my mom “Are you a squirter?


my mom “Are you a squirter?My mom the escort I never really knew my mother and my father wouldn’t talk about her.My father never dated or saw women that I knew of. He was a stock broker and his work seemed to be his life.I was sixteen when my father died and it changed my whole world.First was all the money from his estate, it came to over fifteen million. In his letter to me, he made a few recommendations that I followed.Next was the fact that almost everything in our townhouse was sold. Last was the tall stunningly beautiful woman that was my mother. She had just appeared at the door only twelve hours after dad had died. She didn’t really talk much. She just seemed to be there to comfort me when I needed it.A week later dad was buried, the estate was settled and suddenly I was on a plane with a mother I had never known. The city we went to was fairly large. My mom had told me to call her Cara and she had the taxi drop us at this tall apartment building. Her apartment was on the tenth floor and as soon as I opened the door it was like stepping into another world. Cara looked at me and seemed to smile to herself, “I have never had a man up here before.”We set our suitcases down and she reached for my hand. That was something she had avoided until now, (touching me I mean). She led me into a living room that definitely belonged to a woman. She sat me down on a couch and sat beside me. She was sitting sideways to look at me and took a breath, “I need to tell you something so just listen okay?”I nodded and she looked down, “The reason your father divorced me was because I cheated on him. I have a high sex drive and he… didn’t.”She paused and when I didn’t say anything she looked up, “Simon, I’m an escort… a… call girl.”That got my attention, I knew guys that would kill to be with her. I smiled, “I hope you carry a club to beat the unlucky ones off.”Cara grinned and then laughed. She squeezed my hand and seemed to relax, “I’m glad it doesn’t bother you.”I shrugged, “Cara, you may be my mother but I have never known you as my mother. You are an incredibly beautiful woman that seems smart, you have class. As for being a prostitute… I can understand that. I must get my horniness from you because it sure wasn’t from dad.”Cara laughed, “I don’t give freebees.”I grinned, “There’s always service in trade.”Cara grinned, “And what would you trade?”I laughed as I stood up and looked around, “Oral sex comes to mind, but I’m sure we could find some other way to mutually satisfy each other. I could even cook or clean. I draw a little too, but for that I need quiet and something nice to draw.”I looked down to see her looking at me amused, I grinned and waved, “Bathroom?”She nodded to the hallway and I went looking. When I came out she was waiting and led me to a bedroom that looked a little generic with a big queen size bed and a nice dresser. My suitcase was beside the bed and I looked at Cara as she turned and walked out. I put my stuff away and grabbed my drawing pad and colored pencils.I walked out to check the place out and ended up in the kitchen. After looking around I decided to make a nice dinner. I was humming as I started and wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t see Cara when she came in. I turned away from the stove and she was smiling at me from the kitchen table, “Find everything?”I grinned, “Yeah. Some of it was getting a little old but I think I got it before it went bad.”She laughed, “I could get used to this.”I laughed as I turned back to what I was doing, “In that case I’ll only charge you an hour. I think a nice sexy gown would work for my first picture of you.”I looked back at her surprised face, “You wouldn’t have one that was a dark blue would you?”She grinned and stood up, “I’ll check just for you, but dinner better be worth the trouble.”I grinned but didn’t let her see it. An hour later I turned from putting dinner on the table and was floored by Cara. She was stunningly gorgeous and smiled as she swayed into the dinning room. I shook myself and moved to hold her chair. Cara was surprised at how good the food was and I grinned. “Two years in a cooking class helps a lot.”Cara laughed and then smiled, “So you want to be a cook.”I shook my head, “I was trying to impress a girl. She took off with a pothead instead.”Cara shrugged, “Maybe you tried to hard.”I nodded, “Maybe. She sure wouldn’t pose nude for me on the first day.”Cara sipped her tea and shook her head, “You’re trying to hard.”I grinned and shrugged, “I’m a horny teenage, we all try hard.”Cara laughed and finally stood up. “Where do you want me to pose?”I smiled and finished setting the dirty dishes in the sink, “By the big picture window in the living room.”Cara grinned, “Not on my bed?”I grinned as I picked up my drawing pad and pencils, “Maybe next time.”It was an hour later that Cara sat beside me to look at the drawing. She was surprised at the detail and the way she looked life like in the picture. I smiled as I looked at the drawing. It was one of my better ones I thought. In one corner I used a black pencil and signed my name. I carefully removed the picture from the pad and put it in the center of the coffee table. Cara actually kissed me goodnight.I woke up to the bed shifting and an exotic looking beauty staring into my eyes. I blinked and looked around as another woman laughed softy. The woman on the bed with me caressed my face almost as if checking to see if I was real. “How did you get into Cara’s apartment and why are you sleeping in my bed?”I turned my head to look down her naked body and then looked back into her face. I grinned, “Cara brought me home. I must have impressed her.”The woman laughed, “A man can impress Cara and she still wouldn’t bring him here.”I brought a hand out from under the covers and caressed her face, “You’re real.”She laughed and the second woman joined her as she walked around the bed stripping her clothes off. She pulled the covers back and slipped in next to me. She was a short haired blonde with beautiful perfect breasts and a nicely trimmed pussy. I looked back at the Asian woman on my chest and she grinned. I wiggled and moved up in the bed to sit up, “Cara is my mother.”The two women looked at each other and then at me just as a throat cleared at the door. I smiled at Cara in her silk robe, “I think two of the three bears came home and found goldilocks in their bed.”They all laughed as I tried to slide out of bed. Cara walked in, “Peaches, Toni, this is my son Simon. If I were you I would be carefully. I don’t believe he has managed to have sex yet and as he reminded me, teenagers are always horny.”They grinned and the exotic beauty refusing to let me out of bed kissed my chest. “But virgins are so yummy.”They laughed again and she let me go. Cara smiled as I stood up reaching for my sleeping pants beside the bed. “And he has a nice package too.”The other two women had been staring at my erection and I blushed, “I better go make breakfast before someone tempts me too much.”They laughed as I left. In the kitchen I washed the dishes from last night before checking the cupboard for cereal. I ended up just making toast and sitting down to think. Living here was going to be difficult. When Cara came in a few minutes later I stood, “Toast?”Cara nodded and I began making her my version of vanilla cinnamon toast. When I sat back down she smiled, “You’re going to spoil me.”I smiled and went back to eating. Cara finally sighed and I looked up. She smiled wryly, “I guess I can pay one of the others to…”I grinned and then shook my head, “I don’t think so. Trade in kind Cara.”She looked at me and then shook her head and laughed softly. When she stopped she reached across the table for my hand and squeezed it. I looked into the other room, “Peaches and Toni live here?”Cara shook her head, “They just crash sometimes. Peaches was the blonde that climbed under the covers with you.”I grinned, “I could give an audition of my oral… skills?”Cara laughed and squeezed my hand before standing. “I need to make some calls.”At least it was summer so I didn’t have to worry about a new school yet. I cleaned up and slipped into the bedroom for a change of clothes. I grabbed my netbook while I was there and smiled at the sleepy face of Peaches as she opened her eyes. I waved and closed the door quietly after I left.I showered and dressed before going into the living room. Cara was sitting in one of the chairs talking on the phone and I sat across from her and started the netbook. First I needed a car and after looking online I looked at Cara, “Do you have a garage here?”Cara glanced at me and nodded but didn’t stop what she was doing. I mapped out the dealership that was closest and saved it. I shut the netbook down and put it in its case before walking to Cara and waiting. She glanced up and after she told whoever to wait, she smiled at me. “Yes?”I smiled back, “Do I need to do anything to park a car in the garage here? I was going to buy a new car.”Cara told whoever was on the phone she would call them back. She looked at me, “You don’t want to spend all your money on flashy toys Simon.”I grinned, “Actually I was thinking of a small hybrid.”She grinned, “Well, that’s even more sensible than me.”I laughed and she stood up and walked to the front door and the phone on the wall. There wasn’t a keypad Escort Bayan on the phone so it must have been a direct line. When she came back she was grinning, “The garage attendant will let you in and the building consigliore will give him a card key for you so you can get in at night. I should still be here when you get back and we can get a key for the apartment made.”I gave her a quick soft kiss on the lips and left. It only took me about thirty minutes to find the dealership and another two hours to buy the car. I drove home and parked the car in the garage. The attendant had said I must be the luckiest bastard in the world. I don’t think Cara had told anyone I was her son.When Cara let me in there must have been twenty women in the living room. Peaches and Toni were walking around in one of my dress shirts and I shook my head. “You know I charge people to use my clothing.”All the women quieted and Toni walked towards me, “And what are you going to charge us stud?”I grinned, “Sometime this week you each owe me one hour of posing in a nice dress.”One of the women gasped, “You’re the one that drew the picture!”All the women were talking with several asking what picture and finally Cara whistled. Before she could say anything one of the women cleared her throat, “Where’s his clothes? I need to borrow a shirt.”Everyone laughed and Cara shook her head and grinned at me. She pushed me towards the kitchen, “go do something in the kitchen.”I grinned and leaned over to kiss her cheek, “Yes, mom.”The women looked at Cara and a few snickered. Cara blushed as I walked away. I spent awhile making a shopping list until Cara walked in blushing. I glanced at her, “Their not still teasing you are they?”She smiled and embraced me, giving me a soft kiss. She caressed my face, “You made an impression.”I grinned, “Any of them sign up for my mutual assistance program?”Cara laughed and shook me. She looked back at the doorway and blushed even more, “Actually they want you to audition.”She looked into my face, “On me.”I blinked and then grinned, “Are you a squirter?”Cara blinked and then laughed and grabbed my hand to start pulling me out of the kitchen, “In your dreams.”I shook my head as she led me around to the front of the couch. All the women were standing around the couch watching. Cara stopped and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I smiled at her black lace panties, “I’ll have to remember those for your next picture.”Cara smiled as she slowly pulled her panties down and off. Cara’s pussy was beautifully trimmed. I looked up and she reached out to caress my face, “Do you want me to tell you what to do?”I pushed her back gently, “Sit down Cara. Lay back, open your legs and close your eyes.”She smiled and sat on the couch and leaned back. When she opened her legs all I could do was stare at her pussy. It took Peaches tapping my shoulder to make me remember what I needed to do. I smiled at her, “Thanks gorgeous.”She grinned as I began taking my shirt off. Peaches caressed my bare shoulder. “You don’t need your shirt off stud.”I grinned as I held the shirt out, “Actually I do.”I looked around, “anyone want to borrow my shirt?”The women snickered as a petite brunette reached out to take the shirt. I smiled at her and then looked at Cara’s pussy as I knelt between her legs. I caressed her inner thighs absently. “How could anyone not want to keep you satisfied all the time?”The women laughed but I ignored them as I leaned down to softly kiss her clit as it peeked out. Cara shivered and I smiled as I caressed her again. I licked through her pussy and squeezed her clit with my lips as I started rubbing her outer pussy lips with my thumbs. Cara started moaning as I sucked her clit in wiggling my tongue back and forth over it rapidly.I rubbed just under her pussy between it and her asshole as I pushed my tongue into her and then sucked in her clit again. As I began teasing her clit again, I pushed two fingers into her and up under pelvic bone. I fucked them against her G spot as I gentle bit her clit. Cara jerked and her back arched, “YES!”Her body went into spasms as her pussy tightened and then she squirted into my mouth. I missed the second one as she jerked her pussy away from my mouth, “YYEESSS!”I covered her pussy again as she shuddered violently and her body thrashed around squirting a third time. I pulled my fingers out of her now tight wet cunt as her body dropped to the couch panting. She squirted a small bit of cum out a forth time and I licked it up. I moved up and held her body as it shuddered and twitched. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me, “Where the hell did you learn to do that?”Everyone laughed and Cara blushed. I kissed her softly and sat back. “Just because I haven’t had intercourse doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.”I stood and held my hand out to Cara and pulled her to her feet. I turned towards the hall and looked back at Cara, “By the way, you taste as good as you look.”The women laughed again as Cara grinned. I stripped in the bathroom and walked into the shower. I washed quickly and stepped out to a lovely smiling Hispanic woman. She handed me a towel as she looked at my cock and licked her lips and then up at my face, “Some of us were wondering if you would draw a picture of us.”I smiled as I bent to pick up my pants and started for the door. “Sure.”I opened the door and looked back, “Dressed or nude? I haven’t gotten a girl to do that yet.”She grinned and started following me, “I’m sure we could work out a trade.”I laughed and walked into my room. I dressed and came back to the living room. Most of the women were gone. Peaches, Toni, Cara and the petite brunette were all sitting together with a couple of others looking at the picture of Cara that I had done. I smiled and picked up my sketch pad and pencils.I sat in the one empty chair and turned to look out the window. I tuned everything out and turned the pad to an empty page. It was a while before Cara’s hand on my shoulder made me stop. I glanced up and smiled, “Done with your conspiracy?”Cara grinned and shook me, “I have to work tonight. Donna will stay here if you need anything.”I smiled and looked around the empty room, “Donna?”Cara ran her hand through my hair and then sat on the arm of the chair. “Can we be serious?”I smiled and put the pad down and then pulled her lovely body onto my lap and against me. Cara looked at me and caressed my face, “About sex?”I smiled and leaned back pulling her with me. “When I was eleven the babysitter taught me about oral sex. I’m afraid it became a kind of obsession and I enjoy it very much. I developed late and didn’t ejaculate until I was thirteen. It wasn’t until I was almost fifteen that I had a growth spurt and my… package caught up with the rest of me.As much as I thought about having sex I didn’t, it just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until just before dad died that I decided to… you know and by then I knew I didn’t want just any girl but a woman that would teach me and be willing to let me do what I wanted.”I looked at Cara, “The problem is that as much as I tease, it is only half serious. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and as much as I want you to be my mother, I also see you as that beautiful woman and I want you.”I hugged Cara, “I’ll try to tone it down if it bothers you.”Cara laughed, “Simon, for the first time in s*******n years a man has entered my life that I am both attracted to sexually and… and physically.”I looked at her face and then gave her a soft kiss before patting her butt, “If I kept you here you will solve my problem.”Cara kissed me quick and slid off my lap. She took my hand and pulled me up, “We need to go out.”Cara was a different person as we did a few errands. She was a happy carefree woman that flirted and teased me but also seemed to hold me close as if for comfort. One of the things she bought was a nice frame for the picture I had made of her and I bought several more… just in case.I bought a large collection of small Asian tea cups when we went shopping for food. When we came home Cara caressed my face, “I need a couple of hours of sleep before I have to go out tonight.”She gave me a soft kiss that seemed to linger and then walked away. I found Peaches, Toni and another woman in my room and sighed. I grinned when I had the idea and left only to return with a kitchen chair, my pad and my pencils. I found the right angle and sat down and started drawing. It took a little longer to finish the drawing but I didn’t rush it and took my time.When I finished I signed it and took the chair out. I started a nice light dinner after thinking hard. If Cara and the others were escorts they would probably dine out with a client, soo… I was putting the finishing touches on when a sleepy looking Cara wondered into the kitchen.She looked around and opened her mouth to say something but I held up a hand. “It’s only a light meal and I made enough for Peaches, Toni and the other woman too.”I nodded to the counter where my pad lay and turned to pour her a cup of my special mixture. Cara was looking at the drawing of the three women sleeping as I handed the small cup to her. “This isn’t coffee, tea or chocolate but try it anyway.”I turned away to finish what I was doing and then glanced Bayan escort back, “I should warn you that it’s a mild aphrodisiac.”Cara grinned and picked up my pad to carry it into the dinning room. I went to my room to find Toni awake and teasing the other woman while she still slept. I smiled, “I made a light dinner.”Toni smiled and gave the other woman’s nipples a light tug which made her moan and open sleepy eyes. I shook my head as I headed back to the kitchen. I set the dinner out on the table as the women made their way to the table to join Cara. Cara grinned and slid the pad to Toni as she sat down beside her.Toni frowned at me and passed the pad again as I dished their dinner up. Needless to say they weren’t thrilled with a picture of them sleeping. I took the drawing pad away from a grumpy Peaches, “What you see as yourself looking less than your best is different then what I see.”I looked at the drawing and then closed the pad, “Besides it was for me.”It was an hour and a half later that Cara stopped to kiss my cheek as I sat reading a book on my reader. She caressed my face, “I’ll see you in the morning.”I nodded and felt a little tight in the chest as I watched Cara, Toni and Peaches leave dressed up elegantly. The other woman that had been sleeping with Peaches and Toni walked in wearing my sleeping pants and nothing else. I shook my head as she settled onto the other end of the couch with a book and a cup of coffee. I put my reader aside and picked up my drawing pad.Donna didn’t even look up as I looked at her for a long time and then began to draw. When I was done, I smiled at how well it turned out and thought about how well my drawings were since I had come here. I sat back and relaxed before using a regular pencil to draw Toni as she was when she was naked and laying on me this morning.I always liked black and white drawings and went from Toni to each of the women I remembered from earlier. I lost track of time like normal when I draw and it was Donna that reminded me by leaning over the chair and kissing my cheek. “Bed time Michael Angelo.”I grinned and looked back, “Does that mean I get to lick your pussy?”Donna grinned and tussled my hair, “I charge for that.”I looked back at my pad as I went back to work, “That’s too bad. You miss out on so much if you always do that.”Donna didn’t say anything as I finished my drawing and then went to bed. When I woke up Donna was in bed beside me sleeping. I got up as quietly as I could and went to start my morning exercises and then my meditation, (something I hadn’t done since before dad died). I was meditating when Cara came home. She hesitated and then came to sit in a nearby chair. I finally sighed and looked at Cara, “You stink of sex. Either take me to bed or go wash.”She looked at me and then smiled as she stood and walked out. I shook myself, I had just finished meditating and here I am… I stood and stretched before heading into the kitchen. The days passed slowly into weeks and more often then not all of Cara’s girlfriends spent their time here. I became frustrated not just with the lack of sex or the privacy to masturbate, but by their constant reminder that they would only have sex if they were paid.I had drawn all of them in nice gowns as well as in other settings including topless. Cara knew something was wrong as I became more withdrawn. The damn broke a month after I had been there. All the women were over for the morning and one of them joked that they would take care of me for a price which made the others laugh.Cara had gone to her room to get something and I just snapped and stood to walk to the big window. The room quieted, most of the time I either ignored them or teased them back. I looked out on summer rain, “It hurts to know you women only think sex has to be paid for.”I turned to face them, “What you do to live has a harmony but each of you lack that harmony when you aren’t working. You hate or distrust all men because at some time in your life one of them hurt you and betrayed you. Because of that you close off your trust and hide behind what you do to live.”I looked around the room, “Yes, I am a man and would love having sex with any of you. Everyday you remind me that I would have to pay for that privilege. Everyday you remind me that you don’t trust me. Everyday you go out of your way to say I am not one of you.”I walked to my drawing pad and shoulder bag with all my pencils and snatched it up to walk to the door. I looked back at the silent room full of women, “I could easily afford to make love to one of you every night but that isn’t what I want. The woman that I want to have sex with is the one that does it because she wants to be there, not because she has to.”I walked out and left the building ignoring Cara’s phone calls throughout the day. I spent my time meditating in a local Buddhist temple. When I came home it was already dark out and late, no one was in the apartment. I made a cold dinner and went to bed. I woke to the bed shifting and the morning light shining through the window. I opened my eyes to see Toni on my chest again. I sighed, “You do know there are other ways to wake me up.”She grinned and patted my face while looking into my eyes, “We want to talk to you. Come into the living room.”She slid off the bed and I watched her bare butt as she walked out. I thought about just closing the door but rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom first. When I came here I had gotten out of the habit of sleeping in the nude and wore my sleeping pants now. When I walked into the living room all of the women were there. Cara was sitting quietly with Peaches and Toni holding her hands while she sat on the couch.They were all naked and I looked around before Nancy, a tall redhead waved to one empty chair. I walked over and sat down leaning back to let them get it out of their system like I had yesterday. Melody cleared her throat, “We wanted to apologize Simon. What you said made us think and while some of us think you were wrong about some things, we all agreed that we were wrong too. To show you we trust you, anytime we are here we will be naked. If you want any of us to have sex, we will and no one will say anything about you or anyone paying…”I held my hand up, “I don’t want you naked all the time. As much as that would please me, that wasn’t what I meant.”I looked around at all of them, “When you are together and I am not here you act different. You think nothing of caressing or touching each other or in Toni’s case teasing someone awake. When I am there you change. You say when you come over you will go naked. That tells me you will spend less time here because you are uncomfortable.”I looked at each of them and then stood and walked to Sarah, a beautiful brunette that I knew only tolerated men she serviced. I caressed her bare hip and then pulled her against me to kiss her softly. She let me do it but I still felt her hesitating. I smiled and kissed her under her right ear and turned away. “Having sex with you is only a thing, a desire of lust. If you truly want me to be part of your life then do what I just did to Sarah.”I looked back at her face and smiled, “Don’t think about lust Sarah. Remembering my touch, knowing me, was what I just did sexual? Sure, there was some sense of wanting you but was that what I did?”Sarah looked at me and then grinned, “You made me wonder.”I nodded, “Exactly.”I walked to the couch and pulled Cara up. I looked into her face and kissed her softly and held her body against me while caressing it not wanting to let go. I leaned back and looked at Cara and then slowly stepped back and looked around, “That was lust and longing and wanting.”They laughed and Toni stood up to caress my face, “All boys want their mother.”I smiled and looked down as they all laughed. I took a deep breath and looked around, “The difference between loving the touch of a friend and wanting sex is very small. I meant what I said, the woman I want to have sex with is the one that wants to have sex with me. If you feel that you want to have sex with me than it would be right.”I looked around the room and pulled a surprised Toni against me, “Now put some clothes on while I take Toni to my room for a… talk.”Several chuckled as I started walking with Toni against my hip. I glanced at her, “I’m tired of you waking me up the way you do.”Toni grinned, “What are you going to do about it?”I smiled as I guided her to my bed and turned her before pushing her back. She grinned as she landed on the bed but I continued onto the bed between her legs. She adjusted to fit me between her legs but I only kissed her and then started kissing down her body. I stopped above her trimmed pussy and smiled up at her, “From now on every time you wake me up like that I will punish you.”She grinned as I leaned in to kiss her pussy and then lick through it. Toni shivered and groaned as I sucked in her clit and began teasing it with my tongue. Toni’s pussy had just a hint of strawberry to her slight musky taste and I loved it. I held her slowly humping hips as she fucked up against my face.I kept licking her and teasing her clit until I used my lips to gently bite it. Toni jerked and her whole body shuddered as she groaned and finally pushed my face away from her pussy. I smiled Escort as I turned her and pushed her body under the covers, “go to sleep.”I leaned over the bed and kissed her softly on the lips before turning away from the bed. Peaches, Donna and another woman name Georgia were grinning from the doorway. I smiled and as I headed out and they went towards the bed. Cara stopped me in the hall and caressed my chest, “Come to bed with me?”I kissed her softly and looked into her eyes, “If I do…”Cara smiled and embraced me, “That’s fine, I want you inside me.”I looked into her eyes and finally nodded. I put my arm around her naked waist and we walked into her room. Cara was strangely shy as she knelt and pulled my sleeping pants down. She moved me to the bed and had me sit before kneeling between my legs. I shook my head at the soft kiss on my cock and reached down to pull her up. I pulled her onto the bed as I wiggled back to make room, “Not with your mouth Cara.”She looked at me and started to straddle me but I put my hand down to stops her. I turned onto my side kissing her softly. I caressed her face before lying back, pulling her on top of me. I didn’t let her move up to put me inside her as I caressed her back and then down to her hips. She looked into my face and then smiled and relaxed letting me feel her body.When the bed shifted and several other women moved onto the bed Cara stiffened. I kissed her bare shoulder and rubbed her back gently, “They won’t hurt you.”Cara took a minute to relax and I finally moved her up my body. I reached between us and guided my cock to her pussy but didn’t push in. I kissed her and caressed her face, “Do you want me to put a condom on?”Cara shook her head but didn’t look up, “No baby.”She pushed back slowly and moaned as my thick cock pushed her pussy open and slid deeper. The feeling of my cock inside a woman for the first time was incredible. I felt Cara and then other hands as they started to caress me. One woman, (I think it was Sarah) whispered, “Relax Simon, its okay.”I didn’t even realize I had started crying as Cara pushed my cock all the way inside her and shuddered as I pushed against her womb. Hands caressed my face and wiped away the tears as my body slowly arched and I peed a huge stream of cum. Cara gasped, “Oh my god!”I began shaking as the cum stopped and my cock throbbed and then jerked as I spewed another stream onto Cara’s waiting womb. Cara was grunting and shuddered as I stopped cumming and shivered before my cock jerked and I shoved it up and into the opening to Cara’s womb before I spurted a huge strong gush of cum that filled it.I jerked when it stopped and shivered before groaning as I pumped another large spurt of cum into Cara’s belly as she moaned and shuddered. I spurted again and then shook as it was over. Cara sighed and shuddered and whispered, “Damn. A guy’s first time he always has a lot of cum.”The women on the bed snickered and Cara giggled before lifting her head to look at my red face. She kissed me and then laughed, “Okay baby, now I am going to fuck you soft.”I smiled and caressed her back, “You can try.”She grinned and then kissed me and sat up. I looked down to see cum running out of her onto me. The women were laughing and snickering at Cara as she looked between her legs. She blushed, “Maybe we better let me douche.”Sarah moved against her and gave her a kiss. She looked down and caressed my chest, “Just roll over and fuck her Simon. Most of the cum will come out.”Cara laughed, “Until he fills me up again.”I smiled and caressed her body, “Stay like you are and just love me.”Cara leaned down to kiss me softly and I shivered as her hips began to move. I caressed her bare butt, “This way feels really good”The other women laughed and Sarah lay down and caressed my shoulder, “I’ll try to relax more Simon.”I kissed Cara and looked at Sarah before reaching out to caressing her face, “Think about this Sarah. Why do my pictures make you girls look so beautiful?”She blinked and absently put her head on the pillow. Cara was slowly rocking back and forth. Sarah finally shook her head, “I don’t understand.”I was kissing Cara and lightly feeling her hips and bare butt. I looked at Sarah, “When I draw you, it isn’t about sex or even your body. I don’t look with just my eyes Sarah. I draw what I see in you, what each of you feel like to me.”Sarah looked at me and smiled and nodded to Cara, “Love her Simon.”I smiled as I caressed and held Cara in my arms. “I already do.”I pulled her down and rolled so that she was under me. She had automatically spread her legs and I grinned before reaching down while lifting up. I closed her legs and straddled her with my cock still inside her. I stroked in and out and she moaned while shuddering. I laughed and kissed her as I slowly fucked down through her slit and into her pussy.Cara shuddered and held me as her pussy grasped my cock. It was a minute before I groaned and shuddered at the same time as Cara. My cock began to swell and jerk and Cara’s pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I peed another thick strong stream of cum against Cara’s womb and her back arched, “He’s doing it again!”I peed and spewed and pumped thick streams and spurts of cum and Cara had a small river of cum running out of her before I even pulled out to lay beside her. The other women were laughing and Cara had a huge grin on her face. “I should pimp him out. The women would love to feel that.”I smiled and tugged on her nipple, “Lay still.”I climbed out of bed and looked at the women, “would you lay with mom while I draw?”They laughed and Sarah snuggled against her. I came back with my pad and pencils and sat in mom’s cushioned chair. The women were smiling and gently caressing each other. Sarah and mom would give each other soft kisses and then kiss one of the other women. It was an hour before I finished and moved to the bed and turned the pad for them to see.I felt relaxed and for the first time since coming here I felt at home. Nancy slipped off the bed and pulled the covers up over mom, Sarah, Melody and Jasmine. She took my hand and led me to the shower. After we finished and dressed she took me out walking. She held my arm as we strolled and when we returned to the apartment it was quiet.She kissed me and slowly undressed before reaching out to take my clothes off. She caressed my face, “You can make love to me later. Right now I need you.”I smiled and led her to the couch and sat back. Nancy grinned as she straddled me and slowly sat on my hard cock. She leaned against me and began to rock and grind. I held her and caressed her bare back and after awhile she shuddered and then groaned as her pussy tightened. She grinned and started thrusting back and forth while shuddering and shaking her head. When her pussy grasp my cock again she groaned and her body spasmed, “God!”I loved the way her pussy felt, the way it was almost velvety. I caressed and rubbed her hips and shivered as she began to thrust forward and lifting up before pushing back and down. She looked at me and smiled, “I have never really done this for pleasure, but man do you feel good.”I caressed her hips and then up her sides before pulling her gently against me to feel her bare breasts against my chest. Nancy shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She went back to slowly fucking me and grinding against me. It was a minute before she became erratic and shook her head as her pussy squeezed my cock. She jerked and shuddered hard, “aaaahhhh!”She stopped moving as her pussy tried to milk my cock and her upper body twitched against mine. She slowly spread her legs wider and my cock pressed firmly against her womb as she started rocking and thrusting back and forth. I was rubbing her bare back as she continued to moan and shake. I gave her a soft kiss as her womb opened and the head of my cock entered. Nancy jerked and spasmed, “oooohhhh!”Her pussy contracted on my cock as her hips thrust back and forth quickly. She even squirted a little cum as she shook her head. I smiled and caressed her hips, “Nancy?”She shuddered, “Yes?”I leaned forward and licked and nibbled on her neck under her ear, “Are you protected?”She groaned as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock again. She squirted again and her body started jerky convulsions. I was getting ready to lift her off my jerking cock when she threw her head back, “YES!”I held her shaking body as mine tightened. I jerked and shuddered as I peed a huge gushing river of cum into her womb, “I’m cumming!”Nancy gasped, “oooohhhhh, FUCK!”Her body spasmed as her womb filled and then I sighed and relaxed only to jerk and shake as I spewed a huge solid stream of cum again. Nancy kept shaking as I filled her womb and caused it to expand. I shivered as I stopped and held her as I spewed a third huge spurt of cum. Nancy’s eyes were wide and she had this really big grin on her face.I shook my head as I pumped a fourth and then a fifth spurt. When I was done, I sighed and shuddered. I shifted and pulled back slightly and felt Nancy’s womb close. I turned my head to clapping and Nancy laughed, “That was amazing.”I smiled and kept caressing her back, “Thank you Nancy.”She laughed again and hugged me, “It was my pleasure.”The others came in and Sarah sat beside me as Cara sat on the other side. Sarah caressed my shoulder as she absently kissed Nancy’s shoulder. “If you keep making us scream, I will have to take you to bed myself.”I grinned and kissed Cara as she leaned in. I held Nancy and reached out to touch Sarah’s face, “For you I would go much slower.”She grinned and then laughed.

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