My Wife’s Delightful Obsession 18

Big Tits

The following accounts we’re not my observations but Suzie’s retelling to me, Jim, since I was working and not always a part of Suzie’s days at home. I’ve put the narrative in the third person. Alas, for your pleasure, my hotwife….)

To Suzie, the front door was a gateway to adventure….

She had made a quick connection with Troy, their mail carrier and he dropped the mail and dropped his pants for her on a regular basis. But now Troy got assigned to another route and today ended the mystery as to his replacement.

On the sofa watching out the bay window it was like a movie premiere. She’d run back and forth trying not to miss his arrival but around noon nothing could distract her and she had to maintain her post.

Two things could harsh her anticipation:

a female carrier but she wouldn’t totally rule that out.

an unattractive carrier and even that was negotiable depending on the size of his dick.

The wait would soon be over as his truck pulled up across the street. When he got out…the clouds parted, the sun shined and angels sang….

He was young, tall, sandy haired and beachcomber good looking. She had hit the jackpot and given the seal of approval to Troy’s replacement.

Now came the next challenge: co-opt his sense of decorum and to aid in that she wore short shorts with just a sliver of white panty peeking out and a loose cotton top that barely hung onto her scrumptious tits, a glimpse of coming attractions.

Coming up the walkway to her mail slot she opened the door to greet him. “Hi!” she said almost falling out the screen door. “I can take that.”

“Sure, here you go,” he said as she posed with plenty of leg in the doorway.

“So you’re the new guy!?”

“Yup, this is my first route. Well have a nic…”

As he turned to go, “Say, would you like something cold to drink?” she asked, “just as a welcome to the neighborhood?”

“Thanks but I gotta keep things moving.”

She opened the door a little farther and seeing all of her he paused and when he did she ran her hand down her thigh. He still had all his hormones in tact and he wasn’t blind.

“Sure, why not, a quick one.”

She had him take the door so he could watch her rear end move. Stronger willed men than he had tried and failed to avoid its gravitational pull.

She pulled out a chair from the dining room table and he sat. From this level his gaze was filled with all of her spectacular body.

“Lemonade?” she offered.

“Sure, sounds good. Oh I’m Ben, by the way.”

“Hi Ben,” and as she set down the glass she leaned over and offered a better view of her cleavage.

“I’m Suzie, but you probably already read that off my mail.” The tone and timbre of her voice changed and as she sat she could easily read his interest. He was now locked into orbit around her.

“I’m so happy to have you in the neighborhood. Can I get you anything else,” she said so softly and standing next to him, barely touching his arm with her leg. At that moment he had touched down on planet Suzie.

Forgetting who he was and what he was supposed to be doing he reflexively put his hand on her beautiful ass and she bent over and stuck her tongue in his mouth and he tasted her nectar and wanted more.

He stood up and as he did he lifted her top off in one motion and tossed it on the floor. She had no bra and her tits remained upright and her nipples taut. He urgently licked and sucked her, working down towards her G spot and she trembling with excitement as he got closer.

Her shorts were gone in an instant and he lifted her small frame up on the kitchen counter and ate her pussy and three fingered her until she screamed with ecstasy at climax.

She leapt off the counter into his arms and sliding down him she tore away at his pants, eventually taking him in her mouth. She was voracious and relentless and he’d never had a blowjob like that.

It got him so charged kaçak iddaa he bent her over the dining room table, much like Troy used to do, and fucked the shit out of her…and she loved it. She came again and he followed, grabbing her by the hair and unloading his cum all over face.

“Oh, fuck, Ben, that was good,” she said amongst the huge amount of cum he put out. “Can we make this a regular stop on your route?”

“Fuck yes,” he said, “but I have a confession to make. Troy told me all about you and your husband, so I knew. There was a big argument over who got this route so we drew numbers out of a hat and, can you believe it, the new guy won!! But now I understand why they were fighting. You are a fucking wet dream. Even my girlfriend doesn’t fuck me like that.”

He walked to the door, “I’m behind so I better get going. You were fantastic…see you soon, hottie.”

“Bye, baby.” When he was gone she thought to herself, ‘They were fighting over me at the post office? That is too good.’


Every once and awhile a couple of guys wearing white shirts, black ties and backpacks would traverse the neighborhood from door to door, leaving religious tracts and occasionally drawing the homeowner into conversation about them.

These earnest fellas had a mission and Suzie loved the banter. Instead of giving them the bum’s rush or closing the drapery like they were used to, Suzie would happily welcome them in with a glass of lemonade and a cheese and cracker plate.

This day’s prey…er, guests were Steve and Bill, two college guys who had decided to engage Suzie on the purpose of sex. Her choice of topics, of course. The debate went back and forth, even needing more crackers. Steve was pretty confident that his point of view was higher up…

“…and it tells us that we are weak when we succumb to the temptations of the flesh.”

“Well if you mean weak in the knees,” said Suzie, “I know exactly what you’re getting at.”

“No, I mean, it’s a sin!”

“That’s your word. I go with ‘fun’. That’s still three letters but more…ah…well, fun!!!”

They were at a philosophical logjam with a beautiful woman about sex. Hmmm.

“I’m just saying how great it is that we can have sex and you’re trying to explain why we should resist temptation except for procreation. I think it’s so much fun and why would you want to miss out on that?”

“We don’t think of it like that,” said Steve, “rather it’s a purpose from above that guides our loins.”

“We’ll let me ask this then,” getting serious, “my husband and I have no intention of breeding so what would you have us do? According to your model only prospective parents can enjoy sex.”

The guys were starting to get uncomfortable.

All Steve said was “‘Our seed shall not be spilt in vein.'”

“Is that a quote,” she said, “because I don’t remember that passage?”

“Well it’s something like that, right Bill?

“Ya, I guess…something like that.”

“Hold on right there and I’ll show you another perspective you might have overlooked. Be right back!”

It didn’t take Suzie long to slip into a pink, two piece lace lingerie set with pink stilettos. As usual she filled out the ensemble quite nicely.

As she came in the room they straightened up as if called to attention.

“Now, guys, tell me you’re not interested in this,” she said soft and sexy. Their mouths were open and speechless. Their heads followed her every move.

Posing seductively, she danced for them, edging closer then stopped inches away, her pussy at eye level. Then she reached down and stroked the boners that were quite obviously pushing to escape the front of their pants. “You guys seem interested in my point of view.” They were aroused but frozen.

“So here’s my offer to settle the argument. You can, one or both, leave and we will have had a great talk. Or…I’ll fuck both of you and you’ll leave here with a smile. Which kaçak bahis would you prefer?”

They looked confusedly at one another like it was a trick question. Then she went and whispered in their ears as her hand touched their hard-ons lightly.

“I’d…like…to stay,” said Steve timidly. “Stay?” said Bill.

“Okay, you guys just relax and I’ll take care of this.”

Slinking up to them she popped their clip-on ties off while unbuttoning their shirts and undoing their pants.

Getting on her knees she pulled their hard-ons into the light and sucked off the lanky Steve while jerking Bill, the one with glasses. After blowing both of them she asked Steve to remove her bra, and gave him easy access by going down on him again. He, much to her surprise, undid the clasp, as she straightened up and he slipped it down her breasts. She put her arms around his neck and drew him onto her lips. “Thank you, baby.”

Glasses was next and she stood up in front of him and asked him to pull down her panties. She stopped him once, “Slower, baby, I want you to have a good time.” Stepping out of her panties she turned around, bent over and displayed her genitalia like a welcome sign. She reached between her legs and ran her fingers across her pussy. They were wide eyed and beating off furiously.

“Mmmmmm,” she said teasingly, “somebody needs to fuck me. I’m a very, very naughty girl.” Still standing in his fallen trousers, Steve, with no practice run, shoved his aching member inside her and slid it back and forth, staring at her voluptuous ass and holding on to her hips. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice, Stevie. Do you like fucking little Suzie?”

“Yes,” he croaked out.

“Fuck me a little harder,” and Steve picked up the pace while Bill jerked off watching them.

“Bill, come here and let me suck on that thing.” He excitedly got in front of her and laid his enlarged dick in her open mouth. Steve started getting more comfortable and began fondling her tits. She thought Steve would barely last two minutes before losing it but he kept going.

“Switch sides, boys.” As they did what she told them, when Steve came around she planted a sloppy kiss on him which led to him wanting more before eventually putting his chubby in her mouth. He excitedly gagged her with his enthusiasm.

“Oh gee, sorry, ma’am.”

Suzie reached back and rubbed herself and you heard a muted moan from her with a mouthful of Steve. Director Suzie, then took both of them out of their respective indulgences and told Steve to sit on the sofa and she mounted him reverse cowgirl. Then she got domineering and ordered Bill to lick her clit and to make sure he did it right she guided his head.

“Oh, fuck, that’s it, right there. Keep fucking me Stevie. Oh shit, that’s perfect.”

That configuration continued for several minutes when Suzie said, “Stand up,” and when they did she spun around on the couch with her legs in the air and instructed them to “Take turns fucking me and when you’re ready to cum, shoot it on my tits.”

Steve quickly jumped in and after pumping her sufficiently, unloaded on to her tits as instructed. Bill did the same and she was covered in their cum. She went into the kitchen and got a towel.

In the aftermath…

“So boys,” said Suzie matter of factly, “I’m glad we could have this talk and I hope now you see my point of view.”

“Oh we do,” said Steve, pulling his pants up. “Thanks again and I really mean it, thanks so much.”

“Ya, thanks,” said Bill enthusiastically. “Man, you’re really something. We’d love to stop by and talk again!”

“Would it be okay if we brought a couple friends next time?”

“Why not?” said Suzie as she continued to wipe Steve spunk from the corners of her mouth. “You see how communication breeds understanding? Bring your pals and we’ll talk.”

They picked up their backpacks and left with big smiles on their faces.


Now one of Suzie’s big illegal bahis regrets about where they lived was not having a pool. Jenny had a pool and it drove her nuts that she couldn’t strut her stuff for friends and neighbors in her own pool. There was one other reason to have a pool;

The pool boy.

Jenny told her the many perks that went with having a pool boy. She even went so far as to make a short list of pool boy perks for Suzie to show Jim in the hopes that, they too, could have their own thirty thousand dollar hole in the ground.

Suzie constantly wears hot and sexy bikinis all summer.

Suzie gets an equally hot and sexy tan from being outside so much.

Suzie’s hot and sexy friend, Jenny, comes over to be on display for Jim.

They can host a nighttime pool party only lit by pool lights and featuring hot and sexy women who lose there suits. Finally and most importantly…

Suzie gets her very own hot and sexy pool boy to keep her ‘company’ while keeping up the pool.

When the girls presented Jim with the list he suggested to Suzie they save a bundle and Jenny share her pool boy with her, to which Jenny said, “I just got him trained, why would I farm him out? Even to my best pal!”

This was a good point because of potential scheduling conflicts, not to mention that Suzie would still lack the pretense of having a pool to ask the pool boy about in the first place.

Jim brought up what he thought would end the conversation, “You know, once you’ve fucked the pool boy, then he’s no longer a stranger and that’s your whole obsession.”

“Maybe that’s true but I need a decent stable of regulars to cover the down times and what better than a barely twenty something pool boy? And…and!! there’s a lot of turnover so I’d get a substitute or a new guy…or the owner! How about that?!”

“Suzie, you’re assuming they would all want to fuck you.”

“Jim, look at me…”

Facing the endless task of outwitting a superior force, with great reluctance Jim gave up and they went into hock for a new hole in the ground. He would enjoy it too…that is until the monthly billing amount on the loan came in the mail.

For Suzie there was an added perk and that came in the form of the hard hat studs assigned to build the pool. That meant a lot of jeans, plaid shirts, work boots and sweat to choose from.

Brady was the excavation boss and and operated the back hoe that dug the hole. It probably wasn’t a surprise then that he was chosen to fill Suzie’s. She lured him into Jim’s infamous shed and had his tool belt on the ground and his happy cock in her welcoming pussy. Being a healthy construction type he laid the wood to her like a hammer drill. She came twice and swallowed his cum.

After that, word traveled and suddenly there was much more attention paid to the project and the constant inspections were filling the street with trucks. Occasionally Jim would come home for lunch and, unable to find Suzie, would ask one of the workers if they’d “seen my wife?”

Without a word the guy looked in the direction of the shed and that was about all Jim needed to know. He’d built that shed himself to spy on Jenny next door so he knew the power of the shed.

It was the happiest bunch of pool workers known to mankind although the pace of construction was remarkably slow. It never dawned on them at the time, why would they want to finish the pool when they could finish in Suzie? They found out later workers were taking numbers (that again) for the next shot at Suzie’s not so private parts.

No less than 3 inspectors were on hand when they filled the pool for the first time. All eyes were glued to the sliding door waiting for bikini clad, dripping sex, Suzie, for the inaugural swim.

After coming up from her dive, she exclaimed, “Oh, it’s great!! Maybe you boys want to take a swim with me?”

“No trunks,” said the city inspector, playfully.

“That’s what I was hoping,” she said alluringly.

Jim left to go back to work and Suzie fucked all 3 of them in the new pool.


The pool boy.

Hmmmm, maybe that story’s better left for another time.

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