NYE in NYC part1


NYE in NYC part1It all starts with a conversation between my friend Sarah and myself. She and I met in undergrad and became fast friends, she was a lesbian so there was nothing between us except a strong friendship. She’s brilliant, funny, and a great conversationalist. Just a beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, too. She and I kept in touch after graduation and she’d taken a job in NYC so we decided one year that I should make the trip up there to stay for a few days and we could have a really fun New Year’s Eve.She picked me up at the airport and we greeted with a big hug and a friendly kiss, nothing unusual for us to share a quick kiss. We went back to her apartment just outside the city and fixed dinner together while chatting and laughing. Afterwards we lounged on her sofa and continued talking and enjoying some after dinner wine. The she sat up and said, “There’s something you don’t know about me.””I’ve never once thought I knew everything there is about you, you’re always a bit of a mystery. It’s part of what makes you so alluring.”She leaned in kaçak iddaa and kissed me more slowly than usual. Our lips parted and our tongues touched softly and we enjoyed a deep, wet kiss.”There is something I like to do with men. But only ones I really like.””Am I one you really like?” She kissed me again deeper this time.”So, yes?” I courted.”Yes but if it makes you uncomfortable then I don’t want you to do this with me.””Ok, what did you have in mind?”She smiled seductively and said, “I want to fuck you with my strap on.”Me, being open minded and having always had a bit of a crush on her said, “I’d love to experience that with you.”She giggled a little and jumped up, took my hands and led me into her bedroom.She sat me on the bed and explained that this was total role reversal. She didn’t want to blow me and I wouldn’t fuck her she wasn’t into that at all. I agreed and she started pulling up my shirt. “Get naked and just sit here, I’ll be right back.”She went into her bathroom for a minute as I undressed. she came out wearing nothing but her strap on. I guess she kaçak bahis thought I was a little nervous and she asked me if I was still good. I said that I was and smiled at her.She strolled over slowly with her dildo hanging between her legs and leaned down and kissed me softly. After a long kiss she put her one of her breasts to my face and I softly licked at her nipple. My tongue caressing it gently up and down. Then she put her other breast to my mouth and I did it again. “MMMMMM, you’re good with your mouth. Now show me more.” She gently lead my head down her flat stomach and guided her toy into my mouth. I sucked at her. she laughed “That’s good, keep going.” I did and she thrust every so slightly.After several minutes of this she guided me onto my back, walked over to her dresser and lubed up her cock. She rimmed me for a few minutes. “role reversal” she flirted as she looked up at me. “It’s ok, I like this a lot.” She stood up and lubed my asshole before sliding a finger into me. She worked it until she easily slid in two fingers. Then she pressed her dildo against illegal bahis me. Slowly and gently she worked into me. Now, as I’ve said, I’d been fingered before but the dildo was a new experience and it took a little patience before I opened up enough for it.She started gently thrusting as we stared into each others’ eyes. It was incredible. To see her there, like that and feel her hips pushing into me. My body felt hot and I moaned. She moaned too as she grind against me. Faster our hips were slapping gently. “Don’t touch yourself yet.” she instructed. “Just keep going.”As we kept fucking I pulled at her nipples slightly, flicking them lightly with my thumbs. She pinched at mine and then grabbed my thighs and pulled a little against them. I felt a huge wash of warmth come over me and my cock started dripping. An orgasm like I’d never felt. She was getting close too and then said, “Ok, stroke yourself”. I did and it didn’t take very long before I blew a huge load on myself and her. I yelled so loud… She looked hungrily on me and unfastened her harness. She climbed over me and straddled my face. I ate her pussy and she rode me and then she shouted so loudly as she came.We ended the night cuddled (after clean up) and slept well. More to tell about this amazing weekend.

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