Met her online


Met her onlineI was online checking to see if i could find a Mistress that was looking for a sissy slave, well a few days later i got a e-mail from a lady said she was looking for a new boy bitch an over the next 4 or 5 months she knew all my little secrets, she mailed me a locking cock cage that a note said put it on an lock it i did without thinking thats when i noticed that the key was missing , i sent her a e-mail asking her where the key was , she said that i didn’t need the key ….. wow only met her online a week earlier an she owns my cock , i have never went more than a week without jerking off i asked her about sending me the key but she said i didn’t need to cum , i told her my balls hurt an they were swelling , 3 months an she had total control of me i did what she told me to do , i have been wearing women’s cloths for 20 years , my ex wife would dress me up like a whore an use a strap on an fuck me i enjoyed it, i never wanted to have sex Escort bayan with a man , but she took me out to a bar one time an we were the only 2 women in the bar 12 drunk old men asking us to dance my wife told me to slow dance with one i begged her not to make me , that old man told me what al he was going to do to me, we left when he wasn’t looking, when we split up her sister moved in an she got me wearing skin tight short dresses that when i walked my ass cheeks would show , well my new online Mistress wanted me to dress up an take pictures an send them to her , she sent me a package that had waist an ankle cuffs a huge butt plug the next day she e-mailed me asking me if i wanted her to unlock her cage an milk my cock that i needed to come to her hotel room , she told me to wear my red dress white garter with fish net stocking red 6 inch heels put on the cuffs , here i was walking in a room of a lady i met Bayan escort online , a note on the table said she would be back, the note said to fix me a drink it would help me relax well i fixed another i walked in the bathroom an she had a note hanging on a 2 gal. bag i pull my panties down pushed the tube in my little hole opened the valve taking all of it in me , the note said put that big plug in oh it open me wide my panties were soaked with my pre cum , those two drinks hit me so i set down on the bed , don’t know how long i was out but when i woke up i was standing hands hooked over my head my ankles spread wide apart my nipple rings had weights hooked on them , then my cum soaked panties were put in my month then a ball gag , then that huge plug was shoved in my ass pussy , she unlocked my cock then pushed a cum stopper plug in my pee hole , something that was inside me started vibrating when it stopped i Escort open my eyes an was shocked to see a man seating on the bed he reached up a grabbed my cock telling me that i would beg for his cock an cum , he took pictures of me then he rip my dress off then unhooking my ankles an waist laying me on the bed on my back waist cuffed to the head broad then my ankle cuffs were hooked to my waist he told me that i was going to watch him fuck my ass pussy he pull the butt plug out then he push something else in me then pulled it out , he took the ball gag an my panties out my mouth , i couldn’t move i begged him to let me go then he touched my little hole he heard me moan an then i watch him put the head of his 10 inch cock in me as he open me up i told him it was hurting me ripping me in half , then he pulled it back out an back in making me moan again he asked me if i liked being fucked like a sissy bitch , that when he was ready to milk me dry the plug would be taking out of my pee hole an he would fuck me making me cum like a girl , he kept me in that room for 8 days i woke up an a maid was looking at me i had heels on fish net stocking had holes in them makeup smeared over my face an i was covered with his cum an mine ………

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