Yui’s Awakening. Part 15.


Yui’s Awakening. Part 15.”So cute”, Yui whispered, as her and Emi settled into their seats at the bar of Bar Hers.”Who?” said Emi, swivelling around in her seat.”There, at that table with the four girls”, motioned Yui.This had become an ongoing thing for Yui and Emi, each time they came to Bar Hers. They played a little unofficial game, where they would try to find cute, beautiful, attractive, or just downright sexy girls or women at Hers and sneak glances, occasionally make eye contact, and sometimes chat with them. Later, they would fantasise about them back at Yui’s apartment or Emi’s studio while they made love to each other or themselves.”Oh yes, I see what you mean”, whispered Emi, quite taken aback by how cute the girl Yui had found was. Indeed, she was quite slim, almost skinny, with the cutest bob dyed ash blonde. She was at her table with her friends but facing the bar, so the first thing that caught Yui’s eye was her flashing smile, and gorgeous almond eyes, that also seemed to flash.They ordered their drinks and sat, chatting, occasionally stealing glances at the cute girl with the flashing smile. “I don’t think she’s Japanese”, ventured Yui.”I bet you she is, maybe from up north.””How about, if she isn’t Japanese, you have to ask her if she’s gay”, Yui cheekily whispered in Emi’s ear. It was quite common for completely straight girls to frequent Bar Hers, mainly because there were no men.Emi felt confident that she was Japanese, so they clinked glasses to seal the bet.Before long, the cute girl got up from her table and moved towards the bar. Yui watched her slim body, glide through the chairs towards them, wearing a tight little one-piece that hugged her slender form. Yui audibly gasped as she approached, hoping to not get caught staring.She sidled up to the bar, next to Emi, and smiled politely at the two smitten girls as she tried to get the bartender’s attention.”Gin and tonic, please”, she said with an unmistakable accent that both girls could not place.Emi looked at Yui who was grinning from ear to ear.”Hello, where are you from?” asked Emi.”Saitama, but before that, Taiwan”, the cute girl offered politely.”Ooh! Such a cute accent!” said Yui, and Emi agreed.”Oh, thank you, but I try to hide it.”Emi and Yui were transfixed by her gorgeous face, and those eyes, so soft, warm, almond.”Um… are you gay, bi, straight?” stammered Emi.”One hundred percent gay. I’ve never been with a man, never will. Only been with güvenilir bahis girls. How about you two, are you a couple?””Ah, yes”, both of them spluttered.”You’re such a cute couple. You must be models”, she said, getting more comfortable with the conversation.”Thank you. Yui’s a model, I’m a dancer. I’m Emi”.”Oh, I’m Lynn, and this… is my sister Lan Lan”, she announced, as a second slim body came into view and stood next to Lynn.Yui and Emi both gasped as they looked at the two sisters. They were identical twins! The only difference they could see at first, was that Lan Lan’s hair was not ash blonde, more natural black, but still in the cute bob. They both had the gorgeous flashing smile, perfect teeth, and sexy almond eyes. Lan Lan slid her slender arm around Lynn’s waist and they both giggled at Yui and Emi’s reaction, as the two girls apologised for it.”It’s no problem, we get it all the time”, laughed Lan Lan.”Such a cute couple”, she continued, addressing her sister.”Yes, if they were single I don’t know who I would try to pick up! Such a tough choice!” joked Lynn.”Well, … if you’re feeling like it, we could go back to Yui’s apartment”, half-joked Emi, seeing an opportunity that she knew Yui would completely be on board with.Lynn’s beautiful almond eyes looked deep into both Yui’s and Emi’s as she thought about her next move.”Let’s go. Can my sister come too?”Emi and Yui’s heads were almost spinning at the thought.”Y-yes, of course”, one of them heard the other saying.On the floor of Yui’s apartment was her big shagpile rug, the one that she would often lay on naked after her bath, enjoying the feeling of the soft ¥ness on her bare skin. Now there were two beautiful Taiwanese sisters, Emi and her sitting, reclining and sipping wine as they giggled about something that was probably nervousness.”Wanna watch us kiss?” said Lynn, gesturing to Lan Lan. And without waiting for an answer the two sisters put down their wines, leaned into each other, and kissed, as though they were newly realised lovers, with those beautiful eyes closed, then open, to see the other’s reaction.Yui and Emi gasped again, not expecting anything like this at all.”You… you play together?” whispered Emi.”Of course… since we were teenagers… that’s how we knew we liked girls. We used to practice kissing after our parents went to bed… thinking we needed to know in advance before we went on any dates”, explained Lynn between locking lips with her güvenilir bahis siteleri sister.”Then we realised that we really enjoyed the softness of a girl’s touch”, continued Lan Lan.”Oh my god, that is the most …. the sexiest …”, Yui couldn’t finish.In a flash, Emi was naked, her hands exploring her sexy little body.”Don’t stop”, she whispered, as she got behind Yui and began to remove her clothes as well.”Mmm, you like to watch, Emi?”Lynn got up on her knees, facing her sister, and slid out of her little dress, and underwear, to reveal a slim, smooth, pale and completely sexy body. Lan Lan did the same, and not surprisingly, her beautiful body was identical to her sister’s. She lay her naked skin down on Yui’s big rug, and Lynn moved on top of her, the two sisters still kissing passionately.Yui could not believe how this situation had turned out. She had never before thought about her own sister in this way, and had not considered the idea ever. And now, here she was, watching two beautiful Taiwanese sisters making love to each other. In fact, beautiful Taiwanese twins!Emi whispered in Yui’s ear from behind.”So sexy, aren’t they Yui chan?”All Yui could do was lean her naked body back against Emi as her friend’s hands explored her aching nipples, and by now very wet pussy.Lynn straddled Lan Lan’s raised thigh, slowly grinding her almost hairless pussy against it, while she placed her own against her sister’s almost hairless and wet pussy for her to do the same. Lan Lan’s lovely slender arms embraced her sister’s sexy naked body, her hands exploring the familiar curves and lines of her sister’s body. Lynn’s sexy back arched occasionally as she rubbed her wet pussy along the length of her sister’s thigh. Their breathing became more intense, their kissing became more intense, and when their beautiful lips were apart, they whispered in Chinese to each other, which made the scene even more of turn on for Yui and Emi.After a few minutes of this, Lynn announced that they were both going to orgasm. Their kissing and grinding reached a fever pitch, as Lan Lan’s long fingers dug into Lynn’s bottom, and the two sisters peaked in an intense orgasm, leaving them panting, soft and sweating.Emi and Yui were transfixed, almost to the point of forgetting their own pleasure. Yui was almost beside herself with lust after watching two beautiful sister’s make each come.”You must know exactly how to touch each other… exactly how iddaa siteleri to make each other feel good…””Mmmm”, was all Lynn could reply.”It’s like making love to yourself, literally…. my biggest fantasy!” gasped Emi.Lynn broke off from her sister and moved toward Yui. She spread her slim legs wide so that Yui could see how wet her sexy little pussy was. She could smell her sex so clearly, making her all the more lustful. Yui caressed Lynn’s lovely slim legs, feeling almost electric energy as she marveled at how smooth her skin was. Lan Lan was doing the same with Emi, who was licking her from her cute toes all the way up to her wet pussy.Lynn motioned for Yui to copy her pose, and quickly Yui realised she wanted to rub their pussies together. Her and Emi had tried this a few times, but this time, with Lynn, it felt right, natural.Yui glanced over at Emi and saw that she was doing the same with Lan Lan. In fact, Emi was now facing Yui, and they could feel the heat coming from each other’s bodies.Lynn closed those beautiful eyes as her pussy made contact with Yui’s. Yui could not take eyes off Lynn’s gorgeous little body, her ash blonde bob, and finally whispered to Lynn that she wanted to look into her eyes.Lynn sat up, facing Yui, staring into her eyes. Yui almost melted into those almond pools of sex as they began a rhythmic grinding. Lynn held on tight to Yui’s left hand, as if to pull her tighter against her gorgeous little pussy.Emi and Lan Lan were doing the exact same, and were so close that Yui could caress Lan Lan’s sexy little body, feel her stomach tighten with every grind, and grip her sexy pale thigh as Emi’s pussy rammed into her’s.Again, Lynn and Lan Lan whispered something to each other in Chinese, making Yui swoon with lust.”I’m going to come soon… kiss me… kiss me, I want to come while I’m kissing you and staring into your beautiful eyes”, whispered Yui.Meanwhile, Emi and Lan Lan were kissing and grinding with strength and passion that surprised even Emi. Very soon, Yui could feel herself reaching the cliff’s edge, and concentrating on Lynn’s soft, dreamy, gorgeous eyes, she catapulted over the edge into an intense orgasm, while Lynn hurriedly joined her with a frenzied grinding of her pussy against Yui’s.The sounds of Emi and Lan Lan kissing, grinding, whispering grew as Yui recovered between Lynn’s lovely legs. Soon enough, she could hear Emi’s strained voice whispering to Lan Lan.”Tell me how much you love your sister’s body… talk to me how much you love to love her…”And with Lan Lan whispering her deepest desires about her sister’s body between deep kissing, Emi dived over the edge of her own massive orgasm, with Lan Lan following.

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