Party pt1 1

Big Tits

Party pt1 1″Shhhh, careful, you’ll wake him,” I heard through a foggy daze.”Naah, he’s out cold,” came a second voice, “Barely stirred through the rest of it.”My head was throbbing painfully and I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes. I knew that I had drunk too much at the party that night, I’d had a fight with Sasha, my girlfriend, and had drowned my sorrows perhaps a little too much. I didn’t know how long I’d been out for but it was taking me a while to come to. Meanwhile I could tell that I wasn’t alone, I could sense and hear a few other people in the room standing around me. I felt dazed and confused and couldn’t really grasp what they were saying or doing.”Uhhh,” came a sound somewhere in between a sigh and a gasp close to my head, “I can feel it coming, I can’t hold it in for much longer.””Shoot for the face,” laughed another.I wondered to myself what they were talking about. My whole body felt kind of weird, that was probably because I’d been drinking too much, it was as if I was wrapped in something so soft and smooth. My lips felt a little unusual too, but I chalked that up to the alcohol as well.”Oh baby, here it comes,” came the sighing voice, increasingly obvious as my friend Nick.At that moment, I felt something hit my cheek. They had squirted me with something, some liquid, although why I didn’t quite know. Beer? Water? It didn’t really seem quite like either. A second string hit me across the forehead and a third down towards my mouth. Instinctively, with my slightly dry throat, I felt a need to taste it as it hit my lips. Quickly, my tongue darted out to lick a little of the mystery liquid. It was thick and gooey and warm, an odd slightly salty taste that I didn’t recognise but that was definitely not unpleasant.”Oh God, guys, he’s waking up,” came the first, rather nervous voice, belonging, I now realised, to my friend Ed, “Guys, let’s leave it, this is really gay.””You can go if you want,” came back the second voice, more aggressively, Stuart, as I could now tell, “But we’re having too much fun with our little slut. It’s not gay to want to cream a pretty thing like this.” His voice was becoming more and more animated as he said this, his breaths increasingly rapid until he, like Nick before him, sighed and I felt more liquid squirting into my face.It felt sticky as a string of it hit me just above my eye and ran across my forehead into my hair. More of it hit me on the chin and I could feel it dribbling down and falling onto my chest. I was beginning to regain a few senses and yet I still couldn’t summon the energy to open my eyes or figure out quite what the guys were squirting at me, so I just lay there and let it happen.I’d been to enough of these parties to know that nothing good ever came of falling asleep at one. Every time the guys were sure to do something to humiliate the person who’d done it and the sense that this was what was happening to me was slowly dawning, a feeling creeping up from my stomach that something not normal was happening. Still, as I said, I did nothing to stop it. In fact, as a string of warm liquid hit my lips, I slid my tongue out and tasted it again, it was definitely a taste that was growing on me, I had to admit.”She’s not waking up, she’s just acting on slut instinct” laughed the final voice, Alex, I realised now I could place a name to it, “She’s probably dreaming of hard men and their cream! Quick, let’s get a photo of that slutty face!”I blinked and almost opened my eyes as a flash of a camera went off in the room, but not for long enough than to do any more than see the shapes of a group of figures standing and kneeling around where I lay on the floor.”That’s one for the internet,” laughed Nick, “There’s loads of people who’ll pay money for shit like this!””Yeah, this slut’s ready to be a porn star,” Stuart came back with.”Should we, really?” Ed replied, “I mean, doing this in here is one thing, but showing his face to the world is another.””Showing her face,” Nick corrected, laughing to himself.They kept referring to a woman and I began to wonder if I was alone in this strange, confusing situation, if perhaps there was a woman in here too, maybe Sasha. The last I had seen of her after our argument, she was drinking heavily with Nick and Alex, maybe she too had gone out of her head.”Ed, you little sissy, the only thing that’s a bit gay here is you trying to back out of having a little fun with our dirty slut here,” Alex said, and I could almost hear a smirk in his voice, “Besides, if you’re really all that worried, then stop being such a fag and put your meat away and leave. As for me, I’m going to see what else our slut can do!”I could feel him leaning over me and a second later felt something brush against my lips. It felt warm, it felt good, I wanted to feel it some more. Whatever it was, Alex now began to rub it against my mouth, tracing the outline of my lips and leaving a wet trail around. It was hard and warm bahis şirketleri and instinctively my mouth opened to let it slip in at the slight bit of pressure pushed against me.I guess maybe by this point, I was beginning to figure out what might be going on, my head was beginning to clear. However, I tried to remain in a state of blissful ignorance, just enjoying the unusual moment, not wanting to confront waking reality. Meanwhile, in my sleepy, drunken haze, whatever was sliding between my lips was making me feel pretty good.Now the whole thing was in my mouth, I could get a better feel for it. It almost completely filled the inside of my wet, moist mouth. Running my tongue around it, I could feel a long, thick shaft. At first it had felt completely rock hard, but now I realised there was also a fleshy softness that trembled and quivered as I ran my tongue over it or it crossed my wet lips. It felt warm and alive, every little touch of my mouth made it tremble in a different way. It was incredible.I felt a slight sense of loss and disappointment as the fleshy shaft slid back out of my lips, but the disappointment was only momentary as after less than a second, it slid right back in. This felt even better, the feel of it rubbing across my lips and penetrating my wet mouth. I was really getting into this now. Almost imperceptibly at first, my head was beginning to move back and forth with the rhythm of it.”Oh yeah,” Nick, watching gave something between a cheer and a laugh, “That’s it, fuck her pretty face.””She’s more of a slut than we thought,” Stuart came in with, “She’s a natural, look how she’s joining in!””Uhhh, oh God guys, don’t,” Ed came in with, increasingly frantically, “This is sick, but I can’t stop watching. Oh fuck, here it comes!!”Another squirting spray of warm, tasty liquid. This time, the first string went right across my cheek and further. It spread across the thick hardness that Alex was pushing at my face, making it slick and sticky. Alex didn’t break with sliding that hard tool between my wet lips but he seemed quite angry with Ed.”Dude, come on, shoot it at the slut not at me you little homo,” he said.”Sorry Alex, I lost control,” Ed replied and I could almost see him blushing even though my eyes were closed.The sticky warm liquid coating Alex’s shaft just made it feel better as it entered my mouth, the warmth and the surprisingly good taste just made me want to eat it. I found myself almost involuntarily licking it like a lollipop, a warm, salty lollipop. It was one of the best things I’d ever had on my tongue!Just as I was becoming more aware of the feelings stirring inside me, becoming more active in giving the warm shaft licks and sucks of my own rather than just have it sliding into me. I felt myself becoming more truly awake. I knew I couldn’t hold off opening my eyes and coming back to reality for much longer.That was when I felt hands on my body. The funny feeling had not gone away, I still felt as though I was d****d in something beautifully soft, it hung against my chest and around my waist. My arse and cock were pressed against it and now, there was a soft hand running over it. It ran over my stomach and down to my groin, rubbing at my crotch.At this moment, I suddenly realised that I had got a boner. In the course of waking up, I had obviously gone through my usual awaking process including getting morning wood. I was mortified that my friends would notice a tent in my pants from my erection, but that fear was slightly abated by the pleasure of the hand rubbing at my dick. Whatever soft material was against my body felt incredible on my cock with a hand rubbing me through it.”Is she wet?” sniggered Alex.”Oh yeah, the bitch is loving it,” Stuart replied.Whoever the bitch was, I hoped she was in as good a place as I was. You have never really experienced a pleasurable waking unless you’ve felt that stimulating, tasty warmth sliding over your lips and a hand rubbing at your crotch, both together as your eyes open to greet the world. If only I could have stayed forever in that moment of pure, almost innocent pleasure, just pure sensual feeling without any emotional complications.However, I could no longer pretend that amongst all these stimulations I was still out cold. It was time to open my eyes and wake up. I guess somewhere deep down inside there was a growing realisation of exactly what was happening, I mean all the clues were there and it seems kind of obvious to say it now. I knew from that creeping feeling in my stomach, but I suppressed it, too happy in the pleasure of the moment. That’s why, even though part of me expected to see the scene that I did, I was shocked and disturbed when I opened my eyes.The first sight that greeted my waking eyes was Alex’s naked crotch, very close to my face. I could see his strong, toned body standing over me, his face looking down on me and leering, but most of all, my attention was on the huge, bahis firmaları thick meat sticking out from him. That same fleshy meat he was poking at my mouth, the one that I was licking, sucking and generally savouring. Yes, that’s right, I was sucking my friend’s cock! That was me right there, a cocksucker and enjoying it!With this moment of shocking dawning realisation, everything suddenly made sense and I realised what had been happening to me and what the sticky liquid all over my face was, the one whose taste I had savoured on my lips, it was my friends’ ejaculate. They had cum on my face like some porno slut and I had been happy to lie there and take it. Even though I had obviously enjoyed myself, I was humiliated at being put in this position. I had never had anything but straight desires and now I found myself unwittingly with an erect dick in my moist mouth. It made me both embarrassed and angry. I spat the cock out and turned my attention on the guys.”What the fuck is going on, guys?” I demanded, angrily, “What are you doing? You’ve really gone too far this time!””See, I told you this was a really bad idea,” Ed’s voice drew my attention to the other guys in the room.As well as Alex, naked, muscular and fucking my face, the other three were all still standing around me watching the show. All three cocks were now limp but sticky with the juices of their moment of climax, jerking off over my barely conscious body, shooting their loads all over my face. All of them remained watching intently, even Ed who kept protesting against what they were doing. Nick’s cock had even began to get stiff again from watching.”You’re our little cumbucket slut,” Alex said, “You’re a natural dicksucker, it felt so good.”He waved his cock back in my sticky face. I had to admit that now I had felt its warmth inside my mouth, it did look pretty good. I had to control myself to not try and swallow it back down again, something that would totally humiliate me for good before my friends. That was if I had any face left to save. Still, the whole thing did seem a bit much even from a bunch of guys who liked to humiliate each other if they pass out drunk. Only, I was about to discover, I was not just here with my four friends.”Oh God, look at that pathetic expression on her cumbucket face,” came a fifth voice, as I suddenly realised where that gentle, stroking hand on my crotch had come from, “I just have to get a picture!”I saw the flash of the camera again and in an instant I managed to place the last person in the room. It was a voice that was really very familiar to me. It was that of my girlfriend, or perhaps ex-girlfriend after the fight we’d had earlier that evening, Sasha. Everything came flooding back now about how she had said that she didn’t want to be with me anymore because I was too pathetic, because I wasn’t man enough for her, that she was going to find a real man to screw with instead. That was why I had ended up drinking so very much, while she talked to my much more macho friend Alex. I had been trying to prove my manliness with all that drink and look where it had got me, lying back with a cock in my face!”Just take a look at what a pretty cum soaked slut you make, baby,” Sasha cooed at me nastily, holding up the image just taken on her camera.In the picture, I finally saw myself as they had seen me and I was almost unrecognisable. While I was out, somebody had obviously had a real go at me as my face was all made up like a pretty girl, with mascara, eyeshadow, blusher and bright red lipstick. I had a long, blonde wig on my head. In fact, looking in the picture I saw exactly what they were describing, a hot, dirty slut. It was made all the more worse by the fact that my face was streaked with bits of glistening wet cum from all the other cocks.At this point, blushing crimson with shame, I noticed in the picture that it was not just my face that had been made up to look like a girl. I finally saw the reason why my body felt so strange as if it were encased in something so soft. Looking from the picture to my real body, the truth became rapidly worse and worse. I had been completely stripped out of my normal clothing and re-clothed in pretty, and very girly, lingerie. All that I now had on was a pink satin babydoll with furry cups around my chest that opened at the front to reveal a pair of pink satin panties. My legs were in a pair of black nylon stockings and that was all there was to it. I had to admit that anyone who saw this scene now or looked at the pictures later would see nothing but a crossdressed slut eager to suck cock.”Well, it looks like I was right all along,” Sasha was still smirking triumphantly as she went back to massaging my member, which felt pretty good through the satin of my panties, “You’re not a real man at all. You’re really much better as a girl. The guys took some convincing, but when they saw how pretty you were all dolled up in lingerie and kaçak bahis siteleri make up, they were only too happy when I suggested they make you their little cumbucket. I think the cumstained look suits you perfectly and I’m sure everyone will agree once these pictures hit the internet!”Strangely, and even more humiliatingly, Sasha’s teasing words were doing nothing to abate my arousal, or my lustful desire for the thick, hard meat waving just inches from my lips. She was right, being a girl did make me feel better than I did as a guy.”I know how much you’ve enjoyed having these guys spill their loads all over your pretty face,” Sasha was still teasing, “I know you really loved having Alex’s real manly meat right inside those pretty red lips. Don’t lie, whore, I can feel how wet you are through these panties. I can tell every little thing that turns you on! God, if I’d known what a natural girly slut you’d make, how easily you would take to it, I’d have done it years ago. Now, I think Alex is dying to release a bit of that pressure, so you’d better get back to it!””No,” I said, angrily, determined that my humiliation was over, even while Sasha was keeping me turned on, rubbing my hardon against my satin panties, “That’s enough of this. Give me back my real clothes!””Oh, baby, this is far from over,” Sasha taunted, “We’re just getting started with making you our cumslut. You don’t want to stop now, look how much your enjoying it so far!”As she was saying this, she grabbed my hard cock in her hand and squeezed it tightly, causing me to yelp in pain. That moment as my mouth flew open was all that Alex needed to slip his hardon back in. Unwittingly, I was back where I had been before opening my eyes, with a hard, quivering dick between my lips, only now I knew what was happening.I didn’t put up much of a struggle. I didn’t see the point really. I knew that they were going to make me eat cock whatever happened, so I might as well lie back and take it. I had to admit to myself that, however much of a sissy it had made me, I had enjoyed my first cocksucking experience. I liked the feel of its living warmth sliding into my mouth. Indeed, as Alex started fucking my face, sliding his trembling hardon in and out of my warm, wet mouth, I couldn’t help enjoying it. I couldn’t help starting to get into it, beginning to take control of bobbing up and down on it.”Oh yeah, that’s it slut,” Alex moaned, noticing that I was no longer a passive partner in this but actively sucking on his hot meat, “Yeah, suck my big, fat cock you girly whore. Sasha’s right, this is where you belong.”Normally, I wouldn’t have appreciated being called a slut or a girly whore, but, strangely, right now it felt right, it felt hot and it really turned me on. I was really enjoying quite a lot playing the part of the girly whore and there was no point in denying it. I loved the feeling of that hard cock in my mouth, the feel that with my pretty, girlish looks and skilled tongue, I could make it grow and bring it off to shoot a load of delicious sticky juices. Yes, Sasha and Alex were right, there was at least a part of me that wasn’t manly at all, I was a natural slut and loving the humiliation of it!”Mmm, keep sucking like that, slut,” Alex moaned, “I’m gonna cum pretty soon!”With that, he increased the pace with which he was fucking my wet mouth, so much so that I couldn’t keep pace with him. He was becoming more frantic and vigorous as if nearing the point of no return. As he did this, I felt Sasha’s hand in my groin, grabbing my dick and beginning to masturbate me vigorously, seeming intent on bringing the two of us off at the same time.”Shoot your load right down the cumbucket’s throat,” Sasha said, triumphantly, as Alex neared his climax, “I want her to show us what a good slut she can be by drinking the whole salty load.”By now, I’d got a bit of a taste for the cum that had already been shot over my face and lips, I had loved licking Ed’s love juices from Alex’s lollipop and I couldn’t wait for a full load straight from the source. I know that Sasha had intended to humiliate me with this idea but I was only too happy to take it.”Yes. YES! That’s it, I’m cumming!” Alex cried, “Drink it, slut! Take my load down your cumbucket throat!”And then I felt a string of it hit the back of my throat with some force. His dick lay between my lips, hard and trembling, shooting streams of sticky, warm, white liquid until it filled my mouth and began to leak out the sides, dribbling down my chin and onto my chest, staining my pink satin babydoll. I tried to swallow all the delicious juices but there was too much and I was too inexperienced at this and, finally, Alex had to pull out and shoot the rest onto my waiting face.”Wait there, hold that pose,” said Sasha with the camera, one hand taking a picture of my open mouth filled with so much cum that there were white bubbles on my lips, the other still jerking me off through the smooth material of my girly panties, “I want the world to see what sort of slut you are. Tell everyone what a slut you are and I’ll let your girly cock cum as well!” Here she squeezed my cock tight again, causing me to gasp out loud.

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