One last time with sis


One last time with sisIt was the night before my sister’s wedding day. She stayed in her old room at our folks place to avoid seeing her hubby to be and bring bad luck to their marriage. As the best man, I told my future brother in law not to worry, he could hang in the hotel bar with his groomsman and I would take care of some last minute errands. This included going to my parents house to pick up some decorations for tomorrow’s reception. I pulled into the driveway and only my sister’s care was there.I opened the door and yelled hello. No one answered but I heard the shower going. I went upstairs, I guess deep down I was hoping to catch one more glimpse of my sister’s perfect b cup tits and freshly shaved pussy. The bathroom door was opened a crack and my cock began to throb as I looked in the crack and spied her drying her leg propped up on the bathroom counter. I unzipped my jeans and felt my hard cock through my underwear as I watched her. Beautiful. Karabağlar Escort I had fucked her before – once in the hotel room, once in my bedroom, and twice in hers. She looked towards the door crack, smiled, reached for me and pulled me into the bathroom. She locked the door, and pulled he lips apart to explore her pink flesh, hot and wet already. I got on my knees, jerking my cock and licking her clit, lips, hole. She tasted great as she began to grind her cunt against my face. “Oh, baby, I knew you’d be back for one more before tomorrow…Oh, lick my clitty like that. Hard, light and fast. Oh yeah”. I jerked my cock and tongued her hole, lapped her juices leaking from her cunt to her asshole. I stood up, she spread her arms on the counter and I slide my palm accross her dripping cunt and lubed my head and shaft with her own juices. I grunted as I found her tight hole and pushed my big mushroom head Karşıyaka Escort deep inside her. I reached around and pinched her nipples as I pounded that tight hot cunt. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, fucking give it to me, give your pussy to me” I grasped her hips and drilled her, my cock pistoning in and out as her tits bounced and she cried and panted. “Oh yeah, fuck me like the whore i am. I want to taste my pussy and lick my juice off your cock and balls”. Once on her knees she went to work on my balls. Feelins and licking loudly. Sucking one than the other. Licking my asshole and jerking my cock with a grip so tight. I placed my cock into her open mouth and fucked her face. “open, open wider and take i down your throat. I want my pubes tickling your nose”. She gagged and spit up on my cock, her drool oozing down her tits as she opened wide for her brothers thick eight inch cock. I pumped her mouth. It felt so Kemalpaşa Escort good! She spit up on my cock again and I used all of that wetness to jack my cock and fill her butt crack. She bent over and I carressed her asshole with my head before entering her tight asshole. I had never fucked my sister’s ass. I slowly but deliberly pushed in deeper with every stroke as her long slender fingers worked her clit and cunt hole. I could feel her fingers against my cock through that narrow border of skin. She was rubbing her clit so feverishly. “Oh fuck yeah! Ohhhhh, fuck”, I grunted as I pulled out to the head and then plunged back in. “Stick a couple more fingers in your twat. I want you stuffed and stretched”. Like the slut she is, she obeyed, she was practically fisting herself when I felt my nuts tighten and tingle. I pulled out and helped her to the floor. I spread her wide and she inserted her four fingers as I sucked her clit. She pulled them out and I jacked a load of hot thick cum into her gaping cunt. We stood up and I kissed her as I reached between her legs. I felt my jizz spill on my fingers and lifted them to her mouth. She sucked my seed and swallowed. I kissed her again and then reached behind her to turn the shower on. I wiked and left closing the door behind me.

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