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My Friends WifeI’ve always thought my friends wife Alisha was a little freaky when it comes to certain things, meaning sex of course but I could never prove it until one day last summer. It had been a long tiresome day and hot, I think it was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. I get a call earlier on a Saturday from Alisha inviting me over for dinner, I have no plans so yeah I’d love to. On the way over I stop and buy a bottle of wine for her, she loves her wine. When I get to the door I just walk in like I usually do, hello I say to her as she’s in the kitchen making rolls. Where is Keith and the k**s? I ask, they’ll be here later probably in 2 hours or so. Why didn’t you tell me to come over later then? I ask her, she says, well I’ve been wanting to talk to you in private for some time now and I figured this would be the best time to do that.She put the rolls in the oven, pours herself a big glass of wine and sits down on the sofa. I said so what’s up? Well I’ve known you for 15years now and not one time have you ever made a move on me. I was kind of shocked to here her say that so in response I say back, I think your hot possibly a little drunk also but your my buddy’s bahis şirketleri wife, so that’s why I haven’t done or tried anything with you.Ok she says and with that she gulps down the last sip of wine in her glass. I’ll be right back she says, she goes to the kitchen pours another big glass of wine and then heads to the bed room. 5 minutes later I hear a big crash from down in her direction, I get up and check to make sure she’s ok. When I open the door she’s laying on the bed completely naked.I was right she’s fucking hot, let me describe her , she’s 5ft 6in tall, 120 pounds, hazel eyes, perky tits and ass, and her pussy is shaved clean. I almost can’t believe my eyes when I see her laying there looking at me as if to say, well what are you waiting for. She doesn’t say a thing as my cock is already hard and she can see this, she gets up comes over to me and unzips my jeans and pulls out my erect cock out and starts to jack it.I want to say no, but you know how it is when you get to a certain point of no return. I give her a passionate kiss and then reach down and give her nipple a tweak. She moans and drops down and starts to suck my cock, Oh MY GOD I say to her as bahis firmaları she’s sucking my manhood. She has my whole 7 inch cock all the way down her throat and her tongue is licking my balls and she’s doing this without coming up for air. It doesn’t take long and I’m blowing my load down her throat and she takes it all without missing a drop.She stands up a goes to the bed and just bends over, I spread her ass cheeks and go in for some pussy eating. God dam she’s fucking sweet, I lap up her pussy like I’m eating melting ice cream and with a top off on her asshole for good measure. I flip her over and continue the oral pleasure of her and my cock is ready again for some action. I stand up and plunge my cock deep inside her, fuck you’re tight I say as I’m fucking her pussy. She’s moaning with delight and says back, my ass is tighter and with that she pushes me out and turns over.Hell, this is going to be fun so I reach out spit on her ass crack and stick my cock in her asshole. Fuck, I’ve had tight before but holy shit she’s got to be the tightest I’ve ever had. It doesn’t take long and she’s pushing back on me harder and harder with every thrust I’m getting closer to blowing kaçak bahis siteleri another load. Cum in me she says, I want that hot juice in me. For sure I said and with that I grab her hips and held firmly and blew deep in her ass, hell it was so powerful my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed, she’s reaching under her and scooping out my cum leaking from her ass, licking her fingers clean and swallowing it all.I’m laying there and the next thing I know she’s sucking my cock one more time, I don’t think I have another one in me I say, sure you do she says back to me. This time while she’s sucking my cock she reaches under me and inserts a finger in my asshole. Dam this feels really great and I can’t believe that I’m actually going to cum for the 3rd time in less than 15 min. I blow my load yet one more time and again she sucks me dry, but this time before swallowing she comes up and gives me a kiss and shares my cum with me. Wow I don’t know why but I savored every drop of my cum in my mouth with her tongue. We get done and get dressed and head back out to the living room, pour another glass of wine for her and a beer for me.We never speak of what happened on that day and yes I still go over and have dinner or what ever on a weekly basis. This has only happened once but I have the feeling from the way she looks at me that this will happen again in the near future.

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