Subject: Rehab Surprise Part 1 I had blown out my quad tendon playing basketball and the rehab for gaining strength and mobility was to include some swimming, running in water and doing low, weight bearing exercises. As I worked for a City they got a great rate at the Rec Centre near my work and I could stop in the morning on my way in to get my reps in. One of the great things about the pool at the rec centre is that they have a massive warming jacuzzi pool that you can soak in after your swim. It literally holds about 20 people so there is lots of room. At 7:30 in the morning it always wasn’t too busy. The pool was a steady flow of those training for triathlons, seniors swimming for exercise and then guys like me who are fit, in their late 30’s and needed to rehab after major surgery. Now let me give you some back story, I’m 6’3, 210 lbs athletic build and own a well endowed, cut, 8.5 inch dick that is about 6″ around. I’ve experimented once with a man (a buddy who helped me satisfy the “what is that like” idea) where we played a whole lot with each other (some sucking and making out but no penetration) that was hot and happened only once about 5 years ago. So after a couple of weeks of rehabbing my leg I was in the jacuzzi pool after my exercises and noticed a guy sitting to my left about the same age but thinner and somewhat non-muscular, just hanging out and ankara escort enjoying the warmth of the bubbles. We kinda did the “bro nod” and that was it. After a few minutes I got up, grabbed my towel and headed for the change room to shower and get on with my day. The showers are as soon as you walk through the door from the pool, and have a bank of 3 and then 2 – 3 private showers around the corner as you walk to the lockers. I tend to pick a private one as I like to rinse my swim trunks and wash myself. I had discarded my suit and was lathering up when I noticed the guy from the jacuzzi pool walk into the showert across from mine. Now I had the “privacy” curtain pulled but there were gaps at either end, but I noticed as I was rinsing off the guy opposite me was naked, soaping up and looking right at me. At first I was a little shocked and thinking, wtf is he doing? But then I decided let’s see where this goes and returned the gaze, pulling back my curtain somewhat so that he could get a better look and so could I. Now I can’t lie, this instantly got me hard, and using the soap as lube I leaned back against the shower wall and observed as my admirer massaged his now erect cock and caressed his body almost mirroring my actions at the same time. My eyes were transfixed on his very impressive cock with what I guessed was about 8 inches and thick like mine. I so wanted çankaya escort to jump across the gap and grab his cock in my hands and feel his throbbing mass and explore it more closely then the 8 ft separating us. Our gaze locked and I raised my eyebrows as if to say, “can I?” to which he must have known what I wanted to do cuz he nodded and I seized the moment and was now holding his rock hard cock in my hands, feeling the mushroom head, the veins in the shaft and caressing his low hanging balls. His eyes rolled back in his head as I did this and I noticed the water, which had rinsed off any remaining soap, had turned off (City water timers to save energy). I knew that we were playing on borrowed time, cuz the swim team and triathlon trainers would soon be making their way to the showers so I had to act fast. I couldn’t resist the urge and dropped down to now be face to face with his 8 inch delightful cock. He said “take it” and I didn’t disappoint as I engulfed his cock and threw all my effort into sampling his cock. As this was my second time sucking a dick (my friend’s wasn’t more than 4- 5 inches and thin) this was incredibly exciting and I wanted it all! My cock was insanely hard as I bore down, licking his balls, stroking and sucking his cock. I was tasting some saltiness from his throbbing cock and knew it was him leaking pre-cum, which kızılay escort only made me intensify my lips and tongue to suck his wonderful dick. On a side note, this was fulfilling so much of my “bucket list” of things I have always wanted to accomplish and experience, it was incredibly exciting and I was so turned on I felt like I could come from just sucking dick! After sampling his deliscious pre-cum, I felt his dick swell and get a bit harder, so I knew he was close. He dipped his bald head towards me, grabbed my head with both his hands, holding me in place and said to me, “I’m going to cum!” He arched his back as the first wave of his hot jizz exploded in my mouth, and while I had tasted my cum before I had not had anyone’s cock send it’s hot jizz into my throat! I found myself wanting more and more as the second and third wave of his cum filled my mouth. Now spent and his balls being relieved of his latest load, I was licking the last bit from his now spent cock, as we both heard the swim team chatting as they neared the door to the showers, I quickly popped up and jumped back into my shower, pulled the curtain so as to hide my still, rock hard dick, and then started washing my self again like nothing happened. My friend was finishing his shower as well and the swim team had zero idea of what had just happened. Now I was determined to have my effort, of which I was quite excited about for the rest of my day and tbh couldn’t get the thought out of my head. So I practically sped to the rec centre the next morning to see if my friend had returned for round two…….and he did! Thank you.

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