Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 08


I made a couple of sandwiches and we sat down to eat.

Sarah, “I am having the craziest and wild thoughts. On numerous occasions, Tim used to bring home porn videos of all varieties, regular sex, gay, BDSM, bi and all kinds of outlandish fetishes. Never the less, it all turned me on to no end.”

Me, “Those thoughts are not crazy. At an early age I read about all of this in a magazine and was tempted to try some. I tried solo bondage by hanging myself upside with clothes pins on my nips and the handle of a poker in my ass. The nude in public you know about.”

Sarah, “One thing that was especially exciting was watching a video of a girl being fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time. It makes me so hot thinking about it now. When Steve gets back, would you two do that for me?”

Me, “I would love to but we would have to ask him when he returns. Have you ever taken a cock up your ass?”

Sarah, “No, but I would love to try it. How does it feel?”

Me, “It’s glorious, sometimes I cum just from that. There was another fetish I engaged in, what’s called golden showers.”

Sarah, “I would like you to fuck my ass. As to golden showers, pissing, I saw that in a video also. Men and women were pissing all over each other, in their mouths and drinking from a glass. I am so crazed I think I would like to try that too. I want to try everything.”

We finished our sandwiches and got up and kissed long and hard. I asked Sarah what she would like to try first. She said she wanted her ass fucked now. We went into the bedroom and I retrieved some KY from the night stand. My cock was rock hard again, so I lubed it up and rubbed some into almanbahis şikayet her butt hole. I told her to stop me if there was too much pain, although there would be some at first. I pushed her legs over her head and began probing by rubbing my cock head around the entrance to her ass. She was shaking with excitement and implored me to put it in. I started pushing a little against her very tight virgin asshole. My head eased in and she squealed: I want it all, fuck me, fuck me hard. I drove my cock all the way in. She started bucking, moaning and screaming, do it, do it, this is ecstasy. I couldn’t hold out long, moving in and out of her tight ass and let go with what cum I had left. We lay down and she told me that equaled any of the other pleasures of sex.

We lay back in the bed and mulled over different scenarios that would test her mettle. I had an idea.

Me, “Sarah, there is a sex store over on Lankershim. Let’s go and look over the sex toys. It could be fun. What do you think?”

Sarah, “Ooh, that would be cool”.

Sarah threw her sun dress over her head and we were off. When we opened the door and walked in, Sarah whipped off the dress and laid it on the counter next to the cashier. He was dumbfounded, with his eyes bugging out. Sarah’s body looked as good as any of the porn stars. As we moved over to the toy section a couple of guys were ogling Sarah’s ass.

I saw what I was looking for, a double dildo, with perfect shape and the feel of the real thing. We picked out what we thought would be the best. Sarah picked up a flexible one with cock heads at both ends and put it with the other. She then spied a strap on and said almanbahis canlı casino she had to have that. We moved to the BDSM section and were amazed at the selection of gizmos. We picked up some leather handcuffs for the wrists and ankles. Sarah said, “you are so thoughtful, I am soaking wet, being naked and thinking of what we are going to do.”

When we got back, Sarah pulled off her dress even before we got in the door, she was so hot. She said, “let’s get started”. I took out the handcuffs that had short chains attached, pushed her down on the bed and roughly attached them to her wrists and ankles. My headboard was made for this as it had several little columns. I attached the chains on her hands to them with the clips provided. Then I pushed her legs over her head and attached them also. Her cunt was standing up and her ass cheeks were wide open.

Me, “enjoy, I’m going to have a beer.”

I came back to the bedroom with the beer and sat in a chair looking straight into her gorgeous love holes.

Sarah, “while being tied up like this is thrilling”, she was thrusting her pussy up and down with juice running out, “but I want some action now!”

Me, “I am going to finish my beer and stroke my cock while admiring your two love tunnels.”

Sarah, “I am burning up, please hurry.”

I pick up both dildos and push the first one in her mouth. I lube up one of the double cocks and press both against their destination. Sarah mumbles with the dildo in her mouth, “yes, yes, YES!!” One will slip easily into her cunt. The other I slowly move in, pushing in a little at a time. Then thrusting both in and out. Sarah is bucking her almanbahis casino hips riding the two “cocks” in and out. She is heading for an orgasm as I push them into the hilt. When she explodes with a majestic blast, I rapidly continue moving them back and forth. Sarah spits out the dildo and loudly exclaims: “I am having multiple orgasms, oh my god, it is so good. Keep it going.” She is breathing so hard these exclamations come out staccato like. As she calms down, I go back and sit down with my beer. It is very cute seeing her tied up with the double dildo still in her pussy and ass.

I can see she is getting uncomfortable in that position, so I release her from the bondage. She says, “now I want to do you”. She proceeds to truss me up as she was, gets off the bed and picks up the strap on, then secures it around her waist. How wonderful, Sarah is going to fuck my ass. She lubes the dildo and rubs some on my anus. She nudges up and down on my butt hole and then shoves it in. I shout out: “Sarah, this is so awesome, fuck me, fuck my brains out.” Which she proceeds to do, alternating slow

rhythm to fast. “Oh, dear Sarah, I’m coming.” She pulls out and takes my cock as I blow my load in her mouth and she swallows it all.

She now removes the double dildo from her pussy and ass. She then lubes both ends of the other dildo and puts it in my ass and then sliding up on her back to be ass to ass and inserting the other end in her ass. We begin rocking our butts together causing us both to moan in pleasure.

Me, “Your wild creativity is driving me up the wall. The sexual tension is incredible. The feel of your ass against mine and the movement in and out of the dildo is so unbearably delicious. We collapse from sexual exhaustion with our asses pressed together.”

Sarah, “I’m just getting started.” She removed my bonds and said she had to go. She told me she would call, gave me a kiss and was gone.

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