Molested By My Baby Brother

Chapter Two: The Best Big Brother



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The author additionally hopes to inspire change in the way society approaches individual differences, even though they may be taboo, in the hopes of changing the way that we as a society approach individual needs; helping to improve understanding of the psyche and individual development; and preventing the action upon these desires which could harm others, particularly the most vulnerable.

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Chapter Two: The Best Big Brother

As the boys got older, Scotty seemed to become more interested in his older brother’s penis.  That didn’t faze Joshy.  He had been curious about Daddy’s much larger penis himself, and had often grabbed it and batted at it.  Daddy just let him explore with an occasional gentle caution not to bat or squeeze too hard as it could hurt Daddy.  Some days Scotty would get handsy and explore his big brother’s penis and testicles.   Joshy would just continue what he was doing and let his little brother explore.  He knew that it was natural for him to be curious.  Sometimes, the little guy’s attention would cause Joshy’s penis to get hard.  Still, the boy didn’t freak out.  He just continued to bathe his little brother or carried on with whatever they were doing as if it was the most natural thing in the world for his little brother to fondle his erect penis.  In truth, it was.  Daddy never treated his own explorations as anything other than that, so that’s what he learned — that it was perfectly normal for his little brother to be curious about his big brother’s body.

In a few years, Joshy entered puberty.  Thin, wispy tufts of sandy-blond hair started to grow above his penis and under his arms.  He even felt hairs growing around his tight little pucker — he thought that was really weird.  He knew Daddy was hairy, but while he had been handsy, he had never really had the mind or opportunity to actually look at, or shove his fingers into Daddy’s hairy canyon and butthole so, he really didn’t know what it looked like.  He figured if his was getting hairy, then his daddy’s butthole must also be hairy, but he didn’t ask.  He got a bit taller, his arms and legs got longer, hands and feet got bigger, and so did his penis and testicles.  He noticed that his balls seemed to hang down more like Daddy’s did, while Scotty’s were still pulled up tight in his little silky sack.  Since he and Scotty shared everything, puberty didn’t really change anything for the boys.  Scotty continued to take a bath with Joshy, who continued to bathe his little brother, making sure he was nice and clean, and enjoying the time and closeness they spent in the bath.  Sometimes Scotty would just lie back against Joshy in the warm water, and his big brother would caress his chest and legs and even his little twig and berries.  It wasn’t sexual, though it was sensual — just a gentle caress, moving warm water around causing the boy’s skin to feel the change in heat, along with the caress of his hands.  Scotty seemed a bit more interested in Joshy’s penis as it got bigger and sprouted hair.  He would curl his fingers in the soft tufts and ask his big brother questions about his developing manhood.  He was fascinated by the fact that it began to get considerably longer and quite a bit thicker.  His balls grew heavy and pulled his silky sack down allowing it to swing around a bit like a pendulum when he moved.  Joshy just smiled and answered the little tyke’s questions and assured him that his own penis would grow similarly when he got older.

Time passed and it wasn’t long before Joshy became a teenager.  Scotty looked up to his older brother; the little tyke idolized him and wanted to do everything that Joshy did.  Joshy loved his little brother dearly and was almost always happy to have Scotty along for the fun.  Joshy and his friends were a bit older and as they were in the midst of puberty, with hormones roiling, they were often crude, talking about things that Joshy tried to protect his little brother from.  He tried to be careful of what he let Scotty see and hear as he didn’t want to teach his little brother things that would get him into trouble.  If they became too overt in their sexual inuendo and typical boyhood crudity, Joshy would leave, taking Scotty with him, so that he would not hear too much of that dirty talk.  While he was too young to comprehend most of what the boys were saying, Joshy wanted to protect his little brother’s innocence, and ensure he didn’t learn words that would get him in trouble, even if he didn’t know what they meant.  Joshy continued to make time for his little brother, making him a priority in his life.   Even when his friends would try to pull him away, or he was engrossed playing video games, the moment his little brother wanted his attention, he got it.

As such, other kids in his class were jealous of Scotty for having such a doting and dedicated big brother and he was quite popular because he got to hang out with the older kids fairly often.  It didn’t hurt that he really was an angelic, deliciously cute little boy.  His skin was very fair as was Joshy’s.  The boys had a mix of Nordic-European ancestry, clearly an amazing genetic combination.  On one hand, an almost common look, yet, having at the same time, a magnetic, hypnotic effect upon those whom they encountered.  His soft waves of chestnut hair caught the sun, seeming to sparkle in its rays.  A little “too long” (according to Cassie), in part, it surrounded his cherubic face, and partly covered it up.  The brown locks hung down and lay across his delicate skin like a wild hedge, painted by one of the great masters, a bespoke chestnut frame perfectly completing the boy’s appearance.  It partially covered his sapphire blue eyes, providing additional contrast, making them appear almost laser-like when one caught a glimpse.  His cheeks and nose were sprinkled with light freckles reminiscent of a beautiful whipped-cream frosted cupcake gently kissed with elegant shavings of light milk chocolate.  His lips, a beautiful, fresh, young red, reminiscent of strawberries.

Joshy was beautiful too; a handsome young teen.   His complexion was soft, the freckles of his youth lightening, but not completely gone.  The teen’s eyes were grey when he was born.  Piercing, beautiful eyes which, over the years had darkened slightly, having more depth in the color, the pattern in his iris invoking a sparkle akin to polished silver with flecks of gold.  The boy’s eyes were beautiful.  Perhaps because of all the bath time, his skin was not oily and pimply but smooth and clear, his hair a shiny, soft blond which served to bring out the gold flecks in his eyes; his lips a slightly larger version of his little brother — a beautiful shade of red similar to a strawberry.  Both boys were, simply put, gorgeous specimens.

The teen was quite popular with boys and girls alike, though he never really paid much attention to the girls.  He was always kind to them, and spoke to them normally of course, but was never interested in trying to sneak away to feel one of them up or vice versa.  He was fine with them being friends, though, from a bit of a distance.  Still, he was always warm and no one could tell that he wasn’t really interested in the girls.  He just seemed like a regular boy.  It was funny, as he never really gave it much thought.  It certainly wasn’t a conscious effort, but perhaps much like the fact that he wanted a brother and not a sister, he just didn’t have much interest in doing anything with girls.  Still, everyone wanted to spend time with Joshy because he was such a kind, jovial boy.  He never berated anyone and never participated in cruelty or teasing.   Instead, he was very kind and sweet, a friend to everyone, but his own person.  He never tolerated anyone being cruel or teasing others in his presence either, şişli travesti a characteristic which set him apart as a strong individual, and one not to be trifled with.  Few things got his ire up like someone being cruel to another.  He was a leader, not a follower, though he never led by will or by order, it was always by example.  Though he was a teenager, no one dared tease him about the fact that his little brother was always in tow — nor would he have tolerated that.  On the rare occasion someone did get out of line, Joshy would respond in a way which surprised everyone.  The ferocity of his response, while veiled, never wavered, but if Scotty was anywhere close by, he accentuated it by placing an arm around the boy, pulling him close, and hugging him tightly up against his side.

“Hey man,” he would start in a gentle but stern tone.  “I think you’re a really neat guy, but, I love my little brother and I like to have him around, and I’m not ashamed of that at all.  I’d really love to be friends with you too, but I won’t tolerate anybody sayin’ stuff like that about my little brother, or anyone that would treat their own brother that way for that matter.”

He would place a firm hand on the other boy’s shoulder, squaring him off.

“That’s just not cool, man.”

The look that he gave them was priceless.  Any mother, any Catholic nun worth their salt, hell, any authority figure would practically kill for the searing look of loving disappointment that Joshy could throw down.  He could crush the soul of the biggest, most macho wannabe punk, in half a second flat, and in the next he would shoot a warm smile and give the boy a friendly squeeze of the shoulder, turn and walk away.  Nearly every time, it was hardly a moment before the boy would quickly reply, apologizing and even thanking him for the admonishment.

“I…I’m sorry Joshy.  You know, you’re right.  Thanks.”

Inevitably, Joshy would stop and turn and smile again, this time a smile that could literally cause the boy to throw a bone, extending his hand.

“It’s cool dude.”  And if the boy had a brother he would add, “Take care of your brother, and treat him well.  You’re really lucky to have a brother.”

It was no wonder he was so popular.  He treated everyone with kindness and respect and there was no doubt that he was single-handedly responsible for improving the relationships of many brothers in the area.

Scotty slept in a crib in Mommy and Daddy”s room for the first couple of years, though very early on, he would cry and cling onto Joshy at bedtime, which often resulted in the older boy hugging him close, and taking his little brother to bed with him.  As soon as he was able to express his desires with words, he frequently demanded to sleep with his big brother, who didn’t mind at all sharing his bed with his little brother.  As he always had, Joshy would snuggle up to Scotty, one arm cradling his neck positioning his head so that he was really comfortable, then wrapping himself around his little brother, and covering him like a blanket, they slept.  Joshy loved his little brother and he really liked snuggling up with him and sleeping, holding him close.  He didn’t mind sleeping alone, but Scotty smelled so fresh and clean after bath time and he was so warm and cuddly — he was way better than a stuffed animal.  The more time they could spend together, the better, and both boys loved it.  Joshy never begrudged sharing his bed or taking care of his little brother.  It didn’t take long before Scotty slept with Joshy much more than in his own bed in Mommy and Daddy’s room.  The house was cozy, but a little small, so there wasn’t room for Scotty to have his own room.  A number of years later, Scotty had been sleeping with Joshy so much that one day Cassie and Teddy were talking and thought it might work well to have the boys move in together and share the room that Joshy was in.  But before they even seriously considered it, they wanted to talk to Joshy about it.  One afternoon, Mommy sat down on the sofa next to Joshy while his little brother was outside playing.

“Joshy,” Mommy started, “Scotty’s been sleeping with you a lot lately.  I know you’re a teenager now, and growing boys need their space and privacy.  Do you mind having him in your room so much?  Do you want us to make him sleep in his own bed more?”

“Naaah, he’s fine.”

“Are you sure?  If you need your space and privacy, we can have him sleep in his bed more.”

“I’m sure Mom.”

“I’m glad.  I was afraid with so many years between the two of you that you might not be close.  You are such a good big brother.”  She smiled, and paused.  “You know, the house is small,” she continued, “and there really isn’t a room that we can convert into a bedroom for Scotty…”  She paused.  “I hate to ask you this, Joshy…”

“You want to move Scotty into my room with me?” he interrupted.

“You’re such a smart boy.”

She started talking kind-a fast as though she was really nervous asking the teen to accept his little brother into his room.

“So, Joshy, would you mind if Scotty moved into your room permanently; if your room became yours and Scotty’s room?  We’ll get you a new bunk bed so that he has a bed of his own without taking up too much space, and some other furniture so that you can organize things and put things away so that the room doesn’t feel crowded.  I know that when you’re a teenager, having your little brother in the room with you is probably going to cramp your style…”

“It’s ok Mom,” the teenager interrupted.  “Scotty can move into our room.”  Joshy laughed.  “He pretty much already lives in there with me anyway.  I mean, we keep a lot of his toys in there, and he’s been sleeping with me more than he has in his own bed in your room for a while now.”  He laughed again.  “And, besides, I like having him sleep with me.  He’s better than a teddy bear.”

“You’re such a good brother!” she cooed, “Thank you baby.  We’ll go shopping this weekend.”  She leaned over and gave Joshy a big hug and a kiss and ruffled his hair.


Joshy fake-whined in response to the hug and kiss, pretending to be embarrassed and fixing his hair — as if he were too old for all that hugging and kissing and annoyed at the hair-mussing.  Mommy laughed and got up to go back to the things she needed to do.

Right about then, Scotty came tearing through the house squealing and jumped on Joshy’s lap.

“Hi Joshy!”

“Hey Buddy!”

He grabbed his little brother, squeezing him a little too tightly.  Scotty threw his arms around his big brother’s neck and planted a kiss square on his lips.  He squealed and laughed hysterically as Joshy gave him a big bear hug, growling into his neck like he was about to bite it, and then gave him a bunch of fast, noisy, sucking-sounding kisses on his neck.


“Yeah, Joshy?”

“How would you like to move into my room with me?   Then it would be our room.”

Joshy smiled.

“Yeah!”  Scotty yelled.  “Can I weewy move in wif you, Joshy?”

“Yep, you sure can, Buddy.  Mommy and Daddy are even going to get us a bunk bed — that’s two beds stacked on top of each other — and you can even have the top bed if you want.  It will be like a tree house in the bedroom.”

“Oh cool!  Yeah, dat’ww be awesome!”

“Yeah, it will be awesome!  My little bro and me sharing a room!  We’ll have a blast!”

“Yeah! We wiww!”  Scotty squealed.

The little boy bounced all over Joshy with excitement at the prospect of officially moving into the same room together.  The following weekend they picked out a new bunk bed and some other furniture to make the room more manageable.  Most of the day was spent shopping for, and then setting up the new furniture, and getting the room organized, and putting everything away.  Since Joshy was a teenager, the lower bunk was a full-size bed, and the top bunk was a twin since Scotty was still a little tyke.  It was nice, with a ladder running down the end of the bed.  They pushed the beds up against the wall in the corner so that it took up the least amount of room, and Scotty would be secure on the top.   Scotty loved the ladder, though he was already sliding down the side of the bed onto Joshy giggling as he went.   Joshy noticed the bed kind-of looked like a pyramid and made a mental note that he would have to cover it with blankets and make a fort for Scotty.  They got the other furniture set up as well.  There were new dressers and shelves and organizers to give the room more space.  The boys’ clothes were put into the new drawers, shelves and closet organizer.  Toys got new homes so that they were not in the piles on the floor where they often were before, and by the end of the day everything was tidy and it looked like a whole new room.

By the time everything was done, it was getting late.  It was time to get ready for bed and Scotty’s eyes were already getting droopy.  Joshy got Scotty into the bath and bathed him, noticing as he did that Scotty had a little hard-on the entire time.  It certainly wasn’t unusual for either of the boys to have a stiffy during bath time, but tonight, Scotty started out with a stiffy and it lasted the entire time the boys were in the bath.  Joshy figured Scotty was probably just over-tired and excited about officially moving into their newly-shared room.  Who knows how boys and men get anything done with that damn willy between their legs constantly distracting them and demanding attention, stimulation, and release?  After Joshy finished bathing Scotty, he turned on the shower so that it would be easier for him to rinse Scotty off, and then bathe and rinse himself off.  Some time ago, when Joshy first started showering to rinse off, Scotty used to get out of the bath when the shower started, but wanting to mimic his older brother, he had recently started staying in the shower while Joshy rinsed off.

Joshy didn’t mind and Scotty seemed to love the shower as much as he loved the bath, squealing and bouncing around as the water splashed off of Joshy, cooling as it flew through the air and onto the smaller boy a bit cooler than it was out of the faucet.  The little boy jumped around like a Mexican jumping bean — he was just so cute.  He would bump into his older brother repeatedly as he bounced around.  Joshy didn’t really pay any attention to his little brother’s smashing into his longer, thicker legs which had also begun to sprout hair.  He was also not alarmed as Scotty did a face-plant into his older brother’s tummy or even his burgeoning cock and balls.  Most of the time, Joshy just laughed at his little brother’s silly antics.  Joshy often washed his hair and face closing his eyes so as not to get soap in them, keeping his other senses focused on Scotty as he didn’t want him to slip and fall and get hurt, especially with his bouncing around.  That night, Scotty was a bit more subdued.  Joshy helped the boy stand and then stood himself.  Scotty leaned up against his older brother.

“You look pretty tired Buddy.  Do you want to get out?”


He tousled his little brother’s hair playfully.

“Okay Kiddo.  Be careful though Dude,” Joshy said, seeing how tired the boy was.  “I’m washing my hair so my eyes are closed.   If you start to fall, I can’t see you and might not be able to catch you in time.  Stand still and hold onto me please, okay Sweetheart?”

“Okay,” he mewed.

He threaded his small hand and arm through his big brother’s legs and around the closest leg, his hand and arm running across the older boy’s balls as his arm encircled his leg.  For the moment, Scotty was free of his older brother’s nearly constant gaze.  Joshy didn’t notice that, as Scotty was leaning against his big brother, his face right in front of his cock, his eyes were transfixed on his older brother’s growing midsection.   Scotty was fascinated by his brother’s larger member, not to mention the fact that there was a soft, fluffy tuft of hair above his penis, and that his larger, heavy balls hung down swinging.  His big brother had been bathing Scotty from the time he could sit up on his own in the bath tub.  For a while, Cassie and Teddy had kept a close eye on the two boys in the tub, but Joshy was very attentive to his little brother, and made sure he was always safe.  He never left him alone, and held him close so that he wouldn’t fall over and hit his head or drown.  It was clear that Joshy loved his little brother deeply.  After a while, they knew that Scotty was safe with his older brother and they were comfortable leaving Joshy to take care of his little brother, even in the bath.

Scotty’s eyes were locked onto his big brother’s cock and balls.  He could still smell the pungent teenage crotch funk from shopping, putting furniture together and moving and rearranging everything in their room.   His brother’s dick wasn’t as big as Daddy’s, or as hairy, but it was bigger than his own and it had a little tuft of hair above the shaft.  He gently rocked his arm around his big brother’s leg dragging the smooth skin of his big brother’s ball-sack back and forth across his arm.  It was so soft and silky, and it was just so hot.  He could feel the same heat from his big brother’s dick radiating to his face as he stared, memorizing what it looked like.  Had Joshy kept his beylikdüzü travesti eyes open (and been able to keep the soap out of them), he would have seen Scotty intently staring at his barely-teenage dick.  Knowing that his older brother couldn’t see him gave Scotty a chance to study the older boy’s growing cock up close.  Joshy hadn’t noticed that recently his little brother’s fascination with his burgeoning manhood was increasing.  What Scotty didn’t realize was that the movement and upward pressure of his small arm up into his brother’s crotch gave away his intentions.  As Joshy washed his hair, his little brother’s smooth skin sliding back and forth along his silky sack caused his member to inflate.  It wasn’t the first time the little tyke had seen his big brother’s cock hard, but rarely had his face been this close.  As it inflated, his foreskin, head and part of the shaft joined in the ride along Scotty’s arm.

There was no telling how long the boy had been studying his older brother’s twig and berries for certain as there had always been free and open touching and sharing particularly at bath time.  Pretty much the entire time Joshy had been bathing Scotty, the little boy seemed intrigued that his older brother had a penis and that it was a little larger than his own.  He often touched it and played with it, but he never lingered that long.  When Joshy would inevitably get an erection, Scotty would become more curious, seemingly in awe at its size.  Joshy was never cross with him and never scolded him.  He would often start the body part game, naming the part of his body that Scotty was touching, and then pointing to the same part on his lithe little body.  Sometimes he would call out Scotty’s body parts as he washed them.  It wasn’t a big deal.  No one had scolded Joshy when he inspected his father’s big, hairy cock and balls.  Joshy knew that his little brother was curious about others’ bodies, particularly his, just as all kids are, and he did what he had seen Mommy and Daddy do in similar situations.

As a teenager, Joshy was older now, and understood to some extent the impact of what his parents had done and not done when, as a younger boy, he had been curious about Daddy’s body.  He was really thankful that his mom and dad had raised the boys the way they did.  The boys had both been taught not to be ashamed of their bodies or nudity, and their parents didn’t make them feel icky about curiosity, body image, sex or masturbating.  In fact, when Joshy was 5 years old, sitting in front of the television fingering his stiff little twig, Daddy had walked into the living room and seen the boy’s fingers playing with his hard penis, having pulled it through the opening of his tiny Y-front cartoon underwear.   Teddy had gently picked his son up and sat him on his lap, penis still sticking out of his Y-fronts.

“Hey Kiddo,” Teddy smiled, “it looks like you found a new toy, huh?”

Joshy laughed and flicked his still-hard willy.

“Yeth, it feewz weewy good when I touch it,” he giggled.

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?” Teddy grinned, completely amused with his boy’s innocence.

“Why does it get hawd wike dat, Daddy?” Joshy asked.

“Well, Joshy, boys have penises for a couple of different reasons.  We use them to pee — they help us get rid of liquid waste as our bodies process what we eat and drink.  Our bodies get rid of left-over substances that they can’t use or that might be harmful to us in pee or poo.  When we get older, they also help us to have kids.  I don’t know why penises get hard all the time, but they sure do seem to have a mind of their own.”

He laughed.

“Oh.  Does yoe penith get hawd Daddy?”

“Yep, it sure does.  I’m sure you’ve seen it when it’s hard.  You may just not remember.”

“Can I thee?”

“Sure you can Joshy.”

Teddy unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his soft penis through his own y-fronts just like his son had done.  In that moment, Teddy’s mind flashed back to another time when Joshy had been curious.  This was not the first time that Joshy had shown a particular interest in Daddy’s penis.  He had been in the bath with Daddy many times and many times, he had curiously reached out and touched Daddy’s penis and scrotum.  Daddy would point back to Joshy’s own boy bits:


“That’s Daddy’s penis and scrotum, Joshy.  You have a penis and scrotum, too, see?”

Joshy looked back and forth from his tiny, smooth boyhood to Daddy’s much larger appendages all covered with hair — lots of hair at the top but also hair all over the soft sack that hung down low, partially floating in the water.   The little boy’s tiny hand fisted Daddy’s soft penis.

“That’s Daddy’s penis,” Teddy said in a soft neutral voice.

Joshy’s hand relaxed and he reached down and grabbed the soft sack with the two roundish things inside.

“And that’s Daddy’s scrotum,” Teddy spoke again in a soft neutral voice.

“What awe deeze?” Joshy asked as his hand closed around the roundish objects inside Daddy’s scrotum.

“Gentle sweetheart,” Teddy smiled.  “Those are Daddy’s testicles.  You have testicles too, see?”

He pointed again to his little boy’s tiny scrotum.  He gently pushed his fingers under the lower portion of the boy’s tightly puckered sack, gently lifting his testicles up and out a little so that Joshy could see that they were there hidden inside.  Joshy giggled and slapped his hands down into the water.

“Did that tickle?” he chuckled.

“Yeth,” the little boy lisped, his speech not fully formed.

“I’m sorry Buddy,” he chuckled again.  “Penises can tickle pretty easily.”


“It’th not hawd, Daddy,” Joshy said.

Teddy snapped out of his memory.

“You’re right.  When you’re little, and especially when you’re older — a teenager — your penis will get hard all the time.  In fact, when you start puberty, it will get hard a lot more frequently for a while,” he laughed.  “But, when you get a bit older like me, it doesn’t get hard quite as much and it takes a little effort to get it hard sometimes.  Your penis probably got hard on its own, and then you started touching it, because when our penises get hard, it feels really good and they kind-of take over a bit.”

He laughed again as Joshy’s head bobbed up and down in agreement.  As he spoke, he slowly stroked his own penis which began to inflate.  Joshy didn’t take his eyes off Daddy’s expanding member.   After a few minutes, the man’s cock was completely hard.  Here’s where things got a bit dicey for Teddy.  Once he had a hard-on, he knew it would be harder to make the right decisions, and the point was not to molest his son, but to ensure that he was comfortable with himself and also to understand the “appropriate” places to masturbate without feeling chastised, embarrassed, humiliated or shamed.  As usual, Teddy wanted to be certain that there were no negative emotions associated with his boy’s development.

Joshy reached for Daddy’s throbbing hard-on.   Teddy tensed a bit, but immediately tried to relax.  Tensing would send the wrong message.  He needed to discuss what was appropriate and what was not with his son, but did not want to send any negative context cues.  Joshy must have sensed his tension, though.  He paused.

“Can I touch it Daddy?”

“Of course Joshy, you can touch it,” he smiled lovingly as he placed his other hand on his son’s head and gently mussed his hair.

Joshy tried to wrap his tiny hand around the engorged member, but it was far too small.  The boy’s other hand quickly found its way to Daddy’s searing stick.   It was so hot!  It felt so good in Joshy’s hands.  He was enthralled because it was hard and yet so soft — and it was just so hot!  It throbbed and a pearl of clear liquid appeared above his piss slit.  Joshy was mesmerized, memorizing everything about Daddy’s dick, and when the precum appeared, he immediately noticed.

“Is dat pee Daddy?”

“No Joshy, that’s not pee.  That is called precum.  That’s a slang term that you shouldn’t use at school or around other adults, ok Bud?” he chuckled.  “Most people would not expect you to know that word because of how young you are.”

“Okay Daddy.”

  “Joshy, I want to talk to you about touching your penis.  The first thing that I want you to know is that it’s absolutely ok for you to touch your penis.  All boys do it.  It feels really good.  It’s a sad and unfortunate thing, but many people feel differently about that.  Many boys have been taught by their mommies and daddies that their penis is dirty and nasty, and that touching their penis is a bad thing.  They make boys feel ashamed about the fact that touching their penis feels so good, and that when it gets hard, they really can’t help but touch it.  I don’t want you to ever feel that way.   Unfortunately, many parents don’t talk to their kids about this kind of stuff — at least not the same way that your mommy and I do.

For example, most other daddies would not take their penis out and get it hard and let you touch it to help make sure that you know it’s a natural thing.  We don’t want you to ever be ashamed of who you are or what your body does, and we believe that in order to ensure that you understand that, we need to do more than just tell you; we need to show you.  You are a smart, sexy, beautiful, wonderful, handsome little boy, and you are going to grow up into a fine young man.  Your mother and I want you to believe with all of your heart that we love you more than you will ever know, and we want you to understand and believe that you can talk to us about anything and everything.  We don’t want you to feel embarrassed, or scared…  Most people feel awkward talking about certain things like sex with their parents.  I just hope you never feel that way.

As your mommy and daddy, we need to make sure that you’re safe and that you understand the way people think and behave about this kind of thing.  When you’re home, you can play with your penis wherever and whenever you want as long as we don’t have company.  If Mommy and Daddy have visitors, then you should keep your penis in your pants and not touch yourself out in the rooms where we are visiting.  You can still play with it in your own room, of course, with the door shut.  Do you understand that Baby?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“You’re such a good boy.  Okay.  There is a bit more.  If you are somewhere and your penis gets hard and you can’t get it to go soft, then one thing you can do is go to a bathroom and play with your penis in one of the stalls, but keep the stall locked and try not to let anyone see what you are doing.   Do you understand that, Son?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“Good.  It’s not because you’re doing anything wrong, but there might be other people around that might make a big deal about you playing with your penis, even in the bathroom.   Unfortunately, there are also people that might try to get you to let them play with your penis, or even have you play with theirs.  It’s one thing, if it’s something you want to do, and you know the person.  But, if you don’t know them, you must always stay away from them.  Some people won’t love you like we do, they will take advantage of you and maybe hurt you.   We just want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

When you’re away from home at a friend’s house or at school or somewhere in public, you need to keep your penis in your pants and you also shouldn’t play with it.  But sometimes kids like to experiment because they are curious about each other’s bodies.  Other boys or even girls may tell you that they’ll show you their penis or vagina if you show them your penis and things like that.  I want you to know that it’s perfectly ok and normal to do that.  You should only do it if it’s something that you want to do.  Don’t let other kids bully you into doing something that you don’t want to do.  But I want you to always think about it and be careful, because sometimes after kids fool around, they feel embarrassed, or guilty, or afraid that you will tell other people, and then they will get in trouble or get teased.  If you decide to play with another kid, or even more than one at a time, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with that.  I suggest that you just talk with them, and tell them that lots of kids fool around because everyone is curious about each other’s bodies.  Reassure them that you would never tell anyone anything you guys do, and you hope they won’t either and that if they ever get scared, or think you told someone, that they should talk to you because no matter what, you would never tell, and you’ll always be friends.  Treat them with love and respect, always, and try not to get caught!”

Teddy chuckled and rubbed Joshy’s back in a comforting way.

“Try to make sure you are some place safe.  You are always safe here.  Just remember at other people’s homes, doors may not lock, or parents may be keeping a close eye and may unlock a locked door to try to catch their kids messing around.   At school or in other public places, messing around with each other is a dangerous idea.  Messing around in public can be a tantalizing idea because of the boost of energy you get with the fear of being caught.  But, I would prefer that you try to avoid that.  One thing that I always want you to do though, Joshy, I want you to istanbul travesti always tell me or Mommy when you fool around so that we can protect you.   We’ll call that the ‘parent clause’.   We don’t count when you say you won’t tell anyone because we won’t tell anyone either, and if you get caught by parents or in public, or another kid tells their parents and they freak out, we can help deal with that.  Does that make sense, Little Man?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“Good boy.  You can talk with your friends about all of this too.  I don’t want you to feel like it’s some big secret that you can’t tell anyone.  But there is one thing that I need you never to tell anyone, not even your friends.  I need you not to talk about or tell anyone, except for mommy and me, that I got my penis hard and let you touch it.  Even though there is nothing wrong with showing you that I get hard too, and letting you touch it because you’re curious, most people believe that it’s wrong to do that.  They would say that I abused you and they might take you away from Mommy and me.   I don’t want you to worry about that or anything, I just want you to know and try to remember that.  Can you do that for me?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“You’re such a good boy Joshy.  I wish we didn’t have to deal with it, but…we do.  Other people have the ability to butt into our lives if they think I’m abusing you.  That’s not always a bad thing.  Some kids have parents that don’t take very good care of them or even hurt them.   Hopefully, someone finds out when that happens and then these people might be able to help protect those kids.   If I were doing something to hurt you, then hopefully these people would help to protect you.  But Mommy and I don’t always agree with other people about what is harmful to you and what is not, and that’s why it can be a problem.  I know it’s confusing, but it’s important.  Do you understand that Kiddo?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“Good job Dude.  Now, if you’re talking with your friends and someone starts talking about seeing dads’ or any adult’s penis, it’s ok to say that you have seem mine.   And you can even tell them how big it is.  But, when they ask you how you saw it, just say that you have seen it when I am in the shower.  You can also say that sometimes, when you come into my bedroom to wake me up in the morning, it is hard and poking up and sometimes it pokes out of my underwear.  I’m ok if you do that.  Do you understand?”

“Yeth Daddy.”

“Ok Joshy,” he smiled and hugged his boy tightly.   “Try to remember and you can talk to me any time about any of this, ok Dude?”

“Okay Daddy.”  

“Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“No Daddy.  Don’t wowwy.  I won’t teww anyone.  Fank you fow sowing me dat yoe penith get-th hawd too, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome Buddy.  I love you so much Joshy!”

“I wuv you too Daddy.”

Teddy and Cassie always tried to be honest with their boys.  They wanted to prepare their boys to be good people, their own people, to have a strong sense of morals without the fake, unhealthy taboos and mores of a society steeped in foolish, misguided religious fervor and falsehoods, but still able to deal with the oddities of that society.  They taught their boys to treat everyone with dignity and respect; to show love and kindness to everyone; to be honest, but to use good judgement and know when to censor the truth to preserve others’ feelings or safety — to recognize when they should be truthful and when truth would be soul-crushing or dangerous.  So, even when Teddy and Cassie educated the boys about social norms and taboos, they were careful to present things neutrally so that the boys could make up their own minds about how they felt about things.  

Teddy and Cassie began this communication when Joshy was very young, so he never associated any of this with being ‘in trouble’ and the same was true with Scotty, though Joshy helped with that as most big brothers do.  Little brothers would almost always rather get information from their big brothers, though Joshy always encouraged Scotty to talk to Mommy and Daddy about anything as well.  Neither of them developed much in the way of shyness or modesty.  The boys’ parents always approached things scientifically and factually.   They would often try not to address something while one of the boys was doing it, but if they did, it was treated as completely normal and they did their best to keep the boys from becoming embarrassed.

So, when Scotty would get a little too handsy with Joshy’s penis, he followed in his daddy’s footsteps.

“That’s my penis Scotty.  You have a penis too, ’cause we’re both boys” Joshy would say pointing to Scotty’s penis and then his own.

Scotty would grin, pinching on his own penis and poking at Joshy’s a little more, and that usually started the body part naming game.   Scotty would touch different places on his older brother’s body and Joshy would say the body part and point to the same part on Scotty.  Joshy felt important teaching his little brother new things, after all, Scotty was his little brother and as such, it was his job to teach him new things.   Sometimes when Joshy was washing his face and hair, his younger brother would poke and touch his big brother’s balls or dick.  Joshy never gave it a second thought because it was so much a part of their bath time.   Scotty was so much smaller than Joshy, several years younger, and hadn’t hit any real growth spurts yet.  Mom and Dad told Joshy that it was normal for Scotty to be curious and that if it ever bothered him, that Joshy should just gently tell Scotty that his penis was his, and Scotty’s penis was Scotty’s, and ask him please not to touch his penis.  Joshy didn’t care though.  Cassie and Teddy weren’t exactly modest, and though a teenager, Joshy actually walked around in a towel or his underwear all the time.  It just wasn’t an issue because Teddy and Cassie had never made it an issue.   

Today, things seemed a little different, but Joshy wasn’t sure exactly what that difference was.  It started with the little tyke rubbing his arm up into Joshy’s crotch.  As the teen’s cock began to inflate, the boy seemed to get brave.  Instead of just a touch here or there, Scotty cupped his big brother’s balls with both hands.  That was new.  He had never just full-on cupped Joshy’s balls before.  Sometimes he would caress one of Joshy’s balls with his small hand, but this time, both hands gently wrapped themselves around Joshy’s nuts.  His teenaged dick throbbed at his little brother’s touch, the warmth of Scotty’s hot little hands immediately sparking a pubescent reaction, his cock inflating like an emergency raft.  Joshy had soap all over his face; consequently, he couldn’t exactly spy to survey the situation, so, he chose not to say anything.  After a moment, Scotty withdrew his hands and again Joshy’s balls hung free.  Joshy’s cock throbbed, fully inflated from his little brother’s attention.  The water from the shower head was hitting Joshy’s back as he lathered up his hair, his face still covered with soap suds.  Suddenly, he felt something very warm on his dick.   Joshy had never felt anything like it before — it was wet and slick, but hot — so hot!  Instinctively, Joshy squinted through one soapy eye, and to his surprise saw Scotty sucking his teenage schlong!  His baby brother had his cock in his mouth!

 Suddenly, the soap was in Joshy’s eye and it started to burn, but the feeling from down below was so new and…amazing!  He didn’t want to move!  Not to mention that the sight of Scotty’s beautiful red lips stretched around his member had just fractured Joshy’s mind.  He was paralyzed, needing to rinse his head and face and get the soap out of his eye, but desperately wanting to remain exactly where he was.  He didn’t want that amazing new feeling to end.  Scotty must have realized that Joshy had stopped washing — frozen where he stood, his hands no longer massaging the soap into his scalp — and with a pop, his dick sprang from Scotty’s mouth.  Joshy turned back into the water and rinsed his face and hair, got the soap out of his eye, and acted as if nothing had happened.  Finishing rinsing, Joshy pulled Scotty back into the shower spray, wiping his silky-smooth skin down with water so that all of the random suds were washed off, ensuring the soap would not dry or burn his sensitive skin, and warming him up a bit, and then they got out.

Turning the water off, Joshy grabbed a towel and squatted down, drying Scotty’s lithe little body.  He suddenly looked so small.  As the older boy dried his younger brother’s hair and face, neck and chest, back and arms, the little tyke stared — hypnotized — straight at the heavy, still-engorged appendage hanging down and flopping around between his older brother’s legs.  Joshy stood, and as he bent to dry Scotty’s cute little butt cheeks, boy button and continuously stiff little cock and balls, the boy’s face pressed into his older brother’s crotch.  He could feel his little brother’s breath on his cock and balls as the little boy stood still, not moving, seemingly trying to get closer to Joshy’s boyhood.  Mostly dry, the older boy lifted the younger boy out of the bathtub with a “Wheeeee!”  Scotty giggled and twisted back and forth as his big brother wrapped the towel around his tiny little body.  Joshy took another towel off the rack and dried his own hair and face, first aggressively rubbing the towel over his hair, then, slowing his rapidly shaking hands, he peeked through the folds of the towel to see what Scotty was doing.   The younger boy’s eyes were transfixed on his older brother’s dick again, as it whipped and bounced around in reaction to the violent hair-drying actions.  Joshy continued to move the towel over his body, drying all of his parts while Scotty continued to stare at the teen’s cock.  Both of them naked, he picked Scotty up and with the younger boy’s little hard-on pressed against his chest, his over-sized hands cupping those perfect little bare buttocks, and he carried him to their newly-shared bedroom.  As Joshy slid his little brother down to the bed, his fingers brushed over the younger boy’s tight little boyhole, and he shivered — Joshy could have sworn Scotty also moaned as the teen’s fingers grazed his hot little boyhole.

Big brother helped little brother get dressed, first holding his tiny little undies open at the waist.  The tired little boy put his hands on his big brother’s shoulders, lifted first one leg and slipped it into a leg hole and then the other.   Joshy gently slid the underwear up the little boy’s coltish legs, settling the waistband on his tiny hips, and then reached into the front and adjusted his little cock and balls.   Repeating the process with the child’s pajamas, gathering up first one leg and holding it open as Scotty slipped his foot through the hole, and then repeating the actions with the other leg.   Again, Joshy gently pulled the clothing up and positioned them on his little brother’s waist.  He then held the neck hole of the pajama top open and slid it over Scotty’s head.  He opened and aligned first one arm hole and then the other, helping the tired little tyke get his arms through the holes.  He then straightened the bottom of the T-shirt-style top.  Joshy pulled on a pair of shorts covering his teen bits without putting underwear on first, then laid down on the lower bunk, and patted the bed for Scotty to climb in so that he could read him a story.  Scotty hopped up on the bed and lay down on his right side next to his older brother, his head on Joshy’s right shoulder and his tiny little left arm falling over his chest.

As Joshy read the story to his little brother, the boy shifted so that he was on his back, neck on his brother’s arm.  At first, Scotty was still looking at the pictures as his big brother read, but soon he started to get restless, distracted and wiggling around.  The boy’s hands roamed around stroking his older brother’s smooth chest and stomach and a few times his hand roamed further down touching Joshy’s crotch.  On one of these passes, Scotty slipped his fingers under the leg hole and fingered his cock a few times.  Joshy just ignored his roaming hands and continued reading, while his cock, having a mind of its own, sprang to life as the little tyke fingered his maleness.   He wiggled more and began worming around the bed, sliding down and crawling all over.  Finally, he laid his head down on Joshy’s stomach, still wiggling around but settling down some.

The older boy put his hand on Scotty’s head and stroked his hair trying to settle him down some more.  Before long, he felt a tugging at the leg hole in his shorts again.  Joshy continued to read the story as Scotty lay there fingering the opening in his shorts, his fingertips lightly stroking his big brother’s cock and balls.  Scotty calmed down more as his brother stroked his hair and read the rest of the story, though his fingers never left the opening in Joshy’s shorts.  When the story was finished, Scotty was getting sleepy.   Joshy helped him up into the top bunk and tucked him in, kissing him good night and giving him a big hug.  He then turned off the light, pulled his shorts off and climbed back into his own new bed.  It was nice — bigger than his old bed was.  Joshy had a twin bed before Mom and Dad got the new bunk beds.  It had been a long day and while his mind was swirling a bit thinking about what Scotty had done, he was exhausted, and he quickly succumbed to slumber.

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