Subject: New neighbors and old friends part 3 ( Adulth-Youth ) 3rd part What I’m getting into. Since I was a teenager, I had not been attracted to such a young boy. I had my adventures both as men and women, one of which resulted in being a father, but he goes further on. Let’s walk and see what can happen In the days that followed, the events always followed the same pattern, around 22.30 we went there to the beach, but now the difference is that Matias was undressing along the way and as soon as he reached the beach he ran into the water and I was watching the white ass. We would take a dip and play, mostly it was an attempt to grab the lower parts, without malice, at last we sat on the edge of the water and rested. – Tomorrow I can not come, I have the night time at the pharmacy – I told him and he looked sadly – I am like your father, I have to watch over the business and there are no people who want to do the nights. But it’s also only once a week – Then I’ll be alone. I do not have company – You don’t even come here alone, something can happen to you and I end up with a heavy conscience. You can stay in the pool of your house. – It’s not that fun – If you need any you can call me or Skype me – OK- his face lit up with a beautiful smile. – that’s exactly what I’m going to do There we went up to the house and arrived at his gate and he kissed me again but it took longer, giving the impression that he didn’t want us to part. But it had to be there, after he closed the gate, I still looked at the balcony for a while, but this time he didn’t show up. The working day was intense, perhaps because they eased the containment measures, but with very strict safety rules. I only rested when I went to dinner, in the restaurant next to the pharmacy Around 21.30 I went back to work, said good night to the employee who was leaving, I closed the door, in the evening hours it is through a security window that we attend to potential customers and I took advantage of it and put the papers in order, check the stock and stuff in the office. Whoever comes who rings the bell At 22.30 I hear a Ping on the tablet is a video call, weird I am not recognizing the name, I accept and the image appears, a view of a patio with swimming pool. – What is this crazy guy doing- smiling A dick fills the screen – Well since, not because it is live – I hear Matias’ voice. – It will have to be live and in color through the net. That said, he turns his ass to the camera and starts running towards the pool, making a bomb when he enters. For a few minutes there were somersaults, bombs, matches as in a competition, all accompanied with laughter and a very hard dick. I was lost in those images and I didn’t even notice that I had opened my pants and started playing with my dick He leaned his wet face against the screen – And just to see what you’re missing.- Those lips in close up. Suddenly a shrill sound echoes. It was the pharmacy bell – Shit – I tried to get up and put the dick inside my pants, but Matias managed to see it – Someone is happy to see me. – and let out the biggest laugh he can – I’ll have to answer – So, see you tomorrow. And I’ll have a surprise for you- and hung up the call I went to the front of the store, thankfully the customer couldn’t see under the counter, otherwise he would be startled by his pants open and the head of his penis peeking out. After answering him, I managed to compose myself and wonder what kind of surprise I was going to receive. A dozen more people during the night, took away the most erotic thoughts I could have after the video call, the employee who was supposed to do the morning shift, did not show up, so I had to do his shift, it was already fourth time she did this, as the internship is ending she doesn’t care, but she also forgot that I have to do an evaluation of her work. It’s screwed I don’t know why nobody stays in this part of the country, good weather, good beaches, an air without pollution. We have work every year, of course, in the hot months we have more but nobody wants to stay. Everyone wants to go to the big cities and the disappointment konyaaltı üniversiteli escort is greater. Just a while ago I saw one of them working on the Mac near my parents’ house This doesn’t matter at all, let’s get back to the thread. But at noon I closed the pharmacy, it was the weekend I only return Monday. UIPI, did some shopping, ate something and went home, took a shower and fell asleep in bed. I woke up after an hour with the phone ringing. – Yes, it’s me – It’s raining. – it was Matias in an upset voice – It’s not fair, so I can’t show the surprise. – Instead of going to the beach, you come over here, see some series or movies, or play with the xbox and you can show the surprise: How’s that? – You don’t offer dinner. My father didn’t come home and I only have frozen lasagna. – Spaghetti with meatballs: Serve or want something else. – Yes, yes. I’m already licking my lips. – Appears around 8.30 pm. I give you the code for the garden gate. – Okay. And hung up What will come next. I got up from the bed and put on the robe, I didn’t even think about dressing normally, it was the one with the most hand and headed for the kitchen. I saw if I had everything for the promised dish, I put everything in the stall to start preparing. I didn’t even feel the time passing by, when I heard the garden gate closing and a shadow running, the balcony door opening and closing. I started to laugh when I saw the figure. Matias had bought a robe just like mine. It was a hooded robe, but dark blue while mine was gray. – So it suits me ?. Oh you’re wearing the bathrobe too, we look like twins I walked around the counter and gave him a big hug. – Take a walk to admire the ensemble. And it rolled so hard, you could see that it had nothing underneath. – You arrived well on time, dinner is ready. Sit down to eat and talk about trivial things – Ice cream or fruit? – Ice cold I went to the fridge and took two glasses – Make your cup while I clean up the kitchen and let’s go to the living room. I started to put the dishes in the dishwasher, the napkins and the towel in the laundry basket. When I looked, he had already helped himself and sat on the sofa. I made my cup and arranged the ice creams on the fig “If you want more, you already know where they are,” I said as I headed for the living room. He was sitting cross-legged and the robe had opened, showing his nipples. I sat down next to him and silently ate the ice cream. – I love spending my free time with you. – Me too, Matias. You are a good guy and a lot of fun – That’s because you don’t know me well, my father says I’m a little devil. – That’s because he hasn’t seen you naked in a long time. – He said without thinking – Thank you for noticing – blushing. – He got up and directed the table with a photo – Who is this kid in the pictures? – And my son Xavier. He lives with his mother. I haven’t been with him since the beginning of the confinement. We speak through the net – They look like a cool kid – sitting next to me – If all goes well, come spend the summer with me. I am waiting for confirmation. The mother is a bit of a pancake. We have a meeting towards the end of classes. – Oh.- the disappointment in his voice- so we will no longer bathe together- I grabbed his face in my hands and looked him in the eye – We have to find a way. I really like you And I joined my lips to his, he closed his eyes and moaned softly. I opened my mouth and slowly licked his lips with his tongue, he answered and started a duel between the languages. I dropped my hands to his shoulders and slowly took off his robe. We stopped to catch our breath. – I was looking to see if I had to be more direct to attract you. – I’m the one who retracts, because I want you since the first time I saw you on the balcony and only thought about the consequences – Do not think And we kissed again with passion, as if there was no tomorrow, I started by nibbling on his chin, going down his neck, down to his right nipple, where I started by running my tongue lightly and then kurtköy escort sucking with all my strength – Ahh MY GOD -he clutched my head, without wasting time I moved to the other nipple, biting lightly and with the palm of my hand rubbing the other. – don’t stop don’t stop. I didn’t know it could be that good But I stopped I looked at him and said – If you think this is good, you still don’t know anything. Let’s go to the bedroom, because the first time must be special and not on the couch – It was fine, but you think you’re better. I took him and we went up to the room, I laid him on the bed, the moonlight illuminated the room. It was a beautiful image – You know it’s not fair, I’m here naked and you are still in a bathrobe – Without further ado, I took off the garment,. He took my member – Wow, it’s still more beautiful seen up close. – Yes, but now you’re not going to play with him because I still haven’t done what I had to do- and pushed against the mattress. – Where did we stop. I already know I dove again towards the nipples, where he alternated between them, licking and sucking, listening to their moans of pleasure, I abandoned the nipples and with my tongue snaked through the belly, reaching the navel I kissed him and blew air. Listening to a laugh, I stopped for a while and started down again, I felt his penis on my chin and I ran my tongue over his pubic hair I lifted my head and looked at him, a look of surprise and questioning was printed on his face. With the tip of my tongue I touched the wet head of his dick, a sigh burst through the air, I continued to lick it to the base, put a testicle in my mouth – FUCK YOU is even better than I imagined I put the two balls in my mouth at the same time. What a wonderful taste of adolescence. I ran my tongue back up to the top and an apex swallowed it. – OH FUCK, THAT’S GOOD, NO COUPLE – shouted Thankfully, we don’t have neighbors around, otherwise we have spectators at the door to see what was going on. And I made him want, I sucked with all my will, with my tongue helping, I felt his hands on my head, as if trying to help, what a wonderful lollipop I had NO, NOT NOW, I AM ALMOST – As soon as he said these words he started to ejaculate his nectar inside my mouth, I tried to swallow it all, but some came out of the corners of my mouth. Let me have your cock in the last drop, and I looked at him, all sweaty, with matted hair and an angelic face, I lifted up to look him straight in the eye, he smiled, He put his hands on my head and pulled me to him, with a finger wiped the corners of my mouth and stared at his semen – I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is proof, it is yours – and without hesitation he took his finger to his mouth – If you want I still have a little more for you I approached and kissed him for a long time. Out of breath lay me down beside you. – I hope I didn’t disappoint you. – In response he lay on my chest. – I still don’t know, because only at the end do I know how to give the answer. – Said slipped up between my legs. – You know you don’t have to do that. -What a hell of a friend / boyfriend was I not to help ease the tension – We are already in the dating phase, a lot you tell me Without delay he began to imitate what I had done to him. It wasn’t bad. – It is not the first time that you were doing this – In a person it is. Brush handles, cucumbers and carrots were my test material – And they were good teachers- And I leaned back to better feel what he was doing Suddenly he stopped and sat almost on top of my penis, I leaned on my arms and asked him -So you got tired or don’t like it? -I love it, but I want to do something else. – You want something else, what do you want? – suspecting Grabbed my cock – This inside me – You don’t think you’re moving too fast. You know we have to be calm. For the first time it hurts even though we are very careful – I know so, but the brushes, cucumbers and carrots were not only used to suck, they were also to get used to And lying on my chest, he started playing with my ankara kurtuluş escort nipple, twisting gently between his fingers. My god, I’m falling into the web, I shouldn’t have screwed. – But let’s be careful if you can’t take it you have to let me know. I prefer to take it easy than to lose everything due to greed – It’s fine by me I got out of bed and went to get some wet wipes and lubricant from the bathroom. – Now you do like the ostrich. Head down, ass to the air.- And without further ado he did what I asked. I stood for a moment looking at the beautiful tail that was offered to me, I opened the buttocks, the pink anus flickered and passed the wet towel – How cool – And they have aloe vera. -I told him I ran a finger along the gully and felt it shiver, I approached my face, I stuck out my tongue until I felt the anus touching and slowly started to lick when he felt it moved away a little, but I pulled hard until I stuck my face almost all inside is buttocks. I soaked the whole trench with my tongue and stuck it in your ass – What are you doing to me that is wonderful, Today I know how to live I took advantage and opened the bottle of lubricant and ran a finger inside. I stopped and let him breathe, with my lubricated finger, I started to introduce him, when he felt the invasion, squeezed and retracted – Go calm down. And to get used to it. He relaxed and I ended up introducing him to the end. I started to come and go and swirl it, his breath started to be wheezing, I removed my finger and ran another one through the lubricant, joined the two and very calmly went back in, let out a muffled groan for the pillow, rotate and hit his prostate, raised his head and look me in the eye. I saw pure pleasure and lust, I continued and put a 3rd finger, his moans were more intense, for a while, I tried to get him to get used to it – Stop playing with my feelings – he said between breaths – put the cock is what matters I lubricated the cock and put myself in position. I put my head right next to its entrance. – I’ll take it easy, if you don’t feel well or can’t take it, say? Relax and do as you were on the toilet – Fuck me, but it is- Lust in the voice and despair I pushed, found some resistance, applied a little more and felt the anus access and the cock starting to enter. I stopped badly the head disappeared. – You are fine? Shook his head – Take it easy because you’re bigger than a cucumber I smiled, but slowly I entered, feeling his body relaxing at the same time as he got used to the intrusion. My testicles reached the entrance, it was all in there – Good my friend. I’m all inside you. Just sighs on his side. I waited for a few moments and pulled until I felt my head almost come out and pushed it back in and slowly started to fuck him and feel his moans of pleasure increase, I grabbed his hips and started with more strength. The sound of the testicles hitting his asshole and his moans more forcefully gave me – Turn around. – I told him, again without saying he obeyed, he leaned against the pillows, his cock red and very hard, I put his legs on my shoulders. And I put the penis back in your anus. The look of joy he gave me increased my desire. And again I introduced the dick in the ass this time without stopping until the end. His mouth opened in a silent scream I started to fuck rhythmically, his eyes rolled and he started to moan at the same time I moved inside them – DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP. I WANT YOU WITHIN ME. – Screamed- I AM IN THE CLOUDS Suddenly it came again. His sperm shot out, hitting his hair, face and torso, while his anus squeezed my penis and I lost control. I came into it, as if I hadn’t been in years, it didn’t seem to stop. When I finished, I lost my strength and fell on him, feeling his semen spread on the body. We listened to our breathing for a while. – My God. What a good thing. I never imagined how good it is I looked at them and noticed our bodies shining with sweat and semen mixed. – Was very good. You are an angel that fell into my arms – I hope you don’t think I’m easy, because I wanted everything the first time. -No you are not . And we still have a lot to share. His face lit up and we exchanged a long kiss. We scraped and hugged each other and the tired ended up defeating us and fell asleep End of 3rd part The 4th part will take a few days I come back I hope you like it because I have a lot to tell Say what you think And don’t forget to make donations to NIFTY.ORG

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