My Stepsister

Anri Okita

My StepsisterLast week was Spring break for my step sisters college. My daddy told me, she might be home, so make up the extra room for her. Normally, Sally stays with her mom, but for sme reason she wanted to come here.I went to the guest room, put clean sheets on the bed, fluffed the pillows, dusted and vaccuumed the floor.When my brother Scotty got home he asked what I was doing. I told him that his sister was coming here for Spring break. He seemed happy, but told me that I need to watch her, cuz she’s more bi than straight and her girl friends were just plain weird.I laughed and said she can’t be that bad, but we will see. Scotty helped me finish up the room. As I was finishing the last bit of dusting, Scotty pulled me to the bed and started to kiss me. It felt good to feel his hands holding my head as he kissed. His hands worked their way to my shirt, gropping my breasts. He started to unbutton my shirt, when I decided to just take it off for him. My tits where in his hands and in his mouth. Sucking and nibbling on each nipple, made me rub the back of his head and down his shoulders. I felt his uper arms, the muscles were bulging from his sleeves. He’s been working out a lot.I Have Scotty get on his knees, I unzip his shorts then go for the dick. I slowly kiss his cock as he grows hard. I cup his balls and pull one in at a time and suck gently and swirl my tongue on each one. Scotty moans and pulls his shorts and his shirt off. His muscles are tight and tan. He says that he got the life guard position at the local pool and he needs to look HOT for the girls.Scotty pushed me back on the bed, crawled on top of me, lifted my legs high and wide. Escort He led his dick to my pussy, it slid in easily. We fucked for a little while before I got up,turned around and sat on his face. Scotty licked my pussy while i swallowed his cock covered with my cum.Scotty’s dick is getting harder as I suck harder and stronger. I pulled off his face, stayed backwards, mounted his cock and rode his cock. I leaned forward with my ass in his view. He slapped me a few times, then shoved his thumb deep in my hole. That made me fuck him harder. Scotty moaned loud, then shot his hot sperm deep inside me.I got up, licked his cock clean, then layed there so he could clean my pussy. We got dressed, straightened the bed and headed to the kitchen. We weren’t in there very long when the doorbell rang. Here at the door is Sally standing there in this funky blue and black outfit. Scotty grabbed her bags, I gave her a hug and she walked in.I was checking out her clothes as she and Scotty talked. Her top was tight fitting, zipper unzipped almost to her navel, her little tits barely show from the opening. She had on super tight bike shorts, with holes everywhere. Her flip flops didn’t match, but oh well cuz of her ways of being weird.The phone rang, I answered and it was daddy saying him and mom had a dinner date with a client and won’t be home til later. When I told Scotty and Sally what was up, Sally was happy. She said that she needed a hot shower and just really wanted to relax for a while. I tollk her to her room, shown her where the towel closet was then left her alone.Scotty looked at me and smiled. Then told me to go help her in the shower. Escort Bayan He said that I need to check her out and see if she was any good. I kind of cringed at first, but thought why not.I got to her room, her clothes were on the floor and her bathroom door was open. When I looked in, I could see her body thru the glass door. I saw her perky tits as she washed her hair. I got undressed and opened the door to get in. Sally jumped , then asked why I was in the shower with her. I told her, that I’d been dreaming about seing her naked body ever since daddy said she was coming in town.Sally reached out to touch my tits and I did the same to her. I told her the top she had on, didn’t show her nice tits very much. She told me, that her girlfriend didn’t like anyone to see her tits and she taped them all the time. I then told her how I liked them before I went to suck on them. She continued to play with mine.I squatted down, to touch her fuzzy pussy and slip my tongue in her clit. Sally lifted one leg to the edge of the tub, to let me get a better taste. I fingered her pussy and ass. I knew she liked this, when she grabbed my head and pulled me closer. She began to scream as she came. I licked her nub hard and fingered her harder. Her cum was oozing from her hot pussy. I told her to dry off and go to my room with me. I helped her dry off, layed her on my bed and went for my toys. I put the strap on, on. I told her I would love her pussy, the way daddy and her brother loves mine. Sally freaked out at first, but I told her that we have this relationship that no one would really understand.I put the rubber dick in her pussy. I held Bayan Escort her shoulders for leverage as I fucked her tight pussy. The dildo that was in me, made me cum. I fucked her more as it also made me few good. When she came, I pulled from her and went in for the clean up. I spread her legs wide, with my tongue going crazy on her.Sally pulled and tugged her tits.I told Sally that I need my pussy eaten. We switched positions and she was eating mine. I told her how to put the strap on, on and she fucked me hard. She said she always wanted to use one, but they didn’t have the money. I told Sally I will make sure she has on to take back to school. Sally fucked me until I came again.We got dressed after getting each other cleaned up. I went up stairs to start dinner with Sally following me. Scotty looked at me, laughed and went to his room. Sally asked what was up with him, I just shrugged my shoulders. I knew what he laughed about, but wasn’t totally for sure.I went to his room and cought him jerking off to the tv. I looked at the screen and there was me and Sally fucking each other. He taped us. I looked at him and asked when he set the recorder again. That’s when Scotty told me, he has a camera set up all the time. All he has to do is turn his tv on and press record from the remote.I was shocked at first. I told him not to tell Sally yet. I watched him get off before I left his room. Scotty walked by Sally and said dinner was done. We all sat at the table eating and laughing, as Sally told us about college life. Mom and daddy walked in as we were cleaning up. Scotty and I finished the dishes, while Sally and them were in the other room. I asked Scotty when he set up the recorder. He told me, Brian helped him hook it up last week.All this time of me playing with myself and me and Brian fucking, Scotty has been taping us. I’m glad somebody is enjoying my pussy in more ways then one.

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