My Gold Coast Experience


What I’m about to tell you was the most exciting sexual encounter I had ever experienced in my life. It all started when my husband got transferred interstate for his job as a PR consultant. We were both excited to be moving to a more tropical climate and hoped we would spend the rest of our life’s in paradise. The company suggested to my husband Andrew that I go up and look for our new home and they would pay for all the expenses. He thought that it was a great idea, as that way we could get just what we wanted.

Two days later I arrived at the Gold Coast and quickly got in contact with the real estate agent. They were appointed to look after all the accommodation needs required by the company. I was met by there senior sales person Jillian and she told me that it was her job to help find the house that we wanted. Jillian is your typical sun drenched beach babe with beautiful blonde hair, big boobs, long tanned legs, and a very tight butt. I myself a year younger at 29 was the complete opposite 3 inches shorter, dark hair average size boobs but I had an ass to kill for. And I love to show it off any chance I get. (It makes me feel like I’m 21 again).

I told Jillian what kind of property we were looking for and, she went through the listings and found 14 houses to look at. It was already 11.30am so we decided to get stuck into it and see as many as we could. As 5.00pm came around we’d seen 8 out of the 14 property’s none of which really excited me. Jillian asked me if I’d like to have dinner with her and try and work out exactly what I was looking for. I agreed and she took me to this quite little restaurant were we came up with a plan of attack for the next day. During our conversation we realized we had a lot in common. It was nice to interact with someone who had similar thoughts and feelings as me.

The next day was extremely hot 32 degrees so I dressed accordingly. All that was required was a thin very short summer dress to show of my G-string covered ass. When I arrived at the real estate office Jillian meet me dressed in a loose fitting blouse and short tight skirt to show of her long tanned legs. She’d come up with another 5 property’s to add to the 6 we didn’t see the day before. Wasting no time we got going knowing it would be a long hot day. As the day wore on looking at house after house I’d noticed that Jillian had become very touchy feely just like the day before but put it down to just being friendly.

We arrived at the last house at about 2.30pm and as we pulled into the driveway I started to fall in love with the place. Jillian said that the owners were at work and she had permission to show me through the house. It was everything that we wanted large living areas, big yard, swimming pool, deep-water frontage, air con, and more. Even the owner’s taste in furniture was similar to ours. We were standing in the main bedroom looking out over the canal when it told Jillian that this was the place, Gaziantep Yabancı Escort this was our paradise. She was so excited for me that she came over and gave me a huge hug.

As she was hugging me she told me how happy she was that I found what I was looking for. Then she reached up and cupped my face in her hands, lent forward and placed a delicate kiss on my lips. I was stunned what was Jillian doing why was she kissing me. Was she really happy for me or was she happy because she made a big sale. As all these thoughts were racing through my head Jillian kissed me again, this time with more passion. I was excited, but was it because I had found the house that I wanted, or was it Jillian’s kiss. I don’t know but I found myself responding to her as her tongue parted my lips, and started to explore every inch of my mouth.

I’ve never been kissed by a woman before, but it felt wonderfully soft and sensual. My brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Then Jillian slid her hands down and started to caress my ass. My nipples were becoming hard now and I could feel the familiar tingling in my pussy. Jillian broke the kiss and looked into my glazed eyes she told me that she wanted to make love to me right then. As she was saying this she was lifting my dress up over my head. I told her I couldn’t do this, that the owners would be home soon. She told me that they wouldn’t be home until 6.00pm as she removed my dress and sat me down on the edge of the bed.

I didn’t know what to do my brain was telling me to get up and run out of the house, but my body was not responding. My mouth had gone dry and I had this tingly sensation all over me. Jillian was now standing in front of me pealing off her cloths. When she removed her bra her large tanned tits were staring me in the face. Her nipples were all pink and puffy they must have been at least 2cm long. I looked down and saw that mine were all swollen too. I squeezed my legs together and felt that familiar damp felling in my crouch. As I looked up again Jillian had removed her skirt and panties and I was looking at her baby smooth pussy with a ring pierced through her clitoral hood.

What the fuck was happening here, I’d never cheated on Andrew before but here I was being seduced by this gorgeous blond who happen to be my real estate agent. I was aroused at her touch but at the same time disgusted at the thought. I’d never had sex with another woman and really didn’t want to start now but, when Jillian pushed me onto my back and slid her hot wet mouth onto one of my nipples the thought was quickly escaping my mind. One of her soft hands was now caressing my other nipple, pinching and squeezing it as I heard someone moaning in pleasure. Then I realized it was me. The situation was now out of my control but Jillian seemed to know what she was doing.

She started to move down my body placing sweet kisses along the way. She reached my belly button and swirled her tongue around inside. Then she started to lick me along the top of my panties while her hand cupped my mound. I jumped at her touch. The heat coming from her hand was incredible. She started to run her hands up and down my legs while she was kissing my pussy through my panties. She reached up and started to pull my panties off and I was lifting my ass up to help her.

Her touch was so soft and gentle, my pussy was now completely wet as Jillian spread my legs and gently nuzzled her face against the wet folds. She kissed all around the outside, over my lips, around my clit and slowly inserted her tongue inside to taste my womanhood. The feeling that Jillian was giving me was so sensual. I’ve never had this with Andrew before, and I was now raising my hips up to match her probing mouth. Jillian was now sitting on the floor at the edge of the bed sawing her tongue up and down my slit while she pushed my legs up into the air. I grabbed them behind the knees and pulled them back and out giving her all the access she needed and I wanted.

I think she got the message as she started to run her tongue all around my ass cheeks and gently over my asshole. As she brushed past my asshole I let out a loud moan and I remember saying to her to rub my juices over my ass and stick her finger in. She slid her tongue into my soaked pussy and licked out my juices. Then she moved down and spat it onto my asshole. Jillian moved back to my wet pussy as she raised a finger and started to probe my asshole in earnest. I was now crazed with lust I was close to cumming when Jillian slid a finger into my pussy and swirled it around, then she took it out and brought it

up to my mouth and pushed it in. It was just like sucking a cock covered in pussy juice I licked it for all I was worth. Then she pushed another finger in and started to fuck my mouth with them.

Here I was in a strangers house lying on there bed naked, with a woman between my legs, two of her fingers in my mouth, one in my ass, her tongue in my pussy and her nose rubbing my clit. I tried to tell her I was cumming but she was fucking my mouth hard with her fingers. I think she realized when I bit down on them and moaned loudly. One thing that she didn’t know was when I cum I ejaculate enough to fill a small glass. As my ass gripped her finger my hands grabbed her head pulling it hard against my pussy filling her mouth. I know she was shocked at the amount, as she couldn’t swallow it all. She pulled her head out of the way and I ejaculated all over her large soft tits and down her flat stomach.

When I had finished cumming Jillian shoved her mouth back onto my tingling pussy sucking my engorged clit bringing me to 2 more minor orgasms. I couldn’t take any more and pulled her fingers from my mouth and gasped for air. Jillian pulled her finger out of my ass and climbed up onto me. Her tits were above my face covered in my cum as she pushed a nipple into my mouth, I licked and chewed it like a baby would suckle on there mother. The taste of her sweaty skin and my juices was fantastic. Jillian rolled onto her back pulling me on top of her. She started to push down on my head wanting me to go lower. I did the same as she had done to me but I was licking all the cum and sweat from her belly.

As I reached her swollen pussy I just gazed at the sight of it. With no hair and her clit poking out from its hood and topped off with a gold ring, I just started to flick it back and forth with my finger. She let out a groan and told me to use my mouth. I was a little hesitant at first then Jillian grabbed my head and pushed it into her crouch. The smell and taste of her sex was overpowering and I made my tongue as flat as I could and licked her like a large envelope while I nipped at her ring. It didn’t take her long as I felt Jillian’s legs squeeze against my head as she screamed in orgasm. Her slick juice dribbled out as I licked it up. She pulled me up to her and gave me the deepest wet kiss. I remember her saying “Amanda I’ve never cum so quick before”. We just lay there for a while pondering on what had just happened between us. I looked at my watch it was now almost 5.00pm and I thought it a good idea to get dressed and clean up before we got caught.

On the way back to her office Jillian told me that when she first meet me yesterday she felt this instant sexual attraction, which is why she was so friendly towards me. But when I turned up today in my short dress she thought I had the same feeling towards her. She also said that every time I bent down to look in cupboards and things that, she would kneel down behind me careful not to be too obvious and stare at my g-string clad ass with just the slight hint of my pubic hair poking out the sides. Jillian also admitted that she loved it when I ejaculated on her and didn’t believe that a woman could cum like a man. While she was telling me this I could feel my nipples hardening again and feel that itch between my legs. I asked Jillian if we needed to go back to her office tonight and she said we could fix it up the contracts tomorrow. I asked her if she would like to come back to my hotel and have dinner with me that night. She put her hand on my thigh and slid it up saying “I didn’t think you would ask”

We ate dinner in my room that night and Jillian showed me the joys of rubbing our pussy’s together, I couldn’t get enough of her clit ring rubbing on mine clit and I repaid the favor by ejaculating into her pussy. I had to return to the Gold Coast three more times to finalize the contracts, and each time with Jillian was better than the last.

That was 5 1/2 months ago and every night I go into my bedroom I still see myself there with Jillian between my legs. Nowadays when Jillian gets a new listing she comes and picks me up and we go around and test out the main bedroom. We agree that doing it in a stranger’s house is an extra turn on.

If any other woman out their have had a similar experience I would love to here from you.

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