Missed Connection Made


Thanks to McSmoothie for his editing skills. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Missed Connection Made

“Shit, shit, shit,” I whined under my breath as I ran through the airport trying to make my connection. I should clarify, my attempt at running. I had gotten a rather painful sunburn on my back two days before, making bra wearing near impossible. So my running was hampered by wildly swinging tits.

Slightly out of breath, and still swearing to myself, I finally got to my next gate to find the attendant shutting the jetway door.

“DAMN,” I swore loudly this time. The gate attendant turned around at my outburst.

Now my breath was taken away again, not by my “running” but by the handsome airline associate who just closed the door and thus ending my hopes of catching my next flight.

He gave me a lopsided grin and said, “Oh I’m so sorry, hang on a sec while I finish up with this flight and I’ll help you get a new connection.”

I sighed with relief at getting help so quickly, and leaned against the counter to fully catch my breath. He walked back over to the counter in a few minutes, done with his tasks. He was wearing an even bigger grin and staring lower than where my eyes were. I looked down and realized the cause, my tits were propped up on the counter, cleavage on full display. In my relief, I guess I heaved them up there not knowing what a sight I was causing.

I blushed with some embarrassment and went to step back. “Please don’t adjust yourself on my account,” he said, “you look very comfortable just the way you are.” I blushed even more but stayed exactly where I was, shyly grinning back at him. He winked at me at said,”Now, let’s find you a new flight.”

He clicked and clacked at the keyboard, finally looking up, this time into my eyes. “I can get you on a connection in about 5 hours,” he announced. “Perhaps that’d give you some time to rest and refresh after your run,” his voice full of innuendo. “I know the exact perfect spot for you, and luckily I’m about to go on my lunch break so I can show you there myself.”

“Thanks so much,” I said, “you’ve been a huge help and I really appreciate it! Traveling can be so stressful.”

We started walking together, he leading the way, me following, tits swaying and all. He glanced down and said cheekily, “Do you always travel braless? Or is this just my lucky day?” I gasped a little at his forwardness, quickly realizing being so good looking allows one to get away with such comments.

“Just your lucky day,” I replied, matching his cheeky tone and locking eyes with him for a moment longer than necessary, almost daring him to say more. Well I should have known better than to egg him on. “It could be your lucky day too,” he said, letting his insinuation just hang there.

We bahis siteleri walked in silence just a few minutes more until we reached the first class airline lounge. “I work in here often and can get you in, no problem, just follow me.” And follow him I did. Right through the lobby, passed his co-workers, to whom he gave a quick nod and a knowing smile. Right through the main lounge room, passed all the paying patrons. Right down a long hallway to a well equipped shower room.

“In you go,” he said, giving my ass a quick pat as I passed him. He followed me in, shut and locked the door. Before I could say a word, he said, “I need to show you all this space has to offer.” He stepped toward me, took my face in his hands and kissed me. It was a kiss that poems were written about. A kiss that I knew would bring wetness to my panties whenever I thought about. A kiss that made me weak in the knees.

“Wow,” I whispered, “just… wow.”

“You mentioned traveling was stressful and I thought I could help relieve some of that stress, if you’d like,” he said with another wink.

“Oh my, that would be so nice,” I replied, a bit breathy still. What was it with today that was determined to leave me breathless??

He took that for consent and it was. He stepped forward, kissed me again and started to pull my top over my head. My tits falling free once he completely removed it. “Wow,” he said, repeating my response to his kiss. “Your tits are even more amazing than I thought when I saw them up on my counter earlier.”

“Thanks,” I giggled, “I like them too,” as I pulled on my nipples, one in each hand. He groaned and immediately dove down, taking one on my big nips into his mouth and feasted on it. I moaned in delight and started to writhe as his ministrations on my breasts were really turning me on.

“Fuck that feels amazing,” I once again said breathily. I started to pull his shirt off so we could be matched in our semi nakedness. He backed away so I could get shirt over his head. His chest was taut and well muscled with a dusting of hair. I ran my hands over it, pinching his nipples lightly when I came to them. He growled at that and grabbed my head and kissed me again. This time with a passion I hadn’t even know was possible.

He began to kiss my neck, then my chest in the valley between my tits. Lower and lower he went until he reached the top of the leggings I was wearing. He looked up at me, his eyes asking for the OK to keep going. I nodded and he peeled them down, over my ass, down my thighs, my calves, stopping at my ankles, my shoes causing them to go no further.

I lifted one leg, steadying myself on his board shoulders. He removed my shoe, then that side of the legging, repeating the process on the other side. Then I was naked save my thong panties, which by this time were soaked through with excitement from this crazy turn of events. canlı bahis siteleri I pushed them down and stepped out of them, so now I was completely nude.

He slowly ran his hands up the backs of my legs, pulling them apart slightly, exposing my completely smooth pussy to his waiting face, swollen with anticipation for things to come. He leaning in and gave me a gentle but firm lick to my outer lips, once again causing me to moan. “Fuuuuckkk,” I said, letting out my breath, not realizing I was holding it in until that moment.

He looked up again holding my gaze for a moment or two, then he went back in for another lick, then another and another. My legs widened at each lick until I was exposing myself to him more fully. He stood up and pushed me back against the sink counter until my ass was resting against it, reminiscent of my boobs earlier that day.

“Perfect,” he said and knelt down in front of me once more, this time spreading my thighs wide apart, giving him much more access. He took full advantage, licking, nibbling, and sucking at both my inner and outer lips, carefully avoiding any direct contact with my clit. He feasted on me as if it were his last meal and I was the four star chef who made it for him.

I don’t think I’d ever been so expertly and thoroughly eaten out before. He was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm and he’d barely even touched my clit. I was groaning and bucking at his face, trying to get him in contact with my button. He chuckled into me and pulled his face away saying, “All you have to do is ask.”

And ask I did. Oh who am I kidding. I begged. I begged him to make full contact with my clit. “Please, please, please,” I moaned, “I’m so close, please my clit, please!” I begged, slightly exasperated.

I could almost feel his grin as he happily obliged. He took my clit into his mouth and ever so gently sucked and nibbled at it. That pushed me over the edge. I felt like I was falling through a million little clouds, each one grazing me softly as I finished my fall back to earth, back to the man now grinning up at me, his face covered in my juices.

“Wow,” I whispered yet again, that word being so insufficient to express my feelings at that moment. “Holy shit! That was seriously the most… the best… ever… I… I…,” I was at a complete loss, still reeling from that explosive and fantastic orgasm.

“Well I hoped that helped to relieve your travel induced stress and missing your connection,” he said, standing up making us near face to face again.

“Well, yes quite frankly, it did,” I replied, “but I feel like it’s me who owes you a thanks for all you’ve done for me today. And,” I said looking down at the rather large looking bulge in his pants, “I think I know just how to do it.” I reached for his belt as he flicked off his shoes, eager to accept the thanks he was sure he was about to receive.

Once canlı bahis those items were disposed of, I worked on the button, then zipper of his pants, finally sliding them down his legs, taking his boxers with them. “No need for those either,” I grinned up at him from my now kneeling position as I worked the last bit of his clothes off him. I then looked up at my prize. And before me was a sight of beauty, a perfectly smooth, fully hard, short but oh-so-girthy cock.

Now it was my turn to dive in. I took him in both of my hands, bringing my lips to the tip, opening as I went, and getting his head into my mouth, tongue bathing the underside with saliva. I sucked and tried to pull more of him into me. He was so big around, I needed to stretch my mouth as absolutely wide as it would go. But I was able to take in more, and then more, until my nose was buried in his pubic bone.

One, two seconds I just held him there. Then I pulled off, saliva coating his entire cock, strings of it hanging thinly between his head and my lips. I breathed in deeply and repeated my previous steps, sucking and licking as much as I could as I went. I worshiped him, just as he had worshiped me until I had him bucking into my mouth.

Now it was his turn to hiss out, “FUCK! Woman, if you keep that up I’ll surely cum. As much as I want to, I want to feel your pussy wrapped around him,” he said pulling out of my mouth and starting to push me onto my back.

“Oh no I can’t. My back is too sunburned,” I said. A look of disappointment flashing over his face, thinking I didn’t want to fuck him, until he saw me scramble over to my suitcase on my knees and lean over it, my ass pushed invitingly up toward him.

He quickly followed me and dropped down to his knees, lining his cock up to my entrance. I looked back at him over my shoulder and gave him a nod, wiggling my ass in permission. He pushed forward, his fat cock head popping into to my wet, ready, and willing pussy. He held it there for a moment, then he grabbed my hips, and drove forward, encasing his entire cock. “Home,” he whispered. One word meaning so much.

And then he moved. And I moved. We moved together in a dance as if we’d been lovers for a lifetime. Somehow we just knew how to make it work. Faster and faster we both moved, me clutching my suitcase for support and him my ass and hips.

I felt another orgasm building up. Up, up, up I went into those clouds again until poof, I dropped back down, my insides twisting and turning with my descent. I’m sure he could feel me pulsating on him and it must had pushed him over the edge as he grabbed my hips even tighter and slammed into me one last time, unleashing his own orgasm.

We just stayed there in that position for what seemed like forever but I’m sure it was just a few seconds and then we both collapsed. I’m not sure who started laughing first but soon we both were, overtaken by the unexpected turn of events the day brought. I certainly know I wasn’t expecting to get literally fucked at the airport.

“I guess I made my connection after all,” I said. And I did.

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