Need your advice friends


Need your advice friendsHi friends,, i’m not going to write a story., In fact i need your advice,. I’ve a decision to take, but i’m confused, don’t know what to do.. Here’s the problem: i’ve got two guys(friends) at work, they are both vry tall handsome cute,.. They both Çeşme Escort work in the sales department, and since about 1 month they are flirting with me, and no need to say, they are flirting so much that they even give me whatever Çiğli Escort i’m asking.. I know what they really want from me., but the problem is how can both of them flirt at the same time and want me together, and if my bf goes Foça Escort to know about this, he’ll kill me(i mean get lots me problem).. I also want them, bkoz both are too cute,, They’ve invited me for week-end party.. Now i don’t know what to do,. Should i go or not?? What to tell my bf?? Will they be alone there or will b other guys who want my ass?? There’s lots of question in my mind, but i want to enjoy also.. So please, to all users of xhamster, please help me out, i need ur advise. Please tell me what should i do.. I’ll be waiting.. Thnks in advance..

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