringing her hungry sex closer to the meal it needed.She buried her face in his shoulder. “God I’m so horny.””Me too, Ma. You make me horny, too.” He moved against her, dragging his stiff cock slowly down to her cleft. Melanie whimpered at the first contact. As he pulled his long dick slowly past her swollen clit, her breathing became ragged and urgent. As he rolled her onto her back, her legs parted and when his big knob nestled against her drooling nether lips, she clutched at his back to draw him closer.”Don’t leave me.” Her voice was trembling with desire and anticipation. “I’m right where I want to be.” And with that he thrust firmly into her ravenous cunt. It parted easily, her vaginal lips opening to engulf him. Big as he was, harder then he had ever been with another, he split her wide but met no resistance. He slipped right down her slick wet tunnel of love, his shaft filling her perfectly.Melanie was panting now. “Give it to me, I want it all!… God… dammit… I’ve been so empty for so long… Fill me up… you’re…you’re… filling me up.. stuffing me… fucking me!””I love you, Ma!” he cried as he bottomed out, grinding against her clit. “Then fuck me… fuck mommie.. . fuck your mommie… I need it, baby, I need my baby’s big dick.”Lee began long-stroking her, pulling Bayan Escort out teasingly, and then filling her again, so deliciously. He felt his balls filling up, loading up with his thick cum. He thought about how he was loading up his shaft, filling it to capacity, filling it with his sperm as he drove in and out of his mother. “God I’ve wanted your cock, I’ve wanted your cock… just like this, just like this, baby.” She was bucking in rhythm with him now, rising to meet his every thrust, thrilling at the massive quantity of meat he was stuffing her with. Her boobs bounced frantically with each powerful stroke. Waves rippled through the pliant mounds. Lee was pounding her now, fucking her hard, filling his cock with a load for his mother. But not yet, not yet, he didn’t want this to end too soon.At that point Melanie had her first orgasm. It was a long and drawn out affair. Lee realized it when she stopped speaking and her panting became faster, more frenetic, and then louder. Melanie had never been a screamer, but in the excitement of her son fucking her, fucking her for the first time… in her heart Melanie knew that this was only the first time… she let loose in a low wail and that rose in pitch and volumn as she grabbed him close and pounded on her son’s back. Lee just kept on banging her, which was exactly what she needed and she simply clung to him and shuddered as the tide of sensations swept through her.But Lee was not finished with her yet. His cock was filling. It occurred to him that she was actually already filled with his cum, only it was just still inside of his cock, but his cock was inside of her, inside his of mother who welcomed it…needed it. Needed him, just as he needed her. He just had to relax a bit and let it flow into her, but not yet!Melanie was building to another climax and Lee focused his efforts on making her cum again. This one was sharper, higher pitched, leaving her a short little panting shrieks as an audible response to what her son was doing to her. Her next orgasm followed immediately on the second. She was shaking now, barely in control of her arms and legs as she spasmed in her third delight.”S-stop… stop it… aaaaeeeeiii!” Lee had no intention of stopping yet and in the next minute he pounded three more shattering climaxes into his mother’s responsive body.”Baby… baby…baby…” It was all she could whimper, but it satisfied Lee like no other endearment could and finally, with all intention and deliberation, he came in his mother. He let his cock open up, and the hot roiling mess of his ejaculate spilled from the pipe he had driven into his mother’s willing cunt. It churned forth, thick and frothy to thoroughly paint the walls of his new home.”Yes… yes… yes…” She moaned contentedly. She was deeply satisfied, at peace and in no hurry for Lee to leave her. He continued to pump her now, for quite some time really, as neither was ready for their time to be over, and when he finally, slowly pulled out of her she could only slowly exhale. Lee had churned their combined juices into a single buttery paste. They were truly united now.They rested against each other for a few minutes, their hearts still racing. Then Melanie began to move against him, sliding down his body until she brought her tongue to his still half-hard cock. She began to clean him. It was her old training asserting itself. Not the Gingersnap persona. No, this was an older persona. This was the slut training she had received from Leon Pounder Sr. who had been the one to teach her to suck cock, especially to clean her man after sex using her own mouth. This was the only way she knew how to have sex, the only way to make love. She nibbled at the big plum head, still glistening with their love juice. She took it in, and then out, to work her way down the shaft, which was beginning to stiffen again. This only gave Melanie more work to do, but it was work she loved, slurping every square centimeter of her son’s big cock. For his part, Lee was surprised and delighted. He rolled slowly onto his back, as his mother continued to suckle his meat. Melanie climbed on top, her big tits resting heavily on Lee’s belly. He never wanted them to leave. As she positioned herself over his mouth, straddling him, he realized what she was offering; for that was the other part of her training, making of her sated and overflowing pussy a chalice for him to drink. As Lee dined on the delicate flowering lips of her sex, and lapped nectar at the bud of her swollen clit, he felt gratitude that his own cock would make a feast for his mother. He was gratified that she was so greedy with it.And they nourished each other in hope and desire as the opening of a new day claimed them.

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