Her Perspective: First Big One


Her Perspective: First Big OneThe First Time My Hubby Let Me Taste ChocolateUntil recently, my hubby had only shared me with two guys, and hisbrother, who sometimes brought some friends. I am a 27-year-old Asianwife, and for the most part I enjoy being a shared hot wife.My hubby has a friend in the Marines, Hank, who he was good friends withback in high school. Hank is a handsome black guy. His friend was finallycoming home after three years in the service, and he was having a small gettogether with his old friends at his apartment. The party was mostlycomposed of Hank’s family, who were welcoming him home. Only a couplefriends were there, all of whom my hubby knew too, since they all went tohigh school together.After the family left, Hank pulled out some exotic drinks that he gotabroad, and he poured shots for everybody. I overheard Hank telling myhubby how lucky he was to find `such a gorgeous girl’ like me, and that hewas jealous since he hadn’t gotten laid in months. My hubby just laughed,and just asked him questions about what it’s like to be a Marine.Everyone left, and it was down to just me, my hubby, Hank, and Kevin,who was also a good friend of my hubby back in high school, but had lostcontact over the years. My hubby doesn’t drink much, but he took a coupleshots in honor of Hank coming home, so he was pretty tipsy.Hank then started talking to me for the first time that night, otherthan when he introduced himself. He was asking me typical questions you’dask of someone you just met. Kevin, who was also really drunk, then blurtsout how sexy I look, and asked if I would show my boobs. My hubby lookedat Kevin and told him to calm down.Hank said he wished he could date an Asian woman one time, since he’dnever slept with one. By the way, my husband and I are Vietnamese. Hesaid he would like to `toss them around,’ since Asian women were petite. Kevin then told him that most Asian girls `are really tight,’ since theyhave such small figures.Hank then looked at me and asked how tall I am, so I told him I’mexactly 5 feet tall. Hank was at least 6’5″ tall, and very muscular. Kevin is Vietnamese like my hubby and I, and was a bit shorter than myhubby at around 5’5″.Out of the blue Hank asked me if I’ve ever been with a black man before.I just looked down in embarrassment, before answered him that I haven’t. My hubby then started telling him how he’s missing out on Asian woman,especially me. To my surprise my husband told him how well I giveblowjobs, and how much I love getting fucked. I was really embarrassed, soI just looked down.Hank then put his hands around me and told me he was really horny rightthen, and how he wished he could just bang me. A moment later he thoughtbetter about what he had said, and apologized to me and my hubby rightaway.My hubby then gave me this look, and I knew what was on his mind. Hethen started talking to Hank, telling him how happy he was that he cameback in one piece and unharmed. Then my hubby asked Hank if he rememberedthe time back in high school when Hank was dating a girl that was flirtingwith him (my hubby) during a party.Hank did remember the girl, and my hubby continued by telling him howmuch he would like to thank him for giving the okay on them hooking up thatnight, since he knew he couldn’t control himself. He thanked Hank forunderstanding, and giving him permission, since it really eased his mind,and he wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. That was a story I hadn’theard before.My hubby then said he was sorry that he couldn’t give me off like that,since he really loved me, and I wouldn’t go anyway, since I loved him. Then he said, “I can let you borrow her for the night though, and you cando whatever you want with her, since you are so curious about Asian woman.”Whoa! I hadn’t expected my husband to say that, but the prospect sentchills of excitement through me.Hank then looked at me to see my reaction… to see if I’d say no. Butwhen our eyes met, I just looked down, because I could tell I was startingto blush. I never thought my hubby would let a black man have sex with me,since I thought he was insecure about larger men.I then looked at my hubby, who then said, “Since Hank is such a goodfriend to me, it will be okay if Hank is your first black guy, babe. Itrusted Hank.” My hubby then told Hank that for the night, I’m his `slave’to do whatever he wants with me, and to act out any fantasy with me tofulfill his Asian woman desires.Kevin, who was on the verge of passing out, woke up immediately andasked if he could have a turn too, but my hubby told him it was up to Hank,since I was his slave for the night. Hank looked at me, and asked me if myhubby was lying. I told him I love my hubby with all my heart, and thatI’d never ever cheat on him… but since my hubby gave the okay, Iwouldn’t be cheating, Escort bayan if we did do anything.Hank asked my hubby if he was serious, and my hubby just nodded, andsaid, “Consider it a small gift for a man who has put his life on the lineto protect countless people he doesn’t even know.”Hank then poured everybody a drink and pulled down his pants, so that Icould get a look at his huge black cock. I had always heard that black menwere big, but it still surprised me to see in person how big his was. Notonly was it long, but it was really thick. I was kind of scared that itwas going to hurt me, since I’ve mostly had Asian men.I had had some Asian men that my husband shared me with, but I had onlyhad two white men whom my hubby shared me with before, and they were longand thick too, but not as long and thick as Hank. His cock was pretty muchas big as my forearm. He was at least 11-inches long, and 3-inches wide.As I said, I was kind of scared, so I told my hubby I wasn’t sure if Icould do it since Hank’s cock was so big. He just looked at me and said,”I can’t take you back now that I have offered you to my friend. Hank ownsyou for the night, honey. He’ll be careful.”Hank, who took a couple more shots before starting, was really drunk bythen. Hank said, “I’m sorry for what’s about to happen, but since Ihaven’t gotten laid in so long, I’m going to have to take advantage of yourhusband’s gift, and enjoy you.” He then grabbed me, and made me stroke hiscock. He said that if I’m good and obedient, he’ll be gentle with me atfirst, so I can get use to his cock.He ordered me to get on my knees and suck his cock, “So I can know whatyour hubby was talking about.” I didn’t hesitate any further. I got on myknees. With one last look at his cock, I took his cock into my mouth asfar as I could, and even though my mouth was filled with his cock, I couldsee I had less than half his cock in my mouth.Hank said, “You I can do better,” and grabbed my head so he could forceme to take more of his cock. With both hands grabbing my head, he shovedas much of his cock as he could down my throat, making me tear up and gaspfor air. I asked him to not be so rough, and I told him he was choking me.Kevin was on the side watching the whole thing, encouraging Hank to bangmy mouth harder. Hank then set me on the couch, got up on it, and startedslapping me with his cock until I started sucking again. With the couch tosupport my head, Hank started pounding away on my mouth, making me at timestake up to 3/4 of his cock.I kept gagging and choking as he was pounding my mouth. My hubby toldHank to keep going, since, “Down deep inside, she likes to be treated likea slut.” Hank just kept pounding away, telling my hubby how he agreed withhim that I’m a great cock sucker.Hank then sat down on the couch and told me to continue sucking hisblack cock. He said that if I do a good job, he was going to treat mypussy to a good filling. Although I was still concerned about handling hissize in my pussy, I was also beginning to look forward to feeling Hankinside me.While I was sucking him, Hank asked Kevin if he wanted to know what it’slike to have me suck his cock. But when Kevin said yes, Hank told him hemight let me suck his cock after he’s done using me, if he’s feeling nice,but for now he had to just watch. My hubby, who was sitting on the othercouch, told them not to worry, since I was used to servicing more than oneman at a time. Hank and Kevin were both surprised, and asked my hubby whathe meant.So my hubby told them how he has shared me with a couple friends, hisyounger brother, and even at times letting his younger brother’s friendjoin in. While I was still sucking his cock, Hank told me he neverimagined how `slutty’ I really was, and really never would’ve guessed it.I ask Hank one last time to not be so rough, but he shoved his big cockback in my mouth, and asked me if I’ve asked any of the other men to begentle. I managed to get his cock out of my mouth long enough to tell himI’ve never had a man with such a huge cock before, so I never had to tellanyone to be gentle.He laughed and told me that I gave a good answer, but since it was stilla ‘no’ to his own question, then it was a no to me. He pulled off thesummer dress that I was wearing, and checked me out real quick. He rippedoff my panties and sat me down on the couch again. He then inspected mypussy like a gynecologist, and told the other two my pussy `looked realtight,’ and that he couldn’t wait to “rip her apart.”My hubby just laughed, and told me to take it like a good girl. Kevintold Hank to bang me like he was banging a whore in another country. Hanktold him that’d be hard, since in his mind I’m still his friend’s wife, andthat he really saw those whores as women who were meant to take Bayan escort cock.My hubby told Hank that he wanted to see me submit to a big cock likehis. He told Hank to show me what would happen if I ever cheated. Hanksaid that if I ever cheated, I wouldn’t be able to move freely, that myhands and feet would be tied up. Hank then wanted us to move to thebedroom to use the bed instead of being on a couch. Once inside hisbedroom, he told me to get on my knees and slobber on his cock and make itreal nice and wet.After sucking him for only 5 seconds, he grabbed me and threw me on thebed. He spread my legs wide open, and climbed on top of me. Kevin and myhubby were on either side of me. Kevin was making me stroke his cock, andmy hubby was petting my head.Hank started entering me slowly, and with only half his cock inside meit was already filling my pussy up to its limit. My hubby loves watchingmy facial expression as I take a big cock. Stroking with only half hiscock was already feeling so good for me, but Hank said, “By the end of thenight your pussy is going to be able to fully take my cock.”Hank started working up his momentum, pounding me harder and faster. His thrusts started to feel painful, and he made me scream and beg him tostop. Hank stopped, and I begged my hubby to ask him to not be so rough.My hubby said he had already given me away for the night, and there’snothing he could do. As if that was permission from my hubby, Hank startedpounding me again, even going harder that time.Hank then told me that I was not allowed to talk to the other two in theroom anymore, that I was to pay attention to only him. If I talked toeither of them, he’d bring me more pain, so I should just shut up and takehis cock. Hank was really starting to enjoy the fact that his cock wasripping my pussy apart. I think he enjoyed watching the painfulexpressions I’d give every time he thrust his cock deep into me.In spite of the earlier pain, my pussy was starting to be able to takemore and more of his cock as he banged me. When my painful screams turnedinto moans of pleasure, the three of them all laughed together, tellingeach other how I was finally starting to like it after getting used to it.In the missionary position, Hank started asking me if I liked having ablack cock in me. He asked me if I liked being a black man’s bitch. Forsome reason I don’t even know myself. I decided to talk back to him, andtell him I hated having his cock inside me, and that if my hubby didn’t askit of me, I wouldn’t ever let a black man inside me. Hank laughed at me,and got off me.He then turned me over and pulled my ass up in the air. He said if Ilike to be feisty, he’ll gladly show me my place by fucking my ass. Ididn’t say anything since I knew anal was already painful enough with myhubby, and with his friends’ cocks… and having Hank’s cock would’ve beenthe worst. Hank just said, “Good slut,” and shoved his cock into my pussy.Hank was really starting to get into it. He asked if I liked beingfucked like a dog, on all fours, by a black man. My hubby couldn’t take itanymore. He joined in, putting his cock in front of me. I took it in mymouth immediately. I stopped though, and told my hubby, “My master wantsme to ignore everyone else in the room.” Hank pounded harder and told mewhat a good bitch I was, and since I was being good, he would reward mewith another cock.He then said it was my job to help out any hard cocks in need, and thatthey can use me however they want until they are satisfied. Kevin wasreally quick after hearing Hank say that. He was kneeling in front of mewith his cock out. He slapped my face with his cock and ordered me to suckit. I wasn’t use to being treated like that. I was only treated like thata few times by my hubby’s younger brother.I started to be defiant, since it was really irritating to take ordersfrom someone other than my hubby. I was starting to get tired of beingordered around and treated like a whore, so Hank pulled out and positionedhis cock for my ass. Ha told me if I don’t suck Kevin’s cock, he’s goingto shove his cock in my ass nice and hard. I didn’t want it in my ass, soI obeyed, and sucked Kevin.Kevin grabbed my head and started face-fucking me, and Hank startedpounding me again. Kevin told me he wished his wife was more into sex…wished she was more into giving head, since he rarely got it from her, andwhen he did she usually was bad at it. I felt a little ashamed afterfinding out he was married, since a woman out there was being cheated on,and her man was cheating on her with me.I didn’t condone cheating at al,l and since I was only doing this out ofmy love for my hubby, so that he could feel more secure about our marriage,I tried telling my hubby I didn’t want Kevin since he was married. I got Escort alittle angry at my hubby, since he just told me he couldn’t do anythingsince he gave me away to Hank for the night.I tried telling Hank, but he told me since Kevin is a good friend ofhis, and he isn’t being satisfied by his wife, then it was only right for agood friend to help another good friend in need. When I was about to saysomething, Kevin shoved his cock in my mouth and told me, “Tonight, you’renot your hubby’s wife, but another man’s toy.” My hubby said he was sorry.Then he thanked me for going along with it for him.If my hubby didn’t say anything to me then, I would’ve probably bitKevin’s cock to show them how serious I was, but my hubby made my angersubside, since he was enjoying it so much. I told myself since my hubbywas enjoying it so much, I wouldn’t be so defiant, and I would go with ituntil the end.Hank and Kevin switched off, since Hank was getting tired of poundingme. No one has made me feel so humiliated and degraded as much as those dodid. Kevin kept comparing my pussy to his wife’s as he was pounding me,even though he knew it bothered me that he was married.Hank pulled out and was about to cum all over my face, but my hubby toldhim to hold it and wait so they could cum at the same time, since he didn’twant Hank’s cum to accidently get on him. Hank moved aside to let my hubbyget his cock sucked.Hank was on the side, telling me how much he enjoyed using me. He wassaying that all men are going to want to do me like him. I stopped andtold him it doesn’t matter what other guys want to do to me, but what myhubby wants me to do to other guys.Kevin started banging me harder, while asking my hubby how to get hisown wife to be like me. My hubby told him to just love his wife, and ifshe trusts him enough, she’ll agree to it. Kevin was about to cum too, sohe pulled out and sat next to Hank while still stroking himself.My hubby got me on top and had me ride him. Hank then said, “Since thenight isn’t over, there is still one thing I want to do with you.” Heheaded to the bathroom and came out a minute later with some lubricant. Iwas then surprised with a black cock in my ass.He was half way in before I could try to pull away, and he just held mestill when I tried to get away. I felt myself so powerless with his cockin my ass. I felt it stretching my asshole very wide. He was banging meharder and harder as he tried to get it all the way in. He had me begginghim in low whispers to stop. I was feeling too weak to speak louder.He was apparently satisfied with just half his cock in my ass, so hestarted thrusting. Even though it did feel good, the pain of his cockstretching my ass was nearly unbearable. It made me scream in pain, andbeg him to stop. Hank just laughed at me and told Kevin to shut me up.Kevin shoved his cock in my mouth, and all I was able to do was cry inpain and let the tears drop down onto my husband who was below me. Hankasked my hubby if he liked watching me get punished by a big black cock…if he liked how his wife had become powerless to his big cock. My hubbyjust hugged me close to him, and thanked me for taking all that Hank wasgiving me, for him, and that he loved me with all his heart, and if Iwanted to stop being shared, then that could be my last time.My hubby comforting me gave me the strength to just calm down and taketheir cocks. Hank pulled out and told my hubby he really wanted to cum, somy hubby pulled out and said he was ready too. Hank told me to get on myknees and do my job, “And make them cum.” I hated swallowing and gettingcum on my face, but I bit my tongue and told myself it was almost all over.The three of them hovered above me, with Hank in the middle. I startedsucking his cock before he could say anything, and I stroked the other twowith my hands. Hank shot some cum into my mouth, but pulled out and shotthe rest on my lips and face. I knew my hubby felt uncomfortable almosttouching Hank’s cum on my face, so I sucked him next, after I cleaned mylips a little.Watching his friends use me must’ve really excited my hubby, since hecame a lot more than usual. He came all over my face, and made it so Icouldn’t open my eyes. Kevin grabbed my hair and guided my face toward hiscock. He had me suck on his cock. He came in my mouth, and had me swallowall of it, saying his wife never swallows for him.The three of them put on their clothes. I washed my face and rinsed mymouth. Hank thanked my hubby for the `gift,’ and also thanked me for beingthe gift. He told me he still saw me as his friend’s wife, and that hestill respects me as a woman, since the night was all just for fun.Kevin thanked the both me and my hubby, but was more interested inasking my hubby how he got me started. He also asked me if all women wouldenjoy more cock. Once in the car, my hubby asked me if I was okay. I toldhim, “Besides being really sore, I’m okay.” I also told him I didn’t mindthat he shares me, but I asked him to never “give me” to another man again.I told him that thereafter I would only listen to his orders, and no oneelse’s.

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