I know it was wrong.


I know it was wrong.When I was 14 I became obsessed with my older sisters panties. She had all kinds of sexy, see through panties and all I was allowed to wear were those silly white cotton panties that all schoolgirls wore back then. My mother considered me “Too Young” for bikini type panties but I used to sneak into my big sister’s room and try on her brief little panties and they felt so good!So, one day, I decided I was going to wear Jennie’s panties to school. I picked out a pair of sleazy pink panties after she had left for school and they fit pretty well. They were so sheer that they just seemed to caress my little pussy lips while I walked to school and I was “Aware” of my panties all day. Finally, late in period 5, I decided to show little Andrew across the aisle my sister’s panties. I “Accidentally” dropped my pen and, knowing he was looking, I picked it up and then opened my legs to allow my secret pal to see my panties. Oh, he was looking all right!I was so thrilled! I got all excited and thought about little else the rest of the school day. When I was walking home Andrew came up behind me and began to chat with me. He was generally shy so It took some nerve on his part to try and initiate a conversation. He asked me easy stuff. You know, where did I live, what musical groups did I like…stuff k**s talked about. But we both knew he’d seen my panties and it was exciting to both of us. He asked if he could walk me home tomorrow and I eagerly agreed!The next morning I was planning to sneak into Jennie’s room to kype another pair of her panties to show Andrew but she was going to stay home sick! Said she had a cold or something. I eventually remembered my Mom and Dad were already at work so I snuck into their bedroom and looked in my Mom’s drawer for some of her panties. My goodness! You never saw such underpants! Some were şişli travesti so small they would barely cover anything! Some said things like “Flirt” and “sexy Mama.” then I found a pair that actually had no crotch at all! Why, they were all lacy and everything but open at the bottom so nothing would cover your pussy at all!I thought for a minute and decided to try it. I took the crotchless panties and went to my room to try them on. they fit perfectly but I wondered if I would have the nerve to actually wear them to school. After all, my pussy and asshole would be completely bare beneath my little plaid skirt! Jennie had taught me to shave my pussy insisting “Boys like it” so I had no hair or anything to cover me up down there.There was no time to worry about it as I had to leave for school or I would be late. I pulled on Mommy’s panties and skipped out the door. As I made it onto the sidewalk, there was Andrew! I guess he was waiting for me since I’d told him where I lived last evening on the way home. We were walking along and talking, just the two of us and it was pretty fun. It was the first time a boy had really shown interest in me and I felt pretty sexy with my Mother’s crotchless panties beneath my skirt. My little pussy lips were kind of rubbing together as we walked and it was exciting to know how exposed I was down there. If Andrew only knew!Just then, a gust of wind came up and my skirt was momentarily blown up to my waist. Andrew looked down and caught a glimpse of my open panties! Oh my god! It had really happened! My little virgin pussy had accidentally been exposed to my junior high chum! I was turning red and found it hard to carry on the conversation knowing Andrew had seen my pussy.Andy mentioned that we were a little late and maybe we should cut through the woods on the corner to save some time. beylikdüzü travesti Well, I didn’t want to be late so I agreed. But when we got out into the privacy of the woods, Andrew put his arm around me and said, “Gee, you sure are pretty Nancy!” I turned to face him and he gave me a nervous little kiss. He was so cute and shy. “Thank you Andrew!” I responded. Ah, young love! Emboldened, he pulled me to him and pressed his body to mine and kissed me more forcefully, moving his tongue into my inexperienced mouth and making me feel his hard penis pushing into my barely covered panties.”Oh Andy, we shouldn’t!” I protested. “It’s a sin!” But Andy just lowered his hands to my butt cheeks and began to caress me there which really excited me. He pulled my little butt into his hard on and I got all excited and kissed him fiercely on the mouth. “Don’t…don’t touch my panties Andy!” I gasped. “Please don’t touch me down there!”I realize now it was just an open invitation to feel me up but It’s what I blurted out and I couldn’t go back. I felt Andy’s hand slide up my leg while we kissed and then he was touching my Mother’s panties! I didn’t speak but my breath quickened as I felt his soft hands roaming over the skimpy fabric he found down there. And then…then he was touching my bare pussy. He teased his fingers up and down the simple vertical division I had and now his breath began to come in gulps as he realized what he was touching. Andy pulled my hand to his crotch and made me feel his hard penis. Now I knew were were going to get in trouble if I didn’t think of something and fast. “Oh Andy!” I finally said, “We can’t do this! I’m…Im too young and I haven’t…haven’t…””Well can’t we do something?” He interrupted me. I knew I had teased my little boyfriend and he was right to expect something from me. Otherwise I was anadolu yakası travesti just a little tease and I knew boys didn’t lie that kind of girl. So I quietly put my finger to my lips as if to say “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!” and moved back to a patch of grass that was growing in the sunlight nearby. I sat down and, eyeing Andy carefully, I lifted my skirt and exposed my open panties to him. I let my knees fall open until all of my girlish charms were visible.Andy was transfixed as he took in the sight before him. Little Nancy Evans, her blonde ponytail hanging down behind her, her little plaid skirt now pulled up to her waist and her lacy white panties totally visible. With no crotch, little Andy could see nancy’s bare pussy and, just below, the perfect little dimple of her asshole! The lad was overpowered! He glanced around and, seeing no one nearby, he unzipped his courderoy pants and pulled his stiffened penis out and began to stroke it.Nancy was shocked to see her secret pal’s big penis but, knowing instinctively what to do, she reached down and, taking the lips of her hairless young pussy into her fingers, she slowly spread herself open and showed Andy her most secret spot…right out there in the woods.”Oh!” Andy cried as he saw Nancy’s salacious action. My god, she’d done it! Her virgin pussy was completely exposed. He could see the little hole at the bottom where you stick your cock and the look on her face…she was so pretty! so soft! Such a…a girl!Now Andy’s cock began to erupt as he viewed Nancy’s hairless pussy before him. Her panties did nothing to protect her innocent young vagina as she gave up the “Shot” that all men want to see. The look on her face said “Come here and fuck me Andrew!” But neither of them were really ready for that. No, for today they would be content to look. Streams of jism began to pour from embarrassed little Andrew’s cock and he quickly aimed away from little nancy, not wanted to spray his come onto her virtuous young body. Eventually the two young lovers to be made their way to school, each knowing their life would never be quite the same again.

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