my fantasy…34


my fantasy…34after i get out of the shower i walk in2 the bed-roomwithout even bothering 2 dry myself& i see that your insatiable cock has again grown 2 it’s full length… as u lie there on your back your cock sticking up like a fleshy flag-pole i stand up & then straddle u facing u so i can watch your expressions… as i lower myself down on2 your long thick dick i grip your swollen shaft & guide it 2 my tight pucker… i can feel your fat head press against me as i lower myself a little more feeling the giant pulsing head first spreadthe resisting ring of my sphincter then slip in2 my tight hot ass… u groan ” fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!i wanna feel my cock all the way inside u !! ” as i slide further & further on2 u… u are breathing hard as i lower myself even further feeling your fat cock head bump against my prostate then slide on past it slithering deeper & deeper touching places that no one but u has ever been able Escort 2 touch… your pulsing cock is over half-way inside me now & i lower my hot hole slowly & carefully down until my butt is resting on your hips feeling an excitement beyond all belief… i have every inch of your hard cock all the way up inside my clutching ass & i love the way it was making me feel…i moan ” i love your cock so deep in me !! i love your cock in my tight ass !! “as i watch your face i begin 2 ride up & down slowlywhile i reach behind my ass & massage your hairless balls… it was such a sexy feeling 2 have so much cock sliding in & out of my tight ass & every time i clamp my ass down 2 grip your thick prong u groan loudly… i start 2 move faster & faster up & down taking your full length deep in2 my bodythen pulling almost all the way up until just the fat cock-head remains lodged inside my gripping ass-hole… i can tell u are getting close Escort Bayan 2 cumming just from the expression on your face & by the way u are breathing… u reach up & grab my thighs guiding my whole body upward until the head of your cock almost pops out of me then all the way back down the length of your wonderfully long cock until my ass slaps against your thighs… it was sum of the most intense long-stroking i have ever felt in my entire life & my cock is pulsing & throbbing as it bounces up & down dripping pre-cum all over your belly… as your eyes lock on mine u start 2 pick up speed & your hips start 2 arch upward 2 meet each of my downward strokes… suddenly i feel your cock swell even larger inside me & u start 2 erupt deep inside me… as u scream digging your fingers in2 my thighs i can feel each forceful blast of cum spray from your long pulsing cock bathing my insides with liquid heat… u buck your hips up off Bayan Escort the bed& hammer cock in2 me more urgently& i am getting very close 2& when your cock drives in deeperyour glans slams in2 my prostate& my orgasm crashes over melike an avalanche…cum pours from my twitching cockas i feel your hot seed jet deep in2 my ass& i collapse on2 your chestas i smear my cum all over both of us…i groan ” cum deep inside me !! cum deep inside me !! shoot me full of cum !! shoot me full of cum !! cum deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !! DEEP IN ME !!! ” i have never felt anything go so far inside me & the intensity of your orgasm is unreal as u just keep trying 2 ram your spewing cock deeper & deeper & deeper in2 me your long cock throbbing & pulsating filling me with sticky cream until i can feel it seeping back around your shuddering shaft & then dripping from my well-worn ass… when i can feel your cock just start 2 soften inside me i pull myself slowly up off u then kneel between your legs & suck the last few drops of cum from your long rubbery cock tasting my own ass on your slippery cock-skin… i moan ” u taste so fucking good !! i would eat your cum any time !!! “( do u wanna ??? )

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