Patricia’s Sexual Adventures Ch.10


Adventures in House Sitting

AUTHORS NOTE: As with some of my stories, this submission is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. However, I have deliberately omitted detailed descriptions, references to the age of each character in the story so that you can use your imagination to insert the respective persons, ages and physical attributes of your choice.

When I was a teenager, I had my share of babysitting jobs to help make ends meet. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania there wasn’t a lot to do, but I was the only one in my group of girl friends that could drive a car so we were able to drive to Pittsburgh to party.

We all did what we could to get enough money to pay for gas and the party essentials. One night my friends and I planned on going to a concert. The only problem that we had was the fact that none of us had a car for that night. Well this is what brings me to this particular story.

Most of my money making jobs at the time was babysitting and I had my regular families. Fortunately for me I got a phone call from Mr. Palino who asked if I was available to house sit for him. I use to baby sit for his 2 boys, but they were older now.

He told me that he had to go away for the weekend on urgent business and his wife was out of state visiting her sick mother. This meant leaving their two boys home alone. He wanted me to stay at the house because he trusted me and he didn’t want his mischievous boys to get crazy and throw any wild parties.

Now I have to set the stage for you so you can understand the history with this particular family. Mr.Palino is an attractive Italian man in his 40’s married to a very nice woman. They have 2 boys, Tony and Paul. My family has known their family for a very long time and they trusted me totally with their children. I had babysat for them when they were younger, so we practically grew up together. They have a swimming pool and they would throw pool/barbecue parties every summer. Well I had always had fun babysitting his boys in the past and he payed well.

Now Tony and Paul were older now and although I hadn’t received a call from Mr. Palino in awhile, I sort of understood why. I mean his boys were old enough to watch themselves, but Mr.Palino told me that he had left them alone once before and it was a big mistake. So he couldn’t trust them to be left over the weekend alone unsupervised.

He told me that he would make it worth my while money wise so I gladly agreed to housesit for him. With the money I was going to make from this job I could pay for the tickets and have a great time.

We still had to work out the car problem though. I told my friends and they came up with the idea for me to ask Mr.Palino if we could borrow one of his cars. He had 3 of them, one being a cool Camero. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about asking him, but I’d give it my best shot.

He had let me drive his car before when I had to pick up his kids from their school so I knew there was a chance.

It had been awhile since I had worked for him, but I still see them at pool parties and on my street. Mr.Palino always waves at me as he drives by or when I go by his house.

Once I was washing my parent’s car in the driveway and I was wearing cut off jean shorts that had most of my ass sticking out of them and a bikini top. Mr.Palino stopped his car in front of my house and told me that I could wash his car anytime. He told me that I could be arrested for what I was or for better words not wearing. He had this look on his face that told me that If I was to walk over to his car and look in he’d be sporting a tent in his pants.

He smiled and drove away wondering if I knew what was on his dirty mind. I had caught him checking me out before at his pool so I knew that he was interested and if push came to shove I knew of one way of getting him to let me borrow his car.

I told my parents about my house sitting for Mr.Palino and that it would be an over nite job. They told me that I’d have my hands full with his 2 boys now that they have grown up. I told them that they had nothing to worry about and I would keep them in line. My mom laughed and told me that it would take a hellcat to keep a hellcat in line. I knew exactly what she meant.

The day came for my adventure in house sitting so I packed up the things I thought I might need, like my makeup, clothes and swimsuit. Most importantly I included a girl’s best friend, my trusty vibrator. It had been awhile since my boyfriend and I split up and it had been that long since I’d had sex so I was going through sex withdrawals. If it weren’t for Mr. ever ready, I think I would have gone insane.

Now foremost in my mind I had only one real goal in this job and that was to get Mr. Palino to let me borrow his car. I wanted to appeal to his weakness so I put on my cut off jeans and my bikini top with a white button down shear top over it. I knew this would get him.

It was a hot day so if my mom asked me why I was dressed this way I would just canlı bahis tell them I was going to go swimming while I was there.

I walked over to Mr. Palino’s house and I met him outside as he was packing his car. He saw me and his mouth was wide open as I walked up to him. I stood close to him as I helped him with one of the bags. I made sure that I bent over for him as I put the bag in the trunk. When I looked back at him, I caught him staring at my ass, still with his mouth wide open.

I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him. He stuttered and told me no that was just fine. He gave me some money for food and a number where he could be reached. He told me that I could sleep in his room and to make my self at home.

He said his good byes to his boys and told them that I was in charge and that if they got out of line I would call him and tell him. They swore they would be angels and for him not to worry. It was then that I got my first sign of trouble when Tony whispered something to Paul and they both giggled. Tony looked back at me and he had the same look that his father just had a few moments ago. I should have known then that this wasn’t going to be normal house sitting job with the Palino boys.

The boys gave Mr. Palino a hug goodbye and I walked over to him as he was about to get in the car and I gave him a hug to. He held me tight and I told him that I would keep his boys in line. He told me that he hoped that I could, telling me that if they were anything like him I would have my hands full in more then one way.

At that moment I wondered if I had bitten off more then I could chew. Obviously his boys were horn dogs just like his father and now I would be in the same house with them for the weekend.

As Mr. Palino held me, I felt his hand move down to my partially bare ass and he gave it a squeeze. I looked into his eyes and I gave him the best wicked smile I could.

He got in his car and drove off. I turned to the boys and asked them what they wanted to do. They both said, at the same time, they wanted to go swimming and they asked me to join them. It was hot and I wanted to work on my tan so I agreed with them.

I went into the house and I put my things in Mr. Palino’s bedroom. I had seen it before when I use to baby sit, but I never slept over and I was amazed at the size of the bed. As I sat on it, I noticed that the mirrors on the bed and at the dresser were in perfect line of whoever was on the bed. I wondered if Mr. and Mrs. Palino used them during their sex.

I went out to the pool and found the boys already playing in the pool. I unbuttoned my shorts and wiggled out of them. They were so tight that my bikini bottom was cumming down with them. I grabbed them just as I turned around and caught the boys starring intently at me. I told them to behave as I stepped into the pool to cool off.

I made sure I didn’t get my hair wet and asked them not to splash me. They both swam around me getting close to me. I held onto the side of the pool and tried to relax, but I knew that it wouldn’t last.

The boys came over to me so close they were brushing up against me. Tony asked me if I had a boyfriend. I laughed and told him that I didn’t at the time. I asked him if he had a girlfriend. Just as he started to answer, Paul blurted out that Tony liked me. Tony slugged Paul and he turned red with embarrassment.

He said Paul’s girlfriend was a Playboy magazine and his right hand. Paul totally got upset and threatened to tell me a secret about Tony. Tony quickly told him he’d better shut up or he’d really kick his ass. I told both of them to stop arguing or I would go inside.

They promised they’d behave as I got out of the pool. As I stepped out of the pool and turned around and asked the boys if they were hungry for lunch.

Now I suddenly realized that I may have made a bad choice in bathing suits. The one I was wearing was a thin white material that when wet exposed every inch of my body especially my pussy hair. I had a thin trimmed patch of black hair clearly visible thru my bottoms and 2 horny boys and no where to hide.

They were finally speechless. I did my best by acting like nothing was wrong by saying “I guess you’re not hungry.” I turned around I laid down a towel on the ground and began applying baby oil to my legs, arms and stomach.

I laid out on my back as the boys continued to watch me intently. I realized what it felt like to be an animal in a cage at the zoo. Every now and then they would throw a water toy by me so I guess they could get a closer look at my half naked body.

After awhile I rolled over and I undid my back strap so there wouldn’t be any tan line. I thought I’d give one of them a thrill so I asked which one of them would like to put some oil on my back. I heard them both say me, me, as they both rushed over to me.

I saw Tony push Paul away from the bottle of oil. Tony poured half of the bottle on my back and began spreading it around. It normally didn’t take so long to put oil on bahis siteleri my back, but I allowed him his moment.

He slowly slid his greased hand back and forth on my back. I was wearing a very low cut bottom that was close to the crack of my ass. He moved his hand down to the trim of my suit and would slide a finger under it. He began to get more daring by moving his hand down to my side touching the side of my exposed breast. He continued to go back and forth from my back to my breast. It was apparent what he was doing and I had to hold back from laughing at how he wasn’t being subtle about it.

Then he moved his attention to my legs. He again poured more oil on my legs. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had already covered that area. He slowly moved his hands up and down my legs. Then without warning he moved his hand into my inner thigh and up to my crotch. I suddenly felt a twinge between my legs all the way up into my pussy. I realized that he was making me feel aroused.

With every sweep of his hand on my inner thighs he got closer and closer to my pussy. I couldn’t believe how bold he was. At the same time, I felt a rush of ecstasy cumming over me. I instinctly began to gradually move my hips and then I unconsciously spread my legs slightly for him to where my legs were not touching each other.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hand brush my pussy lips through my thin bikini bottom. I wondered if he could see any of the wisps of my pussy hair sticking out of the crotch area of my suit. When I caught myself giving out a moan, I regained my senses and told Tony thank you. I looked up at him and immediately noticed the huge hard on beneath his shorts. I gave him a smile and laid back down to finish my tan. Awhile later I got up and went inside to make lunch. I decided to make them something to eat as well.

I walked out to the pool and I saw that the boys were no longer in the pool and I was wondering where they were.

I made my way down the hall to their bedroom and I heard them talking thru the partially open door. I looked in through the opening and saw them changing their clothes.

I caught sight of Tony’s cock and I was amazed at the size of it. He had to be 4″ soft. I looked at Paul and he was slightly bigger. I stood there watching as they continued to dress and talk.

I heard Paul asking Tony if he had seen my pussy hair. They were both amazed over this. Tony told Paul that was nothing compared to his touching it. Paul told him he was lying, but Tony insisted that he did and that he felt it through the material.

He said that he made me move when he touched it. Paul asked me what my skin felt like. He said that it was so smooth and hot. Tony told Paul that he wanted to pull out his cock so badly and fuck me right there he couldn’t stand it.

Just then Paul pulled out a Playboy magazine and showed Tony a page in it. He told Tony that he thought I looked like the girl in the picture. Tony said ohhh yah. I was dying to see the picture to see whom I was being compared to.

I noticed that Paul was getting a hard on. I watched in amazement on how hard and big he got. Tony started laughing at him and told him that he better control that snake. He told him that he better go in the bathroom and spank it.

Paul said that at least his was bigger and that I would like his better than Tony’s. I wondered if they had ever beat off together and what I would give to see them do that. Just then the phone rang and I had to run to get it before they came out and caught me spying on them.

I got the phone and it was Mr. Palino calling to let me know that he had just arrived at the hotel and wanted to know how things were going. As the boys walked up, I told him that everything was fine and the boys were being good. They gave me a sheepish grin as I told him that we had just finished swimming.

Mr.Palino told me to enjoy myself and that he would be back on Sunday. I told him to have a good time and that he didn’t have anything to worry about. He gave me the hotel number and what room he was in, just in case I needed to call. After I hung the phone up, I told the boys that I made lunch for them.

The boys and I sat around and talked about school and what they liked doing. The phone rang again and Tony answered it. It was his friends and he asked me if he could go over to their house and hang out.

I told him that I couldn’t let him do that while his parents were out of town. I asked who they were. He told me that it was just Steve, Robert and his brother David. I had met Steve, Robert and David, his younger brother at a pool party before. They were all right boys and I thought that I had nothing to worry about. I told him I didn’t mind if his friends came over to his house as long as they didn’t get out of hand. Besides maybe this would keep them busy.

He told his friends that they could cum over and hang out. A short time later they were at the door and 3 of his friends came in. I thought it was strange how they were acting like bahis firmaları they had already planned this or something. They just stood there and acted silly just staring at me.

I thought to myself that they must have all had a crush on me or something by the way they were looking at me and I thought it was sweet. I didn’t think anything of it until I remembered that I was still wearing my bathing suit and this may have been why they were all smiles.

They went to the boys room and I went back out to the pool to lay out some more.

As I laid out, I wondered what the little nasty boys were up to. I imagined them looking at mens magazines and Paul and Tony telling the other boys of their sexual exploits with me. Of course they would change the facts a little with me skinny dipping in the pool and my letting them touch me.

I got a little turned on over the fact that I had a house full of horny boys and all I had to do was blow on them and they would do anything for me.

I thought to myself that since I was the oldest person here that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Besides Mr. Palino told me to make myself at home, so I took out a joint from my bag and I lit it up.

I took some long deep hits off of it. In a few minutes I felt the relaxing effects. I rolled over on my back and I caught the boys checking me out through their upstairs bedroom window. I wondered how long they had been there.

I didn’t know if they had seen me smoking a joint. I acted like I didn’t see them and I decided to give them a little thrill. I put oil on my hand and I spread the oil over all the important tanning parts.

Then I slowly moved my fingers down between my legs and made sure that they had a clear view of me touching my pussy through the outer material of my suit. I began rubbing my pussy as I spread my legs for a clearer shot for them. I could only imagine what they were doing.

I would later find out just what they were doing. I moved my hand behind me and I undid my top allowing me to move my top more freely. I laid back down and continued to massage my thighs for my audience.

I then purposely sat up allowing the top to fall as I picked up my drink to take a sip. I grabbed my top and placed it back over my breast. I laid back down and continued to stroke my stomach and thighs. I laid out a little longer and then I got up and went in to check on them because they were just too quite.

I walked upstairs and I found the house eerily quite. As I stopped at their closed door, I could hear them talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I went into my bedroom next door and I took my suit off and put on my shorts and a tank top with no bra. I was pretty bored so I choose this moment to check out the Palino’s bedroom.

I started with the drawers and I was pleased to find that Mrs. Palino had the same taste in vibrators. She had 2 of them. One was a sleek white one like mine and a larger one that you could put different attachments on the head and it had an electrical cord on it. I thought to my self what this one must feel like and I made a mental note to try it out later tonight.

I went into the closet and I found Mr. Palino’s mens magazines. He had a stack of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines. I had never seen a Hustler one before, but I had heard how nasty they were. A friend of mines’ said her father had one and the girls were much more how you say “open” about sex.

I looked through it and immediately understood what she meant. There were girls in there that had their legs spread wide open and the entire pussy exposed. I took one of them and laid on the bed and began reading a story in the letter’s section. It was about some guys who met a girl at a lake on a camping trip and they ended up all fucking her in every position and opening she had.

I had to admit at the time I had a strong fantasy about being gang banged by the football team or in a bar full of horny drunk guys. As I laid there, I undid my shorts and slid my hand down them and I began playing with my wet pussy. I fingered myself faster and faster as I got to the part where they all began to cum in her and on her. I laid that magazine down and I closed my eyes and began fingering myself to a shattering orgasm.

Just then I heard the boy’s door close and a knock at my bedroom door. I jumped up and as I buttoned up my shorts the door opened and Tony and his friends were standing there. I had a flushed look on my face as I told them that they shouldn’t just open the door like that.

Tony apologized but he said that his parents’ told him to knock before cumming in and he just thought . . . At that moment the boys all looked toward the bed and saw the open Hustler magazine on the bed. I quickly went over and picked it up. Tony laughed and said “so you found my dads stash huh.” He told me that he already knew about them and that it was cool that I was checking them out.

One of the boys said he didn’t know that girls looked at them too. I explained that I girls are interested in sex just like boys. I asked Tony if he was going to say anything to his father about me snooping around in his room. He said that he wouldn’t if I would do something for him.

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