My secret was not so secrete …


My secret was not so secrete …It was a few months after my sexual assault by Charlie, Bruce and Daniel. I was staying much to myself as I continued my classes I was still the my ninth grade.The three ruffians had taken numerous of me being sexed by them in numerous positions. When they wanted me again a picture would some how end up in my locker or posted to the students info board. Most would have a note saying ‘ … meet where we ran … ‘.I knew it was the wooded area behind the track field so I would head there and some where along the path one or all three would be there to meet me. My mind was so confused because I had not told on them and I had no one I could confide in.One of my class mates that I met in eight grade had started to talk to me when ever he saw me. In eight grade we had a couple of classes together., now we only saw each other doing lunch some days.Anyway he notice that I was always eating alone or would get a sack lunch and go sit on the front steps of the school to eat. He would come and tell me about this girl that was his cousin and what they would do when they were alone.I had read lots about the act of sex and had tried to educate myself as to the circumstances of guys having sex, I was still confused.One day it was raining really hard and I went into the gym to eat my lunch, Billy C. was the student and he followed me into the gym. There was about thirty or fifty other students there eating or just talking.Billy began to tell me abut what he and his cousin did that weekend so I decided to ask ‘ … Billy, I heard that two guys could have sex, is that true? … ‘ Billy looked shocked that I would say that but quickly calmed his self and asked ‘ … where did you hear that? … ‘A little nervous I stuttered ‘ … I was in the toilet on the third floor and herd two guys talking about it. They left while I was in the stall so I did not hear the rest of their conversation. … ‘ Billy looked at me for a minute then he said.’ …Yeah, it’s true but one of the guys have to be a sissy. … ‘ I sighed and asked ‘ … what’s a sissy? … ‘ Billy laughed but continued ‘ … a sissy is a guy who let’s other guys fuck him. He is some what like a substitute for a girl. The difference is that he can’t get pregnant but the girl can. … ‘Still curious I asked ‘ … if he is having sex why can’t he get pregnant. I mean if the girl can get pregnant having sex güvenilir bahis why can’t the boy? … ‘ Billy looked at me and said ‘ … you really are dumb! Girls have a pussy that the boy fucks, sissy’s only have a ass hole that the guy fucks! … ‘ I kept my composure and asked ‘ … how can a boy do that to another boy? … ‘ Billy sighed and started to explain ‘ … guys stick their dicks into a girls pussy. With another guy he sticks his dick in there butt hole. … ‘ I quickly said ‘ … no way! Butt holes are too small! … ‘ Billy quieted me down saying ‘ … don’t get loud, a sissy’s butt hole can stretch just like a girls pussy can so the guy can get his dick in there! … ‘Still playing dumb I asked ‘ … how? … ‘ Billy looked at his watch and said to me ‘ … we don’t have time now. You know where the Jew store is on Fifth? … ‘ I nodded as Billy continued ‘ … the blue house down the street is where I live, I have some mags there that I took from my brothers house. Come by Saturday and I’ll show you the pictures so you can see cause I can’t explain it to you. So See you Saturday. … ‘ Billy C. stood up and walked off quickly for his next class.I really did not want to go to Billy C.’s house but I wanted to know if a guy could get pregnant from having sex with another guy. This was Thursday s o I had two days to make up my mind.Saturday came and waited till twelve before I headed that way. Billy was out side bouncing a ball as I walked up and we went inside to watch some TV. Billy’s Mom was there in the kitchen and we were in the living room.Billy and I was laughing at the cartoons and talking between the cartoon’s when I reminded Billy ‘ … you said you were going to show me how two guys could have sex! … ‘ Maybe I could have said it differently but Billy abruptly stood up and called out to his Mom ‘ … Mom, we gonna go to my room and do some studying! … ‘ His Mom called back ‘ … OK Hun, want some snacks later? … ‘ Billy answered ‘ …No, we should not be long! … ‘Once in Billy’s room he locked the door and turned the radio on that was on the table by the door. Billy looked at me and asked ‘ … why you all interested in guys having sex with guys? … ‘ I stumbled as I spoke ‘ … I … i just … I just heard them talking and – … ‘ Billy stopped me by raising his left hand and leaning into the door.Billy looked back at me ‘ … I have güvenilir bahis siteleri to make sure my Mom was not listening! … ‘ Billy reached under his mattress and pulled out a bag with some mags in it. The mags were very graphic pictures of guys having sex with other guys. Billy looked at me and said ‘ … there was some pictures on the message board like these. Did you see them? … ‘Every one at school had seen them or heard about them so I answered ‘ … yes … ‘ ‘ … did you see the one where you could see the dick in that butt hole. that is how I know it was a guy doing another guy. Some thought it was a guy and girl but I saw his nuttz! … ‘I placed the books back in the bag and said ‘ … that still don’t say how a guy can get pregnant? … ‘ Billy chuckled ‘ … look guys can fuck each other all day and no one gets pregnant! … ‘ Then I opened my dumb mouth and asked ‘ … what if it was three guys having sex with one guy? … ‘Billy looked at me and came and stood by me, I looked up at Billy when he looked down at me and said ‘ … that was you in that picture! … ‘ The shock must have swept over my face, before I could answer Bill stroked my hair and softly said ‘ … those bastards took you didn’t they? … ‘I could feel the tears of shame well up as Billy placed both his hands on my cheeks and whispered ‘ … don’t cry, I want tell. You must feel awful to have let the three of them use you like a girl. Which one of them fucked you like a Bitch? Charlie or Daniel? … ‘Now I was weeping, the tears were streaming down my cheeks as Billy stepped away and pulled me to my feet and embraced me. Billy whispered in my ear ‘ … the bastards, I bet it took some courage for you to take all three of them and still walk! … ‘ I was trembling as Billy held me and comforted me.Feeling vulnerable not knowing what to do I returned his embrace. Billy held me tight and whispered in my ear ‘ … you’ll be OK, I’ll help you be OK! … ‘ For some unknown reason I held on tighter to Billy as we stood there.now weeping as Billy lift his head and with out a word pressed his lips to mine. I started to struggle and Billy ‘ … shhhhhh! Just relax no one will harm you. You just need someone to understand! … ‘ Billy placed his hand behind my head and pull my face to his. This time Billy pressed his lips to mine as he parted his lips and slide his tongue thru my iddaa siteleri lips.I felt weak and my knees almost buckled as Billy lowered me to his bed. Still kissing me Billy lowered us down till we were laying side by side. Billy turned me to my back and climb on top and started to kiss me and grind against me.Finally I twisted my face away and tried to push Billy up. Billy raised his upper torso up and looked down at me saying ‘ … they fucked you with no mercy. I only want to be gentle with you and show you how it should be! Besides lots of people know or suspect that they fucked you silly so you should be used to get dick! …’Billy stood up and started to undress, he looked at me and said ‘ … Mom ain’t gonna let us stay back here long so get those jeans off! … ‘ Before I could react Billy was out his pants and had hold of my head and pressing his rigid manhood against my lips. I could not believe I parted my lips and started to suck gently at his throbbing penis.Billy moaned and whispered ‘ … ohhh shyt such sweet lips! … ‘ Billy had hold of my head as he pressed more of his member into my lips till I gagged. Billy eased back and pulled me till I was off the bed and on my knees. Billy reminded me ‘ … get out those pants … ‘I don’t understand it but I twisted myself out of my pants all while sucking Billy’s throbbing member. Once my pants and tennis were off I removed my jockeys. As I stood Billy reached between us and stroked my penis as he twisted me around.Billy gently pushed me to the bed and I placed my knees on the edge of the mattress and lowered my tors down. Billy pit into my buttcrack and smeared it around with his penile glans. Once his penile glans pressed against my anal sphincter it relaxed and Billy’s penile glans popped thru my anal sphincter tube.With all his gentleness Billy eased his elongate member into may anal channel and begin to slide his member back and forth till he rapidly picked up the pace. I was now moaning unconscionably as Billy continued till he reached his completion.Billy was now grinding deeply into me as his penis erupted filling my anus with his seed. Billy pulled out gently and parted my buttcheeks as he examined my anus. Billy said ‘ … see you can’t get pregnant. We can fuck as often as we want and nothing will spoil our fun. I think it was then that I understood what had happened. We dressed and Billy was straightening the bed clothes when his Mom looked in saying ‘ … you guys hungry now … ‘I was sort of unnerved when his Mom looked at me and winked.In the kitchen we ate a quick meal and Billy told his Mom he was gonna walked me part the way home.

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