My Mother Fucked Me


My Mother Fucked MeOn my 18th birthday I got a very special present. My mother.My mother & I were very close I loved her as I son should & she loved me unconditionally until she took her love to the next level it was a very warm day & I invited some of my friends for a party at the local pub I had a great time & played some snooker & stuff when I had enough I left the party & went home (I was going to go back to the pub & rejoin my friends later) when I arrived home there were presents on the end of my bed from all the relo’s anyway I got some fairly good stuff from my mates. The only person that didn’t give me a gift was my mum.She told me that she’d give it to me as soon as my dad left to go to Canberra for a couple of days for his work. I said cool & went back to the pub but my mates had left already so I went back home. My dad was waiting for me to drive him to the railway station so he can go & get the overnight train (My dad doesn’t fly). I saw him off & started for home.I arrived home & went to have a snooze I took off my shoes & socks I was asleep for about 1 hour & I woke up & went to get a snack from the fridge & then my mum called out to me & asked me to come into her bedroom I went to the door & knocked (I was taught always to knock on the door before entering a bedroom) she said come in honey I opened the door & went in. My mum was standing Escort next to her bed undressing. (I was use to seeing my mum undress in front of me especially when getting ready for a bath) it didn’t freak me out I said what’s up? She stripped down to her pantiesShe said I’m going to give you your birthday present now. I said cool what is it? She said it’s in front of you! Curious I said I don’t see it? Me! She saidAt 1st I thought it was a joke. I said yeah right mum your really funny ha! She said happy birthday my handsome son! & she walked over to me & took the lead she started to undo my pants. My pants fell to the floor I bent down to pull up my pants (still thinking it was a gag) & then the smell of her pussy hit me my mother was on heat & she wanted me.I stood up & said is this real? She said I am your 18th birthday present & its time you became a real man & fuck a real woman & not the little girls you have got with in the past she got my shirt, shorts & undies off I was completely naked standing inches away from my almost naked mother. She stood there looking at me (cock getting harder every second) & then she asked me if I was going to unwrap the rest of my gift? (I really wanted this to happen mother & son love making)She helped me as I reached down & put my hands into the front of her panties & she slowly rubbed my hand over Escort Bayan her horny pussy she looked me in the eye’s & she said finger me off. I slipped my finger inside her & fucked her hard when I pulled it out my finger was wet & smelly I put it into my mouth & savored the flavors of my mother’s pussy. I was hooked she pulled down her panties & she sat down on the bed & I said to her I can’t believe were going to do this. She said I want you to lick my pussy like an ice cream”I squatted on the floor & she spread her leg’s & let me lick her out when she had enough I stood up I had a raging hard on. She said now its time to be my man & fuck your mother she got me to climb up onto her & we kissed, licked her tits. I then slipped my hard cock into my mother’s hungry pussy & started to fuck her. I pulled out & shot my load over her stomach. She said well that was a waste of your love juice. I don’t want you to pull out of me I want your juice inside me.I got off her & lay on my back she sat up & said Anil you must let me show you how a mother can pleasure her son too! She gave me a gobbie to get me hard again. When I was hard enough she got up & positioned herself directly over my cock & slowly sat down on it. My cock was completely eaten by her muff & she started to fuck me after a little bit I said ok mum I got her off me & she Bayan Escort lay on her back. I went to work inside her.I fucked her hard & I blew deep inside her vagina but she wouldn’t let me go she had wrapped her legs around my waist so I kept fucking her (even though I lost my erection) it didn’t take me long to regain it. I hammered her nice & slow & then my mother had an orgasm (while she had this beautiful experience she scratched my back with her nails they ran from my solders to the top of my ass crack). I shot my load just after her orgasm.She said to me in a very proud voice- you are no longer a boy! From now on you are a man!She let me go & I got off her. Her pussy was soaked in her goo I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. I lay next to her (were my dad would lie) & she said Anil do you know how long it has been since I’ve had an orgasm?Naturally I said no! She said 9mths before you were born! She lit up a smoke & puffed away. When she finished she asked if I wanted to do anything else. I said yes one more thing! She said what? I’ve seen something in one of dads girlie books the guy has his dick up the chicks bum! She said you are a rude little man She got on all fours (on the bed) & I got off the bed & stood behind her & spread her ass cheeks (her ass was very clean) I probed it with my tongue & she farted in my face I pushed my hard cock inside her asshole & fucked the ass off her.We slept together that night & in the morning I made love to my mother before breakfast.Any woman of any age, any marital status feels free to contact me for the most amazing experience of your life.

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